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Wilmoty, m, to John Trevillian, esq. of Nettle* combe. The eldest son,

William Harris, esq. of Hayne, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Folk. Grevill, knt, of Beauchamp's Court, in Warwickshire, and had. with four daughters, a son and successor,

Arthcr Harris, esq. of Hayne, and of Kenegie, of which latter estate he became possessed before the year 1600. This gentleman espoused Margaret, daughter and heireas of John Davils, esq. of Totely, in Devon, and bad issue,

i. John, his successor, ti. Arthur, father of

Christopher, who inherited the estates at the decease of his cousin, Sir Arthur Harris, hart. Mr. Harris, who is mentioned by Carew as one of the resident magistrates of Devonshire in bis time, and commanding a provincial regiment belonging to .Mounts Bay, died in 16*28, and was interred in the south aisle of Gurval Church, where a fine monument was erected to his memory. He was s. by hi* son,

John Harris, esq. of Hayne and Kenegie, who wedded, first, Florence, daughter of Sir John Windham, but by her had no issue. He espoused, secondly, Cordelia, eldest daughter of Sir John Mohun, of Boconnoc, created in 1628, Lord Mohun, of Oakhampton fsee Bleak's Extinct and Dormant Peerage), by whom he bad an only son and successor,

Akthl'r Harris, esq. of Hayne and Kenegie, who was created a Baron Ft in 1673. Sir Arthur m. Theo1'tiila. daughter of John Tumor, serjeant-at-law, but died without issue about 1686, when the title became Extinct, and the estates passed to his cousin,

Christopher Harris, esq. who m. Elisabeth,

daughter of William Martin, esq. of Linderidge,

and was s. by his son,

William Harris, esq. of Hayne, M.P. for St.

Ives, 2nd William and Mart, and for Oak

hampton, temp. Queen Anns. He served

as sheriff of Devon in 1703, and died in six.

years after, leaving issue,

1. Christopher, of Hayne, M.P. d. s, p.

in 1718. ». John, of Hayne, master of the household to George.11. and George III. died s. p. 1767. 3. William, whose son,

Christopher,of Hayne, succeeded his uncle. He married Penelope, daughter of the Rev. Isaac Donnithorne, of St. Agnes, in Cornwall, and had two daughters,


Elizabeth, married to her cousin,

Isaac Donnithorne, esq. who

assumed the surname of Harris,

and has issue.

1. Jane, married to William Arundel,

esq. of Trengwainton and Menedarva,

both in Cornwall, and was mother


William Arundel, esq. of Treng-
wainton, ancestor of the present
William Arundel Harris
Arundel, esq. of Lifton
Park, Devon.

three crescents within a bordure arg.

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The first of this family upon record is Ralph Hartopp, who was living in the reign of Richard II. A.D. 1377, and from him proceeded,

John Hartopp, of Burton-Lazers, in the county of Leicester, who wedded Jane, daughter of William Englebeard, or Englebert, and was grandfather of

Thomas Hartopp, of Burton-Lazers, who m. Elbert daughter of John Allen, and had issue, i. William, his heir.

II. Valantine, of Burton Lazers, who d. in 1633, leaving by Ann, his wife, daughter and heir of William Goodman, (with three daughters,) a son and heir, Sir William Hartopp, who was knighted at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, 2nd September, 1617, and dying in 1622, was *. by his son, Sir Thomas Hartop, knt. of Burton-Lazers, b. in 1600, who m. Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Bendish, bart. and had issue. (See Burke's Commoners, vol. iii. p. 402.) in. Richard, of the Middle Temple, d. s. p. iv. Joan, m. to Octavian Fisher, esq. of T re kingham, in Lincolnshire. The eldest son,

William Hartopp, esq. m. Eleanor Adcock, and dying 2nd September, 1586, left four sons, viz. i. Thomas, b. in 1570, d. issueless, ii. Edward, his heir, in. Valentine, of Little Dalby. iv. George, from whom descend the Hartopps, of Dalby, in Leicestershire, now represented by Edward Bourchibr Hartopp, esq. of Dalby House. Refer to Burke's Commoners, vol. iii. p. 401. The eldest surviving son,

i. Edward Hartopp, esq. served in his youth, under the Earl of Leicester, in the Low Countries, temp. Elizabeth, and after his return, was sheriff of Leicestershire 15 James I. when he resided at Buckminster, but afterwards removed to Freathby, in the same county, where he possessed a good estate, and was created a Baronet 3rd December, 1619. Sir Edward m. Mary, daughter of Sir Erasmus Dryden, bart. of Canons Ashby, in Northamptonshire, and had issue, Edward, bis heir. Richard, d. s. p. Frances, m. to Sir Richard Earle, bart. of Cragle

thorpe, in Lincolnshire. Anne, m. to Thomas White, esq. of Cotgrave,

Notts. Elizabeth, m. to Montague Cholmley, esq. of Easton, in the county of Lincoln. Sir Edward represented the county of Leicester, in the reign of Charles I. He d. in 1652, and was s. by his elder son,

u. Sir Edward Hartopp, bart. of Freathby, b. in 1808, who m. Mary, daughter of Sir John Cook, knt. of Melburn. in the county of Derby, one of the principal secretaries of the state to King Charles I. and had issue,

John, hia heir.

Mary, m. to Smith Fleetwood, esq. of Stoke Newington, in Middlesex. Sir Edward, who raised a regiment for the service of the Parliament, d. in 1658, and was s. by his son,

in. Sir John Hartopp, bart. M.P. for the county of Leicester, in three parliaments, temp. Chari i - II. This gentleman i». Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Fleetwood,* the celebrated parliamentary general, and son-in-law of Cromwell, and had several children, of whom,

John, the only surviving of four sons, succeeded

him. Frances, m. to Sir Nathaniel Gould, knt- of Stoke Newington, and had a daughter, Mary Gould, m. to Sir Francis St. John,bart. of Thorp, in Northamptonshire. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Cook, esq. of Stoke Newington, some time governor of the Bank. Sir John d. 1st April, 1722, aged eighty-five, and was j. by his son,

iv. Sir John Hartopp, bart. who m. first in K1C, Sarah, daughter of Sir Joseph Wolfe, knt. an alderman of the city of London, and had two daughters, I. Anne Hartopp, whom. Joseph Hurlock, esq. of Fort Marlborough, governor of Bencoolen, and afterwards one of the directors of the East India Company, by whom she had an nnly child, Annb Hurlock, eventually heir and representative of the Hartopps. Ii. Elizabeth Hartopp, m. to Timothy Dallowe. M.D. but died without issue. Sir John married secondly, Miss Sarah Marsh, but had no other issne. He died at Bath, 13th January, 1782, aged eighty-two, when the Baronetcy became Rxtinct. The estates eventually centred in his granddaughter,

Annb Hurlock, who at the decease of her kinswoman, Mrs. Jane Fleetwood, succeeded, by bequest, to the Fleetwood property, in the county of Norfolk likewise. She m. in 1777, Edmund Bunney, esq. (son of Joseph Bunney, esq. of Newark, by Mary, daughter of Edmund Cradock, esq.) who assumed by sign manual, the surnames of Cradock and Hartopp, and being created a Baronet in 1796, became Sir Edmund Cradock-hartopp. (See Burkk's Peerage and Baronetage.)

jlmff—Sa. a chevron ermine between three otters passant, argent.


Created 7th May, 1507—extinct about 16C8.

IL in rage.

i. Richard Hastings, esq. of Redlinch, in the county of Somerset, was created a Baronet in 1087. He m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Poyntz, of Iron Acton, in Gloucestershire, but by her, who wedded, secondly, Samuel Gorges,esq. of Wraxall,in the county of Somerset, had no issue. He d. about a year after his creation, and with him the Baroxetct Expired. v

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The family of Hatton was anciently of great l in the county palatine of Chester.

Wolprid, or Wolfaith, brother of Nigel, Barcm M Halton, was Lord of Halton, in Cheshire, by the pit of Hugh Lupus. He was grandfather of

Sir Adam Hatton, knt. of Hatton, whose desceadant, (ninth in the line from Wolfrid)

Hugh Hatton, of Hatton, m, Mary, daughter of Sir John Ardern, knt. and left two sons, viz.

i. John, his heir, who had an only daughter aid heir, Maud Hatton, who m. Ralph Vernon, xni her son, Robert Vkrnon, inherited Hatton. Ii. Hugh. The second son,

Much Hatton, m. Margaret, daughter and fceirsf JefTery de Brayne, and we pass from him to hu descendant, (fifteenth from Wolfrid)

Peter Hatton, esq. who m- Margaret, dangbw and co-heir of Sir George Bostock.knt. of Mobfeerky. in the county of Chester, and had issue,

I. Richard, his heir, ancestor of the Hatton*, ef

Alderton, in Shropshire. Ii. Peter, from whom the Hattons.of Kirsty Bin-bet,

in the same county, in. Henry, of whom presently. iv. Robert, ancestor of the Hatton*, of Noriey, >o

Cheshire, and of London, v. John, from whom the branches of Maxfield. vi. Ralph, founder of the Hatton*, of Waverhsm Vii. Adam, from whom the Hatton*. of North***

and Sutton, in Surrey. Tin. Simon, ancestor of the branch of Stocton Tate, in Cheshire. ix. Hugh, d. t. st.

The third son,

Henry Hatton, esq. m. Elizabeth, daughter sal heir of William Holdenby, esq. of Holdenby, in «* county of Northampton, and had two sons, Johh ssl Richard. The elder,

John Hatton, esq. *». Joan, daughter of John Wesby, esq. of Kent, and had issue,

l. William, of Holdenby, who «. Alice, daurfcte* of Laurence Saunders, esq. of Harringwcf*' in Northamptonshire, and had three sons, vis

1. Francis, rf- young.

2. Thomas, d. s. p.

3. Christopher (Sir), who attained *•*

eminence in the reign of Eui*imHe inherited Holdenby, and erected a splendid residence there.* Sir Christopher was first noticed by the queen at a mask at court, for the comeliness of his person, and his grace in dancing; and he subsequently, although not bred a lawyer, attained the high station of Lord Chancellor, was sworn of the privy council, and made a knight of the garter, bis instalment taking place 23rd May, 1588. * He d. unm. in 1591. it. Jobs, of whom hereafter, in. Christopher. i. Dorothy, m. to John Newport, esq. of Harrougham, in the county of Warwick, and had a son. Sir William Newport, who changed his name to Hatton,on inheriting the property of bis uncle, the lord chancellor. He m. Elisabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Francis Gawdy, knt. chief justice of the Common Pleas, and had an only daughter, Frances Hatton, m. to Robert Rich, second Earl of Warwick. Sir William dying thus without male issue, the chancellor's estates passed, under bis will, to John Hatton, esq. ae tecond son,

By his first wife, Frances, daughter and heir of Thomas Smith, c*q. of Winston, in Norfolk.

Johh Hatton, esq. of Gravesend, in Kent, m. iouis, daughter of War, or Ware, esq. of Sussex, id bad two sons, William, of Gravesend, and John Hatton, esq. of Stanton, in Cambridgeshire, fiag in 1579, who m. Jane, daughter of Robert Shute, it of the barons of the exchequer, and one of the iticei of the Common Pleas, and by her had three

»M, Til.

I. Christopher (Sir), of Kirby, in the county of Northampton, made knight of the Bath, at the coronation of Jambs 1. This gentleman inherited, on the failure of the male issue in Sir William (Newport) Hatton, the great estates of the Lord Chancellor Hatton. He m. Alice, daughter of Thomas Fenshaw, esq. of Ware Firk, and dying in 1019, was s. by his son, Sir Christophee Hatton, made a knight of the Bath at the coronation of Charlrs I. and distinguished himself afterwards by bis seal in the royal cause, was created, in 1643, Baron Hatton, of Kirby. His elder son and heir,

Christopher, second Lord Hatton, of Kirby, was created in 1682, Viscount Hatton, of Gretton. His lordship d, in 1700, and was *. by his son, by his third wife, Elizabeth, daughter and

co-heir of Sir William Haslewood, of Maidwell, Northamptonshire, William, second Viscount Hatton, who d. unm. in 1762, when the honours became extinct, j (See Burke's Extinct Petrage.) n. Robert, in. Thomas.

The youngest son,

i. Thomas Hatton, esq. of Long Stanton, in the county of Cambridge, was created a Baronet by King Charles I. 5th July, 1641. Sir Thomas, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Giles Alington,knt. of Horseheatb, in the same county, and bad issue,

Thomas, his heir.

John, d. s. p.

Christopher, who succeeded as fifth Baronet.


Elizabeth, m. to Sir William Boteler, knt. of Kinton, Bedfordshire.

Jane. He d. 23rd September, 1659, aged seventy-five, and was s. by his eldest son,

Ii. Sir Thomas Hatton,bart. whom. Bridget,daughter of Sir William Goring, bart. of Burton, in Sussex, and had issue,

Christopher, bis successor.

Thomas, successor to his brother.

Mary,8*. to John Pncklington, esq. of Huntingdon,

Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Day, esq. of Qui, in
C ambridgeshi re.

Rebecca, m. to — Crayker, esq. of London.

Dorothy, m. to Tirrcl Dalton, esq. of Fulborne, in Cambridgeshire. He was t. by his eldest son,

m. Sir Christopher Hatton, bart. who d. young and was s. by his brother,

It. Sir Thomas Hatton, bart. who also d. young, when the baronetcy reverted to his uncle,

v. Sir Christopher Hatton, bart. This gentleman m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Buck, esq. of VVestwick, in Cambridgeshire, and had several sons and one daughter, of whom all predeceased him except Thomas and John, his successors, and William, who m. Susanna, daughter of Mr. Hinton, and had a son Christopher, in holy orders, rector of Gorton, in Cambridgeshire, the daughter died soon after him unmarried. He d. in October, 1720, and was .v. by his elder surviving son,

vi. Sir Thomas Hatton, bart. who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Cooper Orlebar, esq. of Hinwick, in the county of Bedford, but that lady dying 5th May, 1732, aged forty-four, he married soon after, Henrietta, daughter of Sir James Astry, knt- of Woodend, in the parish of Arlington, in the county of Bedford, $ but leaving no issue, was s. by his brother,

• Camden, m the *' Britannia," speaking of Holdenby *««, isjri it was a stately and truly magnificent piece f baUdiug, erected by Sir Christopher Hatton, privy n&ttUor to Queen Elizabeth, lord chancellor of Eng>d, and knight of the garter, upon the lands and inbeo^ce of hit great grandmother, heir of the ancient *ut of the Hokienbies; for the greatest and last moia*M of his yoath, as himself afterwards was wont to ■fit.

* Sit Christopher Hatton died a bachelor, 20th "**mber, isui, having adopted Sir William Newport, U.lte^ew' *'l*> cbaoged his name to Hatton, but in dent of isste male by bim, the estates were then settled « bi» godson, Christopher Hatton, son and heir of "•.a Hatton, his next kinsman in the male line.


; Christopher, the second baron and first visconnt, had, by his first wife, Lady Cecilia Tufton, daughter of the Earl of Thanet, an only daughter,

Annb Hatton, who m. Daniel Finch, second Earl of Nottingham, and sixth Earl of WinchcUea, and had with other issue, The Honourable Edward Finch, who assumed the additional surname of Hatton, upon inheriting the estates of his ancle, of the halfblood, William, last Viscount Hatlon. The grandson of this Edward, George-finch-hatton, esq. inherited, in 1HO0, the Earldoms of Winrhelsea and Nottingham. $ By Anne, his wife, second daughter of Sir Thoma* Penyston, bart. of Cornwell, in Oxfordshire. «4fl

vii. Sib John Hatton, bart. who m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Hawkea, gent, and widow of Mr. William Hitch, by whom ho had one son and three daughters. He d. 1st July, 1740, and was *. by his son,

Tin. Sir Thomas Hatton, bart. who m. Harriet, daughter of Dingley Ascham, esq. of Connington, in Cambridgeshire, and dying 7th November, 1787, was s. by his son,

ix. Sir John Hatton, bart. who m. in 1708, Miss Bridgman, daughter of Mr. Bridgman, an American refugee, but dying s. p. about the year 1811, was f, by his brother,

x. Sir Thomas-dinglet Hatton, bart. who died in oonsequence of a fall from his curricle, ltfth September, 1812, and being unm. the Baronetcy became Rx


Arm*—Az. a chevron between three garbs or, with i mullet for distinction.

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The family of Hawkesworth was seated in Yorkshire at a very remote period. Its representative in the commencement of the seventeenth century,

Sir Richard Hawkesworth, knt. of Hawkesworth, 7/1. first, Anne, daughter of Thomas Wentworth, esq. of North Elmsal, by whom he had a daughter,

Katherine, m. first, to William Lister, esq.; and secondly, to Sir John Bright, bart. Sir Richard wedded, secondly, Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Goodrick, int. and had by her one son and one daughter, viz.

Walter, his heir.

Jane, m. Francis Braildon, esq. of Braildon, and their daughter and heir,

Mary Braildon, m. Bradwardin Tindall, esq. and had a daughter and heir, Lucy, the wife of Edward Thomson, esq. of Marsden. Sir Richard d. 11th February, 1037, and was s. by his son,

Walter Hawkesworth, esq. of Hawkesworth, living in 1060, who m. Alice, daughter of Sir William Brownlow, bart. and had a son and successor,

i. Waltbr Hawkesworth, esq. of Hawkesworth, who was created a Baronet Oth December, 1078. This gentleman m. Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Markham, bart. of Sedgebrook, in Lincolnshire, and was s. by his son,

n. Sir Walter Hawkesworth, of Hawkesworth, who ffl. Judith, eldest daughter and co-heir of John, only son of Sir William Aiscough, knt. of Osgodby, in Lincolnshire, and had to survive him an only daughter and heir,

Frances, who m. Thomas Ramsden, esq. and had, with a daughter, Judith, wife of Richard Beaumont, esq. of Whitley, a son,

Walter Rahsden, who assumed, in roinjili-
ance with the will of his grandfather, tbe
surname and arms of Hawkesworth. Ha
m, Frances-Elizabeth, daughter of Jom?i
Hall, esq. of Skelton Castle, and dying nth
October, 1700, left issue a daughter, Franca,
m. to Legendre Starkie, esq. of Huntrord,
and a son and successor,
Walter Rabsdrn-beapkokt-hawkiswoitb,
esq. of Hawkesworth, who assumed the «n-
name of pursuant to the tett&mo
tary injunction of Francis Fawkes, esq. of
Farnley. He m. Amelia, eldest daughter e(
James Farrer, esq. and had issue. HU eld-
est son and heir is the present
Walter Ramsdxn-fawxkz, esq. of Famler,
in Yorkshire.

Sir Walter Hawkesworth rf. I7th March, 1733, vhes

the BAaoNBTCT became Extinct.

Arta*— Sa. three falcons close ppr.

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Thomas Hawkins, esq. of Managassie, in CoftmH, m. and had by Audrey, his wife, several children; a* eldest of whom,

John Hawkins, esq. was of St. Erth, in Cornvul and m. Loveday, daughter of George Trenhayle, t" living in 1070, by whom he had issue, i. Thomas, his heir.

H. George, vicar of Sithney, in Cornwall, ■.arm
Kemps, and by her had
George, d. s. p.

Anne, m. to Alexander Trevathen, of Helston. in. Reginald, D.D. master of Pembroke Hall,Cambridge, d. s. p. It. Francis, m. Constance AngTore, and had A Hs and daughter, vis. John, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Hearj Hawkins, of St. Austle, in Cornwall, a* had two sons, Francis, d. s.-p. John, m. Catherine Thomas, of Tw

Frances, m. to the Rev. William vicar of Helston and Wendrou. i. Audrey, m. to John Alexander, ii. Mary, m. to John Eathorne. in. Anne, m. to Thomas Lukey.

The eldest son and heir, ^^

Thomas Hawkins, esq. of Trewinnard, in tbe stn" of St. Erth, in Cornwall, m. first, Florence, •***"" of James Pread, of Tre vethow, and by that lady brf » daughter, Florence, m. to John Williams, of H^*!*' merchant. He m. secondly, Anne, daughter, Aw length co-heir, of Christopher Bellot, esq. of Boca*in Cornwall, and dying in 1716, wu «. by his only ■arming ion,

Christopher Hawkins, esq. of Trewlnnard, who «. Mary, daughter of Philip Hawkins, Esq. of Pennana, •y whom he had Jane, wife of Sir Richard Vyvyan, bart of Trelowarren, and a son, his successor,

Thomas Hawxins, esq. of Trewithan, in Cornwall,
M.P. for Grampound, who wedded Anne, daughter of
James Heywood, Esq. of London, and had issue,
Philip, d, j. p.
Christopher, his heir.
Thomas, d, s. p.

John, 01. Heater, daughter of Humphrey Sib-
thorpe, esq. M.P. for the city of Lincoln, and
has issue.
Mary, M. to Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Trelawney
Brereton.son of General Harry Trelawney, and
had issue.

Mr. Has kins died 1st December, 1770, aged forty-two.
His second son,

i. CnauT0PH«R Hawkins, esq. F.R.S. and F.S.A. of Trewithan and Trewinnard, both in Cornwall, born in 1758, M.P. for St. Michael's, who was created a Biaoarr 18th July, 1701. Sir Christopher died unmarried 8th April, 1829, when the Baronetcy IXritiD.

Arms- Per saltire or and arg. on a saltire sq. five fleurs-de-lis of the first, all within a bordure gobony ur and sa.

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I- Prarcis Hawley, esq. of Buckland House, in the raanty of Somerset, descended from Francis Hawley, "I- M.P. for Corfe Castle, in Dorsetshire, temp. Eli"■trg, raised a troop of horse in 1642 for the royal came, and in consideration of that and many other imiees rendered to the unhappy, was cre«»d a BiaoNiT by his majesty 14th March, 1043, and farther advanced to the peerage of Ireland, as Lord "•"ley, Baron of Donamore, in July, 1040. He had

» SOD,

FaiNcu, who as. Gertrude, daughter of Richard Gethins, Esq. of the county of Cork, and predeceasing his father, left issue, Psancis, successor to his grandfather, Richard, who m. Jane, daughter of Mr. Harbin, of Somersetshire, and had issue, Richard. Elizabeth. Mar,. Catharine, second wife of Robert Napier, esq. of Punknoll, in Dorsetshire, lord Hawley died 22nd December, 1084, aged seventyii, tad was j. by his grandson,

ii. 8ia Pamela Hiwur, second Lord Hawley, •P- for Brambcr, in Sussex, in 1713 and 1715, who ■- Lady Elisabeth Ramsay, only daughter of William,

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Of this very ancient family, fruitful as the county of Devon is known to have been in distinguished houses, it may with truth be stated, that it was one of the most eminent, the most widely spread, and the most affluent which even that quarter of England could boast of. Every printed history of Devon, who, ther Pole, Risdon, Prince, or Polwhele, abundantly testifies the fact J while Westcott, Chapel], and other collectors, whose works have not yet been published, strengthen those accounts j still more fully confirmed by the different herald's visitations of Devonshire and Cornwall, preserved in the College of Arms, and in the Harleian MSS. Heale, Heal, or Hele, a manor in the parish of Bradninch, in the Hundred of Harridge, in the North of Devon, was, from the earliest time of which any record exists, and, as is presumed, from long before the Conquest, in the possession of the family, which had its dwelling there, and gave it name. The herald's visitations commence with Sir Rooer Di La Heale, Lord of Heale, in the reign of Henry III, fifth in descent from whom, through several knights named Roger and Nicholas, was William De La Heale, who left issue two sons, i. Nicholas.

II. Roger, who became heir male of the family on the death of Nicholas. Nicholas De La Here, son and heir, died in the first year of King Henry V. leaving issue by his wife, Alice, cousin and heir of William de Percehay, of Comb Flory, an only daughter, Alice Hele, who married William Fraunceys, esq. of Brixham, In Devon, who, in right of his wife, became Lord of Hele, and succeeded to Comb Flory, where his descendants continued seated, matching, as they descended, with various western knightly families, as Ashforde of Ashforde, Courtenay of Powdcrham, Barckicy, Wyndham of Orchard, Chichester, and others.

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