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merous family. Sir Cope died 4th August, 1633.# The eldest son and heir,

John D'oyly, esq. m. Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Shirley, knt. of lsfield, in Sussex,and had two sons, viz.

John, his successor.

Thomas, m. his cousin, Dorothy, daughter of John
Michel, esq. of Kingston Russell, which lady m.
secondly, the Re?. John Owen, D.D.
He was $. at his decease by his elder son,

i. John D'oyly, esq. of C nisei ham pton, in the
county of Oxford, who was created a Baronet by King
Charles II. 7th July, 1666. He m. Margaret, daugh-
ter and co-heir of Sir Richard Cholmcley, knight-
banneret, of Whitby Abbey, in the county of York,
and bad seven sons and two daughters, viz.
Cholmeley, who d. $. p.
John, his heir.
Richard, rapt, of marines, killed scaling the walls

of Gibraltar, d. s. p. Thomas, an officer in the Customs, m. Mrs. Fortescue, widow of Hugh Fortescue, esq. uncle of the Lord Clinton. Robert, col. in the army, lieut.-governor of the Tower, m. Miss Freman, sister of Ralph Fremiin, esq. of Hamels, M.P. for Hertfordshire. Shirley, in holy orders, a*. s. y. Hugh, an officer, in the Customs.

■ , m. to Samuel Wotton, esq. of Ingleborne, in Devon. Elizabeth, m. to the Honourable George Mordaunt. Sir John D'Oyly, who was M. P. for Woodstock, at the revolution, and captain of the county troop, d. in 1709t and was s. by his eldest surviving son.

li. Sir John D'oyly, bart. who as. first, Sumi daughter of Sir Thomas Put, bart. of Comb, in Devon shire, and by her had, Thomas, his heir. John, fellow of Merton College, Oxford, vkiu,

as fourth baronet.

William, who s. as fifth baronet.

Ursula, m. to Thomas Young, esq. of NewhipsB.
in Oxfordshire, and died in January, i:3H
leaving a son and daughter.
Cholmeley, m. to William Jones, esq. ef Niis,
in Gloucestershire, and has two soot mi i
He wedded, secondly, Rebecca, daughter and coh-.s
of Goddard Carter, esq. of Alvescot, in the ceush d
Oxford, but by that lady had no issue. He died akwt
the year 1746, and was s. by his eldest son,

in. Sir Thomas D'oylry, who m. Mary, daarfen of Samuel Wotton, esq. of Englebourn, in the oson; of Devon, and had two daughters, via.

Susanna, m. in 1707, to Dr. William Nwoea

bishop of Dromore. Rebecca, died in infancy. Sir Thomas died 6th February, 1759, and wasf.bits brother,

iv. Sir John D'oyly, rector of Cuxham, ia Oxfordshire, who died unmarried, in November, I" and was s. by his brother,

v. Sir William D'oyly, who m. Miss Mont-: with him the Baronbtcy is stated to have becss* Extinct, but that fact is very doubtful.

Arm* Or, two bendlets ax.

He was buried at in Oxfordshire, with the following inscription to himself and his wife:

To the Glorious Memorie of that Noble knt. Sir Cope D'Oyly,

late Deputy Lieut, or Oxfordshire, and Justice of Oyer and Terminer.

Heir of the

Antient and famous Family of the D'Oyly's, of the same Countie, Founders

of the noble Abbies of Osney and Missenden, &c.

Who put on Immortality the 4th of August, in the year of our Redemption


Ask not who is buried here
Go ask the Commons, ask the Shire,
Go ask the Church, They'll tell thee who,
As well as blubberM Eyes can do;
Go ask the Heralds, ask the Poor,
Thine Ears shall hear enough to ask no more.
Then if thine Eye bedew this sacred Urn,
Each drop a Pearl will turn
To adorn his Tomb, or if thou canst not vent.
Thou bringst more Marble to his Monument.
Sacred to the Pious Memory of that rare example of undistained Virtue,
Wife of the said Sir Cope D'Oyly, knt. eldest daughter of James Quarles, of
Romford, Esq; who receiv'd the Crown of Glory, in the year of Grace,

Wouldst thoa, (Reader,) draw to life

The perfect copy of a Wife,

Read on, and then redeem from shame,

That lost, that honorable Name,

This Dust was once in Spirit a Jael,

Rebecca in Grace, in Heart an Abigail,

In Works a Dorcas, to the Church a Hannah,

And to her Spouse, Susanna.

Prudently simple, providently warie,

To the World a Martha, and to Heaven, a Marie.

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Trovis D'oylt, D. D. (descended from Edward D'Oyly, esq- of Littlemarsh, in the parish of Stone. BncU.j archdeacon of Lewes, in Sussex, chancellor of d» diocese of Chichester, and prebendary of Ely, m. Sth February, 1744, Henrietta-Maria, second daughter of Robert Godfrey, esq. of London, (by Elizabeth, sister of Umhias Mawson, bishop of Ely). They both d. on the same day, 27th January, 1770, leaving issue three mi,

i. Mitthias, of whom hereafter, u. Thoiaas, vicar of Walton-upon-Thames, and chaplain in ordinary to the king, b. 2nd April, 1745, m. March, 1772, Susanna, daughter of Barbara Rushbrooke, esq. of Westowe, county of Suffolk, and d. October, 1816, without issue, in. Francis, lieut. gen. and col. of the 67th foot, m. Anne, daughter of Hugh Thomas, D. D. dean of Ely, and master of Christ's College, Cambridge, and d. in 1803, without issue. IV eldest son,

'■■••- Matthias D'oyly, rector of I'ckfield, in Suan. archdeacon of Lewes, and prebendary of Ely, 6. Brd Norember, 1743, m. May, 1770, Mary, daughter of George Poogbfer, esq. of Leicester, and d. .November, 1814, having had issue,

i- Thomas, D.C.L. and sergeant at-law, 6.16th November, 1772, s«. 4th January, 1820, Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Nicholas Simons, of Canterbury, and has one son, Thomas. it- Jorh, of whom presently. in. Francis (Sir), K.C.B. lieut.-col. in the 1st

guards, shun at Waterloo, unm. i*. George, D.D. rector of Lambeth and of Sundridge, 6. 31st October, 1778, m. 9th August, 1813, Maria Prances, daughter of William Brnene, esq. of London, and haa issue, Francis, b. 27th November, 1813. George-Henry, 6. 27th June, lr(I7. Henry-Thomas, b. 3rd April, 1310. Charles-John, b. 31st July, 1820. * Henry, capt. in the 1st guards, 6.21st April, 1780. i- Henrietta, d. nnm. 1804. V tecond son,

< Sis Johk D'otmt, official resident at Kandy, in ■' Uland of Ceylon, b. 0th June, 1774, was created a Uaoair hi 1821, but dying unm. in three years after, be title became Extinct.

Jrsu—Or, two fleurs-de-lis in bend, sable, between i many bendlets, axure.

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Of the old Devonshire house of Drake,* was John Drake, esq. who married in the time of HfnKy V. Christiana, daughter and heir of John Billet, esq. of Ashe, in the county of Devon, and thereby that estate, situated in the parish of Musberry, accrued to the family, and eventually became the place of their designation, although their more usual residence was at Mount Drake, a mansion built by them in the same parish. His son and heir,

John Drake, esq. of Otterton,m. Christiana, daughter and heiress of John Antage, and had a son and heir,

John Drake, esq. of Otterton, in Devonshire, who m. the daughter of Crewse, of Crewse-Morchard, in the same county, and had a son and heir,

John Drake, esq. of Otterton, who m. Agnes, daughter of John Kelloway, esq. and was $. by his son,

John Drake, esq. of Kxmouth, who in. Margaret, daughter of John Cole, of Rill, near that place, and had three sons and a daughter, viz. John, his successor. John.

Gilbert,! from whom the Drakes of Spratshays, in the parish of Littleham, Devon, a cadet, whereof was

Robert Drake, who had his education first at Oxford, and was afterwards of the Inner Temple; he obtained a considerable estate at Dale-Ditch,in the parish of EastBudleigh, the greater part of which he devoted at his death, about the year 1628, to pious uses. Agnes, m. to William Pole, esq. of Shute. He was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

John Drake, esq. of Ashe, who in. Anne, daughter of Roger Grenville, esq. of Stowe, in Cornwall, and left at his decease, 4th October, 1358, Bernard (Sir), his successor. Robert, of Wiscomb, in the parish of Southlegh, Devon, m. Elizabeth, daughter, of Humphrey Prideaux, of Thewborough, by whom, with other issue, he had Robert and Henry, the former a colonel in the Netherlands, of great esteem with the Prince of Orange and the States General, and the latter a captain in the army, both killed in the prime of life in the defence of Ostend. Richard, ancestor of the Drakes of Shardeloes. The eldest son and heir, Sis Bernard Drake, knt.of Mount Drake and Ashe,

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w;is a very distinguished person, and M employed in several great office?* at sea/' being much in favour with Queen Elizabeth, who conferred the honour of knighthood upon him in 1585. He m. Gertrude, daughter of Bartholomew Portescue, esq. of Filleigh, in Devonshire, and dying in 1585, was s. by his eldest son, John Drake,* esq. of Mount Drake and Ashe, who m. Dorothy, daughter of William Button, esq. of Alton, Wilts, and dying in 1628, was s. by his son,

Sik John Drake, knt. of Ashe. This gentleman m. Helena, second daughter of Sir John Butler, hart. created Baron Butler, of Hramfiilit, and co-heir of her brother William, second and last Lord Butler, of Bramfield, and had issue,

John, his heir.

George, d. uniu. in 1064.

Thomas, who d. in Ireland in 1659.


Dorothy, m. to William Yardley, esq.

Mary, d. unm.

Kleanora, m. to John Briscoe, esq. of Cumberland-
Elizabeth, m. to Sir Winston Churchill, knt. of
Standish, in Gloucestershire, and was mother of
the great Duke Of Marlborough.

Gertrude, d. unm.

Ivanna, d. num.

Jane, m. to William Yonge, esq. of Castleton, in

Anne, m. to Richard Strode,esq. of Chalmington,
He d. in 1636, and was*, by his eldest son,

i. Sir John Drake, knt. of Ashe, who was created a Baronet by King Charlbs II. 31st August, 1660. He in. first, Jane, daughter of Sir John Yonge, bart. of Culliton and Slutcomb, both in Devon, and by her had two sons,

John, his successor.

Walter, d. unm. in 1674.

Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Briscoe, knt. of Boughton, Northamptonshire, but d. s. p. in 1694. He wedded, secondly, Dionysia, daughter of Sir Richard Strode, knt. of Newenham, in the county of Devon, and by that lady (who d. in 1697, and was buried at Axminster) had

Bernard, heir to his half-brother.


William, heir to Bernard in the baronetcy and his half-sister, Elizabeth, in the estates. Sir John d. 1669, and was s. by his eldest son.

ii. Sir John Drake, bart. of Ashe, who rebuilt the mansion house there, which had been burnt down and demolished by the rebels in the civil wars. He d. unmarried in 1683, and was buried at Musberry, whereupon Elizabeth, his sister, became sole heir, and settled the estates upon her youngest half-brother, William. Sir John was s. in the baronetcy by his brother of the half-blood.

in. Sir Bernard Drake, bart. who ro. Elizabeth, daughter of George Prestwood, esq. of Butterford in Devon, and relict of Hugh Stowell, esq. of Ferrybere, and had an only daughter,

Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Tothill, esq. of Bagtor. He was s. at his decease by his only surviving brother, iv. Sir William Drakr, bart. of Asbe, who had previously received the honour of knighthood from King James II. This gentleman m. first, Judith, daughter and co-heir of William Eveleigh, esq. of Tallaton, near Ottery St. Mary, in the county of

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This was a branch of the Drakes of Ashe. John Drake, esq. of Ashe, in the county of IV' m. Anne, daughter of Roger Grenville, esq. of Stpv> in Cornwall, and left, at his decease in 1559,

Bernard (Sir), from whom the baronets of A***

Robert, of Wiscomb, in Devon.


The youngest son,

Richard Drake, esq. one of the equerries to Qitf* Elizabeth, m, Ursula, daughter of Sir William $ei ford, knt. and dying 11th July, 1603, was s. by his *»,

Francis Drake, esq. of Esher, one of the gentlest* of the privy chamber in ordinary, who wedded Ja**daughter of William Tothill, esq. of Shardelw* r Bucks, and had issue, William, his heir. John, rt. unm. in 1623.

• From William Drake, a younger son of this John Drake, descended the Drakes of Yardbury, whose representative in 1822, was Francis Horatio Nelson Drake, esq. of Wells.

t Great grandson of Jaues Walrond, of Bradoeki * Devonshire, through his second son, William Wslrosrf * Bovey. Refer to Burke's Cowmumers, vol. ii. p. SW

Fraud*, of Walton-on-Thamea, m. first, Elizabeth,
daughter of Sir Alexander Denton, and secondly,
Dorothy, daughter of Sir William Spring, bart.
of Pakenham Hall, in Suffolk ; by the latter he
had a son,
William (Sir), who inherited Shardeloes from
his uncle.

■Jr. Drake d. 17th March, 1033, and was s. by bis

eldest son,

i. William Drake, esq. of Shardeloes, in the county of Buckingham, 6. in 1600. This gentleman, who was ffiiroerapher to the Court of Common Pleas, was created a Baroxet 17th July, 1041. He d. mini, in 1009, when the Bakokstcy became Extinct, and the estates •evolved upon his nephew, Sir William Drake, knt. ancestor of the present Thomas Ttrwhitt Drake, esq. <>t ^turdeloes. (Refer to Burke's Commoner*, vol. i. MM.)

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This was a braoch of the family founded by the celebrated drcumnarigator Admiral Sir Francis Drake, n renowned Id the time of Elizabeth.

Sia Francis Drake, bart. of Buckland, in the county d Devon, nephew and godson of the immortal seaMa, married for bis second wife, Joan, daughter of Sir William Strode, knt. and was s. by his elder son,

■"in Francis Drake, bart. who dying s. p. was t. by us nephew,

Sj« Pr**ci§ Drake, bart. M.P. for Tavistock, temp. Chiaus II. who was $. by his only son (by his third rifc, a daughter of lord chief justice, Sir Henry Polnfea),

Sit Feaxcis Henrt Drake, bart. M. P. for Tavi*wk, who st. Anne, daughter of Samuel Heathcote, *q. of Hurseley, and had three sons and a daughter/ rf whom, the youngest son,

i- Ptixcis Samuel Drake, esq. a distinguished sea■«a, was created a Baronet 12th April, 178-2, for the (■Earn serrices he bad rendered as rear-admiral, in ** glorious victory achieved by admiral Rodney, in a- Wert Indies. Sir Francis married first. Miss Eli*>ti, Hayman, of Kent, and secondly, Miss Onslow, UajBter of George Onslow, esq. M.P. but died *. p. "*h November, 1789, when the Baronetcy became


J*rm*—Sa. R fees wary between the two pole stars, reuc and antarctic, arg.

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Sir Robert Drurt, of Egerley, Bucks, younger son of Sir Robert Drury, knt. of Hawsted, in Suffolk, died about 1575, leaving by Elizabeth, his wife, only daughter and heir of Edmund Brudenell, esq. four sons and four daughters, viz.

i. Robert, of Egerly, who m. Anne Bourman, and had a son. Sir Henry Drury, knt. of Egerly, and three daughters, of whom the eldest, Elizabeth, married John Banks, of Lower Shelford, Cambridgeshire. li. William (Sir), lord justice and governor of Ireland, m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas, Lord Wentworth, and widow of John, Lord Williams, of Thame, and dying in Dublin in 1579, left two daughters, Jane, m. to Richard Chetwood, esq. of Oxfordshire. Anne, m. to Robert Hartwell, esq. of Northamptonshire. in. Drue (Sir), of whom presently, ir. Edmund, m. and had issue.

i. Anne,m. to Robert Woodlese, of Peterley,Bucks. H. Margaret, *». to Henry Trenchard, esq. in. Lucy, m. to Robert Tesh, gent, iv. Elizabeth, m. to Rowland Hinde,of Hedsworth, Bucks. The third son,

Sir Drue Drurt, of Lyndsted, gentleman usher of the privy chamber to Queen Elizabeth, and one of the keepers of Queen Mary, of Scotland; married first, Elizabeth,t daughter of Sir Philip Calthorpe, by Amata Boleyn, his wife, aunt to Queen Anne Buleyn, and secondly, Catherine, only daughter and heir of William Pinch, esq. of Lynsted, in Kent; by the latter, he had issue,

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I. Daui, his heir.

i. Elizabeth,**, to Sir Thomas Wingfleld, of Lether

ingham. II. Frances, m. to Sir Robert Botiler, of Wotton,

Herts. in. Anne,m. to Sir John Deane,of Maplested, Essex. Sir Drue Drury, died in 1617, aged ninety-nine, and was s. by his son,

I. Drue Dm itv, esq. of Riddlesworth,in Norfolk, b. in 1588, who was created a Baronet in 1627. He m. Anne, daughter of Edward Wallgrave, esq. of Canneld, in Essex, and dying in 1632, was s. by his son,

ii. Sir Drub Drury, who m. Susan, daughter of Isaac Jones, esq. of London, and had issue, Robert, his heir. Drue, died s. p.

Diana, m. to Sir William Wake, bart. and from this marriage descends the present Sir William Wake, bart. who inherits Riddlesworth Hall from the Drurys. The elder son,

in. Sir Robert Drury, of Riddlesworth, married first, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Edward Dunstan, of Waldingfield, Suffolk; secondly, Eleanor, daughter of Samuel Harsnet, esq. of Great Fransham, relict of William Marsham, esq. of Stratton, in Norfolk; and thirdly, Diana, daughter of George Vilet, of Pinkney Hall, but died .«. p. 27th April, 1712, aged seventy-eight, when the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms—Arg. on a chief vert, a tau between two mullets pierced or.


Created 16th Feb. 1739.—Extinct 19th Jan. 1759.


The family which derived its surname from a place in the Duchy of Normandy, was established in England at the Conquest.

John De Drury, son and heir of the Norman, settled at Thurston, in Suffolk, and bore for arms, " Argent, on a chief vert, two mullets pierced or." He left a son, John De Drury, of Thurston, father of Henry De Drury, of Thurston, whose son, John Drury, of Thurston, was father of Henry Drury, of Thurston, who m. Havise, daughter of Richard Green, of Barkeway, and had three sons and two daughters, John, his heir.

Nigell, who was sheriff of London, 1 Edward I.
Roger, parson of Bradfield, in Suffolk.
Maud, d. unm.

Alice, m. to William Sweeting, esq. of Suffolk.
The eldest son and heir,

John Drury, esq. of Thurston, living temp. EdWard I. m. Amable, daughter of Thomas Newton, and had issue, Roger, parson of Beckerton, and his heir, Nicholas Drury, esq. of Thurston. This gentleman

m. Joane, daughter and heir of Sir Simon Siihun. knt.t by whom he had three sons, viz.

J Roger (Sir), who m. Margery, daughter and sole heir of Sir Thomas Naunton, of Rouebsis .■'■ and left at his decease, in 1405, a son and heir, William (Sir), who m. Katherine,daoghKT of Sir Ottes Swynford, || and was ancefier of the Drurys of Rougham. . Nicholas, m. Joane, daughter of Thomas Heati, of Mildenhcad,in Suffolk, and went with Job of Gaunt into Spain, and thence to the H .* Land, at which time he added the golden tta to his arms, which his descendants aftenrari* always bore. t John, of Wetherden, in Suffolk. In the visitation of Cambridgeshire and Hunter donshire, Anno 1684, the descents of the branch kicre us was entered, and thence the details following Ate derived.

Richard Drcry, citizen of London, of the Dram

of Rougham, died about the year 1606, aged forty-to,

He m. Catherine, daughter of William Beswid, ef

Spelmonden and Horsmondeu, in Kent, and bad issat.,

William, his heir.

Etheldred, m. to Robert Corbet, citizen of Lomkc Rachel, m, to — Tulle, gent, of Kent This Richard bore for arms—argent, on a chief rtrt a tau, between two mullets pierced, or, with an urns* let for distinction, denoting his being the fifth Ml His son and heir,

William Drcry, esq. of Earitb, in HuntingdanahH was lord of the manor of Cole, in that county, steel 1632. He was at the visitation in 1684, and died are< eighty-two about 1690; having had two wives, fir*. Mary Brown, of Stow, in Huntingdonshire, by waas he had several children, who all died in inftsa. second, Catherine, daughter, and at length heir, d Richard Winde, of Earith, and by that lady he N four sons and five daughters, viz. l. Richard, his heir.

Ii. William, of Earith, who m. a daughter of Mr-
Garland, citizen of London, and bad issue,

Drue, m. Mary, daughter of Doctor Healed, D. D. chaplain to Queen Asxi, and t*i issue, Drue. Elizabeth. Elizabeth. Catherine. ill, Joseph, 1 . iv. Winde, J d'**i. Catherine, m. to John Cbolmley, of Crtdentffl,

in Herefordshire, ii. Mary, */. unm. in. Alice, /,v. to Joseph Ives, of Witttesea, u *;

Isle of Ely. iv. Susan, m. to Edward Young, of St. Ire*. ■■

H untingdonshire. v. Elizabeth, m. to William Wiseman, geiA ** Wittlesea.

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