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Jons ELciud, esq. of Saxham,in Suffolk, (descended out a very ancient family which claimed Saxon origin) >d i»ite, four sons and two daughters, viz.

i. River, his heir. II. John.

Hi. Joseph, fellow of New College, Oxon, d. J. p. it. Henry, d. s. p.

i. Catherine, m. to Sir Samuel Tryon, bart.

ii. Anne, m. to Sir Robert Henley, knt. * eldest son,

i Si* Ret It Eldred, of Saxham Magna, in Suffolk, » created a Baronet in 1641 2. He m. Anne, dau. fl coheir of John Blakey, or Blackwell, gent, of imjwhire, but by her, who wedded, secondly, Mr. li^rman Arnold, of London, had no issue. He died nut lea, aad with him the Baronetcy Expired.

irsu—Or, on a bend raguly sa. three bezants.


tiuTXDiith July, 177sV— Extinct 7th Nor. 1786.


i Jons Eluott, M.D. physician to the Prince of 'lies, ins created a Baronet in 1778, but dying un^me,i at Brocket Hall, Herts, 7th November, 1786, * title became Extinct.

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The name of F.llys is of old standing in the county of Lincoln, of which the parish church of Great Paunton bore evidence, that ancient structure having been erected by Anthony Ellya, esq. who had married a lady of the family of Ascough, as appeared by his and her arms, and the inscription on the tower of the church.

A younger branch of the family had formerly settled in Bedfordshire, and possessed the lordship of Norhill there, but that branch is long extinct.

Sir Thomas Ellis, who received the honour of knighthood from Queen Elisabeth, was great grandfather* of

i. Thomas Ellys, esq. of Wybam, in the county of Lincoln, who was created a Baronet 30th June, 1660, for his eminent services to the house of Stewart. Sir Thomas m. Anne, daughter of Sir John Stanhope, of KWt stau, and uiece of Philip, first Earl of Chesterfield, by whom he had issue, William, his successor.

John, who d. at the age of twenty-four, unm. and lies buried in the Temple Church.

Jane, m. to — Strode, esq. of Harrington, in the county of Somerset, and had a son, William Strode. Sir Thomas was a. at his decease by his son,

Ii. Sir William Ellys, bart. who inherited likewise a considerable estate from his uncle. Sir William Ellys, an eminent lawyer in the reign of Charles I. afterwards, temp. Charles II. attorney-general, and one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas. The baronet m. Isabella, daughter of the Right Honourable Richard Hampden, sometime chancellor of the exchequer, and grandaugbter of the celebrated John HampDen; by her he had five sons and five daughters, of whom only one son and two daughters married, viz.

Richard, eldest son and heir.

Anne, m. to Edward Check, esq. of Pergo.

Isabella, m. to Richard Hampden.

Sir William d. 6th October, 1727, aged seventy-four, and was s. by his eldest son,

ill. Sir Richard Ellys, bart. who m. first, Elizabeth, elder daughter and co-heir of Sir Edward Htt.*sey, bart. of Honington, in the county of Lincoln, and secondly, Sarah, daughter and co-heir of George Gould, esq. of Ivor, in Buckinghamshire, but had no issue. He rf. 14th January, 1742, when the Baronetcy became EXTINCT.

Arms—Gules, on a fesse, argent, between three crescents, or, as many eschallops, azure.

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The first of this family upon record, William Hblwish, or Elwbs, was of Askham, in the county of York. He m. the daughter of — Livesey, of Lancashire, and had issue, Edward, of Askham.

John, of Worlaby, in Lincolnshire, whose son, Sir Gbrvasr Elwaibs,wbs lieutenant of the Tower, at the time Sir Thomas Overburie died in custody there, and was executed for being privy to his death, 1 Jahks I. (for details see Burkl's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 464.) Thomas, of Hubbletborpe, in Lincolnshire. Geoffrey, of whom presently. Mary, w. to a merchant of London. Elizabeth, m. to — Burgh. The youngest son,

Geoffrey Elwes, an alderman of the city of London, married Elisabeth, daughter of Robert Gabbott, and heir of her brother, Robert Gabbot, a merchant, in London, and by her, who d. in 1623, had, with other issue,

Jeremy, his heir, who continued the chief line, which is now represented by Robert-carey Elwes, esq. of Great Billing, in Northamptonshire. John (third son). John Elwes, the third son of alderman Geoffrey Elwes, was a citizen of London, and like his father attained the aldermanic gown. He was living in 1634, and marrying Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Hebbs, of Weybridge, in Surrey, was s. by his son,

Sir Geryase Elwes, knt. of Woodford, in Essex, who m. Frances, second daughter of Sir Robert Lee, knt. of Billeslee, in the county of Warwick, and by that lady (who wedded secondly, Sir Richard Everard, bart. of Much Waltham,) had issue, Geryase, his heir. Robert, d. unm.

Jeremy, of London, merchant, m. Miss Lee, of
London, and had,

Catherine, m. to Mr. Soame, of London.
—— m. to Dr. Pagitt, of Doctors' Com-
John (Sir), of Grove House, Fulham.m. Elizabeth,
daughter and co-heir of Walter Raleigh, esq. of
East Horsley, Surrey, and had a son,
William, who inherited as third baronet.
Mary, m. to Thomas Plomer, esq.

Sir Ccrvase was s. by his eldest son,

i. Gervasr Elwrs, esq. of Stoke College, b & county of Suffolk, who was created a Baromt, tr King Charlrs II. 22nd June, 1960. Sir Ctm* * Amy, daughter of Dr. Trigge, of wlishire, and had issue,

i. Trigge, who d. in his father's lifetime.
ii. Geryase m. Isabella, daughter of Sir Thosu
Hervey, knt. of Ickworth, and sister of &
first Earl of Bristol, and dying beta ti
father, left at his decease,
Harvey, successor to his grandfather.
Amy, m. to Robert Meggot, esq. in mam
brewer in the borough of Sontawah,
grandson of Sir George Meggot, ud tai

John Mrgoot, who assumed,in ITJl.fe
surname of Elwes, and inherittdii
estates of bis uncle, Sis Him!

Anne Meggot, m. to John TiBra "-. and by him had a son, Richard Timms, lieut.-cokmdr*i horse guards, father of John Timms, who evenftuift* herited the estate* of t* branch of the family of Ely* Hi. Richard. It. John, captain in the army.

l. Amy, m. to Sir John Robinson, knt of Da&

Hall, Suffolk. Ii. Frances, m. to Ralph Bromsall, esq. in. Elizabeth, ~| Iy. Rebecca, > d. unm. v. Anne, J Sir Gervase represented the county of Suffolk ifl f liament, and dying in May, 1705, was s. by bis pa* son,

Ii. Sir Hervey Elwes, bart. M.P. for Ssdter. temp. Queen Anne. This gentleman, who Wj«'^ parsimonious habits, died unmarried, 1Mb Septes^ 1763, bequeathing his large estates to bit BRvfcti John Meggot, esq. who had previously aafaawd u* additional surname of Elwes, and afterward * "Elwrs The Miser," became so notorious by b:*"'the most penurious, generosity the most diflntetwHi and integrity the most rigid.* The baronetcy, n ** decease of Sir Harvey, devolved upon bis coosa,

m. Sir Williah Elwes, hart, who resided in I*

Lane, Isleworth, upon a very limited income, and mi

buried there, 2flth November, 1778. He appew *

have left three sons,


w.... 1 These gentlemen proved their&thert

w imam, i ^m ^ n?9 ^^ ^^ ^^ u

omas, j 0^nT clue to mny q{ tbe wu.

If these sons were legitimate, the eldest weald ba« succeeded to the Baronetcy at the death of bis fetntfAt the decease of their mother, called Dame JooaB* Elwes, formerly Bobulia, none of her kin apl*" have taken out letters of administration to her e&tf*

Arms—Or, a bend gules, surmounted by a **• azure.

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I. Sir Johh Ei.will, knt. of Exeter, (whose mother u heiress of Pole, of Exeter,) was created a BaroT by Queen Anne, 29th August, 170S. He in. first, loces, daughter of Sir Johu Bampfylde, bart. of itimore, in the county of Devon, but by that lady d Do issue. Sir John m. secondly, Miss Leigh, oxbter and heir of — Leigh, esq. of Egham, and >1. (with two daughter!, the elder married to Mr. oder, of London, the younger to captain Emmerly,)

0 sons. He d. 25th April, 1717, and was ». by his ler »n, ,

n. Sia Join Elwili., bart. who m. Miss Style, .:■)!T and heir of Humphrey Style, esq. of Lang* r, ia Kent, but had no issue. He died 10th Septemr, 1727, (bis widow a. secondly, in 1730, Mr. Henry rtlet), and was $. by his brother,

II. Sia Educxd Elwili., bart. who filled for seveyears the office of comptroller of Excise. He m.

oe, daughter of William Speke,esq. of Beauchamp, Somersrtshire, and dying tad February, 1740, waa try bis only son,

v. Sis John Elwill, bart. who wedded Sclina, aW of Arthur, Earl of Raneleigh, and daughter of «r Batharst, esq. of Clarendon Park, Wilts, by the dy Selina Shirley, his wife, daughter of Robert, it Earl Perrers, and had an only daughter,

Silka-masy, m. first to Felton-Lionel Hervey, esq. and secondly, to the Right Honourable Sir William-Henry Fretnantle, K. G. H. By her first husband she was grandmother of the pre•eat Six Frederic H. Bath West Hervey, bart.

1 "Vd the 1st of March, 1778, and leaving no male «, the Baronetcy became Xitinct.

rsu—Ermine, on a chevron ingrailed, between ■w eagles displayed gules, three annulets or.

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proprietors, in the second year of King Egbert, A.D. 803. In several pedigrees

Hasculfds De Englrfyld, is first mentioned, as Lord of Englefyld, about the time of Canute, afterwards in the fourth year of Harold Harefoot, and again in the reign of Hardicanhtr. He died temp. Edward the Confessor. This Hasculf purchased a hide of land, in Englefeld, of Hasculf de Pinkeny, to which deed Hely Englefeld, son to another Hasculf Englefeld, was witness.

<"• 1" v Encleptld, son and heir of Hasculf, lived in the time of William the Conqueror, and was father of

Hely De Englefeld, living temp. William Rufus, who had two sons, William and Peter: the elder,

William De Englefeld, gave the parsonage of En* glefeld, to the abbey of Reading, Joseph being then abbot in the reign of Henry I. as appears by his deed, suns date, sealed with his seal, which deed recites that he gave the said parsonage to the said Joseph, and the convent there, and their successors, in consideration that his anceators, in time past, had done so, long before his days. This gift of the Church of Englefeld, soon after is mentioned in a charter of King Henry II. wherein he confirms the several donations to the Abbot of Reading, but without notice of the donor's name. This William had three sons, William (Sir), who d. s. p. Alan (Sir). Thomas. The second son,

Sir Alan De Enolefeld, was father of

William De Englefeld, who was living in the time of Richard I. and was .v. by his son,

John Englefrld, of Englefeld, father of

Sir William Englrfeld, presumed to be the person mentioned with Geoffrey de Leuknors, in an inquisition to enquire about lands, given by King John to Margery de Lacy, to found the priory of Acombury,in the county of Hertford, and by the name of William de Englefeld, ia recorded as one of the justices itinerant for the counties of Sussex, Southampton, and Wilts, anno 1235, 39 Henry III.; and for Norfolk and Suffolk, 41 Henry III. 1262, for Bedford, Essex, Hertford, and Kent; and 47 Henry III. 1283, for Southampton and Wilts. Sir William's son and heir,

Sir John De Englefeld died in the 4th of Edward 1. 1276. He was likewise Lord of Shiplake, Ascott, &c. His son and successor,

Sir William De Englefeld, died in France, in the reign of Edward I. having had issue Roger (Sir), Andrew, and William. The eldest,

Sir Roorr De Enclefeld, was returned one of the knights for Berkshire, in the parliament 6th Edward II. 1313, and dying 36th Edward III. 1362, left by Joan, hia wife, a daughter, Alice, the wife of Mortely, and two sons, Philip (Sir), and William, the elder of whom,

Sir Philip De Englefeld, enjoyed the ancient inheritance, and died 3 Richard II. 1380; by Joan his wife he had three sons,

1. John (Sir), knight of the shire for Berks, 21st Richard II. He bad posterity to the third generation, but the line expiring without male issue, the estate devolved upon the descendants of bis next brother. 11. Philip.

ill. Nicholas, of Ricot, in the county of Oxford, comptroller of the household to Richard II. m. Jane, daughter and heir of John Clark, of Lanynton-Gernon, and d. 1st April, 1415, aa appears by his epitaph in Aahdon Church, Essex.* He left two daughters, his co-helm, Til Cicelt, m. to William Fowler. Sibil, m. to Richard Quatermains, and Hi cote passed to that family, from whom it eventually went to the Norris's, created Baron Norris of Rycote, and eventually centred in the Earls of Abingdon. The second son*

Philip Englefeld, esq. m. Alice, daughter and heir of Walter Rossule, and sister and heir of Sir John Rosa ale, knt. and thereby acquired the Isle of Rossel, (Jdlington, Eton, and Yeagden, in the county of Salop. He had issue,

Philip, his successor.
The elder son,

Philip Englefeld, esq. of Englefeld, served the

office of sheriff of Berkshire in 1430, and died in nine

years after, without issue, and was .*. by his brother,

Robert Englefeld, esq. of Englefeld, who d. in

1473, and was s. by his grandson,

Sir Thomas Englefeld, of Englefeld, (son of John Englefeld, by Joan, daughter of John Milborn,) who received the honour of knighthood on the marriage of Prince Arthur, son of Henry VII. In 1490, he was elected speaker of the House of Commons, and in 1505, was made judge or justice of Chester, which office he held until his death and was speaker of the first parliament called by Henry VIII. He in. Margery, daughter of Sir Richard Danvers, knt. of Prescot, and had, with other issue,

Richard, who d. without issue. Thomas, successor to his father. Elizabeth, m. to Robert White, esq. Joan, m. to Henry L en ham, esq. Anne, m. to William Delabere, esq. Margaret, m. to John Lyngen, esq. He was s. by his son,

Sir Thomas Englefeld, of Englefeld, who was sheriff of the counties of Berks and Oxford in 15*20, and having been educated at the Middle Temple, was the next year autumnal reader, and called to the dignity of the coif by letters patent, dated 3rd December, 1524. He had £100 per annum granted to him for life, and three years after was constituted one of the justices of the Court of Common Pleas, having received the honour of knighthood. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert Throckmorton, knt. of Coughton, and had issue, Francis (Sir), his successor. John, heir to his brother. Thomas. Anne, in. to Humphrey Coningsby, esq. ancestor

of the Earls of Coningsby. Susan, m. to Humphrey Burdet, esq. Margaret, m. first to George Carew, esq. and secondly, to Sir Edward Saunders, knt. lord chief baron of the Exchequer, temp. Elizabeth.

He died in 1537, and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Francis Englefeld, of Englefeld, who was sheriff of the counties of Berks and Oxford, at the death of Henry VIII. and first year of Edward VI. and received the honour of knighthood 22nd February, 1547. He was one of the chief officers in the Princess Mary's family, and one of those sent by the protector and council to prohibit the hearing and cele

hratlng mass !n her highness'* house; but refosiie to deliver such orders, and submitting rather to *^> punishment, he was committed for several month* t prison, with Sir Robert Rochester, Sir Walgrave. ajji Dr. Francis Mallet, the princess's chaplain. Upes Queen Mary's accession to the throne,he was. in en sideration of his faithful services, sworn of the pri*7 council, appointed master of the wards, and had rroca the crown, the manor and park of Fulbrook, in the county of Warwick, to hold in capite, brine part «f the forfeited lands of the attainted John Dudley, Irsk* of Northumberland. He sate in parliament, in ex same reign, for the county of Berks; hut on E1U* beth's accession, he was obliged, with Sir Thcssu Gage, Sir Thomas Shelley, and others, to depart b? kingdom. In the 6th of Elizabeth, he was hs&csi in the King's Bench for high treason eomsiinrd it Nemures, in partibus trnnsmarin'tx, and outli^ He was subsequently attainted and convicted of h£? treason, at the parliament, 29th October, 29 Etui Bkth, and all his manors, lands, and vast possess^ were declared forfeited to the queen; but Sir Prar-o* having by indenture of the 18th of the same reip^ settled his manor and estate of Englefield on Frutsi his nephew, with power, notwithstanding, of revabK his grant, if he, during his natural life, should defr^ or tender to his nephew a gold ring; with inteot *= make void the uses of his said settlement, varioo* o putes and points of law arose, whether the said mutf and estate of Englefield were forfeited to the qsf^ but the case, after procrastinated discussion, n«t & pearing clear, the queen, in the ensuing parluusrr35 Elizabeth, had a special act passed to confira & attainder, and to establish the forfeiture to bers-i". her heirs, and assigns; enacting that the queen sh«li take the advantage of relocating an assurance, »a * condition made by him upon the tender of a risj a gold to his nephew, &c.; and the queen in <xt#~ quence tendering by R. Broughton and H. Boa-rkar, the ring to Englefield, the nephew, seised and ceni»cated the said manors and estate, and many otter *?*■■ sessions. By this arbitrary stretch of power, a* manor and estate of Englefeld, which had bees upwards of 780 years in the family, were alienated r?>l transferred to the crown. Sir Francis retired «o Y»V ladolid, in Spain, where he was a bountiful ben*fjr-?? to the English College, and being worn out with pff secution and years, died, and was buried there, ebtxt the year 1592. He m. Catherine, daughter and brir a Sir Thomas Fettiplace, of Compton Beauchanxp, in :af Vale of Berks; but having no issue, the representsaa of the family devolved upon his brother,

John Englefeld, esq. Lord of Wotton Basset, c* Wiltshire, who m, Margaret, daughter of Sir Edwci Fitton, knt. lord president of Conn aught, of Gavtworth, in Cheshire,t and dying 1st April, 1561, wi by his only child,

i. Francis Englefield, esq. of Wotton Basset. a the county of Wilts, as well as Englefield, in Beri* who was created a Baronet by Ktstg James I. tSJ November, 1612. Sir Francis tn. a daughter of the Honourable Anthony Brown, eldest son of Antacav first Viscount Montagu, and had issue,

i. Thomas, m. Mary, daughter of William WaQa* cot, esq. of Shenfield, Berkshire, but died before his father, s. p. Ii. Francis (Sir), heir to his fattier, in. Thomas, who s. as fourth baronet.

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It. John, i/. before bia father, turn.
r. Anthony, of White Knights, near Reading, m.
Satan, daughter of — Ryley, esq. of Oxford,
by whom, who d. 2nd June, 1604, and was bu-
ried in the middle of the north chancel of
Sunning Church, Berks, he had a son and heir,
Anthony, who m. Alice, daughter of Thomas
Stokes, esq. of London, and had a numer-
ous family.* He was s. by his eldest sur-
viving son,
Henry,of White-Knights, who m. Cathe-
rine, daughter of Benjamin Poole, esq.
of London, and had with other issue,t
Henry, who s. as sixth baronet,
vi. William, who left at his decease in 1062, a daugh-
ter and heir, the wife of — Pettiplace, esq.
Tii. Henry, m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of — Pick-
ford, of Cornwall, but by her had no issue;
secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Walter
Blount, bart. of Sodington, by whom he had,
Henry, d. unm.
Elisabeth, m. to Sir William Kennedy, of

Mary, m. to Thomas Havers, esq. of Thelton,

in Norfolk.
He wedded, thirdly, Anne, daughter of John
Huband, esq- of Ipsley, in the county of War-
wick, but by that lady had no issue,
i. Dorothy, m. to Sir Edward Morgan, bart. of

Man tarn am, in Monmouthshire.

Ii. Mary, m. to Christopher, fourth Lord Teynham.

in. Margaret, m. first, to Hatton Berners, esq. of

Whittlebury, in the county of Northampton,

and secondly, to Sir William Bradshaigh, knt.

•Sir Francis lived until (031, as appears by a beautiful

uumument in the north chapel of Englefield Church,

aesinst the north wall, adorned with the portraitures

«f a knight in armour, and bis lady, both kneeling at

a desk; behind him kneel four sons, and behind her

one daughter, in praying postures ; on the side of the

desk, the arms of Englefield, impaling Browne; under

the monument, there is a brass plate on a stone thus


Here lyeth interred

The Body of Sir Francis Englefield, Baronet,

Only Child of John Englefield, Esq; and Margaret,

His Wife,) wbo married Jane, eldest Daughter to

Anthony Browne,

Eldest Son of Anthony, Vi»count Mountagu,

By whom he had i»suc ten Children, viz.

Thomas, Dorothy, Francis, Thomas, John,

Anthony, William, Mary, Margaret,

And Henry; of which.

Thorn**, the elder, Dorothy, and John,

Died before their Father.

He dyed

The 20th of Octb.

Anno Dom. 1631.

Being 69 Yeari, 3 Months, and 27 Days old.

Sir Francis was s. by his eldest surviving son,

ti. Sir Francis Englefiklu, bart. who had received the honour of knighthood from King James I. 10th August, 1622. He in. Winifred, daughter and co-heir of William Brooksby, esq. of Sholeby, in the county of Leicester, and had issue,

Francis, his heir.

Helen, in. to Sir Charles Waldegrave, bart. and

was mother of
Henry, first Baron Waldrgravi.
Mary, in. to Sir George Browne, K.B.
Catherine, m, to William Turvile, esq. of Aston

Flam vile, in the county of Leicester.

Sir Francis d. 1st May, 16664 ana> was *■ by Qis son,

til. Sir Francis Englefield, bart. who m. Lady Honoria O'Bryen, daughter of Henry, Earl of Thomond, but had no issue; his lady surviving him, married secondly, Sir Robert Howard, knt. sixth son of Thomas, first Earl of Berkshire. The baronet was $. in his title and estates by his uncle,

ir. Sir Thomas Englrfield, bart. who m. first, Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Winchcomb, bart. but by that lady had no isiue. He wedded, secondly, Mary, daughter of George Huntley, esq. of the county of Gloucester, and had

Charles, his successor.

Anne, d. unm. in 1678.

Philadelphia, m. to Henry Foasan, gent.

Elizabeth, who also married.

Sir Thomas was s. at his decease by his son,

v. Sir Charles Englbfield, bart. who m. Susan, natural daughter of John, Lord Culpeper, and had issue, Thomas and Charlotte, who both died young. He d. 21st April, 1728, and was s, by his cousin (refer to issue of Anthony, of White Knights,fifth son of the first baronet),

vi. Sir Henry Englefield, bart. who m. first in 1742, Mary, daughter of Thomas Berkeley, esq. of Spetchley, in the county of Worcester, by whom he had no surviving issue. He wedded, secondly, in 1751, Catharine, daughter of Sir Charles Bucke, bart. of Hanby Grange, in the county of Lincoln, and by that lady had

Hi:nry Charles, his heir.


Francis- M ichael.

Ethelinda- C atherin e. Teresa-Anne. He d. 25th May, 1780, and was $. by his eldest son,

vu. Sir Henry-charles Englefield, bart. who d. 21st March, 1822, when the title became Extinct.

Arms—Az. a griffin passant and a chief or.

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X Sir Francis was obliged to obtain the following letter from King Charles I. to protect him from the pains aud penalties of recusancy:

Charles Rex,

Whereas our trusty and well beloved Sir Francis Englefield, Knight and Baronet, being a recusant, is thereby subject to our laws and statutes in that case provided: these are to signify our royal will and pleasure, that uo person or persons shall, at any time hereafter, sue, prosecute, or implead, either by way of indictment, information, or otherwise, against the said Sir Francis, for being a recusant, or convicted by virtue of any of our laws or statutes against Popish recusants, till we shall signify our pleasure to the contrary. Given under oar signet, at our palace of Westminster, Decemb. the 6th, in the loth year of our reign.


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