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Sir Thomas Smith, knt. of Hough, in Cheshire, who died 1st July, 1538, left hy Kathcrine, his wife, daughter of Sir Andrew Brereton, of Brereton, with other issue, two daughters, Ursula, m. to Sir Rowland Stanley, of Hooton, and Bridget, to Robert Fulleahurst, and a son.

Six Laurence Smith, of Hough, knighted at Leith in 1544, who was sheriff of Cheshire in 1553, and mayor of Chester in 155a, 1563, and 1570. He m. first, Anne, daughter of Thomas Pulleshurst, esq. of Crue; and secondly, 20th January, 1560-1, Jane, daughter of Sir Piers Warburton, of Arley, and widow of Sir William Brereton, knt. of Brereton. By the former he had issue,

Laurence, sheriff of Cheshire in 1567, d. s. p.

Eleanor, m, to Thomas Cowper, esq. of Chester. Mary, m. 18th January, 1562, to John Hurlcston, esq. of Picton. Sir Laurence d. 23rd August, 1582, aged sixty-six,and was s. by his son,

Sir Thomas Smith, knt. of Hatherton, in Cheshire, mayor of Chester in 1506, and sheriff of Cheshire in 1600, who m. Anne, daughter of Sir William Brereton, of Brereton, and had, with a daughter, Jane, wife of Sir Kandle Mainwaring, the younger, of Orer Peover, a son and successor,

Laurence Smith, esq. of Hatherton, who m. Anne, daughter of Sir Ranrile Mainwaring, of Over Peover, and had two sons, Thomas, his heir; and Stephen, gentleman usher to the Marquess of Onnond in Ireland, where he died in 1665, leaving issue. The elder,

Sir Thomas Smith, knt. of Hatherton, mayor of Chester in 1622, and sheriff of Cheshire in 1623, married Mary, daughter of Sir Hugh Smith, knt. of Long Ashton, in Somersetshire, and had twenty two children. The eldest daughter, Mary, m. first, George, son of Thomas Cotton, esq. of Combennere; and secondly, Sir Robert Holt, ban. of Aston. The elder son,

I. Thomas Smith, esq. of Hatherton, was created a Baronet in 1000. He m. Abigail, daughter and coheir of Sir John Pate, bart. of Sisonby, in Leicestershire, and had issue,

Frances-pate, 6. 2nd November, 1003, married to
Richard Lister, esq. of Sisonby, and had a son,
John Pate Lister, esq. and a daughter, Abigail,
m. to Henry Browne, esq. of Shelbroke, in

Sir Thomas d. 22nd May, 1075, and was succeeded by

his nephew,

II. Sir Thomas Smith (son of his brother, Laurence Smith, of Bow, Middlesex, to whom the title was limited). This Sir Thomas died without male issue in 1706, when the Baronetcy Expired.

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The original name of this family was Hkie, but is the reign of Hrnrt VII. William Heriz, of rVhacsri. in Leicestershire, assumed the name and ansu J Smith.

Erasmus Smith, esq. of Somerby, third son of Jofcs Smith, of Withcock, purchased the manor of Hssksac'• Bosworth, Leicestershire, in 1565. He m. first, a'.at; named Bydd; and secondly, Margery, dsnrter » William Cecil, Lord Burleigh, and relict of iter Cave. By the former he left a son.

Sir Roger Smith, of Husband's Bosworth ind <* Edmonthorpe, in Leicestershire, knighted at Wbsehall in 1635. He m. first, Jane, daughter of Sir Li ward Heron, serjeant-at law, and had by ber (was '■ in 1509) a son,

Edward, who predeceased his father ia HOI, leaving by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter af Sit Edward Heron, K.B. of Creasy Hall, a son. Edward, successor to his grandfatherSir Roger m. secondly, Anna, daughter of Tvvsjs Goodman, esq. of London, and by ber (who * is Idaaged sixty six,) had issue,

Erasmus, of Weald Hall, Essex, living ia Im-
aged seventy-three, who m. Mary, danskttr it
Hugh Hare, Lord Colcraine, and had. witk Arte
daughters, six eons, who all d. s. ». exa?"*
tin- fourth,
Huoh, of Weald Hall, high sheriff of tmn
II George 11. who m. Dorothy, daaftttr nl
Dacre-Barret Lennard, esq. of Belbasn.
and d. in 1745, aged seventy-three, lesrJH
two daughters,
Dorothy, m. to the Hon. John Barry
Lucy, m. to James, Lord Strange, fUs*
son of Edward, fifth Earl of DrrtT
Roger, who m. Anna, daughter of Thomas Csnse,
esq. of Laughton, and died in London abowt l*£
leaving several children, of whom the eaaat
was Roger Smith, of Frolesworth.
Anna, m. to Sir John Norwich, hart, of Bnan>

Mary, m. to Sir William Dudley, hart-
Sir Roger Smith died in I6S5, aged eighty «•«,
was s. by his grandson,

i. Edward Smith,esq. of Edmonthorpe,high sheriff ( Leicestershire in 1660, was created a Baron rr in 660-1. He m. first. Constantia, daughter of Sir Wit.: _ii Spencer, bart. of Yarnton, Oxfordshire; seconds'. Frances, daughter of Sir George Marwood, of Juaby, in Yorkshire, and relict of Sir Richard Wesoo; and thirdly, Bridget, widow of Richard Baylis, ■ Woodford, Essex. By the two last he had no child; •■at by the first he had four sons and a daughter,


Edward, his heir-
William, died at sea in 1677.
Henry, who died in 1698.
Erasmus, (/. s. p.

Constantia, tn. to Thomas Smith, esq. of Snitter* ton. 'ir Edward d. Gth September, 1707, and was s. by his on,

ii. Sir Edward Smith, of Edmonthorpe, who maried Oliria, daughter and heir of Thomas Pepys, esq. t Merton Abbey, Surrey, but died without surviving Mae I3th February, 1721, when the title became ExInct. He devised his estate at Edmonthorpe to bis oasin, Edward Smith, esq. M.P. for Leicestershire, lesc^nded from Roger Smith, of Frolesworth. He d. n 1702 j. p. the last of the family at Edmonthorpe, Fhich was sold after his death to William Pochin,

Mf. of Ii.vrk.tiy.

Arms— Gn. on a chev. or, between three bezants as nan)- crosses puttee fitchee sa.

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John Smith, of Aylberton, in the county of Glou-star, living in the time of Henry VI. had issue a en and heir, Roikrt Smith, whose great-grandson, Jobs* Smith, was father of two suns, viz. HrcH, who m. the daughter of Arthur Beckhaw, and left a daughter,, fn. to William Morgan* esq. of Llantarnan Abbey, in the county of Monmouth.


V younger son,

Matthew Smith,esq.m. Jane,daughter and coheir •( John Tyther, esq. and left a son and heir,

Srs Hugh Smith, knt. of Long Ashton, in the ounty of Somerset, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir fhomas Gorges, knt. of Lang ford, in the county of A kits,* (sister of Lord Gorges), and had issue,

TuoMAf, his heir.

Helen, m. to Sir Francis Rogers, knt. of Cauning

ton, in the county of Somerset. Mary, m. to Sir Thomas Smith, bart. of Hather

ton, in Cheshire.

He was j. by his son,

Thomas Smith, esq. of Long Ashton, who m. Florence, daughter of John, Lord Poulet, of Hinton St. George, in Somersetshire, and by that lady (who survived him and m. secondly, Thomas Pigott, esq. of Ireland,) left a son and heir,

I. Hugh Smith, esq. of Long Ashton, who was created a Baronet by King Charles II. 10th May, 1661. Sir Hugh m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Ashburnham, esq. of Asbburnham, and was s. by his only son,

II. Sir John Smith, who m. one of the daughters and co-heirs of Sir Samuel Astry, knt. of Henbury, in Gloucestershire, clerk of the crown in chancery, and had two sons and five daughters, viz.

i. John, his successor,
ii. Hugh, d. unm. in 173S.

i. , m. to Thomas Coster, esq. some time

M.P. for Bristol.

Ii. Arabella, m. to Edward Gore, esq. of Somersetshire, ancestor of the family of GoreLancton, of Newton Park. (See Burke's Commoners, vol. i. p. 145.)

in. ■, m. to Gerard Smith, gent, of Bristol.

iv. Florence, m. first, to John Pigott,esq. by whom she had no issue; and secondly, to Jarrit Smyth, esq. of the city of Bristol. v. -, rf. unm.

He died about the year 1726, and was s. by his elder son,

in. Sir John Smith, who married in 1728-0, Miss Pym, daughter of Mr. Pym.of Oxford, but died without issue in 1741, when the Baronetcy Expired, and the estates passed to his sister Florence, whose second husband,

Jarrit Smyth, esq. M.P. for Bristol in 1756 and
1761, was created a Baronet, as " Sir Jarrit
Smyth, of Long Ashton," in January, 1763.
Their great-grandson is the present (1S37)
Sir John Smyth, bart. of Long Ashton.

Arms—Gu. on a chev. arg. between three cinquefoils of the second, three leopards' faces sa.

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'By Helen, his wife, daughter of Wolfangus Snavcnbargh, of Sweden, and relict of William Parr, Marquess of Northampton.

Richard, d. s. p.

James, married first, Elizabeth Stanton; and secondly, Mary, daughter of William Goddard, of London.

Anne, m. first, to Adrian Dent, of London; and

secondly, to Andrew Harbyn, of Parendon

Magna, in Essex.

He m. secondly, Sarah, daughter of Robert Cotton,

esq. of West Barge Holt, in Essex, by whom he had

no less than fifteen children, of whom

John received the honour of knighthood, and of him presently.

Sarah, m. Bud Wase, esq. of Dalcbet, Bucks.

Elizabeth, m. Henry Street, esq. of London.

Mary, m. Abraham Otgar, of London, merchant. Several of his children lie buried in Hammersmith Church, where a very noble monument was erected to his memory, of black and white marble. The eldest son of the second marriage,

Sir John Smith, knt. alderman of the city of London, and sheriff in 1069, m. first, Anne, daughter of William Wade, esq. of Dalchet, in Bucks, and had a son,

James, who m. Sarah Borrell, and died without issue. He m. secondly, Jane, daughter and sole heir of Robert Deane, esq. of Yorkshire, and by that lady left three sous and two daughters, viz.

John, his successor.
Hobert, d. in minority unm.

Charles, of Isleworth, m. Anne, daughter of Wil-
liam Williamson, esq. of Westminster, serjeant-
at-arms, and had five daughters, namely,
Anne, m. in July, 1730, to Legh Masters, esq.

M.P. for Newtou, in Lancashire.
Sarah, d. unm.

Kebecca, In. to — Orchard, esq. of Devon-

Elizabeth, m. in June, 1738, to Henry Haw-
ley, esq. of Brentford, in Middlesex, and
d. s. p. in 1740.
Sarah, 1
Jane, J

Sir John d. in 1670, and was s. by the eldest son of his second marriage,

i. John Smith, Esq. of Isleworth, who having advanced several sums of money towards carrying on the war with France, was created a Baronet (6 WilLiam and Mary) 20th April, 1604, and was one of the gentlemen of the privy chamber to King William and to Queen Anne. Sir John m. 22nd September, 1691, Mary, second daughter of Sir John Eyles, knt. an alderman of London, and by that lady (who died in December, 1724,) left two sons and two daughters, viz.

John, his successor. James, d. s.p. Mary. Elizabeth. He d. 16th August, 1726, and was succeeded by his elder son,

Ii. Sir John Smith, who d. unm. 11th October, 1760, when the Baronetcy Expired.

Arms—Quarterly: 1st and 4th, am. a lion rampant or, on a chief arg. a mullet gu. between two tortenuxes; 2nd and 3rd, gu. two chevronels within a bordure

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i. David-william Smith,esq. onlychild of the' Colonel John Smith, who died in 1794 in the of Fort Niagara, North America, by Anne, his vat, daughter of William Waylen, esq. of Rowdc Hill *ai Devizes, Wilts, entered at an early period bis fauw * regiment, and attained the rank of captain. Anr wards, having settled in Canada, he was called* A* bar in that colony, with precedence as depurj-jaip advocate, filled several high official appoionDCBB, s^ was finally speaker of the House of Assembly. o these public services he obtained his patent of ortisw -10th August, 1821. "The consummate ability it quote a recent writer in the Gentleman's Marine with which for a long period he administered it affairs of the Duke of Northumberland, is well tsew», the kindness and warm-hearted generosity of hseb* racter, united with the manners of a high-minW English gentleman, endeared him to all who files ^ honour of his acquaintance, and will cause bin u * long remembered in the neighbourhood of Alawid. where his death has caused a blank which vill v* * readily filled."

Sir David Smith, who was born 4th September, ?7«, m. first, 3rd November, 1788, Anne, eldest diarf^r of the late John O'Reilly, esq. of Ballykuerist me Anne's-ville), in the county of Longford, by vfe*2 (who died with November, 1706.) be had issue,

David-william, R.N. born 6th June, UHtB>-
by a shot from a French battery when on bar:
the Spartan frigate, 11th May, 1811.
Mary-elizabeth, m. in 1814, to Charie* TyJ«.
esq. and has issue,
Robert Tylee.
David Tylee, an officer in the army-

Mary Tylee.
Anne Tylee.
Sarah Tylee.
He wedded, secondly, 11th April, 1803, Mary, yeaae-
est daughter of the late John Tylee, esq- of ©*▼>**
and had by that lady, who survives, one daagbtcr.

Hannah. Sir David died 0th May, 1837, when the Babow** became Extinct.

Arms— Per pale gu. and as. on a chev. or. b«*w* three cinquefoils arg. as many leopards' faces sa.« * chief of the third a beaver passant ppr.

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i. William Smyth, esq. of Redcliffe, in the county : Bucks, governor of Hillersdon, in that county, and

stanch royalist, was created a Baronet by King H1RI.E3 II. soon after the Restoration, loth May, 161. Sir William m. first, Margaret, daughter of Sir lexander Denton, knt. by whom he left no male issue. [« wedded, secondly, a daughter of Sir Nathaniel lobart, one of the masters in Chancery, and by her a.i two sons, William, who died unmarried in his Ether's lifetime, and Thomas. He was a member of ie Long Parliament, and dying at a very advanced ;e in 1696, was succeeded by his only surviving ra,

ii. Sir Thomas Shtth, who d.unm. 20th June, 1732, hen the Baronetcy Expired.

Arms— Sa. on a rhevron, between six crosses pattee u-bee arg. three fleurs-de-lis az.

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& in rage.

Sib Robert Smyth, bart. of Upton, in the county f Essex, had by his first wife, Judith, daughter of iwholas Walmesley,esq. of Dunkenhalgh, with other true, Robert, his successor, from whom the present vonet of Upton.

Sir James Smyth (the second son), who was knighted "I King Charles II. and was lord mayor of London B the first year of King James II. He tn. first, Mary. Anghter of Sir William Peak, knt. lord mayor of >0Q>ion, but by that lady had no issue. His second Fife was Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Arthur 'birley, esq. of Isfield, by whom he had an only son, Abbs. He m. thirdly, Philadelphia, daughter of Sir '"• illiatn Wilson, bart. of Eastbome, in Sussex, with. 'it issue. He d. aged seventy-three, 9th December, »**, and was s. by his son,

i. James Smyth, esq. of Sussex, who was Ttated a Bakunet 2nd December, 1714. Sir James ouried Mirabella, daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert -^ard, knt. one of the masters in Chancery, and

dying 2Sth February, 1716-17, was succeeded by his only son,

II. Sir Robert Smyth, who married Lady LouisaCaroline-Isabella Hervey, second daughter of John, Earl of Bristol, by whom (who d. llth May, 1770,) he had issue,

Hervey, his successor.

Anna-mirabella-henrirtta, m. in 1761, to WilKam-Beale Brand, esq. of Polsted Hall, in Suffolk.

He died 10th December, 1773, and was succeeded by his son,

in. Sir Hervey Smyth, 6. in 1734. This gentleman was aide-de-camp to General Wolfe at the siege of Quebec, and afterwards colonel in the Poot Guards. He it. unm. 2nd October, 1811, when the Baronetcy Expired.

Arms—Az. two bars, unde, enn. on a chief or, a demi-lion issuant sa.

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Cambridge, son and heir of Sir Giles Allington, knt. by whom he bad Richard, who d. s. p. and other issue.

Stephen (Sir).

Robert, D.D. d. s. p.

Mary, married to Richard Farington, sheriff of London. He m. secondly.a daughter of Carew, and by that lady had a daughter, Margaret, m. to William Brooke, esq. of Mendlesham, in Suffolk. He d. 10th April, 11th Elizabeth. The inquisition, dated 2nd An gust, in the same year, says, he died seized of lands in Little Bradley, Little Thurlow, (called by several names,) and two tenements, 100 acres of land and pasture, 1% of wood, in Betley, in North Elmham, Bylney, Great Bittering, and Gressinghall, in Norfolk, held of the Lord Cromwell's manor of Elmham. He died at Betley, 10th April, then last past, and Thomas, of Little Bradley, was found his son and heir, twenty-six years old." His second son,

Sir Stephen Suave, was of Betley, in Norfolk, and of London, of which city he was sheriff in 1589, and lord mayor in 1598. He purchased the manor of Brickendon, in the county of Hertford, and several other estates, and married Anne, daughter of William Stone, esq. of Segenhoe, in the county of Bedford, by whom he had six sons and five daughters, viz.

i. William, his heir.

ii. Stephen (Sir), of Heydon, in Essex, high sheriff of that county in the 19th of James I. This gentleman had the manor of Berkesdon, in Hertfordshire, by gift of his father. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Playters, bart. of Sotterley, in Suffolk, and had issue,

1. Peter, lord of the manor of Berkesdon,

of whom hereafter.

2. John, \

3. Stephen,/ ' 'p"

1. Anne, m. to Sir Gabriel How, knt. of

Wotton-under- Edge.

2. Jane, m. to Sir John Hoskins.

3. Mary, *». to Edward Fettiplace, esq. of

Kingston, in Berks.

4. Jane, m. to Sir Edward Nicholl .Int. of Faxton, in the county of Northampton.

ill, Thomas (Sir), of Throcking, in Hertfordshire, sheriff of London in 1035, alderman in 1640, when he received the honor of knighthood.

In that year he was elected tn partianent V? the city where he manifested h» lotair? v the crown, and was in consequence one of tia members secluded from the house. Sir Thomas m. Joane, daughter of William Fressa*. esq. of Aspeden, in Hertfordshire, tad t** three sons, who all died young, sad taire daughters, viz.

1. Anne, tn. to Sir Thomas AHy. but. rf

Felix Hall. ». Elizabeth, m. to John Gara*ys,esq. U

Boyland Hall. Norfolk. 3- Mart, ». to Abraham Clerk,*** of l«=don. Sir Thomas repaired the tower of Tbrockar Church, and raised it with brick. He d. I* January, 1670, aged eighty-eight, and was Varied in the chancel of that church. iv Nicholas, d. young.

v. John, of Bumham, in Norfolk, m. Marv.eWiit daughter of Thomas Perient, esq. of Birefc. a Essex, and had issue, but his children all die* s. p. his widow ». Sir Thomas Glemham, ksL of Suffolk, vi. Matthew, d. unto, i. Mercy, m. to Sir Calthorpe Parker, knt «f

Erwarton, in Suffolk. ii. Mary, d, an infant, in. Anne, m. to Sir John Wentworth, knt. ef S»

tnerly, in Suffolk, iv. Judith, m. to Sir Francis Anderson, kst si

Eyworth, in Bedfordshire. v. Jane, m. to Sir Nathaniel Barnardistan, kst a Keddington, in Suffolk. Sir Stephen d. 23rd May, 1619, aged seventy-fiTf,TM buried in Little Thurlow,* and succeeded by hi» tU** sou,

Sir William Soame, knt. who was sheriff of >& folk in the 8th of Charles 1. This genuenua ■■ first, Bridget, fourth daughter and co-heir of Beaahn Barnham, esq. an alderman of I«ondon, and iy t&it lady had issue,

i. Stephen, of Little Thurlowe, who m. fe«*

Mary, eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir i<*&

Dyeham, knt. of Borstall, Bucks, and wi&w

of Lawrence Banaster, esq. by whom be &*d

Stephen, d. t. p*

William (Sir), successor to his graBtJoffh^

• Under the following inscription:


to the Memory

of the Right WorBhipfoll Sr. Stephen

Soame, Ki Lord Mayor of the Citie of

London, in the year of our Lord, 1593, and Mayor

of the Staple there, almost 20 yeares, who was the

second Son of Thomas Soame, of Botely, alias Betely,

in the County of Norfolcke, Gentleman, and Anne, his Wife,

Daughter and Heir of Francis Knighton, of Little Bradley,

in the County of Suti'olcke, Esqnyer, and the Widowe of Richard

Lehunt, of the said Towne, and County, Gentleman. The said Sir Stephen,

in his life-time re-edified and newly glazed the great North Window of

the Cathedrall Church of St. Paul, in London. Newly settled and

adorned -n his own charge, the roof of Grocer's Hall, in that City, gave to the same Company £10 to be bestowed weekly in Bread upon the poor prisoners of the Counter in the Pouliry of London, for ever. In this Towne of Little Thurlow, erected and buylt a Free-School, with £20 maintenance

for a Master, and £10 for the Usher there, yearly for ever, where he erected and endowed an almshouse besides for 9 poor People, with maintenance for ever, the maintenance of both places to be paid by aunuity, forth of the Mannour of Carleton, in Cambridgeshire. He departed this life May 23, being Trinity Sunday, 1019, at the age of threescore and nfteene yeares, at his Mansion house, by him formerly buylt Id this Parish of Little Therlowe.

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