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Sir Robert was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

ii. Sir Robert MahrhAm, who wedded Mary,daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Widdrington, knt. serjeant-at-law, of Sherburn Grange, in Northumberland, and had issue,

George, his successor.
Robert, d. youug.

Ursula, m. first, Altham Annesley, Lord Altham
in the peerage of Ireland; and secondly, Samuel
Ogle, esq. By the latter she left

George Ogle, m. Frances, eldest daughter of

Sir Thomas Twisden, bart.
Robert Ogle, captain of horse, in Ireland.
Thomas Ogle.

Sir Robert d. 11th August, 1600, and was a. by his sou,

in. Sir George Markham, F.R.S. who d. num. Bth June, 1736, bequeathing his estate to the Rev. Doctor Bernard Wilson, prebendary of Worcester, and rector of Newark-upon-Trent. The baronetcy devolved upon his cousin (refer to Anthony, second son of the first baronet).

iv. Sir James-john Markham, who in. 3lst August, 1755, Sarah, daughter of — Ciive, esq. but died without issue, in 1770, when the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms— Az. on a chief or, a demi-lion rampant issuing gu.

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William Marow, son of Stephen Marowe, of Stevenhithe, in Middlesex, was lord mayor of London 35 Henry VI. He m, Catherine, daughter aud coheir of John Rich, citizen of London, aud had, with two daughters, Johanna, wife of William Clopton, esq. and Catherine, of Sir Robert Throckmorton, knt. of Coughton, two sons, Thomas, serjeant-at-law, who died 21 Henry VII. and

William Marow, living 22 Edward IV. who ft*. Joanna, daughter of William Chedworth, alderman of London, and had, beside two daughters, Elizabeth, m. to George Medley, and Catherine, to Ralph Daniel, a son and heir,

Thomas Marow, esq. whom, first, a daughter of Baldwin Dowse, of Balshall; and secondly, Catherine, daughter of Roger Wigston, esq. of Wolston, in Warwickshire. By the former he left at his deecase, in 1536, two sons, Edward Marow, of Elmedon, and

Thomas Marow, of H ox ton, in Middlesex. To this gentleman and Alice, his wife, only daughter and heir of Richard Harregong, the manor of Berkswell, in the county of Warwick, which had reverted to the crown on the attainder of Jobn, Duke of Northumberland, was granted in 3 and 4 Philip and Mary. Thomas Marow d. 3 Elizabeth, aud was s. by his son,

Samuel Marow, esq. of Berkswell, who «. Harpret, daughter of Sir John Littleton, knt. of Fnntler, in Worcestershire, and dying in 1610, w« saeewkd by his son,

Sir Edward Ma Row, knt. of Berkswell, wbowdied Ursula, daughter of Richard Fieunes, Lord Say isd Sele, and dying in 1632, left with other issue, a ma and successor,

Samuel Marow, esq. of Berkswell, who m. lost, daughter of Gerard Whorwood, esq. of SturtoaCasil?, in Staffordshire, and had one son, Edward, hu htu, and two daughters, Anne and Ursula. He &rd u 1635, and was s. by his son,

Edward Marow, esq. of Berkswell, who m. Ana?, daughter of Sir Thomas Grantham, of Goltbo', in hncolnshire, and was father of

i. Samuel Marow, esq. of Berkswell, vbo ru created a Baronet 16th July, 1670. He ■- Mary, daughter and heir of Sir Arthur Cayley, knt of Nei land, in Warwickshire, and left, at his decease, van the Baronetcy became Extinct, five dinghtm, as co-heirs, namely,

Anne, m. to Sir Arthur Kaye, bart. of Woodaow,

in Yorkshire.

Ursula, M. to Robert Wilmot, esq. ofOsatasn-
Mary, m. to John Knightley, esq. of OffchiKk

Arms—Ax. a fesse engr. between three wonwfl heads, couped at the shoulders arg. hair disbevtiki &

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James Marwood, esq. of Nunthorp, in the c of York, the first of this family upon record, nun* a daughter of James Cleasby, of Cleasby, in the county, and had two sons, William, who <L $. f- a* his heir,

Henry Marwood, esq. of Little Bushhy. ikt Yorkshire, who d. in 1630, leaving by Anne, hi* v/tl the daughter of John Constable, esq. of Druomr in the same county, three sons and two daafbTrr viz.

George, his heir.

William, of Stubby, in the county of Lincohi.

Francis, citizen of London.

Anne, m. to Giles Wetherell, esq. of Stockta,


Barbara, in. to Josias Matthews, esq. grainisos

the Most Rev. Toby Matthews, D. D. Archhiahi

of York.

The eldest son,

i. George Marwood, esq. of Little Bosbby, « created a Baronet by King, Charles II. 3l*t Decs ber, 16C0. Sir George tn. Frances, daughter of 1 Walter Bethell, knt. of Alne, in the county ef led and had issue,

Henry, his successor.

George, a Uamboroagh merchant, had two sons,

[ third and fourth baronets.

Samtel, \


Barbara, m. to Sir Thomas Keblethayt, kut. of

Norton, in Yorkshire. Frances, si. to Richard Weston, esq. of Gray's

Inn. Anne, m. to William Metcalf, esq. of Alletton, Yorkshire, e d. 19th February, 1679, aged seventy eight, and as r. by his son,

ii. Sia Henry Marwood, sheriff of Yorkshire, in 75, who m. first, Margaret, fourth daughter of Conors, second Lord D'Arcy, and sister of Couyers, first arl of Holderness, and had two daughters only. I M. secondly, Dorothy, second daughter of Allen ellingham, esq. of Levens, in Westmoreland, and id George, who m. Constance, second daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Spencer, bait, of Yarnton, in the county of York, but d. s. p. in the lifetime of his father. ir Henry wedded, thirdly, Martha, daughter of Sir horoas Wentworth, knt. of Empsall, iu Yorkshire, idow of Thomas Wombwell, esq. of Wombwell. He at the advanced age of ninety, 1st November, 175(3, hen the estates fell to his daughters, as co-heirs, id the Baronetcy devolved upon his nephew, in. Sir Samuel Marwood, who m. Miss Peirson, Stokesley, but d. issueless, aged sixty-seven, in ctober, 1739, and was g. by his brother, iv. Sir William Marwood. This gentleman died p. Urd February, 1740, when the Baronetcy Ex


Anas— Gu. a chevron erm. between three goats' ?sd» erased arg.

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i Sir William Masham, of High-Lever, in the wntr of Rssex, created a Baronet on the 20th Dennber, Ifli, m. Winifred, daughter of Sir Francis brruigum, bart. of Barrington Hall, son of Sir Wiw Barrington, by Winifred, his wife, widow of iir Thomas Hastings, and second daughter and co *"" of Henry Pole, Lord Montagu, (attainted and be wauled in 1538,) son and heir of Sir Richard Pole UJ. by his wife, Margaret, Countess of Salisbury 'ttghter, and eventually co-heir of George Plantage«*, Duke of Clarence, younger brother of King EdUrd IV. By this marriage the family of Masham *W itself with the noblest blood in the realm. Sir K'dhaa died about 16-16, and was 3. by his grandson,

Ii. Si* William Masham, of High Lever, (eldest

son of William Masham, esq. by Elisabeth his wife, daughter of Sir John Trevor, knt.) He died unm. about 1663, and was s. by his brother,

HI. Sir Francis Masham, who m. first, Mary, daughter of Sir William Scot, bart. Marquis de La Mezansene, in France, by whom he had eight sons and one daughter, one son of whom only survived him. He m. secondly, Damaris, daughter of Ralph Cudworth, D.D. and had by her a son, Francis Cudworth, accomptant general to the High Court of Chancery. Sir Francis died 7th February, 1723, and was s. by his son,

iv. Sir Samuel Masham, who m. Abigail, daughter of Francis Hill, esq. a Turkey merchant, and sister of General John Hill. This lady was nearly related to the celebrated Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, and was introduced by her grace, whom she eventually supplanted, to the notice of Queen Anne. Sir Samuel, who was an eighth son, was originally a page to the queen, whilst Princess of Denmark, and also one of the equerries, and gentlemen of the bed-chamber to Prince George. Upon the discomfiture of the Marlborough party, and the establishment of his wife as the reigning favourite, he was elevated to the peerage 31st December, 1711, as Baron Masham, of Otes, in the county of Essex: and having had a grant in reversion of the office of remembrancer of the exchequer, succeeded to that post on the death of Lord Fanshaw in 1716. His lordship had issue,

George, who died s. p. in the lifetime of his father.
Samuel, successor to the title.
Francis, died s. p. in the lifetime of his father.
Anne, tn. to Henry Hoare, esq. and had issue,
Susannah, m. first to Charles, Viscount Dun-
garvon, and secondly to Thomas, first Earl of
Anne, «t. to Sir Richard Hoare, bart.
Elizabeth, d. unmarried in 1724.

Lord Masham died in 1758, and was s. by his only surviving son,

Samuel Masham, second baron. This nobleman m. first, Harriet, daughter of Salway Wilmington. esq. of Stanford Court, in the county of Worcester, by whom (who d. in 1761,) he had no issue. He espoused, secondly, Miss Dives, one of the maids of honour to the dowager Princess of Wales, but had no issue. His lordship, who filled several public employments, died in 1776, when the Baronetcy, together with the Barony Op Masham, became Extinct.

Arms—Or, a fesse humette gu. between two lions passant sa.


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Lambert Massingberd, resided at Sutterton. His great-grandson,

Thomas Massyngberd, living in 14.14, m. Juliana, daughter and co-heir of Thomas, son and heir of Gilbert Bernak," and was s. by his son and heir,

Robert Massyncberde, esq. who m. Agnes, daughter and sole heir of Robert Halliday, of Burgh, aud had two sons,

i. Richard, his heir.

it. Thomas, m. Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Hoo, created Lord Hoo, of Hastings, and made a knight of the garter.

He (/. in the 38th of Henry VI. and was .v. by his elder son,

Richard Massymoberde, esq. who m. Maud, daughter of Thomas Kyme, esq. and was s. by his eldest son.

Sir Thomas Massyngberde, knt. who marrying Joan, younger daughter,but the heiress of John Braytoft, of Braytoft Hall,t fixed his abode there. He had issue,

i. Aijci Stin, who purchased, in 1538, the manors belonging to Sir John Markham, in Braytoft, and elsewhere, m. Margaret, daughter of Robert Elrington, esq. of Hoxton, in Middlesex, and dying in the lifetime of his father, antto 1549, left,

1. Thomas, heir to his grandfather.

2. William, whose grandson.

John, an eminent merchant of London,
and treasurer of the East India Com-
pany, left at his decease, in 1653, two
daughters, his heirs, viz.
Elizabeth, m. to George, first Lord

Mary, m. to Robert, third Earl of

3. Christopher, who was appointed in 1548,

clerk of the council within the town of Calais for life.

4. John, m. Dorothy, relict of Ralph Quad

ring, esq. and eldest daughter of Sir
Robert Hussey, knt. of Linwood, and
left, with two daughters, a son,
An gust in, of Sutterton.

1. Grace, m. to Stephen Spackman, esq.

2. Anne, in. first to Christopher Forcet, esq.

of Billesby, and secondly to Christopher Somercotes, esq. of Somercotett.

3. Ursula, m, to John Davy, esq.

4. Edith, m. to Augustin Caundest, esq. and

d. in 1509.

5. Elizabeth, burled at Braytoft, 18th Octo

ber, 1588. it. Oswaladd, prior of Kilmainham, and principal of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, at its dissolution by Queen Elizabeth. in. Alan, died unm.

iv. Martin, wi. Ursula Elrington, and left issue,
i. Edith, m. to Richard Lytler, of Tathwell.
ii. Cecily, m. to Thomas Moore.

Sir Thomas having survived his wife, became, f«f Henry VIII. a knight of St. John of Jerusalem, itJ added the second escutcheon to the family trai. Ht was s. at his decease,25th May, 1552,by huirudsx, Thomas Massingberd, esq. of Braytoft Hall, MP. for Calais, iu the 6th of Edward VI. who si. fcrs, Alice, daughter and sole heir of Richard Beremus. esq. of Newark, and by her had, Thobaj, hu heir with other children. He wedded, secondly, Dwotfat, daughter and heir of Richard Ballard, gent of Drby, and by that lady had another son and three daifi ters. He d. in 1584, and was s. by his son,

Thomas Massingberd, esq. who ». Frances,datfV ter of Sir George Pitz Williams, knt. of Mspletborpe, and dying at Gunby, 11th September, 16», wu i.fcy his eldest son,

Thomas Massingberd, esq. of Braytoft Hall ol Gunby, both in the county of Lincoln, barrister-it Ut. This gentleman m. Frances, daughter of Robert Hil ton, esq. of Clee, serjeant-at-law, by Joan kit r&. daughter of John Draner, esq. of Hoxton, lai W issue,

i. Henry, his heir.

ii. Draner (Sir), the Parliamentary commas^. who raised a troop of horse in the early put of the civil war, I hut afterwards weal Abr»l and received the royal pardon. He inherit from the Draners, Henxworth, in HeioWshire, and purchasing the lordship of Otbm-h. in Lincolnshire, was ancestor of the M*** Berds of Ormsby, refer to Beau's <*■> moners, vol. i. p. 061. The male repress* tion of the family now centres in this krwux i. Frances, m. first to John Day, esq. of Sumthorpe, and secondly to Thomas Pitcher, e«iof Trumpington, in Cambridgeshire. Ii. Elizabeth, m. to John Booth, esq. HI. Susannah, married first, in HHS, to RiekH Cater, esq. (killed by a fall from his b**. 10th July, 1631,) and secondly, in >»*, * Richard Godney, esq. of Swaby. It. Alice, m. to Thomas Day, esq. of Saasethor;* T. Margaret, m. to Leonard Purley, gent of Fnk* thorp. Mr. Massingberd died suddenly on his way to <*«k* 5th November, 1636, was buried at Gunby, and t- rj his son,

1. Henry Massingberd, esq. of Braytoft Hah oi Gunby, b. in 1609. This gentleman was admitted i fellow commoner of Christ College, Cambridge. I* April, 1627, whence he removed to the Inner Ten?" and entered a student there, 17tb June, I62S. Id I& Cromwell created him a Baronet, and the pueati now in the possession of Thomas Massingberd, esy < Candleaby House ; $ the historians of the family he* studiously omitted to notice its existence, and > Dale asserts, that Sir Henry had " maintained u a violable allegiance to his lawful sovereign-" There some reason to believe that he did not then assume d title. Soon after the Restoration, Sir Henry «' created a Baronet 22nd August, 1660. Hess.tin Elizabeth, youngest daughter of William Lyiter,** of Rippingale and Colby, and had issue.

• Second son of Sir Hugh Bemak, of Beruak Hall, in the county of Lincoln, by Maud his wife, eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir William Woodthorpe, knt. of Woodthorpe.

t His eldest daughter, Agnes Braytoft, was prioress of ihe nunnery, of Crabhotise, in Norfolk.

t Sir Draner's banner represented a knight on horseback, with the motio " Dens, oculi nostri defixi sunt in 1V, sic Pacem qnxrimus."

j The preamble to the patent sets forth thai the I nour is conferred " as well for his faitbfo loess sad r« affection to us and his country, as for his dcsecai, p»« mony, ample estate, and ingenious education, e«n * answerable, who out of a liberal mind hitb aoderukis maintain thirty foot souldien in our domieino ■* 1' land, for three whole years.'* The patent bean t initial of Oliver's christian name, encircling a rood lil ness of him, in a robe of ermine.

Henry, d. unm. in 1666, aged twenty-five.
John, d. urns, in 1G71.

Frances, m. first to George Saunderson, esq. of Thoresby, and secondly to Timothy Hildyard, esq. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Nicholas Stoughton, bart. of Stoke, in Surrey. Sir Henry wedded, secondly, Anne, relict of Nicholas Stoughton, esq. of Stoke, and daughter and sole heir of William Evans, esq. of London, and by that lady bad,

William, his heir. He m. thirdly, Elisabeth Rayner, of Yorkshire. He <t. in September, 1680, aged seventy-one, and was .*. by bis son,

Ii. Sib William Massingberd, of Gunby, who m. 1 lth July, 1673, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Wynne, esq. of London, and had a son and daughter, viz. William, his successor.

Elizabeth, in. to Thomas Meux, esq. son of Henry Meux, esq. of Stoughton manor. He d. about the year 1719, aged seventy, and was s. by his son,

Hi. Sib William Massingberd, of Gunby, M.P. for Lincolnshire, A. in 1677. This gentleman died unm. Sth September, 1723, when the Baronetcy Expired. Sir Williun devised his estates to his sister,

Elizabeth Meux, who had by her husband,
Thomas Meux, esq. above mentioned, two sons;
from the younger, Henry Meux, descends the
present (1S37J Sir Henry Meux, bart. of Theo-
balds: the elder,
William Meux, esq. having inherited the pro-
perty of his mother, became of Gunby, and
assumed the surname and arms of Massing-
Bkbd.* He a*, in 1780, and was i. by his grand-

Henry Massinobbrd, of Gunby, who m. Miss
Elizabeth Hoare, and d. about the year
1787, leaving an only daughter and heir.

AmNb Massinobbrd, who m. Peregrine
Langton, esq. second son of Bennet
Langton, esq. of Langton, in Lincoln-
shire, which Peregrine assumed the
name of Massingberd. Their son and
heir is the present (1837)
Rev. Algernon - Langton Massing*
Bkrd, of Gunby and Bratoft, in the
county of Lincoln. (See Burke's
Commoners, vol. iii. p. 104.)

Arm*—Azure, three quaterfoila, two and one, and in chief a boar passant or charged on the shoulder with * cross pate* gules.


Created 15th June, 1662.—Extinct in 1708.


Colorbl Matthews, of Gobions, in Essex, the first i<4 the family there seated, was according to his contemporary, Mr. Symonds, " living near Romford, and tons; s forward lad, waiting for employment at the own, got to be under clerk to Sir Thomas Mewtys,

clerk of the privy council: in which employment he took to his wife the heiress of a citizen worth £4000, and that set him up in the world. He was a parliamentary officer, and died in 1658." His son and heir, i. Philip Matthews, esq. of Gobions, in Essex, was created a Baronet 15th June, 1603. He m. Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Wolstonholme, bart. of Forty Hill, in Enfield, and by her, who died 20th March, 1735, aged eighty-nine, had issue, John, his heir.

Dorothy, died unm.

Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Dawson, D. D. and had issue. Sir Philip died in 1685, and was s. by his son,

Ii. Sir John Matthews, colonel in the Foot Guards, who was slain at the battle of Oudenarde, and as he died .*. p. the Baronetcy became Extinct. The estate of Gobions was sold by the Matthews family to William Curwen, and from his son, John Curwen, esq. it was purchased by Sir Philip Hall, of Upton, sheriff of Essex in 1727.

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Sir Thomas Mauliverer, knt. of Allerton Mauliverer, representative, at the commencement of the 16th century, of that ancient family, married Elizabeth, daughter of John de la River, esq. and had issue, i. Richard (Sir), knt. father, by Jane his wife, daughter of Sir Robert Plompton, of Sir Thomas Maulivbrbr, knighted at Flodden, who m. Elenor, daughter of Sir Henry Oughtred, and had an only daughter and heir, Jane, m. first to Sir Henry Wharton; secondly to Robert, Lord Ogle; and thirdly to Sir Richard Mauliverer. Ii. Thomas. Mi. Francis, iv. George, v. Gilbert, of whom presently.

i. Mary, m. to Edward Copley, esq. ii. Bridget, m. to John Vavasour, esq.

The fifth son,

Gilbert Mauliverer, esq. married Elizabeth Royden, of Denbighshire, and left, with two daughters, Anne, m. to William Lusher, and Frances to Henry Battle, a son and successor.

Sir Richard Mauliverer, knt. high sheriff of Yorkshire, 31 Elizabeth, who tn. first, Jane, Lady Ogle, daughter and heir of his cousin, Sir Thomas successive baronets.

Sir William Massingberd did not by his will rrqnire his nephew (o take Iii- name, but bequeathed a ^naloficsl History of his family, by Robert Dale, esq. Suffolk herald, to his cousin, Burrell Massingberd, esq. of "ruby, ion and heir of Sir Draner Maiiineberd.

Mauliverer, and secondly, Katherine, daughter of Sir Ralph Rourchier. By the latter (who ft*, secondly, Sir Richard Trevor,) he left a son and successor,

i. Thomas Mauliverer, esq. of Allerton Mauliverer, who was created a Bahonkt in 1611. This barontt But on the trial, anil affiled his signature to the death warrant of Kins, Charles. He m. first, Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Jlutton, lord chief justice of the Common Pleas, by whom he had no child, and secondly, Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Wilbraham, tnt. by whom he left, at his decease in 1655, with two daughters, Grace, in. to Thomas Scott, and Elizabeth to Richard Beverley, a son,

it. Sir Richard Mauliverer, gentleman of the privy chamber, who m. Ann, daughter of Sir Henry Clerk, hart, and had issue,

Thomas, \

Richard, J


Charles, drowned when a boy at York.




The eldest son,

in. Sir Thomas Mauliverer, m. Katherine, daughter and heir of Sir Milts Stapleton, knt. but by her, who wedded, secondly, John Hopton, esq. had no issue. He <l. about 1687, and was s. by his brother,

lv. Sir Richard Mauliverer, who m. Barbara, daughter of Sir Thomas Slingsby, bart. of Serivcn, and had a son, Richard, his heir. His widow wedded, secondly, John, Lord Arundel, of Trerice, and thirdly, Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery. Sir Richard died circa 1089, and was s. by his son,

v. Sir Richard Mauliverer, at whose decease unmarried, in March, 1713, the title became Extinct.

Arms—On. three greyhounds courant in pale arg. collared or.

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The name of this family has been written, MawteBey, Maultbv, Mauteby, Mawbie, Mawby, and Mawbey. The designation was assumed from the Tillage of Mawtby, in Norfolk, of which the founders of the family were early enfeoffed by the crown.

Simon De Mauteby, had an interest therein in the 10th of Richard I. when he was tenant, and Lambert Fitse Otho petent, in a fine of sixteen acres of land. He was great grandfather of

Sir Walter, De Mauteby, who had a grant in 1248, of free warren in Mauteby, and was lord thereof in the 34th and 41st years of Henry 111. He married Christian, daughter and co-heir of Sir Piers dc Bassingham, sub collector and accountant in the 15th of King John, and was s. by bis son,

Sir Walter De Mauteby, father of

Sir Robert De Mauteby, who by the finding of a

jury was established, Lord of Mauteby in thettth of Edward I. \z:>>, and his name occurs again as lord ia 1700. He was jr. by his son,

Sir John De Mauteby, Lord of Mauteby in 1316, ia 1330, and in 133(i. He married Avelina de Grenon, of Sparham, in Norfolk, with whom he had Kaotebvi manor in that town. The said Avelina (called in the ftth of Edward II. Avelina de Mauteby,) was returned lady of the said manor. He was, in the 6th year U Edward I, Lord of Bassingham, West Becham, and Matlask, and was $. by his son,

Sir Robert De Mauteby, who was lord of those manors in 1347, and left at his decease a son and heir, Sir John De Mauteby, who was Lord of Mauteby, Bassingham, West Becham, Matlask, Mauteby "■ manor, in Sparham, Mawtby's manor, in Wintertwi. with lands held of the Abbot of St. Sennet. Hip eldest son,

Sir John De Mauteby, died v. p. was feoffee of the manors of Lanwades, in Uleston, Peek H.-dt, in Titleshall, in Norfolk, and sealed with A plain cross. He vu buried in 1374, before the altar of St. Mary's, in the church of Fretoa St. Edmund, in Suffolk, where he resided. He left an only daughter and heir, Alianora De Mauteby, who m. Sir WiTUaa Calthorpe, who thereupon quartered tfce arms of Mauteby with his own. Sir John d. 30th October, 1403, and wa» t. by a* eldest surviving sou,

Sir Robert De Mautebey, who settled his estates in 1413. By his wife Eleanora (who m. after hi* decease, Thomas Chambers, esq.; he had several tons, tf whom the eldest,

John De Mauteby, inherited the estates at the decease of his father. He m. Margaret Bene? daughter of John Berney, esq. of Reedbaa. is the county of Norfolk, and left an only £.-..ter,

Margaret De Mauteby, who succeeded to the great estate of the family, under the sctx) ment made by her grandfather. She m. Johu Paston, esq. son and heir of Sir WHliam Paston, the judge, and from her descended, in a direct line, Sir Robert Paston, created a banraet in 1641, and afterwards a peer in 1671, as Viscount Yarmouth. He was mad* Earl of Yarmouth in 1679. The fifth son,

Thomas De Mauteby, esq. was of Sparham, t» Norfolk, and was great-great-grandfather of

Richard Mautbey, esq. of the same place, bat wh* resided at Kilwurth, in Leicestershire. He m. Margaret Spencer, and had three sons, William, his heir. Richard, m. Jane Bird, and had tiro sons and ■

daughter. Robert, baptised at Kilworth, 13th May, 1361, Sl 5th July, 158*2, Alicia Coleman, and had a sea, George, who m. Dorothy, the only daughtr* of his uncle Richard.

The eldest son,

William Mautbey, esq. m. at South Kilworth, 9th January* 1580, Agnes Carey, and dying in 1611, Irfll issue,

i, John, baptized at Kilworth, 10th Janca-v, 1583, in. Agnes, daughter of Willimm Cham berlayne, esq. of Leicester, and had two son*. Roger, if. num.

Erasmus, an active partisan of the parta* ment. temp. Cimrlca I. killed at Kauai

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