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by Alice, his first wife, who died in February, 1678 (with other issue),

Richard Preston, of Cockerham, born 17th
September, 1661, who, partly in conse-
quence of the incumbrances created by
the loyalty of his grandfather to King
Charles, and partly in consequence of
his own extravagance* was forced to alie-
nate nearly all his property. He died in
17*1, aged sixty years, baring had (sur-
viving) issue by Dorothy, his first wife,
daughter and co-heir of Robert Dennis,
1. John, who succeeded to the wreck of
the Cockerham estate, which he
■old, and purchasing from the heirs
of Sir Thomas Preston, and also
acquiring by marriage estates in
Preston Patrick,* Leasgill, and He
▼ersham, he thenceforth wholly re-
aided in Westmoreland. He left
(surviving male) issue,

'William, D.D. Lord Bishop of
Ferns, who died in 1780, aged
Thomas, whose only son,

John Preston, of Leasgill, died 2Sth June, 1816, without male issue. By his second, Mary, daughter and coheir of Henry Hastings, of Dublin, a branch of the noble house of Huntingdon, who surviving him forty-four years, died 7th March, 1765 (with three daughters), an only surviving son, t. Robert, bom 29th May, 1713, died 18th March, 1788, leaving by Margaret, his wife, only child of Robert Honker, of Broughton, gent, who died in J uly, 1802, with other issue,

Robirt, of the Lower House, now called Firgrove, West Derby, Lancashire, who m. Miss Janet Wilkinson, and d. 10th November, 1833, having had issue, with three daughters, an only surviving son,

Robert, born 26th April, 1792, who m. Ellen Sarah, daughter of Peter Berthon, esq. and by her (who m. secondly, William-Robert Preston, esq. of Aigburth) had issue, with two daughters, one son, Robert-Berthon Preston, a minor, now living. Richard, of Liverpool, who m. first. Miss Collins; and secondly, Isabella, daughter of Mr. Edward Rushton,of Liverpool, and died 1st November, 1820, leaving iisue.

William, of Birchfield, afterwards of Fairview, Toxteth Park, and Liverpool, who died 16th May, 1828, leaving (with a younger son and two daughters)

William-Robert, b. 22nd June, 1808, st. as above-mentioned, Ellen-Sarah, relict of Robert Preston, jun. esq. and has issue, l. Margaret, m. to Roger Kirkby, esq. of Kirkby, in Lancashire. The eldest sou,

Thomas Preston, esq. of Preston Patrick and Under Levins Halls, and also of the manor and abbey of Furuess, succeeded his father, and served the office of sheriff of Lancashire in 1585. He married Margaret, daughter of John Westby, esq. of Moubreck, and dying 14th June, 1601, was buried at Heversbani, being succeeded by

John Preston, esq. his only child, who m. Eliza beth, daughter and co-heir of Richard Holland, esq. of Denton, in Lancashire, and by her had issue, I. Thomas, d, young, n. John, his heir, born 1617. i. Ann, o\ young.

ii. Margaret, m. Sir Francis Howard, of Corby Castle, second son of Lord William Howard, of Naworth Castle, and had issue, Thomas Howard, slain at Atherton Moor. Elizabeth, m. Edward Standish, esq. of Standish, m. Agnes, m. Cnristoper Anderson, esq. of Los

tock. iv. Frances, m. Francis Downes, esq. of Wardley Hall. Mr. Preston's will bears date September, 1612, and he died shortly afterwards, being succeeded by his only surviving son,

i. John Preston, e»q. of Preston Patrick and Under Levins Halls, in Westmoreland, and of the Manor and Abbey of Furness, in Lancashire, who upon the breaking out of the civil wars, took part with the king, and rendered that unfortunate monarch such efficient service that he was in return created a BaRonet 1st April, 1644, by the style of Sir John Preston, "of the Manor of Furness." He did not, however, long enjoy his dignity, being slain at the head of a regiment raised at his own expense in an engagement with the parliamentary troops, A. D. 1645. He married, in 1637, Jane, daughter and sole heir of Thomas Morgan, esq. of Heyford Hall, in Northamptonshire, and Weston sub-Weathtey, in Warwickshire, and by her, who brought him a vast estate, he had issue,

i. John, second baronet,
it. Thomas, third baronet,
i. Ann, m. Sir William Gerard, bait, of Bryn

and Gars wood.
il. Elizabeth, m. William, eleventh Lord Stour

The elder son,

ii. Sir John Preston, hart, dying unm. in April, 1063, was succeeded by his brother,

in. Sir Thomas Preston, of the Manor and Abbey of Furness, in Lancashire, Preston Patrick and Under Levins Halls, in Westmoreland, and Heyford Hall, in Northamptonshire, who thus became third baronet. Sir Thomas had been a Catholic priest, but on succeeding to the title he obtained a dispensation from the Pope, and married the Hon. Mary Molyneux, daughter of Caryll, third V iscount Molyneux, by whom he had issue,

A porttuo of tbe estate acquired by bim at Preston Patrick has since been sold by hi-* representatives, .inU ***** Portion i« now in tbe possession of Richard Rushton Preston, esq.

i. Francis, died young.

i. Mary, who m. William, Marquis of Powis.
n. Ann, who m. Hugh, second Lord Clifford, of

Lady Preston died 6th June, 1073, and Sir Thomas being now a widower, was persuaded to return to his former functions; whereupon he settled his Westmoreland and Northamptonshire estates upon his daughters, and the estate of the Manor and Abbey of Furness upon the Jesuits; upon the legality of this grant a trial arose, and the estate was adjudged to be forfeited to the crown, which immediately seized upon it, but granted a long lease of the abbey to the Prestons of Holker, who had been mainly instrumental in bringing to light the illegal settlement made by Sir Thomas Preston. Sir Thomas, after malting this disposition of his property, went over to Flanders, and entering a monastery there, spent the remainder of his days, and died about the year 1710, and with him Expired the Baronetcy of" Preston of the Manor."

Arms—Arg. two bars gu. on a canton of the last a cinquefoil or.

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Francis Price, the first of this family upon record, went out to Jamaica a captain in the army, under Penn and Venables, in 1635, and settling there, tn. the rich widow of Colonel Rose, and left at his decease three sons and a daughter, of whom

Charles Price, esq. being the adopted heir of hia maternal half brother, Thomas Rose, esq. became possessed by will of " Rose Hall," in St. Thomas's in the Vale, and other considerable estates in Jamaica. He m. Sarah, daughter of Philip Edmunds, esq. also of that island, and had issue*

Charles, his heir.

Thomas, who m. Miss Anne Moor, but died without issue.

John, whose grandson, Rose Peici, esq. To created a Baronet in 1815, and was s. bj ... son, the present Sia Charles Ditto* Puce bart. of Trengwainton. (See Bcrek'ft Pttrw and Baronetagf.)

The eldest son,

l. Charles Price, esq. of Rose Hall, obtained u* name of " the Patriot," for the numerous stu * public munificence he performed for a series sf yew in Jamaica,* his native country. He alkd, for» lengthened period, the chair of the honourable bcw of Assembly, and was created a Baronet 7th Octofcf, 1768. He died in 1772, leaving by Mary Saarpe, has wife, three sons and a daughter, via.

Charles, his heir.

John, who d. and was buried at Lincoh).

Rose, successor to his brother.

Sarah, m. to a gentleman named ArchbosL The eldest son,

ii. Sir Charles Price, of Rose Hall.also his father as speaker of the house of Assembly. Ht m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Guy, esq. of Beits*** House, in Jamaica, and widow of John Woodo**esq. but died s. p. 18th October, 1788, when he **» ^ by his brother,

in. Sir Rose Price, of Rose Hall, atwbose««*« 5. p. the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms- Sa. a cher. erminois between threeip*TM heads, embued at the points, ppr.

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The Pringles are of rery ancient descent, ui *l possess considerable influence in North Briiaia. "■ chief families of the name are the PaiKeuo «f » T bank (now represented by Aliunde* Peucu,»« M.P. for Selkirkshire), the Plimui of Clifton * represented by Robert Prikcle, esq.), and me P" OLES of Stitchel.

I. John Prinolb, M.D. of Pall Mall, phy»i«" the army.femp. Geobce II. (youngest son of Sir J« Pringle, bart of Stitchel House, in the county of R* burgh, vide Bveee's Peerage and BarMeUft.) * created Bironet Jth June, lies. Sir Joba »■ 175*, Charlotte, second daughter of Dr. Ourer, i eminent physician at Bath, but died without «■ 18th January, 1781. Sir John Pringle was ipj»">' one of the physicians to King Geuswe III. At bis < cease the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms— Azure, three escalope argent, with s ml for distinction.

* At his own and considerable eapense, Sir Charles Price Uid oat the beautiful road from Spanish town into Jst rii"in.i.\- in the Vale; it is called " the sixteen mile

walk," and is quite a bowling-green road f»IE« hj carriages, waggnns, 4tc. Sir Charles was isdees m a wider sphere of action than Jamaica.

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Sib Hkneigs Proby, of Elton, in Huntingdonshire, eldest son of Sir Peter Proby, lord mayor of London a 1672.) represented the borough of Agmondesham or many years, and was sheriff of Backs. He in. illen, daughter of Edward Allen, esq. of Finchley, in (iddlesex, and dying 10th February, 1667, left issue wo daughters, Elizabeth and Helen, and three sons, 'twits, John, and Heneage. The eldest, i. Thomas Proby, esq. of Elton, M.P. for AgmonIwham, and subsequently in 1661. for Huntingdonhire, who was created a Baronet in 1661-2. He m. Jraacea, daughter of Sir Thomas Cotton, hart, of Conl.ogton, in Huntingdonshire, and had issue, Thomas, who d. unm. on his travels. Alici, o. in 1673, who m. the Hon. Thomas Wat son Went worth, M. P. and had an only child, Thomas Watson Wentworth, first Earl of Malton and Marquess of Rockingham. (See Bcreb's Extinct Peerage.) Frances, 1 . Elizabeth, jduamSir Thomas d. in 1680, when the Baronetcy Expired. Elton passed to his brother,

John Proby, esq. M.P. for Huntingdonshire, at whose decease issueless, that estate was inherited by his cousin, William Proby, esq. some time governor of Fort St George, in the East Indies (son of Charles Proby, esq. third son of Sir Peter Proby, the lord mayor). His descendant is the present Earl Ok Carysfobt.

Irm—Erm. on a fess gu. a lion passant or.

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David Lloyd, who m. Gwenllian, daughter of Owen ap Griffith, ap Eynion, Lord of Towyn, and had an only son,

Rees David Lloyd, esquire of the body to King Edward IV. who fell at" Banbury fight," 1469. His wife was Margaret, daughter and heir of Evan ap Owen, of Neuadd Wen, in Powis, and by her had two sons, Thomas and Meredith Pryce, (or ap Rice,) and two daughters, Gwenllian, wife of Edward ap Howel, and Catherine, m. to Rees Lloyd ap Rhydderch.

Thomas Pryce, esq. of New Town, the elder son, in. first, Florence, daughter of Howel Clun, esq. of Clun, and had by her, four sons and two daughters, viz.

Matthew, his heir.

Oliver, ancestor of the Bolviers, of Neuaddwen,

in Powis.
Richard, d, s. p.

John, from whom the Prices of Pennarth, in

Gwen, m. to Humphrey Lloyd, esq. of Llai, near

Poole, Margaret, m. to Meredith David Vaughan, esq. of the Lloynwent. He m. secondly, Gwen,daughter of Meredith Morgan, and had another son and daughter, namely, William and Catherine, wife of Owen ap Howel Goch, ancestor to the Owens of Machynleth. He was i. by his eldest son,

Matthew 'Ed esq. who m. first, Jane, daughter of Lieut Vaughan, ap Sir David Gam, and had a daughter, Catherine, the wife of Thomas Tang, esq. of Abdar Tannat. He in. secondly, Joice, daughter of Evan Gwyn James, esq. of the Monachty, in lshire, and by that lady had two sons and four daughters, viz.

i. John, his heir.

n. Arthur, of Vainor, who in. first Lady Bridget,
Bourchier, youngest daughter of John, fourth
Earl of Bath, and by her ladyship had a son,
Edward, who m. Margaret, daughter of Dr.
Nicholas Robinson, bishop of Bangor, by
whom he had (with two younger sons,
Thomas and Edward, who d. s. p. and a
daughter, Jane, the wife of Thomas Fox,
esq.) a son and heir,
Arthur, of Yaysnor, who m. Mary,
daughter of Owen Vaughan, esq. of
Llwydyarth, in Powis, and left an
only daughter and heiress,
Bridget Price, who m. Sir George
Dkyerkux, of Sheldon Hall, War-
shire, and was grandmother of the
ninth Viscount Hereford.
Arthur Prise, of Vainor, m. secondly, Jane,
sister of Sir Randolph Brereton, knt. of Mai-
pas, and by her had another son, John, who
m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Vaughan,
esq. her Llynwent.

i. Elisabeth, m. to Edward Herbert, esq. ancestor

of the Lords Herbert, of Cherbnry. Ii. Margaret, m. to Hugh Howel Edenhope, esq. of

Shadwell. in. Joyce, m. to Owen Blayney, esq. of Gregunog. iv. Catherine, d. s. p. His elder son and heir,

John Pryce, esq. of Newtown,m. Elizabeth, daughter of Rees Morris, esq. of Abberbachaso, and had issue,

Edward, his heir.

Matthew, m. Catherine, daughter and co-heir of

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Lewis Gwin, esq. of Llanidloes, by whom he
had one son and six daughters, viz.
John, of Park.*



Bridget, m. to Les Blaney, esq. of Gregunog.

Mary, m. to Thomas Powell, esq. of Nantgwilt.

Margaret, m. to David Lloyd, esq. of Crynfrin, in

Joyce, m. to James Matthews, esq. of Trefnaney.

The eldest son and heir,

Edward PfiYCK,esq. of Newtown, m. Julian, daughter of John Vaughan, esq. of Llwydyarth, N Powis, and had with a daughter, Jane, m. to William Robinson, esq. of Gwersilt, in Denbighshire, a son and heir, i. John Prycb, esq. of Newtown, who was created a Baronet by King Charles 1. Sir John m. Catherine, daughter of Sir Richard Pryse, km. of Gogcrddan, in the county of Cardigan, and had issue,

Edward, an officer in the royal army, temp.
Charles I. distinguished by his valour in se-
veral actions, was killed in endeavouring to ap-
pease a tumult, and rf. unmarried in his father's
Matthew, successor to his father.
Mary, d. unm.

Elizabeth, m. Edward Clun, esq. of Clun.
Sir John was s. by his only surviving son,

Ii. Sir Matthew Pryce, who m. Jane, daughter of Henry Vaughan, esq. of Kilkenain, in Cardiganshire, and had issue, John, his heir.

Vaughan, successor to his brother.

Jane, m. to Richard Mostyn, esq. of Dolycosttay.
He d. about 1674, and was s. by his eldest Sod,

Hi. Sir John Pryce. This gentleman as. AnnaMaria, daughter of Sir Edmund Warcup, rd of English, in the county of Oxford, and had surviving issue,

Eliza Bets.

Juliana, m. Tel l Davie, esq. of Orleigh, in

Having thus no male issue, the baronetcy, at his decease, devolved upon his brother,

iv. Sir Vauohan Pryce, whom. Anne, daughter of Sir John Powell, knt. of Broadway, in Carmarthenshire, one of the justices of the Court of King's Bench, and had issue,

John, his heir.


Matthew, "|

Edward, > all died s. p.

Vaughan, J

Mary, rf. unm.

He d. about 1720, and was s. by his eldest son,

v. Sir John Pryce, who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Powell, bait, and by her (who it. 22nd April, 1731,) had

John-powell, his successor.

A n ii a- Elizabeth.

Diana. He m. secondly, Mary, eldest daughter of John Norm, of Wern Goch, in Montgomeryshire, and by thatlsiy, (who rf. 3rd August, 1739,) had two daughters.,


Elizabeth. The baronet wedded, thirdly, Eleanor-, relict of Roger Jones, esq. of Buckland, in the county of Bream. He d. in October, 1743, and was *. by his only son,

vi. Sir John-powell Pryce, who m. Elisabeth,, daughter and heir of Richard Manley, esq. of Caririgi Court, in Berkshire, and dying 4tb July, 1776, was i. by his son,

vn. Sir Edward-manleyprtce, who st. the daagb ter of Mr. Flinn, of Norfolk Street, in the Strand, but died without legitimate issue, 28th June, 1791, when the Baronetcy Expired.

Arms— Gules, a lion rampant, regnardant, or.

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This very old Welch family traces its descent :rr> a remote era.t

Sir Richard Pryse, knt. of Cogerddan, m (he county of Cardigan, m. Gwenllian, daughter and safe heir of Thomas Pryse, of Aherbychan, in Mootgeawn shire, and dying 0th February, \&tt, was s. by bis elder son.

Sir John Pryse, knt. of Gogerddan and Bert chan, WHO m. Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Brawl-*?, of Sharon Castle, in Shropshire, and was s. by ba> elder son,

i. Richard Pryse, esq. of Gogerddan, who w» created a Baronet Oth August, 1641. Sir Richard ■» first, Hester, daughter of Sir Hugh Middle ton, birr and secondly, Mary, relict of Sir Anthony Vandyke By the former he had issue, Richard, his heir. Thomas, successor to his brother. Carbery, m. Hester, daughter of Sir Bacstrod? WhiUock, knt. and left a son, Carbery, who inherited as fourth baronet. Sir Richard d. about the year 1651, and was J. by to* eldest son,

Ii. Sir Richard Pryse, who d. s. t>. and was s. by his brother,

in. Sir Thomas Pryse, who d. issueless in May. 1682, and was s. by his nephew.

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It. Sir Carbery Pryse. Id 1090, during the life of this gentleman, mine* were discovered on the estate of (iocerddan, of such immense value, as to obtain the designation of " the Welch Potosi." Sir Carbery in consequence procured an act of parliament to enable aim 10 form a company, and commenced working, but was opposed by the Society of Minors Royal, and a lawsuit ensued. Pending which, the baronet and his partners, amongst whom were several noblemen, attained another act of parliament, 1603, empowering ■U the subjects of the crown of England, to enjoy and work their own mines, in England and Wales, notwithstanding they might contain gold and silver, provided the king, and those who might claim under him, aught have the ore, paying the proprietors for it upon the bank, within thirty days after raising, and before its separation from the lead. Sir Carbery himself is sated to have conveyed the news of the passing of this bill from London (having relays of horses) to Escairhir within forty-eight hours. Sir Carbery died s. p. ■boat the year 1095. unm. when the Baronetcy Rxriiiu, while the estates passed, eventually to his kinssjaa,

Thomas Pryse, esq. M.P. for Cardigan in 1743, son of John Pryse, of Glanmeryn, and devolved at his decease $. p. upon his cousin, Liwu Pryse, esq. son of Walter Pryse, of Painswick, in Gloucestershire, which Lewis m. Margaret, daughter and co-heir of Edward Ryvea, esq. of Woodstock, and had issue, Lewis, who d. unm. in 1776. Margaret, m. to Edward-Loveden Loveden, esq. of B ascot, Berks, and had a son, Pryse Loveueh. Mr. Pryse d. 13th March, 1706, and his daughter having predeceased him, (1784,) the estates devolved upon his grandson, who having assumed the name and arms of Pryse, is the present (1837) Pbyse Pryse, esq. of Gogerddan, M.P.

Arsis— Or, a lion rampant, reguardant, sa.

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Anne, daughter of George Chowne, esq. of Kent, and feft at his decease, 38th Ei.iza.hkth, a son and heir,

i. Thomas Puckering, esq. of Weston, in Hertfordshire, (an estate his father had by grant from the crown,) who was created a Baronet in the 10th year of King James I. (25th November. 1612,) and afterwards resided at the Priory near Warwick. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Morley, of Glynne, in Sussex, but having no surviving issue, the Baronetcy Expired, at his decease, 20th March, 1636, while the priory and other estates devolved upon his n* phew, Sir Henry Newton, hart, who then assumed the surname of Puckering.

Arm*— Sable, a bend fusilie, cotized argent.

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The family of Purefoy, one of considerable antiquity, was seated at Misterton, in Leicestershire, so early as 1277.

Philip Purefoy, of Misterton, living in 1344, m. Margaret, daughter and sole heir of Simon Shireford, of Shireford, in Warwickshire, and had two sons, i. Thomas, of the Middle Temple, who purchased the manor of Drayton, in the county of Leicester, about the year 1307. He m. Katharine, daughter and heir of Whellesburgh, of Fenny Drayton, and was great-great-grandfather of Thomas Purepoy, esq. of Drayton, who <t. in 1542, leaving by Margery* his wife, daughter of Sir Ralph Fitzherbert, of Nnrbury, four sons and five daughters, viz.

1. Ralph, of Drayton, whose grandson,

George Purepoy, esq. of Drayton, d. in 1503, leaving an only daughter and heir, Joyce, wife of Edward Purefoy, esq. of Shalleston.

2. Michael, of Caldecote, Warwickshire,

escheator for that county temp. Ph iLip and Mary, who married Joyce, daughter and co-heir of John Hardwick, of Lindley, and was ancestor* of the Purrpoys of Caldecote,* Barmil. Wolvershilla Sec.

3. Hugh.

4. Anthony, slain at Oxford.

1. Joyce, m. to John Ruding, esq. of

Ardbury, in Warwickshire.

2. Isabella, "1

TM r» .l t nuns.

3. Dorothy,/

4. Joan, wife of John Stnresmore.

5. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Cawarden,

* Several of bis descendants settled in Ireland.

Colonel William Pjrepoy, of Caldecote, the par'iuaititarian and regicide, died 8th September, 1650, laviD? had two daughters, uf whom the elder m. George Ai>ten,e»q. M.P. Colonel Purefoy was great-grand son

t Mtrhwl Purefoy, the escheator.

: The last William Purefoy, esq. of Wolvershill, had a brother, George, of Hinckley, who died in 1733, leaving, with a son, George, who died in 1743, two daughters, Mary, wife of Joseph Harper, esq. of Hinckley, and Anne, of John Strong Ensor, gent.

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