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in. James. The youngest son,

James Ashe, esq. m. Anne, daughter of John Walrond, esq. of Bovey, and from him sprang

John Ashk, esq. of Westcombe, in the county of Somerset, living in 1934, who m. Anne, daughter of Thomas Strode, esq. of Huxton Mallet, and had issue, James, his heir.

Alice, m. to John Pitt, esq. of Melcombe Regis. Margaret, m. to John Manuel, esq. of Weymouth. The son,

James Ashe, esq. of Freshford, in Somersetshire, m. Grace, daughter of Richard Pitt, esq. of Melcombe Regis, and had five sons, viz.

i. John, of Freshford, who sat in parliament temp. I., and subsequently under the Protectorate. He was in favour with Cromwell, but refused to sit in judgment upon the King. He possessed a landed property valued at £6000 a year, which he divided at his decease amongst his sons, by Elizabeth bis wife, the daughter of Henry Davison, esq. viz.

1. James, of Fifield, Wilts, whose son was

seated at Heywood.

2. John, of Teftent, Wilts, who had the ma

nor of Beckington, in Somersetshire, and d. $. p.

3. Edward, of Freshford, who left an only

daughter and heiress.

4. Samuel, of Challots, Wilts.

5. Joseph, of Lonpstreet, Wilts.

fl. Benjamin, of Westcombe, in Somersetshire.

7. Jonathan, of Clanwilliam, in the county of Tipperary, from whom the present Rev. Treror-Lloyd Ashe, of Ashgrove, in the county of Limerick.

1. Anne, m. to Sir John Shaw, bart. of

Eltham, in Kent.

2. Grace, m. to Paul Methuen, esq. direct

ancestor of the present Paul Methuen, esq. of Corsham.

3. Hester, m. to Samuel Creswick, esq. of

Hani am.

4. , m. to John Barnard, esq. of Surrey.

3. Mary, tn. to Jacob Self, esq- of Beanacre. Ii. Edward, of London, M.P. for Heytesbury in the 16th of Charles I. m. Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Woodward, esq. and had a son and heir, William, of Heytesbury, who died in 1713, leaving by Anne his wife, daughter of Alexander Popham, esq. M.P. of Littlecoot, two sons, whose posterity became extinct, and an only daughter, Elizabeth Ashe, whom. Pierce A'Court, esq. oflvychurch, and was great grandmother to William A'Court, now Lord Heytesbcry. Hi. Joseph, of whom presently. It. Jonathan, of London, merchant, whose daughter,

Rebecca, tn. Sir Francis Vincent, bart. y. Samuel, of Langley Burrell, Wilts. The third son,

i. Joseph Ashe, esq. of Twickenham, in the county of Middlesex, in consideration of the services he had rendered to the Crown, was created a Baronet by King Charles II. 19th September, 1600. Sir Joseph m. Mary, daughter of Robert Wilson, esq. of London, (who fined for alderman), and had issue, James, his successor. Catherine, m. to William Wyndham,esq. of Fell

brigge, in Norfolk.
Mary, m. to Horatio, Viscount Townshend.

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The Ash Fields were seated at Stowlangloft, in Suffolk, from the time of Edward III. when they acquired that estate by purchase, until the 12th James I. They subsequently were of NetherhalL

Robert Db Ashpield, great-grandson of the first proprietor of Stowlangtoft, living in 1455, married three wives; and by the second, Cicely, daughter of John Tendring, he had three sons, and a daughter, Margaret, m. to John Beaupre, of Wells. By the first, Eleanor Curzon, he had a son and heir,

John Ashpield, who flourished in the time of EdWard IV. He wedded Florentia, daughter of John Butter, and was father of

John Abhfibld, who died 15 Hen. VII. 1409, leaving by Margaret, his wife, daughter of John Wectwortb, of Gosfield, in Essex, a son and successor,

George Ashpield, of Pakenham, who m. Margery, daughter of Cheeke of Bludhall, in De ben bam, and dying 0 Henry VIII. left a son,

Robert Ashpield, who married two wives: by the first, Margaret, daughter of Simon Le Grosse, knt. be had no issue; but by the second, Alice, daughter of Sir Thomas Terrain, he had six sons and three daughters, viz.

i. Robert, his heir. n. William,

in. Thomas. iv. George. r. John.

vi. Edmund, m. the daughter and heir of — Harvey, esq. of Suffolk. I. Florence, »t. to Edward Brooke, of Aspal. u. Amye, m. to Reinold Rons, of Baddingham. Hi. Anne, sa. to John Sturt, of Highgate. The eldest son and heir,

Bobert Ashpield, m. first, Alice, daughter of William Clapton, of Lyston, in Essex, and had by her a son, Robert, bis heir, and a daughter, Anne, the wife of Anthony Denny, esq. He espoused, secondly, Frances, daughter of Robert Spring, esq. of Lav en ham, and had by her,

Joan, of Wickham, who m. Margaret C lea re, of

Stokesby. Thomas, of Hopton, who tn. Elen Holditch, relict of Thomas Prettiman, and had two daughter?, Penelope and Dorothy. The latter m. Robert Wilmot, gent, of St. Giles, Middlesex. William,! who both died M in expedition e LuviFrancis, J tanise, 1580." Dorothy, in. to Sir Richard Ogle, knt. Robert Ashfield d. 10 James I. and was s. by bis son.

Sir Robert Ashpield, knt. who sold his inheritance at Stowlangtoft to Paul 1) Ewes, esq. He m. Anne, daughter of Sir John Tasburgh, and was father of i. Sir John Ashpibip, knt. gentleman of tire privy chamber to Charles I. created a Baronet in 1636. liiis gentleman wedded Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Richard Sutton, km. and dying in 1635, was s. by his son,

it. Sir Richard Ashfield, who m. first, the A's and co-heir of Sir Richard Rogers, kiit. of Eastwood, in Gloucestershire, and, secondly, Dorcas, daughter of James Hore, esq. of the Mint. He d. in l«4, and was s. by his son,

in. Sir John Ashfield, who m. Anne, daughter of James Hore, esq. of the Mint, and had issue. He was living in 1693, but his estate was destroyed. The baronetcy was Extinct in 1727.

n —Sa. a fesse between three fleurs-de-lys.

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Hut rage.

This family had lout; been resident at a seat bearing their own name in the county of Lancaster. Soon After the Conquest, Roger de Leyland quitted all •-i tim of lands in Dalton to Ada* De Asshehurst and his heirs. His son, Roger De Asshehurst, is also mentioned in a deed, therein he releases to John de Scarisbrick and the *ud John's heirs his whole right to the town of Sea* nsbrici. The sou of this Roger, Hixh Di Asshbhurst, was father of Thomas De Asshehurst, who was s. by his son, William De Asshbhurst, unto whom and his heirs, doing homage and fealty, Simon de Winstanley released his right in the town of Winstanley. His son *nJ successor,

Ralph De Asshehurst, had two sons, Simon, his heir, and Henry, upon whom he conferred lands In Holland, in the county of Lancaster, the deed of gift being sealed with a cross, and in the dexter chief pints anejievr de lis. The elder son,

•sivon Dr Asshehlbst, had also two sons,
I- Robert, who possessed lands in Dalton.

(i. John, who had the manor and entire parish of Asshehurst, in the county of Kent, for homage and service, settled upon him.

Robert De Asshehurst, the elder son and heir, was i. by his son,

Kit Hard De Asshehurst, living in the 28th of EdwiBD 1. who was father of

Six Adah De Asshehurst, kut. who flourished in «b reign of Edward III. and serving that I' m his foreign wars, had letters patent, during his p^ourn abroad, of royal protection and defence granted for his tenants; at the same time the king discharged him from all contributions emergent within the realm, and from all tenths, fifteenths, &c. witnessed by the *ine at Brussels Cth November, in the 13th year of ■w reign. Sir Adam was *. by his son,

Sir John De Asshehurst, knt. living in the 1st of

Ric Hard R., who m. Margaret, daughter of Henry

A- Orrell, and had three sons, Roger, Geoffrey, and

Jiad. This gallant knight was the first who sealed

with a cross between four flevrs de lis, the latter having been conferred for his great services in the French wars. His eldest son and heir,

Roger De Asshehurst, is mentioned in the 10th of Richard II. and having m. Matilda, daughter of Hugh de Ince, left a son and successor,

Robert Dk Asshehurst, who figured in the reign of Henry V. He ;//. Ellen, daughter of Ralph de An derton, and was s. by his son,

John De Asshehurst, living in the 15th of Henry 's, who wedded Catherine, daughter and co-heir of Roger Dalton, and was father of

Robert Asshehurst, esq. who was alive in the 38th of the same reign. He m. Margaret, daughter of Richard Byram, esq. of Byram, and was *. by his son, John Asshehurst, esq. This gentleman m. first, Martha, daughter of Sir William Leyland, A. ; and, secondly, Alice, daughter and heir of John Orrell, esq. By the latter he left a son and successor,

William Asshbhurst, esq. mentioned in the 8th of Henry VIR., who intermarried with Elizabeth, daughter of John Ogle, esq. and had a son and heir,

William Asshehurst, esq. living in the 1st of EdWard VI. This gentleman wedded Cecily, daughter of Nicholas Taylor, gent, and was s, by his son,

William Asshehurst, esq. who flourished in the time of Elizabeth, and having m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Wilton, esq. left a son and successor,

Henry Asshehurst, esq. who wedded Cassandra, daughter of John Bradshaw, esq. of Bradshaw, and had issue,

i. William, his heir. This gentleman served with great reputation in several parliaments before and at the commencement of the civil war, and opposed all parties whose views he deemed adverse to the institutions and freedom of the country so firmly as to have the motto, Sed magis Arnica Veritas, placed under Mb portrait, from the pencil of Vandyke. He tn. one of the daughters of Sir Thomas Ell ys, knt. of Wyham, in Lincolnshire, and had three sons, Thomas, William, and John, by the eldest of whom, (the two younger d. s. p.), Thomas Asshhurst, esq. L Asshhurst, he was succeeded. This gentleman wedded Susanna, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Bosvile, esq. of Edlington, in Yorkshire, and (/. in January, 1609,1700. ii. John, from whom descended a family in Ireland, which I long since extinct In the male line, in. Henry, of whom presently, iv. Robert, who d. s. p. Henry I who was living in the 2nd of Jam F.s I., was X. in his paternal estate of Asshhurst, in Lancashire, by his eldest son, William. His second son, it would appear, emigrated to Ireland, while the third,

Henry Asshhurst, esq. settled in the city of London, and became a merchant there. He was eminent for great benevolence, humanity, and piety, was a chief person in founding the corporation for propagating the gospel in foreign parts, temp. Charles I., to which he acted as treasurer. He was likewise a promoter of translating the Bible into Hindustan. He fined for alderman, raised a considerable fortune, and left a high character behind him at his decease in 1680, when his remains were interred at St. Augussons, in Watling-street. This worthy and opulent citizen m. Judith, daughter of — Reresby, esq. of the county of York, and by her had four sons and two daughters, viz.

I. Henry, his heir.

■ i. William (Sir), lord mayor of London in 1CD3, and one of the representatives of the city in several parliaments, who received the honour of knighthood from King William. He in. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Thompson, esq. and had issue, in. Joseph, m. the daughter of Henry Cornish, esq. iv. Benjamin, d.unra, i. Mary, m. to Sir Thomas Lane. Ii. Judith, m. to Sir Robert Booth, knt. of London, merchant, and had an only daughter, Ji iniH Booth, heir of her father, who m. Sir William Cowper, first Earl Cowpik, lord chancellor of England, but had no issue. The eldest son and heir.

i. Henry Ash Hurst, esq. of Waterstock, in the county of Oxford, was created a Baronet by King James II. 21st July, 1B88. Sir Henry m. the Hon. Diana Paget, sixth daughter of William, fifth Lord Paget,* and had issue, Henry, his heir.

Frances, m. to Sir Richard Allin, bart. of Somerleyton, in the county of Sufifolk, and had, with other issue, a son, Sir Ashhurst Allin, bart. whose line expired with his son, and a daughter, Diana, m. to Thomas Henry Ashhurst, esq. Sir Henry Ashhurst sat in parliament in the reigns of Charles II. and William III. for the boroughs of Truro, in Cornwall, and Wilton, in Wilts. He was the intimate friend of the Hon. Robert Boyle, to whom he was executor, and trustee for founding the lecture which bore that gentleman's name. He died at Waterstock I3th April, 1710, lies buried there, and was r. by his son,

Ii. Sir Henry Asiif.hi.-hst, M.P. for Windsor in 1714, who m. in 1712, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Draper, bart. of Sunning Hill, Berks, but dying.*. /<- 17th May, 1732, the Baronetcy expired.

Arms—Gu. a cross eng. or, in the dexter chief quarter a fleur-de-lis of the second.

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Margaret, daughter of Robert Turgis,and was father of Hugh Ashley, of Winbourne St. Giles, who di^d 29th April, 1403, leaving by Elizabeth, daughter of Raynold Walwyn, of Sussex, a daughter m. to Stephen Wallop, of Over Wallop, in Hampshire, ancestor to the Earls Op Portsmouth, and a son and successor,

Henry Ashley, esq. of Winbourne, who m. Radegan, daughter of Robert Gilbert, of Somersetshire, and had issue,

i. Henry (Sir), his heir.

u. Anthony of Damerltam, who m. Dorothy, daughter of John Lyte, esq. of Lytes Carey, in Somersetshire, and had three sons, namely,

1. Anthony, of whom presently, as sue

cessor to his cousin at Winbourne.

2. Robert, chosen M.P. for Dorchester 39

Elizabeth, d.s. p.

3. Francis (Sir), knt. of the Middle Temple,

serjeant-at-law, and recorder of Dorchester, for which borough he was tw tec sent to parliament, m. Anne, eldest daughter and co-heir of Bernard Sam wayes, esq. of Toller Fratrum, iu Dorsetshire, and dying in 1035, left an only daughter and heiress,

Dorothy, m. to Danzell Lord Holies, of Ifield,so conspicuous in the troubled times of Charles I. The grand son of this marriage, Danzell, last Lord Holies dying unm. in 1094, his estates passed to his heir-atlaw, John, Duke of Newcastle, the ancestor of the present noble lion- of Portland, Newcastle, Chichester, and Cleveland. i. Elizabeth, m. to — Percy, esq. Ii. Anne, in. to John Osborne, in. Margaret, m. to John Hales. Henry Ashley, died in 1549, and was *- by his elder son.

Sir Hknry Ashley, of Winbourne St- Giles, M.P. for Dorsetshire, o. in 1519, knighted at the coronation of Queen Mary, and appointed ranger of Holt ForestHe m. Catharine, daughter of Sir John Basset, knt. and was *. at his decease, in 15SS, by his son.

Sir Henry Ashley, knt. of Winbourne St. Giles, b. in 154S, gentleman pensioner to Quctm Elizabeth; m. Anne, daughter of Lord Burgh, and had, with four daughters, three sons who died s. p. whereupon the family estates passed to his cousin,

i. Sir Anthony Ashley, of Winbourne St. Gilen, who sat in several parliaments, and was highly distinguished by the favour of Queen Elizabeth. He was secretary to her council of war, and received the honour of knighthood for his services at the capture of Calais; the account of which event he brought over to her majesty. He was subsequently secretary to the privy council in the reign of Jam Ks I. and was created a Baronet in 1622. Sir Anthony married, first, Jane, relict of Thomas Cokaine, esq. and daughter and coheir of Philip Okeover, esq. of Okeover, in Staffordshire, by whom he had an only daughter and heire*-., Anne, who marrying Sir John Cooper, bart. conveyed the Ashley estates to the Cooper family, by which they are still possessed ; she was mother of Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, Eul or SHAFTESBURY.t the celebrated statesman.

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cordance with a stipulation in his father's marriage settlement, that if the family ever attained the peerage, their title should be that of Ashley.

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■Sit Ralph Assheton, knight banneret, marrying
Virgaret,daughter of John Barton,esq. of Middleton,
*bo was heir of her uncle, Richard Barton, acquired
that estate, and had two sons, Richard (Sir) who in-
herited Middleton, and

Sit Ralph Assheton, who acquired the lordship of
I tt!.it in the county of Lancaster, by marrying Mar-
ciur, the daughter and heir of Adam Levek, esq. of
Great Lever. He had issue,
Ralph, his heir.

John, M. Eleanor, daughter of Sir Robert Con-
stable, of Mashum, in the county of York, and
left a daughter,
Helen Assheton, who m. William Pickering,
esq. and was mother of
John Pickering, keeper of the great seal,
temp. Elizabeth.
The eldest son,

Kalpb Assheton, m. Eleanor, daughter of Adam
1 Iuoq, esq. of the Park, and had
Kalfh, his successor.

Richard, who purchased Whalley Abbey, m. Jane,

daughter and heir of Ralph Harbottle, esq. of

Northumberland, and d. s. p. at Whalley, 9th

September, 1581.

Nicholas, rector of Wickford, in the county of



He was i. by his eldest son,

Ralph Assheton, esq. who wedded Margaret, daugh-
ter of William Orrell, esq. of Turton Tower, and had

Ralph, his beir.

Andrew, rector of Mungewell, in the county of
The eldest son,

Kilpb Assheton, esq. of Great Lever, m. Alice,
daughter of William Hulton, esq. of Farnworth, and
»« father of

Ralph Assheton, esq. of Great Lever, in the county
"i Uacaster, who m. first, Johanna, widow of Edward
R»dduTe, esq. of Todmorden, and daughter and Co-
Mo- of Thomas Radcliffe, esq. of Wimbersley. Of
this lady there is a portrait painted on pannel at
"owaley; she appears to have been of a fair cotn-
fWittnaudhaudaotue. By her Mr. Assheton had issue,

Ralph, his successor.

Ratcliffe, b. in 1582, from whom the Asshetons of

Cuerdale and Downham.
Jane, b. in 1573, m. to Richard Towneley, esq. of
Towneley, (ancestor of the present P. E. Towne-, esq. of Towneley) and d. at Hapton Tower,
in 1635.
Alice, b. in 1574, m. to Alexander Standish, esq.

of Duxbury.
Eliza, 6. in 1575, >n. to George Preston, esq. of
He wedded, secondly, Anne, daughter of John Talbot,
son of Sir Thomas Talbot, of Bashall, and relict of
Edmund Assheton, esq. of Chatterton, and was s. at
his decease by his elder son,

i. Ralph Assheton, esq. of Great Lever, and Whal-
ley, b. in 1579, and created a Baronet 28th June,
ItttO. Sir Ralph m. first, Dorothy, daughter of Sir
James Bellingham, knt. of Levens, in Westmoreland;
and, secondly, Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Shuttle-
worth, esq. of Gawthorp, in Lancashire. By his first
wife only he had issue, viz.
Ralph, second baronet.

Thomas, a merchant, m. Anne, daughter of Sir
Sheffield Clapham, and had a son,
Thomas, commoner of Brazennose College,
Oxford, buried 1670.

John MD' ftnira and fourtn baronets.
Anne, m. to Sir Ralph Assheton,bart. of Middle-
ton, and was mother of Sir Ralph Assheton,
second baronet of Middleton, who inherited the
estates of his uncle. Sir John Assheton, hart,
of Whalley.
Sir Ralph sold his paternal estate of Great Lever, to
Bridgman, Bishop of Chester, about the year 1629.
In the latter part of his life he complained of great
oppression from Archbishop Laud, in breaking a lease
of the rectory of Whalley, on which account he was
compelled to make a journey to London, when very
gouty and infirm. He d. 16th October, 1044, and was
s. by his eldest son,

Ii. Sir Ralph Assheton, of Whalley, b. in 1680,
m. first, Lady Dorothy Tufton, daughter of Nicholas,
first Earl of Thanet; and, secondly, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of Sir Sapcote Harrington, and had an only son,
who d. young. He died in 1080, and was buried at
Downham, where he built the family vault in the
chancel: he pulled down the old Abbey Church and
Tower at Whalley. Sir Ralph dying without sur-
viving issue, was s. by his next surviving brother,

in. Sir Edmi M> Assheton, of Whalley, b. in 1020,
who d. issueless 31st October, 1695, and was s. by his

iv. Sir John Assheton, of Whalley, b. in 1621, m.
Catherine, daughter of Sir Henry Fletcher, bart. of
Mutton, in Cumberland and widow of Thomas Lister,
esq. of Araoldsbriggin, but dying s. p. 19th June, 1697,
the estate of Whalley devolved upon (the son and
heir of his sister) his nephew, Sir Ralph Assheton,
bart. of Middleton, and the Baronetcy expired.

Arms—Arg. a mullet sa.


Created 17th Aug. 1060.—Extinct 31st Dec. 1765.


Asheton-under-lynb, a market town, in Salford
Hundred, county palatine of Lancaster, gave name to
this ancient family, which was founded by

Ohm Fitz Ewaru, to whom Albert de Gresley gave
one carucate of land in Asheton, beside a knight's fee in Dalton Parbold and Wrightington, temp. Hen Kv III. This Onn m. Emma, daughter of the abovementioned Albert de Gresley, and was grandfather of Sir Thomas De Assheton, Lord of Assheton. His grandson,

Sir Robert De Assheton, was vice chamberlain to King Edward III. and a commissioner to treat for peace with France. He was afterwards governor of Guynes, warden of the cinque porta, and admiral of the Narrow Seas. In the 43rd of the same reign he was made justice of Ireland; four years afterwards constituted treasurer of England; and lastly, appointed constable of Dover Castle. Sir Robert was one of the executors of the last will of his royal master, and he appears to have enjoyed the confidence of the succeeding monarch; for we find him in the 4th of Richard II. again warden of the cinque ports. He left at his decease a son and heir,

Thomas De Assheton, who captured the royal standard of Scotland at the battle of Durham, 17th October, 1340. He was father of

Sir John De Assheton, who represented the county of Lancaster in parliament 12th Richard 11. He m. Margaret, daughter of Perkins de Legh, of Lyme, in the county of Chester, and had a son,

Sir John Db Ashton, drowned at Nor ham. He m. the daughter of Sir Robert Standish, of Standish, knt. and had two sons, John (Sir).

Nicholas (Sir), who was a knight of the order of St. John of Jerusalem, afterwards so well known as knights of Malta. The elder son,

Sir John Db Assheton was made a knight of the Bath at the coronation of King Henry IV. and returned one of the knights of the shire for the county palatine of Lancaster to the first parliament of Henry V. by which latter monarch he was made governor of Constance in France. He m. first, Jane, daughter of John Savile, of Tankersley, in the county of York, and had issue,

Thomas (Sir), his heir, the alchemist, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Byron, and had issue,

1. John (Sir), knighted before the battle of

Northampton, 10th July, 1460. He m.
first, Dulcia, daughter of Sir Edmund
Traftord, knt. of Trafford; and, secondly,
Isabella, daughter of Elland, of Elland,
in the county of York. He rf. 23rd Henry
VII. leaving by his first wife,
Thomas (Sir), knighted at Ripon 7th
Henry VII., m. first, Elizabeth, dau.
and heiress of Ralph Staveleigh, of
Stayley, and had issue,
Margaret, m. to Sir William Booth,
of Dunham Massey, ancestor of
the Earls of Stamford and War-
Elizabeth, m. to Randle Ashton, of

Joan, in. to Sir John Leigh.
He m. secondly, Agnes, one of the ten
daughters and co-heirs of Sir James
Harrington, of Woolfage, Northamp-
tonshire, and dying 8th Henry VII.,
left by her,
John, ft. s.-p. in. Jane, daughter and

heir of W. Stanley. Alice, m. to Sir It. Hoghton, of Noghton Tower.

2. Edmund, m. Johanna, daughter and heir of

Richard Radcliffe, of Chadderton.

3. Geffrey, m. the daughter and heiress of

Thomas Manners, of Shipley.

4. Nicholas, m. Mary, daughter of Lord Brook.

1. Dulcia, m. to Sir Thomas Gemini, of Bryn.

2. Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Traftord.
And four other children.

Lucy, Hi. first, to Sir Bertoue Entwisle; secondly,
to Richard Byron; and, thirdly, to Sir Ralph

Margaret, m. to Thomas Langley, of Edgecroft

Katherine, m. to John Duckenfield.

Elizabeth, m. first, to Sir Ralph Harrington; secondly, to Sir Richard Hammerton.

Agnes, m. to Thomas Booth, of Barton.

Anne, m. to — Dutton, esq. of Cheshire.

Sir John wedded, secondly, Mary, daughter of Sir John Byron, of Clayton In Lancashire, and by that lady had a son,

Sir Ralph Assheton, who was page of honor to King Henry VI. and marrying Margaret, daughter of John Barton, esq. of Middlkton, in the county of Lancaster, and heir to her uncle, Richard Barton, became proprietor of that estate. He was knight marshal of England, lieutenant of the Tower of London, and sheriff of Yorkshire in the 12th and 13th of Edward IV. In the 24th of which monarch's reign, anno 1482, he was made Knight Banneret at Hattonfield, in Scotland, whither he had attended the Duke of Gloucester to recover Berwick. He was afterwards appointed vice-constable of England, with the authority of constable; and Hollnshed names him amongst the knights who rode in procession at the coronation of Richard III. which ceremony he did not long survive. He had, with other issue, two sons,

Richard (Sir), his heir.

Ralph (Sir), who marrying Margaret, daughter
and heir of Adam Lever, esq. of Lever, in Lan-
cashire, acquired that lordship. He was pro-
genitor of
Sir Ralph Assheton, of Lever, created a
Baronet by King James I. 28th June, 1COO.
(See Assheton, of Lever.)

The eldest son and heir,

Sir Richard Assheton, of the county palatine of Lancaster received the honour of knighthood for his gallant services in the Scottish war* under the Lord Strange, and died 28th April, in 23rd Henry VII. leaving by his wife, Isabel, daughter of John Talbot, esq. of Salisbury, one son and four daughters, viz.

Richard, his heir.

Margaret, m. to John Hop wood, esq. of Hopwood.
—, m. to Holte of Stubley.

Alice, m. first, to John Lawrence, esq.; secondly,
to Richard Ratclyffe, esq. of Ratelyffc Tower;
and, thirdly, to Thomas Booth, esq. of Hacken-
Elizabeth, m. to Robert, son of Thurstan Holland,
esq. of Denton.

Sir Richard Assheton, the only son and heir, was a distinguished warrior, and received the honor of knighthood for bis valiant bearing on the celebrated Field of Flodden,where he took the Scottish standardbearer's sword, and made Sir John Foreman, the Scots' monarch's serjeant-porter, prisoner. On his return he dedicated to St. Leonard of Middleton his standard, having several privileges within the said manor allowed him by the king. He m. Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Foulshurst, of Crew, in Cheshire, and had issue,

Richird, his successor.

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