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DevrreRx, who d, unm. at bis seat at Tamworth,

7taJnns, 1747. Walter, 4. nam.

Henry, deputy governor of Cork, left no issue. Fisher, barrister at-Iaw, succeeded to the estate of

his eldest brother. William, capt. R.N. left a son, Edward, who inherited the property of his uncle Fisher. He m. bis cousin, Joyce, eldest daughter of Stanford Wolferstan, esq. of Statfold, and a*, s. p. -Adam, killed in a duel, rf. num.

, m. — Dillce, esq. of Maxtoke Castle, in

Sarah, ». to Stan fold Wolferstan, esq. of Statfold.

Mr i. about 1709, and was s. by his grandson,

in. Sit Edward Littleton. This gentleman tn. Wary, only daughter of Sir Kichard Hoare, knt. lord mayor of the city of London, and one of its represenmiyfs in parliament, temp. Queen Anne, but died i. y. lad January, 1744, and was 5. by his nephew,

i*. Sn Edward Littleton, whom. Frances,eldest ■iaugfcter of Christopher Horton/ esq. of Carton, in the "*inty of Derby, hut d. issueless 18th May, 1912, when tie BixoNKTCY Expired. Sir Edward had removed •he seat of the family from Pillaton Hall.toTeddesley, :s the same county. His estates devolved upon his frand* nephew,

Edwabd John Walhouse, esq. who assumed the Murname and arms of Littleton. He was raised to the peerage in 1935, and is now (1837) BiaoK HkTHEKTon, of Hatherton, in the county of Stafford.

fraw—Argent, a chevron between three escallops

LITTLETON, OF STOKE MILBURGH. CauriD 14th Oct. I64x.—Extinct in Jan. 1710.


Sis Thomas Lcttelton, K.B. of Frankley.tbe cele■rated author of the " Treatise on Tenures," m, Joan, ■slow of Sir Philip Chetwynd, of Ingestrie, in StafferAire, and daughter and coheir of Sir William Barley, of Bromscroft Castle, in the county of Salop, **i dying x3rd August, 1431, left issne,

William, ancestor of the Lords Lvttleton, of

Fraukley. Richard, ancestor of the Littletons, of Pillaton

and Teddesley. Thomas, of whose line we have to treat. TV \wngest son,

fKoin Littleton, was seated at Spetchley, in fl crcrttershire. He m. Anne, daughter and heir of feni Rotreaux, esq. of Botreaux Castle, in Cornwall, ■oi from this marriage descended Sir Edmund Lttruros, of Mounslow, lord keeper of the great seal, Satw Lyttleton of Mounslow; and '■ Ada* Littleton, esq. of Stoke Milburgh, in

Shropshire, created a Baronet 14th October, 161?. He m. Awdrey, daughter and eventual heir of Thomas Poynta, esq. of North Skynden, in Essex, and dying about the year 1047, left a son,

ii, Sin Thomas Littleton, who in. his cousin, Anne, daughter and heir of Edmund Lord Littleton, of Mounslow, lord keeper of the greatseal, and dying in April, 1681, was s. by his eon,

in. Sir Thomas Littleton,speaker of the House of Commons, temp. William III. who m. Ann, daughter of Benjamin Baun, esq. of Westcoate, in Gloucestershire, but died without issue in January, 1710, when the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms—Arg. a chevron between three escallop shells sa.

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The family of Livesey was originally of Livesey, in the county of Lancaster, a scion of which

Edmund Livesey, of Parva Markham, in Nottinghamshire, left by his wife, a daughter of Nevil, two sons, Henry, whose only daughter and heir, tn. — Koken ; and

Alexander Livesey, who m. Anne, Fleshwell, of Slaby, in Derbyshire, and was fiither of

Robert Livesey, esq. of S treat ham, in Surrey, who served as sheriff of Sussex and Surrey in 1502, and 1602. He tn. first, Amy, daughter of John Brooke, of London, and had by her, an only daughter, Martha, m. to Sir Edward Peyton, bart. He wedded, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Maurice Berkeley, esq. of Wymondham, in Leicestershire, and by her, who m. after Mr. Livesey's decease, Robert Pakeuham, had three sons, viz.

Edward, whose son Robert was living abroad in

William, d. s. p.
Gabriel, of whom we have to treat.

The third son,

Gabriel Livesey, esq. of Hollingbourne, in Kent, inherited, by bequest, from Henry Richards, the manor and estate of Minster, in the same county, and served the office of sheriff in 1618. By Anne, his second wife, daughter of Sir Michael Sondes, knt. of Throwley, he left at his decease, 18th March, 1G22, an only son,

i. Sir Michael Livesey, of East Church, in Kent,

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Evan Lloyd, esq. of Vale, in Denbighshire, (described in the inscription on his monument in Llanarmon Church, North Wales, as " one of the deputy lieutenants, custos rotulorum, and justice of the peace in Denbighshire, a captain-general in the service of his majesty King Charles, in Ireland, sou and heir of Sir John Lloyd, knight banneret, and grandson of Sir Evan Lloyd, knight banneret, the twelfth of his race lineally descended from Ynyr of Yale, and the tenth of his house of the name of Lloyd;"; married Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard Trevor, knt. and had issue,

John, his heir.

Roger, m. Miss Nightingale, and had issue. Trevor, a captain in the army of Charles I. who m. in 163», Miss Medhop, an heiress, by whom he acquired estates in the King's County, and in the county of Tipperary. From this Trevor Lloyd descend the Lloyds of Oloster, in the former county, now represented by Hardress Lloyd, esq. of Gloster. (See Birke's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 350.) Catharine, m. to John Lewis, esq. of Presaddfed. Mary, m. to William Parry, esq. of Pontygof. Magdalen, m. to Robert Humphreys, esq. of Bodlewyddan. Evan Lloyd, in the words of the monumental inscription alluded to above, " departed this life on the 17th April, in the year of our Lord, 1637, at Presaddfyd, in the Isle of Anglesea, and his body, by order of Mary, his wife, was brought away thence, and interred in the sepulchre of his fathers at Llanarmon, in Yale." His eldest son,

John Lloyd, esq. of Yale, a magistrate and deputylieutenant for the county of Denbigh, married, first, Margaret, daughter of Sir Bevis Thclwall, knt. and secondly, Eleanor, daughter of Sir William Jones, knt. of Castcllmarch, one of the judges of the King's Bench, and widow of John Price, esq. ofRhiwlas. By his first wife, John Lloyd had a son and heir,

l. Sir Evan Lloyd, of Yale, who was created a Baronet 21st June, 1647. He wedded Anne, daughter of Sir Charles Williams, knt. of Llangibby, and dying in October, 1663, was s. by his son,

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Datid Ap Llewei.lin Llwyd, m. Lcuky, daughter >f Jolin Lloyd, of Llwy David, and had a son,

Ukwellix Llwyd, esq. of Castlehowell, who m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas ap Watkins, of Noyadd, n Manartb, and was s. by his son, HrcH Llewellin Llwyd, esq. of Lhanlhyr, high ■lieriff of Cardiganshire, 9th Elizabeth. This gentlenan m. Joane, daughter and co-heir of Griffith Henry* ?x\. and bad four son?, viz.

i. Morgan.

Il Griffith, LL.D. D. D. principal of Jesus College,

Oxford, to which he was a benefactor. in. Thomas.

It. Richard, A.M. Pbe third eon,

Tuoxn Lloyu, enq. pra-centor and treasurer of St. 'iTid'j, to which church he was a considerable beneictor, m. Prances, daughter of Marmaduke Middleoii, esq. (sister of Middle ton, Bishop of St. David's,) ind was s. by his son,

Sir Masmadikf. Lloyd, knt. of Maes y Vellin, or Oilfield, in the county of Cardigan, an eminent lawT, who was appointed chief justice of the great «^»ion» for the several counties of Radnor, Brecon, in] Glamorgan, and one of the judges before the pre»s*nt of his majesty's council in the marches of Aalf*. He m- Mary, daughter of John Stedman, esq. < StniUnorida, by whom he had a daughter, Anne, be wife of Nicholas Williams, esq. of Edwins ford, in ■* county of Carmarthen, and a son and heir, »w PaiNcis Lloyd, knt. comptroller of the house*M to King Charles I. who endured much in the :■*«** of his royal master during the civil war. He i. Lr*, Lady Mary Vaughan, daughter of John, Earl ( I artery, but by her had no surviving issue. He •*dded, secondly, Bridget, daughter of Richard Leigh, *i- of Carmarthen, and had

Lucius, d. s. p.

Chaius, his heir.


** Francis, who was also one of the gentlemen of *"" pmv chamber to Charles II. was s. at his de*«« by bit only surviving son, i- Sja Charles Lloyd, of Milfield, in the county of -irdigan, who was knighted by King William III. *d created a Baronet by Queen Anne 1st April, 7W. Sh* Charles in. first, Jane, daughter and heir « Morgan Lloyd, esq. of Creengrove, in the same °witv, by whom he had two daughters,

Jane, m. to William Glover, esq. of Carmarthen. Eleanor, d. unm.

nt vfdded, secondly, Francis, daughter of Sir Fran■ Ccrnwallis, knt. of Abermarles, in Carmarthen*iff, ami by her had


Lucius-christianus, heir to his brother.

Emma, m. to Doctor Foy, a physician at Carmar-

Sir Charles d. 28th December, 1723, and was s. by his son,

II. Sir Charles-cornwallis Lloyd, who m. Mrs. Jennings, of Somersetshire, but d. s. p. 25th February, 1729, and was *. by his brother,

in. Sir Luc 108 Christians Lloyd, who m. Anne, daughter of Walter Lloyd, esq. of Peterwell, in the county of Cardigan, the king's attorney-general for Wales, and M.P. for Cardigan, but died issueless in 1750, when the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms— Sable, a spear's head (its point imbrued with blood) between three scaling ladders arg.

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i. John Lloyd, esq. of Woking, in Surrey, the descendant of an ancient Welsh family, seated at The Forest, in Caermarthenshire, was created a Baronet in 1061-2. He m. Beatrix, daughter of Francis, Viscount Valentia, and widow of James Zouch, esq. of Woking, and dying 1st January, 1063, was s. by his son,

ii. Sir John Lloyd, who resided at The Forest. He m. Mary daughter of Matthew Smallwood, LL. D. Dean of Lichfield, d. in 1074, when the Baronetcy became Extinct. His sister and heir,

Beatrice, married Sir John Barlow, bart. of Sle-
betch, and had two daughters,
Beatrice, m. first, to Sir Anthony Rudd,

bart- and secondly, to Griffith Lloyd, esq. Ann, died unm.

Arms—Gu. a lion rampant within a bordure dancette arg.


Created 20th Jan. 1703.—Extinct 19th Aug. 1760.


i. Herbert Lloyd, esq. of Peterwell, in the county of Cardigan, son of Walter Lloyd, esq. of Voelallt, by his wife, daughter and heir of Daniel Evans, esq. of Peterwell, was created a Baronet in 1763. He m. Beatrix, sister of Dr. Powell, of Nanteos, but died without issue, Kith August, 1760, when the BaroNetcy became Extinct. Sir Herbert's nephew, John Adams, esq. of Whitland, spent the whole property, and the estate was consequently Bold to Albany Wallis, esq.

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Henry Lonue, esq. of Whaddon,* in the county of Wilts, fourth son of Henry Long, of Trowbridge, who died iu 1535, m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Horton, esq. of Iford, grandson of Sir Roger Horton, of Catton, in Derbyshire, and dying in 1558, was s. at Whaddon, by his second son,

Henry Longe, esq. of Whaddon, who married Mary, daughter of Robert May, esq. of Broughton Gifford, and dying in 1611, was succeeded by his eldest son,

Henry Longe, esq. of Whaddon, who m. Rebecca, daughter of Christopher Bailey, esq. and (by her, who m. secondly, Henry Shertield, esq. M. P. for Sarum, in 1623 and 1628,) had issue,

i. Henry, rf. young, n. Walter, his heir.

in. Robert, of Stanton Prior, in Somersetshire, married Alice, daughter of Thomas Coward, esq. of Witton* Wilts, and relict of John Harrington, esq. of h el-ton, in the same county. He died in 1608, aged ninety-one, having had issue,

Henry, admitted of Lincoln's Inn, in 1657.

Mary, married to George Stedman, esq. of Midsome Norton, in Somersetshire; and secondly, to Thomas Bere, esq, of Huntsham, in Devon, and died in 1702, leaving issue.

IT. Thomas, colonel in the army.

i. Mary.

ii. Rebecca.

in. Mary, m. to Timothy Wade, of London, merchant.

iv. Martha, m. to Roger Knight, esq. of Greenham, Berks.

Mr. Longe d. in 1612, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

i. Walter Long, esq. of Whaddon. This gentleman, who was sheriff of Wilts, and member for Bath, 1627, being closely connected in politics with the Puritan party, became a zealous parliamentarian, and was one of the seven members sent to the Tower by Charles in 1628. On the outbreak of the civil war, he raised a troop of horse, and leading it in a charge at Edgeliill, had his horse shot under him. In 1647 he incurred the displeasure of the army and its chief, and fled with Holies and others into France, "because," says Holies, "the princes of the Philistines

i loved them not." He then joined CRules II. sod on the Restoration was created a Baronet 'AlthMird, 1661. Sir Walter m. first, Mary, daughter of Joseph Cocks, and by her had issue,

Walter, his heir, baptized in 1627, at Whtsiss.
Henry, baptized in the same year, and at the sra

place, a!,:-., p.
Robert, of Lincoln's Inn, d. s. p.

Mary, d. S. p.

Rebecca, married to Sir Philip Parker, tart, ef
Erwaston, in the county of Suffolk, and kid
Sir Philip Parser, bart who married Mm,
daughter of Samuel Fortrey, esq. of B\»U-
Ken, in Cambridgeshire, and bad a wn,
Philip Parker, his successor.

Catherine, married to Sir John Perw
val, created Viscount Perceval,anor*:
of the Earl of Egmout. (See Bern»

Mary, married to Daniel Derinc. r*» grandson of Sir Edward Deriag, banof Kent.

Walter Parker, d. unm.

Calthohpe, heir to his uncle, Sir Walter

Walter Parker Long, </. unm.
Rebecca-Parker,! ,
Mary-Parker, ]d' unm-

Sir Walter m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Joan Cotes, esq. of Woodcote, in Shropshire, but bad w other issue. He rf. in 1672, and was f. by bis eld:*' son,

ii. Sir Walter Lonc, who died unm. lift Ma\, 1711. aged eighty-four, when the Baronetcy iiriatsSir Walter bequeathed his estates to his nephe*,1;l thorpe Parker, who assumed the surname of Loss, and thus became

Calthorps Long, esq. of Whaddon. He ■■ ft*
nysia, daughter of John, Harrington, «*q ^
Kelston, in Somersetshire, but died s f- M**1
seventy two, in 1729, and was succeeded fey si*
Sir Philip Parker A Morley,bart. vhonek

the surname of Lonc, but died witts*!

male issue in 1711, when the e*Q» **

Whaddon passed to Thomas Long, ess,- ■


Arms— Sa. semee of cross croulett, a lion

LONG, OF WESTMINSTER. Created 1st Sept. 1602.—Extinct 14th Sept Wsi


This family was of good note and antiquity in us county of Wilts, where they acquired the esta'.f * Dray cot Cerne, by the intermarriage of

John Long (younger son of Robert Long or Urn* M. P. for Wilts in 1433, by Alice, daughter and be of Reginald Popham) with Margaret, daughter of S

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Edward Wayte, Inc. "by the heyre of Cerne, lord of the manor of Draycot." • They had issue,

Thouis (Sir), his heir.

Richard (Sir).


The oldest son,

Sia Thomas Long, of Draycot-Cerne, inherited Wraxhall. in the same county, from his uncle, Henry Limp, in 1100. Sir Thomas m. Mary, daughter of Sir r.eorge Darel, of Littlecot, in the same county, and 1*1 issue,

i Hurt (Sir), his heir.

Ii. Richard (Sir), of Shengay and Hard wick, in the county of Cambridge, m. Margaret, daughter and heir of John Donnington, esq. and relict of Sir Thomas kit-on, of Hengrave, in Suffolk, by whom (who m. secondly, John Bourchief, Earl of Bath) he had Henry, b. in 1634.

Catherine, m. to Edward Fisher, esq. of Ick

ington, in Warwickshire. Jane. Mary. Sir Richard m, in IMS, and was t. by his son, Henry Long, esq. of Shengay, who rf. in 1573, and left an only daughter,

Elizabeth, m. to William Lord Russell of Thornhaugh. in. Thomas, a priest. iv. Robert, of Mawditt, Wilts. > John, 'i. William, 'ii. Edward.

i- Joan, m. to Edward Mylle, esq.

to Thomas, who was sheriff of Wilta in 1501, and "none, the " great compaignye of noblemen" who *rved under Edward, Duke of Buckingham, against Herkio Warbeck, I in 1510, and was s. by his eldest


Sl« Henry Lowe, of Wraxhall and Draycot, sheriff rf Wilts in 151110.37 and 4a, and for Somersetshire "1SSI. M.P. for Wilts in Pitt Sir Henry was one •'the retinue of Henry VIII. at the field of the cloth >f tM, and was knighted for making a gallant charge « Therouenne, in sight of He.iry, when he received w grant of a new crest, via. a lion's head with a ^•oi in its mouth. He married, first, Frideswide, aatkter of Sir John x knt. of Down impney, in Wilts, and by her had two daughters to twnive, viz.

El'isbefb, married to Michael Quinton,of Bubtou, Wilts, and had issue.

J»ne, m. to Thomas Leversedge, of Frome Selwood, in Somersetshire. ""■ "enry si. secondly, Eleanor, daughter of Richard "rotteiley, of Wrottesley, in the county of Stafford, "id relict of Edmund Leversedge, esq. of Frome Sel*"H, and by that lady had ■

Rosiet, his heir.


Edmund, of Kelwayes, in Wiltshire, m. Susan, daughter of Nicholas Snell, esq. M.P. for Wilts, and had Henry, Cecily, n Alice.

Anthony, of Ashley, in Wilts, m. Alice, daughter

of William Butler, Esq. of Badmington, in Gloucestershire, and dying in 1578, was s. by his son, Henry Long, esq. of Ashley, whose son,

Anthony Long, esq. of Walcot, near Bath,
was father of

Nathaniel, of London, merchant, who rf.
in 1714, leaving issue.
Richard, of Lineham (for his issue, see Bcrke's
Commoners, vol. iii. page '214.)

Margery, m. to Robert Hungerford, esq. of Caden-


Cicely, m. to Francis Stradling, esq.
Sir Henry d. in 1556, and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Robert Long, of Wraxhall and Draycot, 6. in 1517, sheriff of Wilts in 1575, esquire of the body to King Henry VIII. and gentleman pensioner to the same prince, whom he served at the winning of I loigne. He married Barbara, daughter of Sir Edward Came, knt. of Wenny, in Glamorganshire, and dying in 1581, was s. by his son,

Sir Walter Long,of Wraxhall and Draycot, sheriff in 1602, M.P. for Wilts in 1592, seniors first, Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Packington, of Westwood, Worcestershire, and had by her a son, John, ancestor of the Longs of Wraxhall. (See Burke's Commoners, vol. iii. page 414). Sir Walter wedded, secondly, Catherine, daughter of Sir John Thynne, knt. of Longleat, Wilts, and had by that lady, with several daughters, four sons, viz.

i. Walter (Sir), of Draycot Cerne, m. first, Lady Anne Ley, second daughter of James, Earl of Marlborough, and had a son,

James, heir to his uncle Robert. Sir Walter m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of George Master, esq. of Cirencester, and by her had a son, Walter, of Marlborough, captain in the service of Charles I. d. s. p. in 1673. II. Thomas, who had a son slain at Tangiers. in. Henry, slain at the Isle of Rhe, in 1672.


The youngest son,

I. Robert Long, esq. of Westminster, having been secretary to King Charles II. in his majesty's I was sworn of the privy council at the Restoration, and made auditor of the exchequer. He was created a Baronet by his royal master, 1st September, 1602, with remainder to his nephew, James, and the heirs male of his body. Sir Robert died a bachelor, 13th July, ltf7J, and the baronetcy devolved, according to the limitation, upon his nephew,

II. Sir James Long, of Draycot-Cerne, who commanded a troop of horse, in the civil war, for King Charles I. He m, Dorothy, daughter of Sir Edward Leech, of Shipley, in Derbyshire, and had issue,

James, his heir, who died in his father's lifetime. He m. first, Susan, daughter of Colonel Giles Strangwayes, of Melbury, in Dorsetshire, one of the privy council temp. Charles II. and had three sons,

Robert, ~|

Giles, [-successive baronets.

James, J

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