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bis age, leaving no issue by Anne, his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Doleman, knt.

Sir Hamon d. in 1654; Alice, his wife, in 165fi. He was .s. by his eldest son,

i. Nicholas I/estranoe, e«<q. of Hunstanton, who was created a Ijaronkt by King Charles 1. 1st June. 1020. Sir Nicholas married Anne, daughter of Sir Kdward Lewkenor, knt. of Denham, in Suffolk, and had issue,

i. Nicholas, his heir.

li. John, of Gressinhall, m. Dorothy, daughter of Hamon L'Kstrange, esq. of Barton M,;re, in Suffolk, and left issue, in. Roger, of Hoo, in Norfolk, who had three wives. He ft, in October, 170(1, aged sixty-three, and was buried at Hoo, leaving issue only by his second wife, Susan, daughter and co-heir of Fnincis Laud, gent, of Thuxton, viz. Lewkenor, Roger. John.


iv. Edward, of Horsted, in Suffolk, left issue,
v. William, of Mileham, in the same county.
vi. Thomas, rector of Brisley, in Norfolk.
Tii. Charles.

He rf. in 1630, his widow in 1003, and was s. by his eldest son,

ii. Sir Nicholas L'estrancr, who m. first, Mary, daughter of John Coke, esq. of Holkham, in Norfolk, and had one surviving son,

Nicholas, his successor. He w». secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Justinian Ishiim, bart. of Lamport, in Northamptonshire, and by that lady bad

Charles, d. unm.

Thomas, m. a daughter of — Dunwell, esq.

Klizabeth, m. to Robert Tash, esq.
Jane, m. to William Harm-sly, esq. of the Inner
Temple, and d. 22nd November, 1734.

Sir Nicholas died in 1009, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

in. Sir Nicholas L'estrance, who m, Anne, dau. of Sir Thomas Wodehouse, knt. of Kimberley Hall, in Norfolk, and had three sons and two daughters, viz.

Haraon, who d. unm. on his travels.
*' fourth and fifth baronets.

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Armine, Mi. to Nicholas Styleman, esq. of Snettisham, in Norfolk.

Lucy, m. in 1721, to Sir Jacob Astley, bart. of Melton Constable, and was mother of Sir Edwar I Astley, bart. She d. 25th July, 1739.

Sir Nicholas d. in 1725, his widow in 1727; he was s. by his son,

iv. Sin Thomas L'kstraxce. This gentleman m. Anne, daughter and at length sole heir of Sir Christopher Calthorpe, K.B. of East Barsham, in Norfolk, but died without issue in 1751, and was s. by his brother,

v. Sir Henry L'estrance, who m. Mary, daughter of the Right Hon. Roger North, of Kougham, but died issueless 2nd September, 1700, when the Baronetcy Expired.

Arms— Gu. two lioncels passant guardant nrg. Anciently, over all a bend ax. for difference

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I. Sib John Leventhorpe,knt. of Sawbridgeworti. Herts (son of Edward Lcventhorpe, esq. of Shine?; Hall, in the same county, by Mary, his wife, wemi daughter of Sir Henry Parker, and lineally descesiM from John Lerenthorpe, esq. who, coming from Lerrnthorpe Hall, in Yorkshire, settled in the county of Hertford and represented that shire in parliament!, served as sheriff of Herts in 1B07, and was created a Baronet 30th May, 1622. He m. Joan, eldest daBehter of Sir John Brograve, knt. of Hamells, aturaevgeneral of the duchy of Lancaster, and by her, was died in 1628, had issue six sons and seven dauebtrr* Of the latter, the eldest, Joan. m. Sir Edward Althin. of Mark Hall, Essex: and the second, Bridget, bmax the wife of Sir John Fowle, of Kent. Of toe former, the eldest surviving,

Ii. Sir Thomas Leyenthorpe, succeeded as seovs>i baronet upon the demise of his father 33th Septmbrr, 1025. This gentleman in. Dorothy, daughter of Sir (Jiles Alington, knt. of Horseheath, in Carafcridrcshire, and by her (who m. secondly, Holford of Cbe shire,) had issue,

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Dorothy, d. in 1629.
Bridget, 6. in 1647.

Joan, m. 20tli June, 1662, to Charles Caw, e*).
of Much Hadham.

Sir Thomas died 30th April, 1636, and was s. by his son,

in. Sir John Leyenthorpe,baptized JOth July,Its, at whose decease, unmarried, of the small-pax 29th November, 1040, the Baronetcy devolved on his brother,

■v. Sir Thomas Leyenthorpe, born 30th November, 1035, who m. 2nd January. 105 l-r., Mary, daoghter of Sir Capel Bedell, bart. of Hamerton, in Hontiagd.m shire, and by her (who died in London JOth April. 1083) had an only daughter and heir,

Mary, m. 15th June, 1672, to John Coke, esq. sf
Melbourne, in Derbyshire, and had issue.

Sir Thomas was killed by a kick from a horse at Elvaston, in Derbyshire, 27th July, 1079, and was i. by his uncle,

v. The Rev. Sir Charles Liyevthorpe. rector of White Boding, in Essex, baptized 15th September. 1594, at whose decease unmarried 30th August, t«X the Baronetcy became Extinct. The manor sf Shingiy Hall was sold by Sir Thomas'* gran*TM. Thomas Coke, esq. to Ralph Freman, esq. of HamrlH, from whom it was purchased by Kdwanl Gardta esq.

Amis—Arg. a bend gobonce gu. ami sa.

LEWIS, OF LLANGORSE. CiiiTiD 14th September, 16*27.—Extinct in 1672.


Looowici Lkwis, descended from Lewis of Ffrwdsivch, became, in right of his wife, one of the daughter* and co-heirs of William Watkins, esq. possessed of the Uangorse estate, in the county of Brecon. His Mo and successor,

i. William Lew Is, esq. of Llangorse, M.I*, for Brerondiire in 1660, was created a Baronet 14th Seprrrnber, 1637, and resided principally at Borden, in H*nt«. He d. in 1672 (when the Baronetcy became timer), having had an only son,

Looowjck, who d. v. p. leaving three daughters,
from one of whom, Elizabeth, sprang
Ltwis Peyse, esq. who inherited the Goger-
ddan estate, and waa father of
Margaret Pryse, the wife of Edward
Loveden Loveden, esq. of Buscot Park,
Berks, who, in conjunction with his son,
the present Pryse Pryss, esq. of Go-
gerddan, sold in 1806 the greatest part
of the Llangorse property.

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Johs Lewys, esq. of Marre, barrister at I aw, recorder of Don caster, &c- son of Robert Lewys, of Marre, the descendant of an ancient Welsh family, Ritrried Mary, daughter of Lionel Reresby, esq. of TbrjWrgh, and dying 17th October, 31 Elizabeth, left ime,

Thomas, of Marre, treasurer for lame soldiers in the West Riding of Yorkshire, m. Jane, daughter of Edroond Munday, esq. and left at his decease 20 James I.

Thomas, d. s. p. His widow, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter and co-heir of Thomas Talbot, esq. of
Bash all, m. secondly, Theobald, Viscount
Bourke, of Mayo.
Francis, d. s. p.

Mary, m. to Thomas, son of Sir William Chay-
Richard, of whom presently.
Margaret, m. to J. Mauleverer, esq.
Ellen, m. to John Ramsden, esq.
With, m. to Timothy Bright, esq.
Mary, m. to Richard Horsfall, esq.
Tk* second son,

Richard Lewys, esq. married Jane, eldest daughter and co-heir of Gervaac Brirsley, esq. of Brinsley, and dying in 1661, left, with other issue, a son,

i. Sir John Lewys, of Ledston, who was created a Baronet in 1660. He m. Sarah, third daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Foot, tord mayor of London in 1610, and by her, who wedded, secondly, Denzil Onslow, esq. had two daughters, his co-heirs, viz.

Elizabeth, m. to Theophilus, Earl of Huntingdon. Mary, Hi. to Robert, Lord Deincourt, son and heir of Nicholas, Earl of Scarsilale.

Sir John died in 1671, when the Baronetcy became


Arms— Sa. a chev. between three trefoils or.

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i. Sir James Ley,knt. a younger son of Henry Ley, esq. of Treffont Ewias, in the county of Wilts, having attained great eminence at the bar, was made serjeantat-law, l James I. and the next year constituted chief justice of the Court of King's Bench in Ireland. In fifteen years afterwards, residing then at Westbury, in Wiltshire, he was created a Baronet 20th July, 1019, having some time previously received the honour of knighthood. In 1622 he was appointed lord treasurer, and the same year created Baron Ley. On the accession of Charles I. his lordship was made Earl of Marlborough, and soon after appointed president of the council. He m. first, Mary, daughter of John Pettey, esq. of Stoke Talmage, in the county of Oxford, and had issue,

Henry, his heir.

James, d. in 1618 unm.

William, successor to his nephew.

Elizabeth, m. to Morice Carant, esq. of Tooner, in

Anne, m. to Sir Walter Long, of Draycot, Wilts,

M.P. for Wilts.
Mary, m. to Richard Erisey, esq. of Erisey, in

Dionysia, m. to John Harington, esq. of Somerset-
Margaret, tn. to — Hobson, esq. of Hertfordshire.
Esther, m. to Arthur Fuller, esq. of Bradfield, in

the county of Hertford.
Martha, d. unm.

Phoebe, Mi. to — Biggs, esq. of Sturst, Berks. His lordship m. secondly, Mary, widow of Sir William Bower, knt.; and thirdly, Jane, daughter of John, Lord Butler, of Bramfield, but had no other issue. He* died in 1628, and was s. by his eldest son,

Ii. Mr Henry Ley, second Earl of Marlborough, who »i. Mary, daughter of Sir Arthur Capel, knt. of Hadham, in Hertfordshire, by whom he had a daughter, Elizabeth, who d. unmarried, and a son, his successor at his decease about the year 163**,

* Hi* lord&hip waa e>teemed a person of great talents and integrity, and left behind him learned works in '** aad history.

S S 313

in. Sir J A Mls 1.; v. third Earl of Marlborough. This nobleman, a naral officer and eminent mathematician and navigator, was constituted lord admiral of all his majesty's ships at Dartmouth and parts adjacent. In 1662 he was employed in the American plantations; but in 1(165, commanding "that huge ship, called the Old James, in that great fight at sea with the Dutch upon the 23rd June, was there slain by a cannon bullet." He died unmarried, and the honours reverted on his lordship's decease to his uncle,

iv. Sib William Ley, fourth Earl of Marlborough, who m. Margaret, daughter of Sir William Hewyt, int. of Beccles, in Norfolk, but died issueless in 1679, when all his honours, including the Baronetcy, EXPIRED.

Arms—Arg. a chevron between three seals' heads couped sa.

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(jeorcf. Lippincott,esq. of Sydbury,in Devonshire, was father of

Thomas Lippincott, esq. bapt. 1st February, 1572. of Pynhill, in the parish of Sydbury aforesaid, who m.

15th July, 1605, Elizabeth , ami had issue,

Thomas, of Culmstock,in Devon, who m. Dorothy-
Baker, and had a numerous family.
Henry, of whom presently.
John, m. Mary Bartlett.

Walter, bapt. at Sydbury, 22nd August, 1610, buried May, 1C82. He left issue. The second son,

Henry Lippincott, esq. of Almshayne, in the county of Devon, bapt. at Sydbury, 7th January, 1613, m. about the year 1670, Rebecca, daughter of— Mills, of Uflfcujtn, and was .?. by his only surviving son,

Henry Liimmncott, esq. who m. Mary, daughter of Timothy Peperell, of Culrnstock, and by her, who d. in 1752, had issue,

Henry, his heir.

Rebecca, bapt. 13th September, 1733.

Elizabeth, bapt. 6th June, 1735, d. in 17G2. He d. in 1745, and was s. by his son,

i. Kexry Lippincott, esq. of Stoke Bishop, in the county of Gloucester, a merchant at Bristol, and sheriff of that city in 1700, who was created a Baronet 7th September, 1773. Sir Henry ra. Catherine, daughter and heir of Charles JefTeries, esq. (by Anne his

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By an ancient pedigree in the College of Arm*, it appears that the family of Littleton, or Lyttletg*. was settled at Frankley, in Worcestershire, abwtf 1235,' when it is recorded that

Thomas We Lyttleton, Hi. Emma de Frankley, an heiress, lady of the manor of Frankley, bat whether he wus a stranger in the county, or resided in the town of South Lyttleton, in the Vale of Evesham, a* there is reason to think he did, is a matter of doak; they had an only daughter, Em Ma, whom, first, Augenw de Tatliugton, of Tredington, in.the same county, anJ secondly, Nicholas Whetamstede. She was a benefactress to the Abbey of Halesowen, in Shropshire, wnl d. in 1298. Thomas Lyttleton m. secondly, Assebs. daughter aud heir of William Fiu Warin, esq- <* Upton, one of the justices itinerant and judge of the Common Pleas, 12 Henry II. and next year sheruTof Worcestershire, by that lady he had three sons, EdMund, Thomas, and John. The eldest,

Edmund De Lyttleton, m. Lucia de Boys, bat having no issue, was s. by his brother,

Thomas De Lyttleton, who resided at hi* manor of Coulesdon. in Upper Snodsbury, and had lands ia Newenton, (vulgo N nun ton Beauchamp) in the county of Worcester. In the »th Edward II. he was elected knight of the shire for Worcester. He m, Lucia it Bois, or Atwood, of a considerable family at WoUer ley, in that county, and was *. by his son,

Thomas De Lyttleton, who m. Julian, daughter <m Robert de Somery, and had two sons. John, xht younger, was appointed commissioner of array, with other, the chief gentlemen of the county of Worcestc. I Henry IV. on a rumour of foreign invasion- He m. Beatrix Freschevel, of a noble family in the count* of Warwick, by whom he hud an only daughter. thr wife of Jeffery Frere, esq. The elder son,

Thomas De Luttflton,+ recovered, by a writ of right, the manor of Frankley, on failure of ts*ue, tr his cousin, Thomas de Tatlington. He warn esquire of the body to Henry IV. and Henry V. and hud uuuual

* Selden was possessed of two grants of lands to the monastery of Evesham, in 7 Henry II. 1161, to both of wbich John de Lyttleton was witness. This is the most ancient that the name of Lyttelton is to be met with, and as the Land so given, was at Lencb, near South-Lyttelton,

it is probable, this Jobn was ancestor to Lyttelron. o* Frankley.

t Thomas thus spelled the name, and sealed with uW chevron between three escallops, as used by hi* po*ferm . pension* granted him by both kings out of the fee farm rents of Worcester, pro bono et gratulto servicio, as expressed in the grants. He took to wife, Maud, daughter and heir of Richard Quartermain, of a large estate at Ricote and North Weston, in Oxfordshire, by Joan his wife, daughter and heir of Grey, of Rothcrneld, and had an only daughter and heiress,

Elizabeth, who m. Thomas Westcotb, esq. but previously to her marriage, insisted that her husband should take the name of Lyttlkton. He (Thomas) d. about the year 1421. Maud, his wife, surriring him, holding Prankley in dower or jointure, married secondly, John Massey, esq. His son-inlaw,

Thomas Westcotb, alias Lyttlkton, was escheator of Worcestershire, 29th Henry VI. and died in that reign, having by the heiress of Littleton, who wedded, seivndly, Thomas Hewster, esq. of Lichfield, (with four ■laughters, of whom Anne, m. Thomas Porter, esq. of Barston, in Warwickshire) four sons, viz. i. Thomas, bis heir.

ii. Nicholas,! who bothretained their paternal sural. Guy, J name of Wbstcote, though often solicited by their mother to call themselves Un: she once expostulating with them, whether they thought better of themselves than their elder brother, they answered, that be had a fair estate to alter his name, and if they might share with him, they would do the like. Nicholas m. Agnes, daughter and heir of Edmund Vernon, of Staffordshire, and was ancestor of the Westcotes of that county. Guy wedded Greenevill, of Gloucestershire, and from him the Westcotes of Devon and Somerset. I*. Edmund, d. unm.

The eldest son and heir,

Sirthosaslyttleton, K B. became oneof the great law luminaries of his country, and is immortalized by utur work alone, his celebra ted *'treatise On Tenures."* In U54, be was called to the degree of serjeant at-law, and afterward appointed steward of the Marshalsea of the king's household; the next year he was constituted king's serjeant, and rode justice of the assize in the northern circuit. On the accession of Edward !\. he sued a general pardon, which was granted to aim, and in the -1th year of that prince's reign, he *as appointed one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas, when he had a grant of 110 marks out of the Custom* of Loudon, Bristol, and Hull, and niore"vtT lOrix. U^rf. for a robe and furs, and <J.t. tUl. for a tununer robe. In the I5th of A inn Edward, he was wide a Knight of the Rath, with the Prince of VY ales, mi several persons of the highest distinction. Sir Uoioas m. Joan, daughter and coheir of William U'irley, esq. of Brooinscroft Castle, in Shropshire, »ad relict of Sir Philip Chetwynd, knt. of lngestry, iti Staffordshire, (with whom he acquired large pos»*a»ions) and had three sons,

». William (Sir), of Frank ley, from whom the Lords Lyttelton, refer to Burke's Peerage. ii- Richard, of whom presently. in. Thomas, of Spechlcy, near Worcester, nneeator of the Lord Keeper Lyttelton, temp. Charles I. and of Sir W illiam Lyttelton, speaker of the House of Commons in the reign of William III. (See Littleton Op Stoke Milblrgh.)

This celebrated judge made his last will 22nd August, 1481, and died the next day, at his seat at Frankley, in a great and good old age. His widow survived him twenty-four years, and died 22nd March, 1505, nearly fourscore, leaving a great estate, which came by her father and mother, t to her eldest son, Sir William. The second son,

Richard Littleton, esq. to whom his father gave a moiety of the manor of Baxterley, in Warwickshire m. Alice, daughter and heir of William Winesbury, esq. of Pillaton Hall, in the county of Stafford, and had issue,

Richard, d. s, p.
Edward (Sir), his heir.

Ellen, in. first to John Cotes, esq. of Woodcote, in Shropshire, and secondly to William Basset, esq. of IiI'ijv, in the county of Stafford. Margaret, m. first to William Humphry Pigot, esq. of Salop, and secondly to — Clifton, esq. of Derbyshire. Anne, m. to Thomas Middlemore, esq. of Edgbaston, in the county of Warwick. He (Richard) d. 9th Henry VIII. and was s. by his Bon,

Sir Edward Littleton, knt. of Pillaton Hall, who had a grant from Henry VIII. of the of lieu of constable and keeper of the castle of Stafford, and keeptr of his parks, and bailiff of his manor of Farebriggs, in the county of Stafford, for life. He was sheriff of Staffordshire 15 and 31 Henry VIII. and 4 Edward VI. He m. first, Hellcn, daughter of Humphrey Swinnerton, esq. of Swinnerton, in the county of Stafford, and by her had seven sous, the six eldest died without issue, the seventh, Edward, succeeded as heir, beside two daughters, Barbara, wife of Henry Cower, esq. of Worcestershire, and afterwards of John FolHot, esq. of Pirton; and Constance, wife of Sir James Fuljambe, knt. Sir Edward /«. secondly, Isabel, relict of — Wood, and daughter of Richard Hill, sister and heir of Robert Hill, esq. of liouuhill, in tin* county of Stafford, (she /«. secondly, Ralph Egertou, esq. of WrinehiM) hut by that lady had no issue. He died luth October, 1568, and was s. by his son,

Sir Edward Littleton, knt. sheriff of Stafford" shire, 5 Elizabeth who in. Alice, daughter of Francis Cockayne, esq. of Ashburne, in Derbyshire, and had issue,

i. Edward (Sir), his heir.

ii. Thomas, m. Cassandra, daughter of Thomas Lane, esq. of Bentley, in the county of Stafford, and left issue, in. Francis, of Melsho, in the county of Salop, in. Gertrude, daughter of Thomas Sutton, of Overhaddon, in the county of York, and left issue, iv. Walter, of Eccleshall, in the county of Stafford, m. Alice, daughter of John Cumberford, esq. of the same county, v. John, d. s. p. vi. James, in. Mercy, daughter of John Stnne, esq. of London, relict of William Bowyer, esq. and left issue. vn. Devereux, m. Jane, daughter of George Allen, esq. of Woodhouse, in the county of Derby, and left issue.

i. Jane, m. to John Lane, esq. of Bentley.

* Which was commented upon by Sir Edward Coke, ni'l whicti i«i «4> much studied by gentlemen of the profes • lua. Tbe celebrity and usefulness of the work have **laied to our own time; anil notwithstanding the pro<<pot* accession of statutes and re|>orl», the large altera

tions both in the knowledge and practice of the law, and accumulation of publications, Lyttleton, with Cuke's commentary, will ever continue to demand the attention and applause of our ablest advocates.

t The daughter and heir of (*midun,of Crcndoii. ii. Constance, m. to Thomas Holt, esq. of Gristle

hurst, in Lancashire, in. Mary, m. to Walter Vernon, esq. of Hounhill,

in Staffordshire. iv. Grace, m. first to Francis Harnage,csq. of Belzardine, in the county of Salop, and secondly, to Silvanus Lacon, esq. of the same county, v. Margaret, m. to Sir John Repington, knt. of Amington, in the county of Warwick. Sir Edward d. 19th July, 1574, and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Edward Littleton,lent, sheriff of Staffordshire 25th and 35th of Elizabeth, M.P. for the county of Stafford, in the 39th of the same reign, m. Margaret, daughter and co-heir of Sir William Uevereux, knt. youngest son of Walter, Viscount Hereford, and had issue,

i. Edward (Sir), his successor. Ii. Thomas, m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Adam Morton, esq. of Wrilbrighton, in the county of Stafford.

i. Mary, m. to Richard Fowler, esq. of King's

Ham age, Salop. ii. Anne, m. to Humphrey Salwey, esq. of Stanford,

in Worcestershire, in. Jane, m. to Richard Knightley, esq. of Fawes

ley, in the county of Northampton, iv. Ellen, m. to William Babington, esq. of Curborough , in the county of Stafford. v. Margaret, m. to John Skinner, esq. of Cofton,

in Worcestershire, vi. Lettice, m. to John Fulnethy, archdeacon of

Stafford. Vii. Constance, m. to Richard Hill, gent, of London.

Sir Edward was s. at his decease by his son,

Sir Edward Littleton, M.P. for Staffordshire, 21

Jamub I. and sheriff *i4th of the same reign, m. Mary,

daughter of Sir Clement Fisher, knt. of Packington,

in the county of Warwick, and had issue,

Edward, his heir.

Fisher, m. Anne, daughter of John Baynton, esq.

of Wiltshire. Walter (Sir), chancellor of the diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, m. Priscilla, daughter of Sir Lewis Pemberton, knt. of Rushden, in Northamptonshire, and had four suns, viz. Walter, of Lichfield,m. a daughter of William Talbot, esq. of Sturton Castle, Staffordshire, and left issue. Edward, m. a daughter of —- Mull ins, but

d. s. p. Fisher, LL.D. m. Elizabeth, daughter of Pincebeck, of London, and widow of Skegnes, and d. in March, 1696-7. Henry, merchant of Loudon, d. s. p. William, m. the daughter and heir of John Webster, of Amsterdam, merchant.

Lettice, m. first, to William Washbourne, esq. of Washbourne, and secondly, to John Clent, esq. of Knigbtwick, both in Worcestershire.

Mary, m. to Euseby Shuckburgh, esq. of Naseby, in Northamptonshire.

Margaret, m. first, to Sir George Browne, knt of
Radford, in Warwickshire, and secondly, to Sir
Robert, Fisher, bart of Packington.

Anne, m. to Sir Thomas Holte, bart. of Aston.

Sir Edward d. in July, 1029,* and was s. by his eldest ■on,

i. Edward Littleton, esq. of Pillaton Hall, in the county of Stafford, who was created a Babusit by King Charles I. 28th June, 1027. Sir Edward s. Hester, daughter of Sir William Courteen, knt.of Loo don, and by her (who m. secondly, Thomas Thorne, esq. of Shelvock, in Shropshire,) had issue, William, who d. v. p. Edward, his heir. James, d. s. p.

Anne, m. to — Cole, esq. of Shrewsbury. Margaret, m. to Robert Napier, esq. eldest son of Sir Robert Napier, of Luton Hoo, in the county of Bedford. Sir Edward was a zealous royalist, and had to pay £1347 for composition for his estate- He was *. ky his son,

ii. Sir Edward Littleton, who m. first Mary, daughter of Sir Walter Wrotesley, bart. of W rotetkj and had

I. Edward, who died in the lifetime of Mi father, 24th January, 1704, leaving by his wife, Susannah, daughter of SirTheophilus Biddolpa, bart. (which lady d. 25th August, 1742.;

1. Edward, successor to his grandfather.

2. Theophilus, d. unm.

3. Fisher, barrister-at-law, died in W»\

He had m. Frances, elder daughter* aaJ co-heir of James Whitehall, esq-of Pipe Ridware, in Staffordshire, and had two sons and a daughter. Tut.

Edward, fourth baronet.

Fisher, barrister at-law,«.Mary,oelT

daughter and heir of Thomas Sear*,

esq. of Northreps, in Norfolk, hzi

had no issue. Frances, rn. to Moretox Walbocse,

esq. of Hatherton, in the count; »t


1. Susan, rn. to Sir John Cory ton, bait.

2. Mary, m. to Edward Arblastcr, e»^- **f

Longdon, in Staffordshire.

3. Elizabeth, m. to Humphry Hodgett*. <*)

4. Catherine, m. to John Floyer, esq. 5*n ot

Sir John Floyer, M.D. of Lichfield.

5. Jane, m. to John Eggington, esq. of Zoi

baston, in Staffordshire. Ii. Walter, major in the army, m. Lady Ana< Knollys, daughter of Nicholas, Earl of Binbury. He fell in a duel and left no issuei. Elizabeth, m. to Walter Chetwynd, esq. of In*

geatree, in Staffordshire, and had issue, n. Hester, m. to Humphrey Persehouws, esq. si Reynolds Hall, in Staffordshire. Sir Edward m. secondly, Joyce, daughter of his c Littleton, of Teddesley Hay, and by that lady I

* In the chancel of Pcnkrich Church, against the north wall, is a very noble monument of variegated marbl«-, whereon are the effigies of two knights and their ladies, under two arches, one above the other, the arms in great measure broken off; the names of the children, with their effigies, wire about the tomb; hut the hitter are entirely defaced. Underneath is a Latin epitaph, and over one of the knights is the following inscription, in letters of gold:

Reader, 'twas thought enough, upon the T»nab
Of the Oreat Captain, th' Enemy of Rcnw,
To write no more, bat (Here lies Hannibsl>
Let this suffice tbee then, in«tead of all
Here Lye two Knights, the Father ami the S*»a
Sir Edward, and Sir Edward Littleton.

t The other daughter and co heir married Mr. Janice Parker of the Com! of Common IMeai.

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