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The family of Lowther is of great antiquity in the county of Westmorland. The name U local, and has t*cu written Loder, Loudir, Loader, Loothrky, and Luwthir, from the town and manor of Lowther.* fir manor was part of the great barony of Appleby, tod its lords held it in coinage (a sort of military tenure) from the Viponts and Cliffords.

Sn Gmtisius Or Louth Kb, knt. lived temp. HtsIt 111., and his great-grandson,

Silt Hcgh Db Louther, knt. was attorney-general » Fuw.iid I. and returned one of the knights for Westmoreland to the parliament held at Lincoln in to Mb of the same reign. He m. a daughter of Peter de Filiol, of Cumberland, and had two sons, Been (Sir), and Thomas, one of the justices of the liar's Bench 5 Edward III. The elder,

Sir High Di Locther, knt. having taken up arms with Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, and others against fieri Gaveston temp. Edward II. and being concerned in the death of the said Gaveston, had the tifi;'i pardon, according to a special provision, in the priiimeot held at Westminster loth October, 1313, vbeTtiD it was enacted that none should be called to lecotmt for the said offence. In 17 Edward II. he *<** one of the knights of the shire for Cumberland, uu the next year was a commissioner of array for -"■ Hme county on the occasion of a menaced inTfeBoa by the French king, as he was again in the U Kdwaid III. for the counties of Westmoreland and Cumberland. In the 14th of that reign he served for Westmoreland in the parliament held at Westminster. '-- next year be was again returned, with Peter de Tjliol, for Cumberland to the parliament held at Woodstock, and they had a writ for Li'J. Vis. to be ■"ied on the county, for their expenses in attending any cine days. He was sheriff of Cumberland W, 27, *nd ie Edward HI. In the 23rd of the same reign be served again as one of the knights for Cumberland, is which year a complaint was made by Sir William Udell, of Scotland, that being taken prisoner at the k«2e of Durham by John de Standish, whom he had pttd for bu redemption, was delivered to Sir Hugh de kotHre, knt to be conveyed safely from his enemies, *■-'*■ iii consideration of a falcon be presented to him, ^nook to conduct him and entertain him at his ■wm for three weeks. After which he delivered him toJohn, ion and heir of Thomas de Louthre, his kinsBffi, to convey him out of the king's dominions; but Bc aid John and Thomas carried him to strange

places under close confinement, until he agreed to pay the said John de Louthre and Thomas a fine of 230 marks; whereupon the king commissioned Henry de Piercy, Ralph de Nevill, and Thomas de Lucy, to inquire into the fact. He departed this life about the 46th of the same Edward, and was s. by his son.

Sin John De Louthrr, knt. who was returned to parliament by the county of Westmoreland 50 EdWard III. and 2 Richard II. He was s. by bis elder son.t

Sir Robert De Louther, knt. M.P. for Cumberland 15 and 17 Richard II. 2, 5, and 8 Henry IV. and 2 Henry V. In the 6th of the last reign he was sheriff of the same county. He d. in 1430, was buried in the parish church of Louther, and s. by his son,

Sir Hugh De Louther, knt. who, in the lifetime of his father, served under Henry V. in the ware of France, and was one of the heroes of Agincourt. In the 4th, 0th, and 27th, Sir Hugh represented Cumberland in parliament, and was sheriff in the 18th and 34th of the same reign. He m. Anne, daughter of John de Darentwater, of Cumberland, and was s. by his pon,

Sir Hugh Louther, who m. Mabel, daughter and heir of Sir William Lancaster, of Stockbridge, and was father of

Sir Hugh Louther, who m. Anne, daughter of Lancelot Thirkeld, knt. and was *. by his son,

Sir Hugh Louther, who was made a knight of the Bath 17th November, 1501, on the marriage of Prince Arthur, eldest son of Henry VII. He m. Dorothy, daughter of Henry, Lord Clifford, and had a sou and heir,

Sir John Lowther, knt. sheriff of Cumberland 7 and 34 Henry VIII. In 4 Edward VI. he m. Lucy, daughter of Sir Thomas Curwen, of Workington, in Cumberland; and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Richard Lowther, knt. sheriff of Cumberland 8 and 30 Elizabeth. He was likewise lord warden of the West Marches, and thrice commissioner in the great affaire between England and Scotland. When Mary, Queen of Scots, sought safety in England, and arrived at Cumberland 17th May, 1568, Queen ElizaBeth sent orders to Sir Richard Lowther to convey her majesty to Carlisle; but he subsequently incurred Elizabeth's displeasure by permitting the Duke of Norfolk to visit the royal captive. He d. aged seventyseven, in the year 1607, and was f. by his eldest son (by Frances, his wife, daughter of John Middleton, esq.) s.

Sir Christopher Lowther, 6.8th September, 1577, who received the honour of knighthood from King James I. at Newcastle, whither Sir Christopher attended his majesty with " a gallant companie" from the Scottish border, 13th April, 1603. He m. first, Eleanor, daughter of William Musgrave, esq. of Hayton, in Cumberland, and had by that lady, with daughters, eight sons, viz. i. John, his heir.

n. Gerard (Sir), of St. Michael's, Dublin, chief justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland, and afterwards (1654) lord chancellor of that kingdom. He Mi. first, Anne, daughter of Sir Ralph Buhner, and relict of — Welbury, esq.; secondly, Anne, daughter of Sir Laurence Parsons; and thirdly, Margaret, daughter of Sir John King; but died issueless.

* Tint it, lower than the bills that surround, as that p* of tbt county is called the bottom uf Westmore

* Hit younger son, William De Louther, obtained — tinr/i license, 14 Richard 11. with Sir Thomas C«Me ud Sir John Euun, knts. William Sdvcyn,

Henry Van-Croy-pole, and Simon Ward, to challenge certain persons of the kingdom of Scotland to perform and exercise feats of arms; and thereupon the king appointed John, Lord Run?, tu fix a camp and to be judge in the said exercise. In 2 Henry IV. this William de Louther was "lieritT of Cumberland, and afterwards in the 7th, 8th, and 9th years of the same reign.

in. Richard.
Iv. Christopher-
v. William.

vi. Launcelot (Sir), of Youngston, in Kildare, one
of the barons of the Exchequer, and a privy
councillor in Ireland,
vn. Robert, from whom descended the branch of

Marske, in Yorkshire, viii. George.

Sir Christopher m. secondly, Mary, daughter of Thomas Wilson, dean of Durham (secretary of *tate to Quren Elizabeth), and relict of Burdett of Braincote, in the county of Warwick. He was s. at his decease by his eldest son.

Sir John Lowther, knt. M.P. for Westmoreland temp. James I. and Charles I. He was knighted by the latter king, and was of his majesty's council for the government of the northern parts. He rf. 15th September, 1037, leaving by his wife, Eleanor, daughter of William Fleming, esq. of Rydale, three sons and two daughters, viz.

i. John, created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1640,
and was x. in 1075 by his grandson,
Sir John Lowthrr, who was raised to the
peerage in 161*0 as Viscount Lonsdale,
which dignity expired with Henry, the
third viscount, in 1750, when the estates
devolved upon
Sir James Lowther, who was created
Earl of Lonsdale, in 178-1, to himself
and the heirs of his body ; but having
no issue, his lordship obtained a new
patent in 1707,creating him Viscount
Lowther, with special remainder,
which conferred the inheritance upon
Sir William Lowthek, of Swil-
lington, present (1837) Earl Df
Lonsdale. (Refer to Burke's
Peerage and Baronetage.)
Ii. Christopher.

in. William, of Swillington, ancestor of the pre-
sent Earl Of Lonsdale,
I. Agnes, m. to Roger Kirkby, esq.
it. Frances, m. to John Dodsworth, esq.

The second son,

i. Christopher Lowther, esq. of Whitehaven, in Cumberland, was created a Baronet by King Charles I. llth June, 1042. Sir Christopher m. Frances, daughter and heir of Christopher Lancaster, esq. of Stockbridge, in Westmoreland, and had by her (who m. secondly, John Lnmplugh, esq. of Cumberland,) a daughter, Frances, married to Richard Lamplugh, esq. of Ribton, and a son, his successor in 1044,

II. Sir John Lowther, M.P. for Cumberland from 3'2 Charles II. to 12 William III. and was one of the commissioners of the Admiralty in the latter reign. He m. Jane, daughter of Woolley Leigh, esq. of Addington, in Surrey, and had issue. Christopher, \ James, J

Jane, d. unmarried 27th February, 1730-1. He d. in January, 1705-6, and was s. by his elder son

in. Sir Christopher Lowther, who died issueless 2nd October, 1731, and was .*. by his brother,

iv. Sir James Lowther, F.R.S. M.P. for Cumber land temp. Queen Anne, George I. and Gkorue II He d. unmarried 2nd January, 1755, when the Baron Etct Expired.

Arm*- Or, six annulets, three, two, and one, sa.

successive baronets.

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LOWTHER, OF SWILLINGTON. Created 6th Jan. 1714-15.— Extinct 23rd Dec, 170.


Sir William Lowther, knt. of Leeds, youngest wn of Sir John Lowther, knt. of Lowther, and Ek-awr Fleming,his wife (refer to Lowther Ok Whiti&itu), purchased the manor of Swillington. in the oounty ti York, of George, Lord Darcey and Conyers, and «u possessed of Great Preston and Garforth, in the saaw county. He was one of the council in the north, aad M. P. for Pontefract from 1601 to 1678. He m. Jso?, daughter of William Bnsfeild, of Leeds, merchant, and had issue,

William, his heir.

Richard, in holy orders, rector of Swillington. I
in 1702, leaving by Margaret, his wife, daitfbfT
of John Adams, esq. of RowcluTe, in Yorkshire,
two sons,

Richard, rector of Swillington, chaplain tothf
Prince of Orange, and minister of the Eng-
lish church at Rotterdam, who dying in Dr
cemher, 1750,left

Mary, m. to Mr. Vevers.
Elizabeth, m, to Mr. Robson.
Jane, vi. to Sir Francis Bland, bart of

Eleanor, m. to Richard Harrison, esq. of

Mary, m. to William Ellis, esq. of Kid-
Frances, m. to Richard Beaumont, esq.

of Whitley. Agnes, m. to William Dawson, esq. Dorothy, m. to Robert Bayncs, esq. of Kuostrop, Sir William, who was a commissioner of the and burgess in parliament for Pontefract tc*~ Charles II. died, aged eighty, in February. 1*<, was s. by his son,

Sir William Lowthir, knt. of Great Preston. *h* riff of Yorkshire in 1081, and M.P. for PoutefoC He was born in August, 1039, and died 7th Deerw**1! 1705, having had issue, by Catherine, daughter s Thomas Harrison, esq. of Dancer's Hill, Herts- »» Cave, in Yorkshire, five sons and two daughter?, *u William, his heir.

Kichard, of Leeds, merchant, m. first, Christ^
daughter of Sir Christopher Wandesford. har
of Kirklington, in the county of York; *d>1 *
condly, Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Fenwil
and had by the latter three daughter*, Mar
Catherine, and Elizabeth.
Robert, of Calverley.

Christopher, sole executor to his father. ^
left him an estate at Little Preston, in the Com
of York. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of !>aw
Maude, esq. of Al vers thorp, Wakefield. *oi S*
croft. (See Burke's Commoners, voL ii. p. *
He died in 1718, leaving
William, of Little Preston, rector of S»
lington and prebendary of York, of ***
hereafter as heir to Sir William Lswthi
the second baronet.
Martha, m. to George Thompson, «q- m I*3
and had issue a son, George Wentwsr

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Catherine, m. to Henry, son and heir of Henry

Slingsby,eaq. master of the Mint. Mary, m. to John Stanhope, esq. of Horsforth, in the county of York. "he eldest son,

i. William Lowther, esq. of Swillington, high herilT of Yorkshire in 1097 and M. P. for Pontefract n the reigns of William III. Queen Anne, and Isobcei. was created a 6th January, 1714 15. lb* William m. Amabella, daughter of Banasti-r, third .ord Maynard, and had issue, William, his successor.

Henry, of Newcastle upon-Tyne, M.D. d. in 1743.
John, governor of Surat, d. s. p.
Araabt-Ua, 1 _,
Jane, } d' unm"

fe d. Oth March, 1629, and was s. by his eldest son,
ii. Sm William Lowtuer, M.P. for Pontefract,
i. lirst, in 1719, Diana, daughter of Thomas Condon,
>■}. of the county of York, which lady died issueless
i 1736, and Sir William m. secondly, Catherine, eld-
;t daughter of Sir William Ramsden, bart. but died
p. "rfnd December, 1763, when the Baronetcy be-
anie Extisct. Sir William bequeathed the estate of
H tllington to his cousin,
The Rev. William Lowther, of Little Preston,
rector of Swillington and prebendary of York,
who, being created a Baronet 32nd August,
1764, became Sir William Lowthbr, of Swil-
lington. He m. Anne, daughter of the Rev.
Charles Zouch, vicar of Sandal, in the county
of York, and had two sons*
William, who inherited the barony and vis-
county of Lowther on the decease of James,
Karl of Lonsdale, in 1802, and was after-
wards himself created Earl Ok Lonsdale.
(See Burke's Peerage.)
John, of Swillington, created a Bakonet in

^rsw—Or, six annulets, three, two, and one, sa.

LOWTHER, OF MARSKE. Created 15th June, 1097.—Extinct 3rd Feb. 1753.

H, in cage.

Koemt Lowther, esq. seventh son of Sir Christens- Lowther, knt. and Eleanor Musgrave, his wife « Lowther or Whitehaven), M. first, a daughter f Cotler; and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Wil*ni Holcroft, esq. of Lancashire, by whom he had two »n*; John, the younger, was a merchant at Dantzic, oil marrying Mary, daughter of Colonel John Lowther, ft i»ue. The elder son and heir, Arthomt Lowtuer, esq. of Marske, in the county I V«rkf M.P. for Appleby in 1678-9, m. Margaret, ughterof Sir Wfilliam Penn, knt. admiral to King ■ables II. and was s. by his eldest surviving son, '• William Lowtheb, esq. of Marske, who was mini a Baronet by King William III. I5th June, 91. Sir William m. Catherine, daughter and heir r Thomas Preiton, esq. of Holker, in Lancashire, (see 'ctiVs Commoners, vol. i. p. 479,} and had issue,

Trqhu, his successor.



Margaret. It 4. ra April, 1704, and was *. by his elder son, '». Sis Thomas Lowther, M.P. foT Lancaster, who *• in Jaly, 1723, Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, daughter rf William, second Duke of Devonshire, and dying Ori March, 1743, was J. by his son,

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For the early descent of the Lucys refer to Burke's History of the Commoners, vol. iii. p. 97.

Sir Thomas Lucy, knt. of Charlecote, in the county of Warwick, only son and heir of Sir Thomas Lucy, immortalized by Shakspeare as Justice Shallow, m. first, Dorothy, daughter of Nicholas Arnold, esq. and by her had a sun, Thomas, who d. young, and a daughter, Joyce, wife of Sir William Cook, knt. of High nam. Sir Thomas m. secoudly, Constance, daughter and heir of Sir Richard Kingsmill, knt. of High Clere, Hants, and had a large family; of whom, Thomas, the eldest son, inherited Charlecote and carried on the principal line of the family; while the second son,

i. Sir Richard Lucy, acquiring, by intermarriage with Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Henry Cock, of Broxburne, Herts, and relict of the Hon. Robert West, the estate of Broxburne, settled there. He received the honour of knighthood in 1017, and was created a Baronet llth March, 1617-18. Sir Richard m. secondly, Rebecca* daughter and co heir of Thomas Chapman, esq. of Wonnley, Herts. By hi*

first wife he had a daughter, Constautia,«i. to Henry, Lord Colerain, and an only son, his successor at his decease 8th April, 1667,

n. Sir Kingsmill Lucy, F.R.S. of Facombe. Hunts, in. Lady Theophila Berkeley, daughter of George, Earl of Berkeley, and by her ladyship (who m. secondly, Robert Nelson, esq. of London,) had a son and two daughters, viz.

Berkeley, his heir.

Theophila, m. to Sir William Ingoldsby, bart. Mary, d. unm. He died about the year 1678, and was $, by his son,

in. Sir Berkeley Ldcy, F.R.S. who m. Catherine, daughter of Charles Cotton, esq. of Beresford, in the county of Stafford, and by her (who d. in June, 1740,) had an only surviving daughter and heiress,

Mary Lucy, m. to the Hon. Charles Compton,
youngest son of George, fourth Earl of North-
ampton, and had issue,
Charles Compton, \ seventh and eighth Earls
Spencer Compton,/ of Northampton.
Mary Compton, m. first, to Richard Haddock,
esq. R.N.; and secondly, to Arthur Scott,
esq. R.N.
Jane Compton, in. to George, first Lord Rod-
Catherine Compton, m. to John, Earl of Kg

mont; she was created Baroness Arden. Elizabeth Compton, in. to the Hon. Henry Drummond, son of William, fourth Viscount Strathallan, and ./. in 1919. Sir Berkeley d. 19th November, 1759, when the BaRonetcy EXPIRED.

Arms— Gu. three luces (or pikes) hauriant arg.

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Dominigo Lomei.y, an Italian by birth, and of the bedchamber to Henry VIM. commanded a troop of horse and maintained them at his own expense at Boulogne for the use of the king. His son,

James or Lumley, was a merchant of London, and died at the advanced age of eighty-eight in 1592, when he was s. by his son,

Sir Martin Lumley, knt. sheriff of London in 1614, and lord mayor in 1623. He died in 1634, and was magnificently interred at Great St. Helens; the funeral directed by Sir Henry St. George, Sir William Le Neve, an I others of the heralds. By his will, dated 1st September, 1631, he gave to the churchwardens of St. Helens and their successors for ever an annuity or rent-charge of £'20, to be issuing out of his messuage or tenement in the parish of St. John the Evangelist, London, upon trust, Tor establishing a lecture or sermon for ever to be preached in that parish church on Thursday evening weekly from Michaelmas to LadyDay, and the said churchwardens to pay the same to a goodly divine for preaching the said lecture; he bequeathed also £4 per annum for the use of the poor of the said parish. He m. Mary Witham, and was s. by his son,

i. Martyn Lumley, esq. of Bradfield Magna,in the* county of Essex, knight of that sbire in the Long Parliament, who was created a Baronet by Caitus I. 8th January, 1640-1. Sir Martyn at. first, Jane, daughter and heir of John Meredith, esq. of Denbighshire, and by her had an only daughter, Prudence, wife of Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart. of Mostyn, ia the* county of Flint. He m. secondly, Mary, daughter of Alderman Edward Alleyn, of London, and by that lady had a son, his successor in*1051,

u. Sir Martin Lumley, who m. Aune, daugtari of Sir John Langham, bart. of Cotte*brooke,and eying in August, 1702 (his wife d. in 1692), was a, by hu only son,

in. Sir Martin Lumley, who wedded, first, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Jonathan Dawes, knt. alderatu of London, and had an only surviving child, tr, wife of Sir Stephen Anderson. He m. secondly. Elizabeth, daughter of Richard ChamberUyn, esq. of Gray's Inn. and by her had Jambs, his successorElizabeth, m. to the Right Rev. Dr. Cecil, Bishop of Bangor, and survived his widow. Sir Martyn m. thirdly, Elizabeth, daughter of Glenn Rawlinson, gent, of Sanscate, in Lancashire. Ht 4. 12th January, 1710, and was s. by his son,

iv. Sir James Lumley, who died unmarried lit* December, 1771, when the Baronetcy became M Tinct.

Arms Or, a chief gu. (same as the city of DY

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Cornelius Lyde, esq. of Stanton Wick, is setshire, b. 2nd March, 1640-1 (son of William \M of Week, and grandson of author William Lyde.vl was born in on n. 16th May, 1661, Mary BakJ and by her, who d. 6th June, 1715, had issue.

Jambs, of Stanton Wick and of the city of Bristol

merchant, baptized 6th June, 1071; ■*. Marti

daughter of Michael Pope, also of Bristol; *J

d. 12th March, 1731.

John, baptized 26th January, 1673-4; <


Samuel, of London, M.D. at. Anna Regicta. daas ter of the burgomaster of Leyden. in Houai and d. t. p.

Stephen, baptized 9th June, 10S1, colonel of militia
in Virginia, and representative in the House of
Burgesses in that colony for King William
County. He d. s. p. leaving a widow, who m.
— Taylor, esq.
Ltoxkl, of whom presently.
Cornelius, baptized 20th January, 10S6 7, who
purchased the estate of Ayot St. Lawrence, in
the county of Hertford. He m. first, in 1716,
Mary, daughter of John Peck, which lady d.
s. p. in 1718; and secondly, 30th November,
l?ir, Rachel, daughter of Cornelius Wittenom,
esq. of London, by whom, who d. in 1783, aged
eighty-four, he left at his decease, 11th July,
1747, two daughters, his co-heirs; the elder of
RirRH,,married her cousin, Sir Lyonel Lyde,


Mr. Lyde d. 25th July, 1717, and was buried at Chew Magna, in Somersetshire. His fifth son,

LroiriL Ltd*, esq. baptised 28th February, 1682, »a» mayor of the city of Bristol. He married two Wivm; by the first, whom he married in Virginia, be had a ion,

Cornelius, a representative for King William
County and colonel of a regiment in Virginia.
Hit son,
Lyonel, was blown up in an engagement at
sea in his passage to England in 1747.
By his second wife, who was an heiress and died 24th
February, 17%-30, Mr. Lyde had issue,
Lto.vbl, of whom presently.

Samuel, born at Bristol 5th February, 1720-30,
who m. Anne, daughter of John Lewis, geut. of
Richmond, and left an only surviving child,
Richel, m. to the Rev. James Wiggett, of
Cmdwick, in Wiltshire.

Anna-Maria, b. in 1721, who m. Chauncy Poole,
esq. of Bristol, and had issue,
Nicholas Poole, who m. Martha, daughter of
Cornelius Denne, of Cheapside, London,
and d. g. p.
Lyonel Poole, of Shirehamptou, in the county
of Gloucester, who assumed the tmrname
and anus of Lyde, as heir to his uncle Sir
Lyonel. He d. s. p.

Av\».M*Rii Poole, m. to Levy Ames, esq.
mayor of Bristol in 1789, who assumed the
surname of Lyde, and had usue several
sons and daughters.

*> Lydf died in 1744, and was buried at Bristol. His eifcr wo by his second marriage,

'• LTowtL Ltde, esq. of Ayot St. Lawrence, born *= Bristol 9th May, 17x4, was created a Baronet 13th 0t**er, 1772. He m. in 1747, Rachel, daughter and w bar of his uncle Cornelius Lyde, esq. of Ayot, but <• * p. ttni July, 1791, when the title became ExUser. The manor of Ayot St, Lawrence passed by ■HI w his nephew, Lyonel Poole, esq. of Shirehamp*>»< and from him to the family of Ames.

.irsw—As. an eagle displayed double-headed erro.

A member of the family was amongst the victors at «* tittle of Poictiebs, as one of the esquires in immentt attendance upon James, Lord Aadley, K.G. John Totcl?r, Lont Andley, son-in-law, and eventually heir ^ tfce tatd James, granted, in consideration that John •d Junes Mack worth were valiant men, and for the ****** rendered by them and their ancestors to the «iir) family, a part of the arms of Andley, viz. party

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The family of Mackintosh, of that ilk, lineally descends from Shaw, second son of Duncan M'Duff, third Earl of Fife, and great-grandchild to Duncan M'Duff who slew Macbeth. This Shaw, being sent by Malcolm IV. in the year 1163, to repress a rebellion in Morayland, which he effected in a most signal manner, was rewarded with the constabulary of the castle of Inverness; and from his residence among the people of the country who spoke the Gaelic only, was called Mac-in-tosh-ick, that is to say, Thomas, son or the principal and first man in dignity in the shire. He thus became the first of the name, and the progenitor of a long line of chiefs.

i. Km: ts Mackintosh, of Mackintosh, the twentythird laird, was created a Baronet in 1812. He m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Ludovick Grant, bart. of Dalvey, in the county of Moray; but d. a. p. 21st January, 1820, when the title became Extinct. The present chief of this ancient and distinguished clan is Alexander Mackintosh, twenty-sixth laird of Mackintosh. (See Burke's Commoners, vol. iv.)

Arms—Quarterly: first or, a lion rampant gu.; second arg. a dexter arm couped fesseways, holding up a heart gu.; third az. a boar's head or; fourth or, a galley, her sails furled and oars in saltier sa. flags gu

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