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166C, to John Shuckburgh, of Upton, in Wirral, a younger son of the Shuckburghs, of Warwickshire. Anne, rf. young. Elizabeth, d. unui. in 1028. Mr. Aston d. 13th May, 1015, and was s. by his eldest son,

i. Thomas Aston, esq. of Aston, who was created a Baronet by King Charles I. 25th July, 1028, and was subsequently in the civil wars a zealous supporter of the Koyal cause. He m. first, in 1027, Magdalene, daughter of Sir John Poultney, kiit. of Misterton, in the county of Leicester, and co-heir of her brother, John Poultney, of the same place, by whom (who d. 2nd June, 1635) he had no surviving issue. He wedded, secondly, Anne, daughter and sole heir of Sir Henry Willoughby, bart. of Ridley, in the county of Derby, by his first wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Sir Thomas Knollys, knt. of Berks, and by that lady (who survived him, and m. in her widowhood the Hon. Anchetel Grey, second sou of Henry, Earl of Stamford) had

Willoughey, his successor.

Magdalene, m. to Sir Robert Burdett, (third) baronet, of Foremark, in the county of Derby— his second wife, and had several children. Mary, m. to — Biddulph, esq. of Polesworth, in the county of Warwick.' Sir Thomas Aston sustained a defeat from Sir William Brereton's party of parliamentarians near Nantwich, 28th January, 1042, but effected his escape: he was afterwards however made prisoner in another skirmish, and brought into Stafford, whence attempting again to escape, he was observed by a soldier who gave him a blow on the head, which, and his other wounds brought on a fever and occasioned his death in Stafford, 24th May, 1(J45. He was s. by his son,

Ii. Sir Willoughby Aston. This gentleman erected a sumptuous mansion at Aston, a little distant from the old seat. He m. Mary, daughter of John Offley, esq. of Madeley Manor, in Staffordshire, and had eight sons and nine surviving daughters, viz. Thomas, his heir. John, captain R.N. d.s.p. Willoughby, m. and left two daughters. Arthur, rf. at Constantinople unmarried. Gilbert, d. young.

Richard, m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Warren,
esq. of Oxfordshire, and died 24th November,
1741, leaving issue,
Willoughby, who inherited as fifth baronet.
Richard, barrister-at law, constituted one of
the judges of the court of King's Bench in
1765, and received the honour of knight-
hood. Sir Richard *». first, Mips Eldred,
and, secondly, the relict of Sir David Wil-
liams, bart.
Mary, m. to — Dawson, M.D.
Robert, a merchant in London.
Edward, d. young.
Mary, wi. first, to Sir John Crew, knt. of l/tking-

ton, in Cheshire; and, secondly, to Dr. Cbam-
berlen, of Alderton and Hinton.
Magdalen, m. to Thomas Norris, esq. of Speke, in

Charlotte, m. to John Pickering, esq. of Thelwall,

in Cheshire.
Catherine, died unmarried.

Purefoy, m. to Henry Wright, esq. of Mobberley, in Cheshire, and of this marriage the grandson is the present Laurence Wright, esq. of Mottram St. Andrew. (See Burke's Commoners, vol. Ui. p. 406.) Helena, m. to Captain Pennington, who assumed the surname of Legh, and was great grandfather of the present Peter Legh, esq. of Booths. Letitia, m. to — Jeuks, esq. Sir Willoughby d. 14th December, 1702, and was *.by his eldest son,

in. Sir Thomas Aston, who wedded Catherine, daughter of William Widdringtou, esq. and died 16th January, 1724, left, with eight daughters, of whom CaTherine, Wi. in 1730, the Hon. and Rev. Henry Hervey, fourth son of John, Earl of Bristol, and Margery, became the wife of Gilbert Walmesly, esq. register of the diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, an only son and heir,

iv. Sir Thomas Aston, elected M.P. for Liverpool iu the 1st of George II. and afterwards for St. AlbanyHe m. in March, 1732-6, Rebecca, daughter of John Shishe, esq. of Greenwich, by whom (who d. in May, 1737), having had no issue, he devised his estates, at his decease in France, 17th February, 1744, to his eldest sister, Catherine,* wife of the Hon. and Rev. John Hervey, D.D. who in consequence assumed, by act of parliament, the surname of Aston. The baronetcy reverted to his cousin, (refer to Richard, sixth son of the second baronet).

v. Sir Willoughby Aston, who wedded Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Pye, esq. of Farringdon, Berks, (by his wife Anne, sister of Lord Bathurst), and had issue,

Willoughby, his successor.

Elizabeth, in. to Admiral Cotton.

Purefoy, m. to the Hon. James Preston, brother

of Lord Gormanston. Mary.m. to Francis-Grant Cordon,esq. capt. R.N. Selina, died unmarried in 1764.

, '> died unmarried.

Sir Willoughby was returned to parliament for Not tingham in 1754, and appointed colonel of the Berkshire militia in 1750. He d. 24th August, 1772, and was s. by his son,

vi. Sir Willoughby Aston, who m. Lady Jane Henley, second daughter of Robert, Earl of Northington, Lord Chancellor Ok England in 1761, but dying s. p. 22nd March, 1815, his sisters became his heirs, and the Baronetcy expired.

Arms—Party per cher. sa. and arg.

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* Catherine Aston, who inherited Aston Hall and the estates of her brother, had by her husband the Hon. and Rev. Dr. Hervey-Aston, who died iu November, 1741, a son,

HENftY-HERVEY-AsTON, whom. Mim Dickinson, of Lancashire, and had a son and daughter, namely, Henry Hervey-aston, a colonel in the army, who m. 16th September, 1789, the Hon. Harriet-In*;rara Shepherd, fourth daughter and coheir of Charles, ninth and last Viscount Irvine, of Scotland, and left at his decease (having fallen in a duel 23rd December, 1708) an only son,

Hbnry-charlks Hervey-aston, esq. of
Aston Hall, who m.
and left at his decease,
Henry Hertey-aston, cornet 1st Life

Guard*. Arthur Henry-Aston. Harriet Hervey-Aston, m. 17th July, 1832, to the Hon- and Rev. Arthur Talbot. Anna-Sophia Hervey-Aston, m. 2nd June, 1782, to Anthony Hodgi-s, esq. which marriage wit dissolved by parliament iu 1795.

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This family Tu originally of Great Berkhampsted, in Hertfordshire, where it was located in the time of Elizabeth, but it rose into eminence through the professional success of

Henry Atkins, MI), physician to A'i«£ James I. who was offered by his royal master the first baronet's patent, on the institution of the order, but he declined accepting the honor. His son and heir,

Sir Henry Atkins, received the honor of knighthood from the same monarch, and marrying Annatella. daughter of John Hawkins, esq. of Du ■tone, in Kent, had a numerous family. He was s. at his decease by his eldest surviving son,

i. Richard Atkins, esq. of Clapham, in the county <A Surrey, who was created a Baronet by King Chiklxs II. 13th June, 1660. He m. Rebecca.daughter of Sir Edmund Wright, of London, knt. and had issue,

Henry, who rf. 15th February, 1677, aged twenty-
four, unmarried.
Richard, successor to the title.
Annabella, 1 .
Rebecca. )''«»">■

Mary, m. to the Right Rev. William Moreton,
D-D. Bishop of Meath, and had issue,
Richard Moreton, in holy orders, d. s. p.
A.nnabella Moreton, m. to William Taylor,
esq- of Dublin, barrister-at-law, and dying
in 1774, left a son,
The Rev. Richard Taylor, who inherited
the estate of Little Moreton. in the
county of Chester, at the decease of his
uncle of the half blood, Sir William
Moreton, recorder of the city of London
in 1763, and assumed the name and
arms of Moreton. He was father of the
present Rev. William-Moreton Moreton,
of Little Moreton.
Agnes, Ma j Edward Atkins, esq. brother of Sir

Robert Atkins, K.B.
Elisabeth, m. to Thomas a esq. of Worraley.
Rebecca, m. to Sir Wolstan Dixie, bart. of Market
Buswortb, in the county of Leicester.
Sir Richard d. 19th August, 1G89, and was s. by his
only surviving son,

ii. Sir Richard Atkins, who wedded Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Byde, knt. of Ware Park, m Hertfordshire, and bad surviving issue, Hknky, his successor. Ralph. Richard.

Annabella. This gentleman, who was a colonel in the army, rf. tttb November, 16V6, and was *. by his eldest son,

fifth and sixth baronets.

in. Sir Henry Atkins, who m. Rebecca-Maria, eldest daughter of Sir Wolstan Dixie, bart. and had, with one surviving daughter, Rebecca-Maria, m. in 1730, to Thomas Polkes, esq. an only surviving son, his successor at his decease in 1713,

iv. Sir Henry Atkins. This gentleman in. in October 17*23, Penelope, daughter of Sir John Stonhouse, bart. of Radley, in the county of Berks, by whom (who rem. 31st October, 1733, John, first Earl Gower*), he had

Henry, \
Richard, /

Penelope, m. 5th January, 1745-6, Georpe Pitt,

first Lord Rivers, and was great-grandfather of

the present peer.

He d. in France, in 1728, and was *. by his elder son,

v. Sir Henry Atkins, who rf. at the age of sixteen,

1st September, 1742, and was s. by his brother,

vi. Sir Richard Atkins. This gentleman d. unra. lftth June, 1756, when the representation of the family vested in the Pitt family, and the Baronetcy became extinct.

Arms—Az. three bars ;irg. in chief three bezants.

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The family of Auchkr, eminent in ancient times in the counties of Essex, Kent, Sussex, and Nottingham, "derived" (we quote Hasted) from Ealcher or AuCher, the first Earl of Kent, and among its earliest members we may mention Walter Fitz-Auger, a noble Briton, who flourished at the Conquest, and was a considerable benefactor to the Monks of St. Saviour, Bermondsey; Thomas Fitzaunger, who possessed the manor of Losenham, in Kent, temp. King John; and Henry Fitzaucher, whose name occurs in the roll of those Kentish gentlemen who were with Edward 1. at the siege of Carlaverock.

Nicholas Auchkr, son of Thomas, Lord of Losenham, in Kent, temp. Edward II- married the daughter of Oxenbridge of Bread, in Sussex, and had two sons. The younger, William, left an only daughter, Christina, the wife of Arnald de Alkham. The elder was father of

Henry Auchkr, of Losenham, m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Diggs, of Barhain, in Kent, and had a son and successor.

Henry Aucher, of Losenham, who wedded, first,

Isabella At Towue, of Throwleigh, and had by her,

i. Thomas, of Losenham, whose son, Henry of

Losenham, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John

Guldeford, knt. of Halden, and left an only

daughter and heir,

Anne, who espoused, temp. Henry VII.

Walter Colepeper, second son of Sir John

Colepeper, knt. by Agnes, daughter and heir of John Bedgebery, esq. The grandsou of this marriage, Sir John Colepbper, km. of Wigsell, sold the manor of Losenham to Adrian Moore, esq. of Egham, in Surrey, in whose family it continued until alienated in 170*2 to Nicholas Bishop, ii. Robert, ancestor of the Auchers of Westwell. Henry Aucher married, secondly, Joan, daughter and heir of Thomas St. Leger, of Otterden, second son of Sir Ralph St. Leger, of tllcomb, knight of the shire for Kent 51 Edward, and had an only son,

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Henry Aucher, who succeeded to the manor of Otterden, his mother's inheritance, and seated himself there, where he was residing 13 Henky VI. He m. Alicia Boleyn, and left a son and successor,

John Aucher, of Otterden, who died 23rd April, 1503, and was buried in the north chapel of the parish church, leaving by Alice Church, his wife, three sons and two daughters, viz. i. James, his heir. Ii. William, d. s. p.

in. Marmaduke, m. a daughter of Gilbole. i. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Berham, of Sising

hurst. ii. Jane, in. to Thomas Corbet. The eldest son,

James Aucher, esq. of Otterden, wedded Alice, daughter of Thomas Hills, esq. of Eggarton, near Godmersham, and by her (who m. secondly, James Hardres, esq. of Hardres) had a son and daughter, Anthony, his heir, and Susan, m. to James Aucher. He died 6th January, 1508, was interred near his father, and succeeded by his son,

Sir Anthony Aucher, knt. of Otterden, who acquired from Thomas Colepeper, temp. Henry VIII. the manors of Bishopsborne and Hautsborne, in Kent. He wedded Affra, daughter of William Cornwallis, of Norfolk, and had issue,

i. John, of Otterden, m. Ann, daughter of Sir William Kellaway, knt. and left an only daughter and heiress,

Joan, m. temp. Queen Elizabeth, to Sir Humphrey Gilbert, knt. by whom the manor of Otterden was sold to William Lewin, LL.D. Ii. Edward, of whom presently. in. Thomas, d. s. p. iv. William, of Nonington. i. Susannah. The second son,

Edward Aucher, esq. inherited, under his father's will, the manors of Bishopsbourne and Hautsborne. He m. Mabel, daughter of Sir Thomas Wrothe, knt and had

Anthony, his heir.

Elizabeth, m. to Sir William Lovelace, knt. of

fiethersden, in Kent, and had by htm, who died

in 1629, with other issue, a son.

Sir William Lovelace, of Woolwich, who m.

Aune, daughter of Sir William Barnes, knt.

and had a son,

Richard (Sir), of Lovelace Place, in Kent, who d. in 1658, leaving an only daughter and heir,

Margaret, m. to Henry, fifth son of Lord Chief Justice Coke. The son and successor,

Anthony Aucher, esq. of Bishopsbourne, or Bourne,

married two wives, but had issue only by the second,

Margaret, daughter of Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of

York, viz. two sons and as many daughters,

Anthony, his heir.

Edwin, of Willesborough, who m. Mary, daughter

of John Gibbon, and by her, who d. in 1679, had a numerous issue. His son, the Rev. John Aucher, D.D. prebendary of Canterbury, died in 1701. Elizabeth, m. first, to Sir William Hammond, knt. of St. Albans Court, in Kent, ancestor of the poet Hammond, and of the present Willum Osmund Hammond, esq. of St. Albans Court (see Burke's History of the Commoner.*). She wedded, secondly, in 1624, the Venerable Walter Balcanqual, Dean of Rochester. Margaret, m. to Sir Roger James, knt. He died 13th January, 1600-10, and was succeeded by his son,

Sir Anthony Aucher, knt. of Bourne, who served as sheriff of Kent in 12 James I. He m. Hester, daughter and co-heir of Peter Collet, of London, and dying in July 1637, was succeeded by his son,

i. Sir Anthony Aucher, of Bourne, who was created a Baronet 4th July, 1666. He wedded, first, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Hatton, esq. by whom (who died in 1648) he had no issue to survive him, and, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Hewitt, knt. by whom he had, i. Anthony, his heir, ii. Hewitt, successor to bis brother, i. Elizabeth, m. to John Corbett, LL.D. Of this lady presently as Co-heiress to her brother, the last baronet. n. Hester, m. to Ralph Blomer, D.D. prebendary of Canterbury, and had, with other issue, a daughter, Anne Blomer, who wedded James Teale, esq. and had a son, Isaac M. Teale, esq. and a daughter, Mary Teale, who m. Major General Sir Charles Shipley, and left three daughters, Katherine-Jane, m. to Colonel Edward

Warner. Augusta-Mary, m. to Alexander Manning, esq. Elizabeth-Cole, m. to Henry, Earl of Buchan. Sir Anthony died in May, 1602, and was s. by his son, Ii. Sir Anthony Aucher, of Bourne, at whose decease in minority in 1601, the title passed to his brother,

in. Sir Hewitt Aucher, of Bourne, who died tin married in 1726, when the Baronetcy Expired. His elder sister and co-heir,

Elizabeth, the wife of John Corbett, LL.D. left five daughters and co-heirs, vis.

1. Catharine Corbett, who m. Stephen

Beckingham, esq. (to whom she was se-
cond wife), and had a son,
The Rev. John Charles Beckingham,
who inherited the whole of the Bishops-
bourne estate, his father having pur-
chased, in 1752, the shares of his sis-
ters-in-law in the property. Mr. Beck-
ingham left at his decease an only
daughter and heir,

Louisa, m. in 1802, to Edwardt.iv
Lor, esq. of Bifrons, in. Kent, and
has issue. (See Burke's Com-
moners, vol. iii. p. 107).

2. Elizabeth Corbett, m. to Thomas Din

ward, esq. and it. s. p.

3. Frances Corbett, m. to Sir William Har

dres, ban. of Hardres, who d. s. p. 31st Aug. 1764.

4. A % Ton In A Corbett, m. to Ignatius Geoghe

gan, esq. and had issue.

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William Austkn, esq. of Herendon, in Tenterden, county of Kent, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Hales, esq., also of Tenterden, by Margaret, his wife, daughter of John Honywood, esq. and had issue, viz.

Edward, of Herendon, m. Rebecca, daughter of

Sir Edward Eastern, knt. of Mersham, and had

a too,

Edward, who wedded Jane, only daughter of

Cbeyney Selhurst, esq. of Tenterden, and

John d. unm. in 1053*


Elizabeth, m. to Samuel Short, of Tenterden.
Mary, m. to Anthony Whetenhall, esq. of East

Abigail, m. to Edward Jerris.

The youngest son,

i. Roibrt Austkn, esq. of Bexley, high sheriff of Kent in IflOO and 1061, was created a Baronet by King Charlu II. on the 10th July in the former year. Sir Robert st. first, Margaret, daughter of William Williamson, of London, vintner, and had an only survmng child, Elizabeth, wife of Sir Thomas Dacres, knt. of Cheshunt, Herts. He m. secondly, Anne, danghter of Thomas Muns, esq. of Otteridge, in Kent, and by that lady had issue. i. inns, his successor.

ii. Robert, of Herendon, m. Judith, daughter and
coheir of Ralph Freke, esq. of Hanington,
Wilts, and had
1. Robert, who wedded Jane, daughter of
William Strode, esq. of Barrington, in
the county of Somerset, and had three
sons and one daughter, viz.

Edward, who inherited as sixth baro-
Robert, S. his brother as seventh ba-
Jane-Grace, m. Richard Windsor, esq.

of Tottenham, and had an only dau. Sarah Windsor, who m. first, Edward Constable, and, secondly, J. Bristow, and left by the former two daughters and co-heirs, vii.

Mary Constable, m. to the

Rev. Thomas Roberts. Anne Constable, m. to Sir William Curtis, bart. 2. Edward, of Bexley, m. first, Mary, daughter of Edward Napier, esq. of Dorsetshire, hut had no issue. He wedded, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Manning, esq. of Kivington, in Kent, and had a son, John, in. John, a merchant, who d. in Turkey, i. Anne, m. to Sir Oliver Boteler, bart. of Tres

ton. in Kent, ii. Ursula, m. first, to George Stawell, esq. of Cotherston, in the county of Somerset, son of Sir John Stawell, K.B. and, secondly, to Henry Seymour, esq. of Langley Park, in the county of Buckingham. Sir Robert d. 30th October, 1606. and was s. by his eldest son,

Ii. Sir John Austen, M.P. for Rye, in several parliaments temp. William III. and one of the commissioners of the Customs. He m. Rose, daughter and heir of Sir John Hale, lent, of Stagenhoe, in Hertfordshire, by whom (who d. in 1095) he had issue,

Robert, his heir.

Edward, colonel in the Guards, killed at the
Battle of Almanza, d. s. p.

Elizabeth, d. unm.

Rose, m. to Comberford Brooke, Esq. of Madeley Court, in Shropshire, and of Comberford, in the county of Stafford. Anne, m. to Robert Rod, esq. of Herefordshire. He d. in 1006, and was s. by his son,

m. Sir Robert Austen. This gentleman wedded Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of George Stawell, esq. of Cotherston, in Somersetshire, and by her (who survived him, and wedded, secondly, William Wynd, esq. of Norfolk, chamberlain to the Princess Sophia, and d. in 1725) had issue,

Robert, his successor.

Sheffield, heir to his brother.


Rose, m. to Sherrington Grosvenor, esq. of Holt,

in the county of Warwick. Anne. Mary. Elizabeth. Stawell. Sir Robert d. in 1706, and was s. by his eldest son,

It. Sir Robert Austen. M.P. for New Romney, in Kent, m. in November 173$, Rachel, daughter of Sir Francis Dashwood, bart. of West Wycomb, Bucks, but dying without Issue in 1743, was s. by bis brother, v. Sir Sheffield Austkn. Thu gentleman dying s.p. about the year 1758, was $. by his kinsman (refer to line of Robert, second son of the first baronet),

vi. Sir Edward Austen, who d. unm. 28th December, 1760, and was s. by his brother,

Vii. Sir Robert, at whose decease s. p. 13th February, 1772, the Baronetct Expired.

Arms—Or, a chevron gu. between three lions' paws erect and erased sa.

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The ancient seat of this family, one of Saxon extraction, was at Bocton Alopb, near Wye, in the county of Kent, which town they possessed in the reign of Henry III., and which place, as Mr. Philpot observes, " had that appellative distinction united to its name to intimate to us, that in the Saxon time it owned the jurisdiction of one Alulphus, a Saxon." From this Alulphus descended Aliff, a person of great note in the time of Edward the Confessor.

About the reign of Hknhy VI.,

John Ayloff was seated at Hornchurch, in the county of Essex, and married to Anne, daughter of Thomas West, esq. by whom he had issue,

Thomas A Y J Off, of the same place, and of Sudbury in Suffolk, holding large possessions in the counties of Essex and Suffolk temp. Edward IV., who had issue, by Agnes, his wife, daughter of William Birch (by Alice his wife, daughter of Roger Grice, of Norfolk), a son, William, and a daughter, Agnes, m, to Sir John Bruges, lord mayor of London, from whom the Barons Chandoa descended, and Winifred Bruges, m. to Sir Richard Sackville, of Buckhurst, father of Sir Thomas Sackville, Baron Buckhurst, and Earl of Dorset.

The son,

William Ayloffe, m. Audrey, daughter of Sir John Shaw, kut. alderman of London, by whom he h**l three children, William, Thomas,* and Agnes. The elder son,

William Aylofp, esq. was high sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire 0th Elizabeth, and left by Ague*, his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Barnardiston, knt. of Ketton, in Suffolk fby Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Lucas, knt. of Colchester, in Essex), a son and heir,

William Ayloffk, high sheriff of the county of Essex 36th Elizabeth, and one of the judges of the King's Bench 20th of the same reign. He m. Jane. daughter of Eustace Sulyard, esq. of Flemings, in Suffolk, and bad issue three sons and one daughter, viz.

I. William.

Ii. Thomas, who m. Mary Guicciardine, and was father of Guicciardine Ayloff, secretary of the Duchy of Lancaster, in. George, who d. s. p. i. Margaret, wife of Edward Broom, esq. of Oxfordshire. The eldest son,

I. Sir William Aylofff, knt. s. to the estate, and residing at B rax ted Magna, was knighted by Aing James I. at the Charter-house with many njore, on his first arrival in London, and afterwards advanced by the said king to the degree of a Baronet in 1612. He m. first, Catharine, daughter and co-heir of John Sterne, esq. of Melburne, in Cambridgeshire, and had by her three sons and four daughters,

William, died in the lifetime of his father in the

West Indies.
Benjamin, his successor.

James, had his mother's estate at Melburne, in
Cambridgeshire: from his first wife, Jane, dau.
of Sir William Herris, knt. of Shenfield, in
Essex, descended William Ayloffe, esq. of Ba-
singburn, in Cambridgeshire; and by his second
wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Penyston.
esq. of Rochester, Thomas Ayloffe, D.C.L.
Mary, wife of Sir Anthony Thomas, knt. of Coh-

ham, in Surrey.
Elizabeth, wife of Gervase Lee, of Norwell, in

Anne, d. s. p.

Jane, m. to Edward Kighley, of Gray, in Essex. Sir William m. secondly, Barbara, daughter and heir of Thomas Sexton, and had two sons,

Thomas, of Gray's Inn, who tn. Elizabeth, daughter of Edward W out worth, of Bocking, in Essex, and was father of Benjamin Ayloffe, esq. of Gray's Inn, who m. Victoria, daughter of Alexander Erskine, esq. son to John, Earl of Mar. John, was a colonel in the West Indies, and d. s.p. The baronet m. thirdly, Alice Stokes, and had issue, Joseph, of Gray's Inn, m. Frances, daughter of Henry Ayscough, esq. and left two sons and five daughters. The elder son, Joseph, of Gray's Inn, barrister-at-law, wedded Mary, daughter of Bryan Ayloffe, merchant, of London, and was father of Joseph, who eventually inherited the baronetcy as sixth baronet.

• The younger son of William Ayloffe,

Thomas Ayloffe, was a merchant, free of the company of barber-surgeons in London, and when Bridge Ward was finished, 4th Edward VI., the first elected alderman of it. He was afterwards knighted, and died

2nd Philip and Mary. He left William, his son and heir, by his wife Elizabeth, (or Isabel), daughter of Thomas, and sister of Sir Edward Walsingham, knt., who had issue, a son of his own name, William Ayloffe, esq. who wai brought up to the stndy of the law.

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