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children. His eldest son ii the

Ret. Francis Orpen Morris.

(See Burke's Commoners, vol.

It.) Ii. Hester, in. Jane, b. in 1670. It. Elizabeth, h. in 1683.

The son and heir,

Peter Vandefot, esq. was created a Baronet 7th November, 1723. He m. in 1727, Prances, daughter of Sir George Mathews, knt. of Southwark. She d. 1st March, 1764, and Sir Peter 25th August, 1748, at Merit/, 'in Germany, leaving issue several children, of whom only one son survived, viz.

ii. Sir George Vandkpot, born in 1720, who had the remarkable contest with Lord Trentham for the city of Westminster, in 1760. He tn. first, Frances, daughter of Baron Augustus Schutz, of Shotorer House, near Oxford, and had by her (who died at Chelmsford, in Essex, May, 1771.) one son, b. 14th September, 17,04, who d. an infant, and one daughter,

Frances, 6. in 17S0, who married Richard Vere Drury, esq. an officer in the army, youngest son of the Rev. George Drury, rector of Claydon and Akenham, in Suffolk, and had issue,

George Vandeput Drury, of the East India Company's civil service, 6. at Claydon rectory, in 1777; m. Charlotte, eldest daughter of Henry Thompson, esq. of kixby Hall, near Boroughbridge, Yorkshire.

Augustus Vere Drury, captain R.N. born in 1778.

Richard Vere Drury, died at Woolwich.

Frances Schutz Drury, i». to Captain Hawkins, and died in India.

Sir George m. secondly, 19th August, 1772, Philadelphia, youngest daughter of Lieutenant-colonel Geary, of Long Melford, in Suffolk, but by her (who died 3rd July, 1800) had no legitimate issue. Sir George died at Kensington, 17th June, 1784, when the BaroNetcy became Extinct.

A rms— A rg. three dolphins hauriant az.

#* Sir George Vandeput, the last baronet, left, by different mothers, two illegitimate children, a daughter, Philadelphia, m. in 1770, to Charles Smyth, esq. brother of Sir William Smyth, hart, of Hill Hall, Essex; and a son, George Vandeput, admiral in the R.N. who appears to have assumed the title of baronet. He died on the Halifax station in 1800, leaving an illegitimate son, George, who also at one time called himself a Baronet.


Created 0th June, 1690.—Extinct date unknown.


i. Sir John Peter Vanuer-brandk, of Cleverskirke, in Holland, burgomaster of Mtddleburg, representative for Zealand at the States General, and ambassador to William III. was created a Baronet in IGOb. He died in 1713, leaving a son,

Ii. Sir Cornelics Vander-brandk, who was consul in Flanders, and executor to his fathers will: but we have obtained no further particulars of himself or his descendants.

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This family descended from

Howell Ap Vane, of Monmouth, whose direct has comes down to

Sir Henry Vane, who received the honour «f knighthood at the battle of Poictiers. He tm. Grace, daughter and heir of Sir Stephen de la Leke, kat. and had a son and heir,

John Vane, who m. Isabel, co-heir of Mania »Owen, and was s, by his son,

Richard Vane, who had by his wife, EHnseth, daughter of Peter Trafford, esq. two sons, Heset, tiw elder, and

Henry Vane, the younger, who n. Isabel, dasst*T and co-heir of Henry Persall, esq. and had taresons, Henry, Humphrey, and John. The yoaup*. John Fane, esq. of Tunbridge, in Kent, ma-je few will 16th April, 1488 (proreJ 3rd June followinf;. bi which it appears that he wrote his own natoe sal that of his father, Pane. He m. Isabel, daughter s* John Darell, esq. and had with other issue,

Richard, of Badshill, ancestor of the Earls d


Thomas, whose natural son, Thomas, marries ka niece, Mary Fane. The second son,

John Fane, esq. of Hadloe, in Kent, living in 1533. tn. Joan, daughter and co-heir of Sir Edward Havtt. of Hawte, by whom he had Henry, his heir. Richard, wi. and had issue. Mary, m. to Thomas Fane, natural son of fer

Dorothy, tn. to Thomas Whitenhatt, eaq. of Eitf

Peck ham.
Anne, m. to John A beech, esq. of Shropshire.
Alice, m. to Thomas Colley.
He was s. by his eldest son,

Henry Fane, esq. of Hadloe, who waa involve*1 is Wyatt's insurrection, and committed to the Temti. but pardoned in consideration of his youth. He «■ Elizabeth, daughter of Henry White, esq. of Chn£ church, Hants, and widow of Sir John Godsalve, kat and dying 22 Elizabeth, was s. by his son,

Henry Fane, esq. of Hadloe, who sa. first, Man. only daughter and heir of Thomas Fane, esq. of Bur ton, but by that lady had no issue. He s*. second!5. Margaret, daughter of Roger Twisden, esq. of Ea*t Peckham, by whom he had Henry (Sir), his heir. Ralph, oue of the gentlemen pensioners to Jamb I.

died in the Low Countries.

Elizabeth, Mi. to William Towes, esq.
Margaret, m. first, to Richard Cutts, esq., as.J
secondly, to Sir Thomas Morton.

H> ni s. by M« elder son, who resuming the ancient name of the family, was

Sir Henry Vane, of Raby Castle, in the county of Durham. This gentleman took a leading part in state affairs in the times of Jakes I. and Charles I.: in the former reign he filled the office of cofferer to the Prince of Wales; and in the latter, after enjoying other high stations, was appointed principal secretary of state for life, and sworn of the privy council. His ■ubsequent disgrace may be attributed to his hostility to the ill-fated Strafford, against whom, it is stated, he was irritated, by that celebrated person's taking the title of Baron Raby, of Raby Castle, an estate then belonging to Sir Henry Vane. Sir Henry m. Frances, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Darcy, esq. of Tolleshunt Darcy, in Essex, and had issue,

Henry (Sir), of Fairlawn, in Kent, the well known Sir Harry Vane of the civil wars, beheaded temp. Charles 11. 34th June, 1502. He was ancestor of the Dure Of Cleveland.


George (Sir).

Edward, d. young.

Walter (Sir), of Troycliffe and Shipborne.

Charles, of Chipwell, in Durham. r&e third son,

Sir George Vane, received the honour of knightlood «nd November, 1640. He m. Elizabeth, only laughter and heir of Sir Lionel Maddison, knt. of (ogerley, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and had, with ther issue,

Lionel, his heir.

George, of Richmond, in Yorkshire, m. Hester,

daughter of Guy Carleton, Bishop of Chichester,

and d. about 1734.

Frances, as. to Humphry Mitford, esq. of Mitford, in Northumberland.

e was s. by his eldest surviving son, Lionel Vane, esq. of Long Newton, in the county 'Durham, 0. in 1647, m. Catharine, daughter of Sir eorge Fletcher, ban. of Hutton, in Cumberland, by bom be had, with a daughter, Mary, ro. to John aearman, esq. of Sedgefield, in Durham, four Bons, a.

George;, his heir.

Henry, of Hutton, in Cumberland, who took the name of Fletcher, on the death of Thomas Fletcher, of Moresby, and died unm. in 1761, aged aeventy-two. Walter, who took the name of Fletcher, on his brother's decease, and succeeded to the Hutton Estates. His grandson, Lionel-wright Fletcher-Vane,esq. of Hutton Hall, was created a Baronet in 1760. (See Burke's Peerage and Baronetage.) Lionel, secretary to Frederick, Prince of WaleB, married and had issue.

e eldest son and heir, ; Izorce Vine, esq. n>. Miss Anne Bachon, and left


. Henry Vane, in holy orders, prebendary of Duru, of Long Newton, who was created a Baronet t> July, 1781. Sir Henry m. Frances, daughter and res of John Tempest, esq. of Sherburne, in the n ty of Durham, M. P. by whom (who d. in Janu

. 1796) he left at bis decease, 7th June, 1701, a son t heir,

. Sib Henry Vane-tempest (having assumed the er surname by act of parliament), who m. Annefc»frine M'Donnell, Countess of Antrim, in her own ■*. and by her ladyship, who d. 30th June, 1834, an only daughter.

Francei-anne-emily, 6. in January, 1800. Sir Henry d. 1st August, 1813, when the Baronetcy Expired, while his large estates devolved upon his daughter.

Lady Frances-anne-emily Vane, who married
Charles-William, Marquess of Londonderry, and
has, with other issue,

George-Henry Robert-charles, Viscount
Seaham, b. 26th April, 1821 (refer to Buree's
Peerage and Baronetage).

Arms—Or, three gauntlets az. a canton gu.


Created 3rd Oct. 1628.—Extinct in 1014-5.


I, Peter Vanlore, a native of Utrecht, who is supposed to have had a temporary interest in the mauor of Tylehurst, Berks, by some alliance with the Kendrick family, was created a Baronet, being designated of that place, in 1028. He m. Susan, daughter of Lawrence Becks, of Antwerp, but d. without male issue in 1644-5, when the title became Extinct.


Created 25th March, 1674-5 Extinct date unknown.


i. Cornelius Martin Van Tromp, (son of Martin Herbertson Van Tromp, the celebrated Dutch admiral and competitor of Blake), became himself pre-eminently distinguished in the naval annals of his country, and sustained many hard fought battles againpt the English. He was one of the commanders in the sea fight of Solebay, in which Obdam was blown up, and the Dutch fleet defeated; but Van Tromp, by a masterly retreat, contributed to lessen the advan* tage of the victors. For many years after, his name appears conspicuous in history, and in 1677 he succeeded his famous rival, De Ruyter, as lieutenantadmiral-general of the United Provinces. Shortly before, during the peace of 1674-5, he had made a visit to London, and been created a Baronet by Charles II. He died 29th May, 1801, just as he was about to assnme the command of a fleet destined to act against France. His remains were interred in the splendid tomb of his father, at Delft. Since his decease we have no particulars of the Baronetcy.

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Vasoor, which in early times it enjoyed, is so full end minute in Burke's History of the Commoners, and the Peerage and Baronetage of the same author, that for the early descents we shall refer to those works.

i. Sir Thomas Vavasor, knt. of Haslewood,* in the

county of York., was created a Baronet 24th April,

1028. He married Ursula, daughter of Walter Giffard,

esq. of Chillington, in Staffordshire, and had issue,

Walter, his heir.

William, major in the service of King Charles I.

d. unm.
Thomas, slain at Marston Moor.
John, d, unm.

Peter, M. D. of York, m. Elixabeth, daughter of
Philip Langdale, esq. of Langthorpe, and had
two sons,

Walter, 4th Baronet. Peter, whose son, Walter, S. as fifth Baronet. Mary, a nun. In Trinity Church, Coventry,on a brass plate is the following inscription: *' Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Mary Vavasor, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Vavasor, knt. and bart. late knight marshal of the king's household, who deceased this life, 24th December, 1631. Frances, m. h Alphonso Thwenge, esq. of Kilton Castle, in Yorkshire. Sir Thomas was s. by his eldest son,

u. Sir Walter Vavasor, a zealous supporter of the royal cause, who raised a regiment of horse and headed it, for the service of King Charles I. He m. Ursula, daughter of Thomas, first Viscount Fauconberg, and was $. at his decease by his only surviving child, Hi- Sir Walter Vavasor, who m. Jane, daughter of Sir Jordan Crossland, knt. but d. without issue, 16th February, 1712-13, when he was *. by (the elder son of Or. Peter Vavasor, of York) his cousin,

iv. Sir Walter Vavasor, who d. unm. in May, 1740, aged eighty, and was s. by his nephew,

v. Sir Walter Vavasor, who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Vavasor, esq. of Willitoft, in the county of York, by whom he had a daughter, who died young. He m. secondly, Dorothy, daughter of Mar* niaduke, fourth Lord Langdale, and by that lady had,

„, '> sixth and seventh Baronets.

Thomas, J

Peter, a general officer in the Austrian service, m. the Countess de Paisburg, but d. s. p. in 1818. Sir Walter d. 13th April, 1766, and was *. by his eldest son,

vi. Sir Water Vavasor, who m. in 1797, Jane,only daughter and heir of William Langdale, esq. of Langthorp, but rf. s* p. 3rd November, 1802, when he was s. by his brother,

vn. Sir Thomas Vargas, who d. unm. 20th Jan uarv, 1826, when the Baronetcy became Extinct. Sir Thomas devised the estates to his cousin,

The Honourable Prance, Stourton,
who in consequence, assumed the surname of
Vavasor, only, and being created a Baronet, in
1828, is now
Sir Eoward-mabmauukb Vavasor, of Hasle-
wood, refer to Burke's Peerage and Baro-

Arms—Or, a fesse, danccttee, sable.


Created 22nd Jane, 1631.—Extinct about 1663.


i. Vavasour, esq. of KilHngtharpe. in rb*> county of Lincoln, a descendant of the ancient Vtt*sour family, was created a -I" with the frtx dency of 20th June, 1611. He died, however. wszabout 1665, when the title became Extinct.

Arms—E U, of Haslewood.


Created 17th July, 1643.—Extinct 18th Feb, MS.


I. William Vavasor, esq. of Copmanthorpe, i? Yorkshire, lineally descended from Henry, younr?« son of John Vavasour, esq. of Weston, by Marprrtdaughter of Sir Peter Middleton, knt. of Stocked, n» created a Baronet in 1643. He n- first, a Dat* lady; and secondly, Oliva, daughter of Bryan Sexton, esq. of Myton. but had no male issue. Sh* William, who was a major general to the King of Swaka. was slain at the siege of Copenhagen, in 165*, wbrs the Baronetcy became Extinct. Lady Vavasor wii ded secondly, Richard Tophara, esq.

Arms—As Vavasour or Haslewood.

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Sir Ralph Verney, was father of John Verney, esq. who, in 1433, was returned ■wr of the gentry of the county of Bucks, by the Cosshj* Bioners of Henry VI. He m. Margaret, daughter r, heir of Francis Iwardly, esq. of Quauton, » i^ti county, and had issue, Ralph, (Sir), his heir.

John, (Sir), of Penley, who, in 21 Edward 1^
was sheriff of the counties of Bedford and a-
and in 14 Henry VII. of Essex and Hertford-
Eleanor, m. to Sir Edward Greville.
Catherine, m- to Sir John Conway, knight baaee-

ret, of Aitow, in Warwickshire.
Margaret, m. to Sir Edward Raleigh,knt. uf Fare
borough, in the same county.

* Haslewood had been the seat of the family from the time iif Henry III. Sir William It* Vava?or had license from Edward I. to castellate the mansion, of which his father, Sir John le Vavasor, had been previously lord. From Hollywood may be seen the cathedrals of York and

Lincoln, although sixty miles asunder. Here is a fan***:, quarry of stone, from which the stately church of York was built, by the bounty of the Vavasors, and the A' s of Holden, Selby, aud Beverley, with Thomas College, in Lincolnshire, and many others.

He was t. by his eldest son,

Sir Ralph Verney, of Pcnlcy and Middle Claydon, sheriff for Bedford and Bucks in 3, 16, and 32 Hcmy VIII. who m. Elizabeth, second daughter of Edmund, Lord Braye, and co-heir of her brother, John, bst Lord Braye, who rf. s. p. in 1557, and by that lady had issue,

Edward, his heir.

John, rf. s. p.

Edmund, (Sir), inheritor of the estate after his

elder brother.

Richard, (Sir), sheriff of the counties of Leicester
and Warwick, in 21 Henry VIII. and 4 Eliza-
Beth, ancestor of the Lords Willoughby de
Anne, m. to Sir Nicholas Pointz, of Acton, in the

county of Gloucester.
Jane, m. to Sir Francis Hynde, of Madingley, in

The two elder sons dying issueless, the estates eventually devolved upon the third,

Sir Educnd Vernet, of Middle Claydon, Bucks, fho received the honour of knighthood, and was sheriff of Bedfordshire in 14 Elizabeth, and for Hertfordshire in 19 and 31 of the same reign. He m. first, Frances,daughter of John Hastings, esq. of Elford, in Oxfordshire, by whom he had no issue; secondly, Audrey, daughter of William Gardiner, esq. of Ful■wre, Bucks, (widow of Sir Peter Carew), and by that Uuly had,

Sie Francis Verney, of Penlcy, who m. Ursula,

daughter and coheir of William St. Barbe, esq.

but rf. abroad, without issue, having sold the

estate of Penley. Edmund. Sir Edward m. thirdly, Mary, daughter of John Blackoty, esq. of Sparrowham. Sir Edmund's son.

Si* Edmund Verney, marshal and standard bearer Is King Charles I. fell at the battle of Edgehill, CO L' 1642. As it was Sir Edward's duty to **rry the royal standard in time of war, he attended he king in that capacity, in 1639, in the expedition against the Scots ; and also at Nottingham in the uni difference between the king and parliament; iud then declared, " that by the grace of God, they hat would wrest that standard from his hand, must first wrest his soul from his body." Accordingly, at he battle of Edgehill, he charged with it amongst the thickest of the enemy, to encourage the soldiers to foluv him, and being surrounded, was offered his life, f he would surrender the standard, but he rejected he offer, and fell with great honour. He m. Marga*t, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Denton, knt. of iUIesden, Bucks, and had with six daughters, six


Ralph, his heir.

Thomas, d. in 1707, aged ninety-two.

Edmund, (Sir), who being deputy governor of Drogbeda, and colonel of a regiment of horse, was killed 11th September, 1649, in the storming of that town by Cromwell, s. p.

Henry, a colonel also in the king's service, I

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The eldest son,

i. Ralph Verney, esq. of Middle Claydon, member of the restoration parliament, was created a Baronet by Charles II. 16th March, 1060 I. Sir Ralph m. Mary, daughter and heir of John Blacknall, esq. of Waseing and Abingdon, in the county of Bucks, by whom he had three d :ughters, who all died young, and three sons, viz.

Edmund, who d. before his father, leaving a

Mary, m. to John Kelynge, esq.
John, heir to his father.
Ralph, tf. in infancy.
Sir Ralph was s. by his elder surviving son,

Ii. Sir John Verney, M. P. for the county of Bucks in 1710 and 1713, who was raised to the peerage of Ireland by Queen Anne, as Baron Verney, of Belturbet, and Viscount Fermanagh. His lordship w. first, Elizabeth, daughter of Ralph Palmer, a of Little Chelsea; secondly, Mary, daughter of Sir Francis Lawley, bart. of Spoonbill, in Shropshire; and thirdly, Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel Baker, esq. alderman of London. By the first he had issue, Ralph, his heir. Elizabeth, rf. unm. Mary, in. to Colonel John Lovett, of Dublin, all

her issue rf. gun. Margaret, m. to Sir Thomas Cave, bart. of Stanford Hall, in the county of Leicester. Her great grandaughter and representative (1838),

Sarah Cave, m. Henry Otway, esq- of Castle Otway, in the county of Tipperary, whose widow she survives, with issue. She as sumed, in IBIS, the additional name of Cave, and as Mrs. Otway-Cave, claims the BaRony of Braye, as the descendant of EliZabeth Braye, one of the co-heirs to that dignity.

The Viscount rf. 23rd June, 1717, and was s. by his son,

in. Sir Ralph Verney, second Viscount Fermanagh, who was created by King George II. in 1742, Earl Verney. He m. Catherine, eldest daughter and co-heir of Henry Paschal, esq. of Baddow Hall, in Essex, by whom (who rf. 28th November, 1748) he had issue,

John, who m. in 1736, Mary,* daughter of Josias
Nicholson, esq. but died before his father, 3rd
June, 1737, leaving his wife euciente. She was
afterwards delivered of a daughter,
Mary, created in 1792, Baroness Fermanagh.
Her ladyship rf. unm. 15th November, 1810,
having bequeathed her estate to her half-
sister, Mrs. Wright.
Ralph, his heir.

Elizabeth, m. to Bennet, Earl of Harborniigh,
and had several children, who all died infants.
Catherine, rf. unm. in 1750.

The Earl rf. 4th October, 1752, and was x. by his son, iv. Sir Ralph Verney, second Earl Verney, F.R.S. who m. 11th September, 1740, Mary, daughter of Henry Herring, esq. a merchant of London, and director of the bank, but died issueless, 31st March, 1791, when all his honours, including the Baronetcy, Expired.

Arms—Az. on a cross arg. five mullets pierced gu.

* She m. secondly, Richard Calvert, esq. and had with ■0 sons, who both died a. p. a daughter, Catherine (m. - ihe Rev. Robert Wright), who eventually inherited t estates of Mary, Lady Fermanagh, ami assumed the 545

died a. p. in 1827 , Sir Harry Ca

in her estates by her cousin, Sir Harry Calvert, bait, who baa also taken the name of Verney.


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2, in rage.

Humphrey Vernon, third son of Sir Henry Vernon, K. B. of Haddon, in Derbyshire, by his wife, Lady Anne Talbot, daughter of John, third Earl of Shrewsbury, married in 1493, Alice, styled " The Ladye of Hodnet," eldest daughter and heiress of Sir John Ludlow, K. B. by Lady Elizabeth Grey, his wife, daughter of Richard, Earl of Powis, and acquired, with her, the estate of Hodnet, in Shropshire. Humphrey Vernon and Alice, his wife.t lived there after the death of Sir John Ludlow, in 1495, and were succeeded, in 1M2, by their son,

George Vernon,esq. of Hodnet, who vi. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Pigot, esq. of Chetwynd, and was interred at Hodnet, in 1553. His eldest son, Richard, dying a minor, he was s. by his second son,

John Vernon, esq. of Hodnet, who being but seven years old at his father's death, was tinder the guardianship of George, Earl of Huntingdon, and Richard, Viscount Hereford. John Vernon was the acknowledged co-heir of his cousin, Henry, Earl of Powis, and one of the claimants of the barony of Powis, undecided at his death. He succeeded in recovering some of the estates of that deceased nobleman. He m. under age, in 1564, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Devereux, tnt. by Lady Dorothy Hastings, his wife, daughter of George, Earl of Huntingdon, and had fourteen children, several of whom rf. young. Hts fourth daughter, Elizabeth, m. to Henry, Earl of Southampton, was grandmother of Lady Rachael Wriothesley, wife of William, Lord Russell, and mother to the first Earl of Bedford. John Vernon died in 1502, was buried at Hodnet, and succeeded by his son,

Sir Robert Vernon, of Hodnet, ft. in 1577, created K. B. by Queen Elizabeth, and made comptroller of her majesty's household. He m. Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Needham, of Shavington, sister to the first Viscount Kilmorey, and dying in 1625, was s. by his son,

I. Henry*, Vernon, esq. of Hodnet, ft. in 1606, who was created a Baronet in 1660. During the civil wars, his devotion to the royal cause drew down upon him the hostility of the adverse party in an especial degree, but be survived to see the Restoration. He m. in 1636, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Richard White, knt. of the Friers, in Anglesey, and had issue, Thomas, his heir.

Elizabeth, who m. in 1675, Robert Cholmondeley, eldest son of Thomas Cholmondeley, of Vale Royal, in Cheshire, and died in 1695, leaving an only daughter,

Elizabeth Cholmondeley, who m. John

Atherton, esq. of Atherton and Bctswc Lancashire, and was mother of Elizabeth Atherton, m* in 172*. toT^ Mas Heber, esq. of Marton, in TeH shire, and had issue, Richard Heber, d. s. p. m. in !!*. Recinald Heber, father of the la? Richard Heber. esq. of hVne one of the most accomplish*^ Molars of his time; of Reginald IhV the pious Bishop of CsJcatti;" Thomas Cuthbert Heber. the ss ceased rector of Marton; ai a Mary Heber, present poaseasr .' Hodnet, wife of the Rev. Chub Cowper Cholmondeley. Sir Henry died in 1676, and was succeeded by t* son,

Ii. Sir Thomas Vernon, of Hodnet. who 4. in \&leaving, by Mary, his wife, daughter of George ant*, esq. a son and successor,

in. Sir Richard Vernon, of Hodnet. b. in IP*. who died in 1723, at the court of Augustus. Kiai -•■ Poland, where he had been accredited as envoy «rr* ordinary by George 1. With him the Babosutt Expired. He dissipated a large portion of hi* paten.'-estates, several of which he fold, but that of Hnde-i passed to his sisters, Diana and Henrietta, who tea died unm. and in 1752 the estate, manor and adTewa of Hodnet, descended through Elizabeth, only topter of the first baronet, Sir Henry Vernon, fc ** family of Heber.

Arm*—Arg. a fret sa.

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The family of Villers came in at the CattiEes. »s.! were eminent under the 1'lasta.cenet*.

Sir John De Vii.liers, of Brokesby. »ko tore tor his coat armour in the time of Hk.vry 111." fire net' lops upon the cross of St. George," had a sos,

Sir John De Villers, served in the wane! L> Wash II. and Edward III. His son and heir,

Geoffrey De Villers, succeeded to tbe ests* •* Brooksby, in the county of Leicester, J» Eu*»lt 111 and in the 2oth of the same reign was out "f *• knights of the shire for the county of Leicester in ^ parliament held at Westminster. His son,

John De Villers, married first, Joan, cae «f m? sisters and co-heirs of Simon Pakeman, of KirtbJ, a the county of Leicester, by whom he hail Riceaet. John, Alexander, and Beatrix, the wife of Big*"' m. secondly, Margaret, who was tiring 15 Rtcmu> "■ at which time, viz. on the Sunday before the Feast « the Nativity of St. John, his son and heir,

t Their second son, Thomas, was ancestor of the present Lord Vernon, and their daughter, C«lhenot,ia. Joan sq. of Hadboine, Derbyshire.

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