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Anne, in. to Sir Gilbert Talbot. |

Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Savill.
Elizabeth, m. to Robert, son of Robert, Lord

Poynings. Anne, m. to William Yelverton, esq,. Margery, m. to Richard Colle, esq. Sir William, commonly known as " the good judge," died in London, 14th August. 1444, aged Bixty-six, and was buried in our Lady's chapel at the east end of the cathedral church of Norwich. His eldest son and successor,

John Pasto.n, esq. of Oxnead, in Norfolk, aged twenty-three at his father's decease, m. Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir John de Mauteby, and dying in 1466, was succeeded by his son.

Sib John Paston, knt. who served with distinction in the French wars, and was deputed to conduct the king, Edward's, sister into France, on her marriage with Charles, Duke of Burgundy. He died 15th November, 19 Edward IV. s. p. and was s. by his brother and namesake,

Sir John Paston,junior, who was made a knight banneret for his conduct at the battle of Stoke, and was one of those appointed to receive the Princess Catherine of Spain, wife of Prince Arthur, on her landing at Plymouth. He m. Margery, daughter of Sir Thomas Brews, of Hinton Hall, and had issue,

William, his heir.

Philip, who married Anne, daughter and heir of Robert Guggs, of Sparham, and relict of John Blakeney, esq. Elizabeth, m. first, to William Clere, esq. of Ormesby; and secondly, to Sir John Fineux, lord chief justice. Sir John died in 1503, and was succeeded by bis son,

Sir William Paston, knt. of Oxnead, an eminent barrister at-law, who lived to a great age, and died in 1554, having had, by Bridget, his wife, daughter of Sir Henry Heydon, knt. of Baconsthorp, in Norfolk, five sons and seven daughters, viz.

Erasmus, who predeceased his father, in 153S,
leaving by Mary, his wife, daughter of Sir Tho-
mas Wyndham, of Felbrigge, a son,
William, successor to his grandfather.

John, of Huntingfield Hall, Suffolk, who married
Anne Moulton, and had two daughters, his co-
heirs, vil.

Bridget, m. to Lord-chief-justice Coke. Elizabeth, m. to Ambrose Jermyn, esq. Clement, of Oxnead, born at Paston Hall, a naval officer of the reign of Henry VIII. In an engagement with the French, he took their admiral, the Baron de St. Blankheare, and retained him prisoner at Castor, until ransomed by 70O0 crowns. ■' Henry VIII. called this Clement Am champion; the Duke of Somerset stiled him, Alt souldier; Queen Mary, her seaman; and Queen Elizabeth, her father." He died s. p. in 1599. Thomas (Sir), knighted at Bologne, being then one of the gentlemen of the king's privy chamber. He in. Anne, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Leigh, of Addington, in Surrey, and was ancestor of the Pastons of Bemingham Winter, in Norfolk. Eleanor, ffl. to Thomas, Earl of Rutland. Anne, m. to Sir Thomas Tindale, of Hockwold. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Francis Leak, of Derbyshire. Margery, a nun. Mary, m. to Sir John Chaworth, of Notts.


Bridget, m. to — Carre, esq.

Sir William was s. by his grandson,

Sir William Paston, knt. of Paston, who mirritt Frances, daughter of Sir Thomas Clere, of Stokabi, and dying 20th October, 1610, left, with a danrbw. Anne, m. first, to Sir George Chaworth; and secosdh. to Sir Nicholas L'Estrange, a son and sucn-ssor,

Christopher Paston, esq. of Paston, who varrvi Anne, daughter of Philip Audley, esq. of Pagnn, it Norfolk, and was s. by his son,

Sir Edmund Paston, knt. of Paston, who *- f> therine, daughter of Sir Thomas Knevet. of Asartll thorp, and by her, who died in 1626, left at hi' decease, in 1632, aged forty-eight, a son and success*,

I. Sir William Paston, of Paston and OintiJ, high sheriff of Norfolk in 1636, who wis crated > Baronet 8th June, 1642. He m. first, Ladj Ciftfttu; Bertie, daughter of Robert, Earl of Lindsey, ul*condly, the sister of Sir William Hewet. He dH 22nd February, 1062, leaving by his first wife > •» and successor,

II. Sir Robert Paston, of Oxnead and Pa«ra. who having devoted his fortune and energies tu u* royal cause, during the civil wars, was elevated w the peerage by King Charles II. 19th Augnst, l':j. as Baron Paston, of Paston, and Visrotw In Mouth, both in the county of Norfolk. His loiJakp at. Rebecca, daughter of Sir Jasper Clayton, 1st-' London, and had issue,

William, his successor.

Robert, m. Anne, daughter and co-heir of FaiS?

Harbord, esq. of Besthorp, in Norfolk. Jasper, m. Lady Fairborn, widow of Sir P«la»

Fairborn. Thomas, a colonel in the army, drowned ia I*3' leaving by hia wife, Dorothy, daughter of W ward Darcy, esq.

Robert, captain R.N. Rebecca, married to Admiral Sir So*" Fairborn. Margaret, m. to Hieronimo Alberto di Cow, » German. The viscount waa advanced to the Eaeldob or Tl1' Mouth, 30th July, 1679. He was esteemed a Bab«' refined taste and learning, and dying in IBS. **>' by his eldest son,

in. Sir William Paston, second Earl of Yartjastbi This nobleman espoused, first. Charlotte-Jaws* Maria, natural daughter of King Charles lib? * Viscountess Shannon, wife of Francis Boyle, > aaao Shannon, and daughter of Sir William Killisrrw, ■" had issue,

Charles, Lord Paston, a brigadier in the <m(

who predeceased his father. William, a captain in the royal nary, diedkrW

his father. Charlotte, m. first, to Thomas Heme, esq. <"' B< veringland, in Norfolk; and secondly. ■»•« Weldon. Rebecca, at. to Sir John Holland, of QirideoliK hart. His lordship m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of I* North, and widow of Sir Robert Wiseman, bat kv» lady had no issue. He d. in 1732, leavinf so aa issue, and as the male line of his brothers b»J t" viously ceased, the Baronetct, together »itk u>f» perior honours, became Extinct.

.draw—Arg. six ueurs-de-lis, three, two,andoa«.u a chief indented or.

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Henry Pate,of Eye Kettleby.son of Edward Pate,* if the same place, was aged forty in 1597. He bad :tirte sons, of whom the second,

i. John Pate, esq. of Sisonby, in Leicestershire, na created a Baronet in 1643. He m. first, Eliza*th, daughter of Sir William Skipwith, of Cotes; md Htcondly, Lettice, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Alie, of Maxstoke Castle, Warwickshire. By the oraier, who died 17th August, 1628, aged thirty-seven, ie had issue,

Abigail, m. Sir Thomas Smith, burr, of Hathertoo, in Cheshire, and dying 25th October, 1691, aged sixty-seven, left an only daughter and heir, Frances-pate Smith, 6.2nd November, 1663; at. to Richard Lister, esq. of Thorpe Ernald, in Leicestershire, and bad issue, John-pate Lister.

Abigail Lister, m, to Henry Browne, esq. of Shelbroke, Yorkshire. Frances, m. to Charles, fourth son of Charles Lord Carrington, and d. in 1693. »ir John Pate d. in 1052, aged sixty-seven, when the I * Run Etc r became Extinct.

Arm—Arg. three text R*s sa.

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i. Dean, of Stroud, who m. first, Elisabeth, daughter of William Andrews, esq. of Stonehouse, in the county of Gloucester, who died 4th August, 1741. He m. secondly, Anne Gastrell, daughter of John Selfe, of Cirencester, who rf. 7th September, 1746; and thirdly, Margaret, daughter of Philip Hampton, of Westbury, which lady ft. llth May, 1764: by the first and third he had no family; by the second he had one son, John Paul, M.D. of Salisbury, who married Frances, youngest daughter of Robert Snow, esq. of Mention, in the county of Middlesex, and of London, banker,t and had issue, John Dean Paul, 6. in 1775, of London, banker, in whom the Baronetcy was revived. Mr. Dean Paul, of Stroud, d. llth March, 1764, and with his three wives lies buried at Wood cheater. it. Onesiphorus. The second son,

i. Sir Onesiphorus Paul, resided at Woodchester, where he was extensively engaged in the manufacture of the fine woollen cloths, for which that neighbourhood is distinguished, and which owe much of their unrivalled excellence to his ingenious and spirited improvements. In August, 1750, he had the honour to receive and entertain at his house his royal highness Frederick Prince of Wales; in 1760 he was sheriff of Gloucestershire: and on presenting an address from the county to King George III. on his accession to the throne, received the honour of knighthood. He was created a Baronet 3rd September, 1762, as " Sir Onesiphorus Paul, of Rodborough, in the county of Gloucester." He married first, Jane, daughter of Francis Blackburn, esq. of Richmond, in the county of York, and by her, who d. 26th May, 1748, had issue,

George-onesiphorus, his successor.
Jane, m. to Thomas Pettat, esq. of Stanley Park,
in the county of Gloucester, and died s. p. in
Elizabeth, m. to George Snow, esq. of Dorsetshire
(eldest son of Robert Snow, of Hendon, afore-
said), and died 7th January, 1772, leaving
Robert Snow, major in the Royal Westmin-
ster regiment of Middlesex Militia.
Jane Snow, m. to Colonel James Clitherow,

of Boston House, Middlesex. Valentinia Snow, d, an infant. He m. secondly, Catherine, daughter and co-heir of Francis Freeman, esq. of Norton Male-reward, in Somersetshire, but by that lady, who d. 20th October, 1766, had no surviving issue. The baronet m. thirdly, Sarah, daughter of John Peach, esq. of Woodchester, widow of John Turner, of Kingstanley, in Gloucestershire, but by her, who d. in April, 1801, had no issue. Sir Onesiphorus d. 2lst September, 1774, aged sixty-nine, and was s. by his son,

n. Sir Georce-onesiphorus Paul, high sheriff for Gloucestershire in 1780, who d. s. p. in 1820, when the Baronetcy became Extinct. His cousin, John Dean Paul, esq. elder son of Doctor Paul, of Salisbury, inherited Rodborough, and being created a Hakhmt 3rd September, 1821, is the present (1837) Sir John

Edward Pate'* younger brother, John Pate, of Brin, in Essex, m. Ellen, daughter ->i Thomas Saltmarsli, of Epping, and had

Kl'ward, of Brin, who m. Anne, daughter of William Blount, esq. of Ofrbaston, and wan nicestur of Mr. William Pate, " the learned

woollen draper," distinguished by Swift and the other wits of Queen Anne's reign. Thomas, who m. Mary, daughter of Neville, •of Grove, Notts, and had a son, Edmund. * By Valentine, his wife, danghter of George Paul LL. D. vicar-gcneral and king's advocate in the Com mum.

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i. Edward Payler, esq. of Thoralby, in the county of York, who wan created a Baronet in 1012, married Anne, daughter of William Watkinson, esq. and dying about 1010, wait s. by his grandson (the son of his son Watkinson),

n. Sir \VAtkinson Payler, of Thoralby, who m. Aluthea, daughter of Sir Thomas Norclifle, knt. of Lungton, but died without surviving issue in J700, when the Baronetcy Expired.

•»• Thomas Turner, of Kent, assumed the surname of Payler :-one time after Sir Watkinson's death, tie bad, with a daughter, Margaret, wife of the Rev. Edward Taylor, of Bifron*, a son, the late ThuxabWAtkinson Payler, esq. of Heden.

Arms—V, a. on a bend or, between three lions passant guardant arg. as many mullets of six points pierced sa.

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Euskbii:$ Pelsant, esq. son and heir of Euscbius Pelsant, esquire of the body to Charles 1. of Cadeby, in the county of Leicester, by Anne, his second wife, sister of Sir George Buswell, bart- of Clipston, in Northamptonshire, inherited that estate and assumed the surname of Buswell. He m. Frances, only daughter of Sir Richard Wingfield, of Tickencote, and had three sous, Eusgbius, George, and Wingfield. The eldest,

i. Kusebius Buswell, esq. of Clipston, was created a Baronet in 1713-14. He m. first, Hester, second daughter of Sir Charles Skymsher, knt. of Norbury Men, in Staffordshire; and secondly, Honor, daughter of Ralph Sneyd,esq. of Keel, in the same county. By the latter he had a daughter, Frances. He died without male issue, when the Baronetcy became ExTinct.

Arms—Arg. five lozenges in fess between three bears' heads erased gu. muzzled or.

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John (Sir)



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This family claimed descent from

Sir Thomas De Penyston, knt. of Truro, it Cars wall, living in the time of the Conqueror, who baa three sons,

witnesses to the foundation charvof the nunnery of Kirklevs, ;s Yorkshire, made by Reuses Fbsdrensis. From the eldest son,

Sir John Dk Penyston, knt. descended, is ri* fourth degree,

Sir Giles Penyston, knt. who built Penyswa, is the county of York, and enjoyed great possessed* i" Cornwall by Isabel, his wife. His son and heir.

Sir Growery Penyston, knt. living at Peay^r. temp. Henry 111. was grandfather of

Sir Edmund Penyston, who m. Beatrix, daapw and heir of Sir Geoffery Fauconberg, and posse^rd the manor of Beaconsfield, in Buckinghamshire. Edward II. He was s. by his son,

Sir Walter Penyston, who w. Dorothy, da«tfe*r of Sir Humphrey Ingleby, knt.; but we pass thrKfa long line of descendants, all of whom farmed &** tinguished alliances, to

Thomas Peneston*, of Beaconsfield, who m, Du*beth, n of Humphrey Asbfield, of Heatbcty and had several sons and daughters who left p»terity. Thomas, the eldest son, died in his UfcuM. and left issue by Mary, his wife, daughter and cover of John Somer, esq. of Newland, in Kent, an aali son,

i. Sir Thomas Penestonk, who succeeding ts ha mother's inheritance, beame seattd at Leigh, ia &»sex; and having received the honour of knigboWL was created a Baronet 25th November, 1612. H« ■ first, Anne, fourth daughter of Sir William Storehouse; and secondly, Martha, fourth daughter of Sir Thomas Temple, bart. of Stowe; but by those h&a had no surviving issue. Sir Thomas w. thirdly, Efc*** beth, daughter and sole heir of Sir Thomas Wattes. of Halstead, in Kent, widow of Sir William Pope, mi by her had two daughters; the elder, Elizabeth. »to John Hastings, esq. of Daiisford, in WorceKtrshire; the younger, to Sir James Astry, knt. na#w in chancery; and two sons, John, who */. in 1632,in an elder, his successor at his decease circa IfrU,

■ I. Sir Thomas Peneystonb, of Corn well, in ts*

county of Oxford, who m. Elizabeth, only daajasr

and heir of Sir Cornelius Fairmedow, km. oi Ijoasa,

and had issue,

Thomas, 1

Fairmedow, J

Charles, ft. tinm.

He died about the year 1U74, and was *. by bit ektest


m. Sir Thomas Peneystum. who died unaumeJ in 1070, and was s. by his brother,

third and fourth baronets

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Juts Pennyman, esq. of Ormsby, in the county of York,from whose eldest son and heir. Colonel Sir Jnu Pennyxan, knt. of Ormsby, created a baronet to 1663-4, the extant baronets of Ormsby derive (see Bi su's Peerage and Baronetage), had an illegitimate •on,

William Pennyman, one of the masters in changod father of

i. William Pennyman,esq. of Marske,in the county tf York, who was created a Baronet fith May, 10.8. Sir William was a zealous supporter of the royal cam, and in high favour with the king, who made ksi joiernor of Oxford and colonel of a regiment of to. He m. Anne, daughter and heir of William ACMton, esq. but died issueless 22nd August, 1643, ii.d was buried in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, '*'nra the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Kray-Gu. a chev. erm. between three half-spears, button staves, or, headed arg.

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i- William Pepperell, descended from a Cornish bfeuy, but a native by birth of New England, his F*-<t grandfather having settled there, was bred a vrchant, aud attained high reputation and wealth "i the mercantile world; but his private affairs, alt frugh numerous and weighty, not entirely engross'*? hi* attention, he devoted the remainder of his •** to the service of the public. He was early in W chosen to represent his town in the great and geteral court, and sooner than customary had a seat at °* board as one of his majesty's council, to which j)»-p of honour he was ever afterwards elected until

H time of his decease. He was also a colonel in the

militia of New England, and so highly did he stand in public estimation, that when the project was formed by the New England government for the reduction of Louisbourgh, he was made choice of and commissioned by the governors of the several provinces to command the troops upon the important occasion. It was the united voice of the province " that his appointment to the chief command gave them great satisfaction and hopes;" and those hopes were not disappointed, for Louisbourgh, after sustaining a siege of forty-nine days, surrendered to the arms of Lieutenant-General Pepperell, with the fortresses and territory thereunto belonging, thus crowning the expedition with triumph. For this signal service he was created a Baronet lotli November, 1746, " as Sir William Pepperell, of the province of Massachusetts, in North America," and had a grant of arms conferred upon him at the same time to perpetuate the memory of the event. Sir William m. Mary, daughter of Samuel Hirst, esq. of Boston, in New England, and died, aged sixty-three, 22nd August, 1759, leaving an only daughter and heir,

Elizabeth, who tn. Nathaniel Sparhawk, merchant, of New England, and had issue,

Nathaniel Sparhawk, whose son was recently residing in America.

William Sparhawk, who succeeded to the property of his maternal grandfather, and took the name of Pepperell.

Samuel Sparhawk.

Andrew Sparhawk.

Mary Sparhawk, m. to Charles Jervia, MI), of Boston. At the decease of fair William, the Baronetcy ExPired.

Arms—Arg. a chevron gu. between three pine-cones V I the augmentation of a canton of the second, charged with a fleur-de-lis of the first.


Created 9th Nov. 1774.—Extinct 18th Dec. 1816.

2. in cage.

i. William Sparhawk, esq. son of Nathaniel Sparhawk, of New England, merchant, by Elizabeth Pepperell, only daughter and heir of LieutenantGeneral Sir William Pepperell, bart. having become heir to his grandfather at the decease of that distinguished officer in 1759, assumed the surname of PepPerell, and was created a Baronet 9th November, 1774. He f/n 12th November, 1707, Elizabeth, daughter of the Hon. Isaac Royall, of his majesty's council in Massachusetts' Bay, and had issue,

William-koyall, b. 5th July, 1775; d. 27th September, 1798. Elizabeth Royall, M. the Rev. Henry Hutton, M.A. rector of Beaumont, in Essex, and survives his widow w th four sons and six daughters. Mary, m. to William Congreve, esq. of Congreve, in Staffordshire, and of Aldermanston, in Berkshire. Harriet, relict of Sir Charles Thomas Palmer, bart. of Wanlip Hall, in Leicesters.iire. Sir William if. 18th December, 1810, when the BaronEtcy Expired, and his daughters became his heirs. The American estates were confiscated during the war of the Independence.

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Richard Dr Pkrshall, son of Sir Richard Peshall by Alice Swinnerton, his wife, was a knight and a person of great power in Staffordshire, having been high sheriff, an office in those days of great authority, 7 Edward 111. and from the 11th to the 15th of the same king. He m. Margaret, daughter and heir of Hugh, lord of Knighton, and thus added that manor to his possessions. He was s. by his son,

Sir Adam Dr Peshall, who was sheriff 15 Edward 111. and made a similar accession to his estate by marriage with two heiresses, the daughters of John Weston, lord of Weston Lizard, in the county of Salop, and John de Caverswall, of Bishop's OfHey. By the former he had a son and heir,

Sir Adam Dr Peshall, of Weston Lizard, whose
grandson and heir, another
Sir Adam Peshall, left two daughters, his
co-heirs, viz.

Margaret Peshall, who M. Sir Richard Mytton,and conveyed to him the estate of Weston Lizard. (Refer to Burke's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 518.) Johanna Peshall, m. to W. de Birmingham. By the latter he had a son,

Sir Richard De Peshall, who acquired a considerable fortune with his wife, Johanna, daughter and heir of Reginald Chetwynde, of Chetwynde, and left a son and heir,

Sir Thomas Peshall, knt. living 4 Richard II. who, by his first wife, Philippa, had two Bons,

Richard, "1 who m. temp. Henry IV. two sisters, Nicholas,/ the daughters of Hugh Malpas, of Checkley,* and thus brought great estates into the family. Richard, the elder son, left two daughters, m. in the time of Henry VII.; the elder, Isabella, to Sir Thomas Grosvknor; and the younger, Jocosa, to W. Pigott, of Cheshire. Of Nicholas, more presently. SirThomas,by his second wife, Alice,daughter of Roger Knightley, of Knightly, in Staffordshire, left a son, Humphry, of Over Tayne, father of Richard, who m. Alice, daughter of Robert Knightly, esq. of Gowsell, and had a son, Humprey, father of Hugh Peshall, who, by his wife, Isabella, daughter and heir of John Stauley, of Pipe, left three daughters, his co-heirs, viz. Catherine, m. to Sir John Blount, knt. of Kinlett, in Salop.

Isarella, as. to Richard Fane.of Tar,

bridge, in Kent. Jocosa, m. to Humphrey Wolryeh.s Dudmaston, in Salop. The second son of the first marriage,

Nicholas Peshall, by Helen, his wife, daurto and co-heir of Hugh Malpas, left a son and heir,

Hugh Peshall, esq. the first of the family wi» r? sided at Horsley, in the county of Stafford. He «; sheriff 4 Henry VII. and by Julian, bis wife, disrt ter of Sir Robert Corbet of Morton Corbet, had « ra and heir,

Humphrey Peshall,esq. of Horsley,whoa.Beta, daughter of Humphrey Swinnerton, esq. of Swhn«r ton Castle, and widow of Henry Delves, esq. and a»» issue,

John, of Checkley.
Richard, whose son,

Henry, d. s.p.
William, from whom descended
John Peshall, of Naples.
The eldest son and continuator of the family,

John Peshall, esq. of Checkley, M. Hellena.d»««» ter of John Harcourt, esq. of Ranton, in the cnnan of Stafford, and left a son and heir,

Richard Peshall, esq. who m. Isabel,daughter aai heir of Thomas Rolleston, esq. of Derbyshire, and tk seven sons and two daughters. The eldest son,

Thomas Peshall, esq. succeeding to the Be* estates, resided at Horsley. He m. Joanna, dsaftar of Sir Edmund Fettiplace, of Berkshire, an* wail, by his son,

I. John Peshall, esq. of Horsley. in Stafford** who was created a Baronet by King James I. S* November, 1012, and in four years afterward* w sheriff of the county. He m Anne, daughter of R^T* Sheldon, esq. of Beoly, in the county of Worcesttr, and had issue,

Thomas, his heir, 6. in 1596, who as. Bnapt,

daughter of Sir William Stafford, knt. of Ba

therwick, and dying in the lifetime of bis £•*■?■


John, successor to his grandfather.

Bridget, m. to George, son of William Has*;,

Anne, m. to Christopher Hawley, esq.
Elizabeth, «i. to Sir Robert Bosvile, of WaiK-
Lettice, m. to John Barber, gent, of Flashbiwt
Humphrey, ancestor of the P Esh a Lls of Hack.
whose representative the Baronetcy of H«r>»r?
is said to have passed at the decease of S»
Thomas Peshall in 1712.

William (Sir), m. first, Mary, daughter of Rid>»rJ
Thimelby, esq.; and secondly, Frances, iutf*
ter of Walter, Lord Aston.
John, m. Bridget, daughter of Robert Kju»Mf?.

esq. of Warwickshire.
Anne, m. to Sir Richard Fleetwood, hart.
Elizabeth, m. to William Scot, esq. of Susoei-
Dorothy, m. to William Stanford, esq. of Perry

hall. Jane, m. to Richard Colvert, e»q. of Cortereaa Katherlne, m. to James Pool, esq. of Wirball. Margaret, m. to Richard Brent, eaq. Frances, m. to John Stanford, esq. of Sayford Sir John d. 13th January, 1646, and was J. by ■» grandson,

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