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Hers alias Wright, Viscount Pur-
Anne, wife of Sir Arthur Porter, of

Newark, Gloucestershire.
Lucy, m. to Sir Henry Baynton, of

Bromhani, in Wiltshire.
Elesnor, m. Co Thomas Walmesley, esq.
of Dunkenhalgh, in the county of
Lancaster, and left a son and two
Sir Thomas Walmesley, knt. of

Dunkenhalgh. Elizabeth Walmesley, wife of Richard Sherburne, esq. of Stonyhurst. Anns Walmesley, who m. first, William Middleton, esq. of Stockeld; and secondly. Sir Edward Osborn, bart.; by the latter she had Sir Thomas Osborn, bart. created Duke of Leeds. Dorothy, m. to Sir Peter Osborn, knt.

of Chicksand. Elizabeth, wife of Sir Edward Hobby,

of Gloucestershire. Katherine, wife of Sir Richard Gargrave, knt. of Noatel. ii. William, of whom presently. in. John, living in 1537.

i- Margaret, as. to Edward Piennes, Lord Say and

Sale. Ii. Dorothy, m. to Sir Anthony Hungerford, knt. of

Down Amplify. in. Susanna, m. to Walter, Lord Hungerford. if. Anne, m. to Thomas Lovett, esq. of Astwcll. be second son,

William D'anters, esq. had the paternal estate of nlworth, and Jr. in 1522, Elizabeth, daughter of irbard Fiennes, Baron Say and Sele, by whom he »d Uiue,

Joan, his heir.

Mary, n. to Robert Barker, esq.

Dorothy, m. to Henry Sacheverell, esq. of Sading

ton, in Leicestershire. Anne, m. to George Blount, esq. of Wigginton, in Oxfordshire. < rf. 10th J one, 1544, and was s. by his son, John D'anvers, esq. of Cnlworth, who m. Dorothy, writer and co-heir of Sir William Rainsford, knt. 'Great Tew, in the county of Oxford, and had two «a and three daughters, via. i- StMCEL, his successor.

ii. Daniel, of Horley, in Oxfordshire, who m. 12th November, 1583, Susanna, daughter of — Pope, esq. of Wroxton, in Oxfordshire, and had, with other issue, a son, William, of London, father of Daniel, of Northampton, M. D. who m. Jane, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Knightley, of Charwelton, and dying in 1009, left issue, Knightley, barrister-at-law, deputyrecorder of Northampton, author of "Abridgement of the Common Law," d. in London, January, 1740. Jane, m. to John Rushworth, esq. of Northampton, and had, with other issue, a daughter, Alicia, wife of Charles Watkins, esq. of Daventry.

i- Temperance, m. to Anthony Dillon, esq. of

Devonshire. »■ Isitice.

in. Prudence.

John 1)' An vers d. 4th August, 1556, and was s. by his son,

Sahubl D'anvbrs, esq. of Culworth. This gentleman m. Anne, daughter of Leonard Piggot, esq. of Little Horwood, in Bucks, and was .v. by his only surviving son,

Sir John D'anvbrs, knt. of Culworth, baptized 10th October, 1580, who m. in 1604, Dorothy, daughter of Gabriel Pulteney, esq. of Misterton, in the county of Leicester, and had (with several daughters, of whom Margaret, m. Thomas Risley, esq. of Chetwode; Mary, ffi. Laurence Manley, esq. of Spratton; Susan, m. Edmund Bray, esq.; and Catherine became the wife of John Griswold, esq.) a son and successor,

I. Samuel D'anvbrs, esq. of Culworth, who was created a Baronbt 21st March, 1642-3. He m. Lady Anne Pope, daughter and co-heir of Sir William Pope, Earl of Downe, in Ireland. Sir Samuel D'Anvers, who was sheriff of Northamptonshire the year of the martyrdom of King Charles, appeared at tbe assizes with his retinue in deep mourning, and was a great sufferer by his zeal in the royal cause. He died 27th January, 1683, and was s. by his son,

u. Sir Pope D'anvbrs, of Culworth, baptized 12th December, 1644, who m. Anne, daughter and co-heir of William Barker, esq. of Sunning, Berks, and had a large family, of which only three children survived, viz.

John, his successor.

Daniel, of Eydon, m. in 1712, the daughter and co-heir of tbe Rev. Moses Hodges, D.D. of Sulgrave, and had two sons and a daughter, viz.

1. Barker, buried 7th September, 1741.

2. John, died unmarried in 1745.

1. Martha, m. at Thorpe Manderille, 17th

September, 1746, to Daniel Rich, esq. of

the Temple, son of Sir Robert Rich, bart.

of Sunning, Berkshire, and dying in 1753,

left issue,

Daniel-Danvers Rich, colonel in the

3rd regiment of Foot Guards, died

unmarried in 1783.

Martha Rich, fdeviseesof Mrs Meriel
Frances Rich, j O^ers, of Cul worth

He d. 4th May, 1712, and was jr. by his son,

in. Sir John D'anvbrs, of Culworth. This gentleman m. first, Meriel, daughter of Sir Robert Leicester* bart. of Nether Tabley, in Cheshire, by whom (who d. in 1701) he had an only child,

Samuel, 6. in 1701, d. unm. in 1722. He m. secondly, Susannah, sister and co-heir of Sir Edward Nicolls, bart. but by that lady (who d. in 1730) had no issue. Sir John wedded, thirdly, Mary„ daughter of the Rev. John Hutch ins, rector of Eydon, in Northamptonshire, and by her (who tf. in 1784) had issue,

Henry, his successor.

Anthony, d. young in 1735.

Michael, successor to his eldest brother.


Mary, d. young in 1747.

Sir John d. 26th September, 1744, and was *. by his eldest surviving son,

iv. Sir Henry D'anters, of Culworth, who d. unmarried at the age of twenty-two, 10th August, 1753, and was s. by his brother,

v. Sir Michael D'anvers, of Culworth, born 29th September, 1738, high sheriff of Northamptonshire in 1783, who died unmarried 20th August, 1776, when the

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Samuel D'anvers, esq. m. Elizabeth Morewood, of Overton, in the county of Derby, an heiress, and was father of

i. Joseph D'anvers, of Swithland, in the county of Leicester, M.l\ for Boroughbridge in 1722, and subsequently for Bramber and Totness, who was created a Baronet by King George II. 4th July, 1740. He m. Frances, daughter of Thomas Babington,esq.of Rothley Temple, in Leicestershire, and dying 21st October, 1753, was i. by his only child,

Ii. Sir John D'anvers, bart. who m. Mary, daughter and heir of Joel Watson, esq. of Clapham, in Surrey. Sir John was sheriff of Leicestershire in 1755, and dying 21st September, 1796, aged seventythree, without male issue, the Baronetcy became Bxtinct. He left, however, an only surviving daughter and heiress,

Elizabeth Danvers, then the wife of the Hon. Augustus-Richard Butler (second son of Brinsley, second Earl of Lanesborough), who assumed the name and arms of Danvers in addition to those of Butler. She died in 1802, leaving two sons, Geor*ob-john-danvers Butler Danvers, esq.

now of Swithland. George-Augustus Butler-Danvers, b. in 1798.

Arms—Arg. on a bend gu. three martlets of the field.

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ried Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Tyrell, lent a* Heron, and had a son,

Anthony Darcy, of Tolleshunt, sheriff of Ewrt and Hertfordshire in 1511, who m. Elisabeth, daagtiw of Christopher Wilkinson, esq. and was father of

Thomas Darcy, esq. of Tolleshunt, b. in 1511, mar ried three wives; by the second, Anne, dangbtrr i* Sir John Monday, lord mayor of London in 1KB,W had two sons,

Anthony, who left only a daughter.
Thomas, sheriff of Essex in 1580, who m. Mu
garet, daughter of Euntace Sulyard, esq. of Bsa
well, and dying in 1586 left issue,

1. Thomas, who m. Camilla, daughter of Via

cent Guicciardine, of Florence.and by b^

who wedded, secondly, Francis Hsntv,

esq. of Icfcworth, he left six daughter*,

Mary, m. to the Hon. Christopher V

▼ill, third son of Edward, Lord Afar


Elizabeth, m. to Sir Henry Uildmjy

kut. of Woodham Walter. Bridget, m. to Sir George Fenner, 1st. Frances, m. to Sir Henry Vane, l~

secretary of state to Charles 1. Margaret, m. to John Browne, esq.

2. Eustace.

3. John, who (I. s. p.

1. Bridget.

2. Dorothy.

3. Margaret.

4. Anne.

5. Mary, m. to Richard Southwell, e$(. M

Woodrising, in Norfolk.

6. Elizabeth, m. to Henry Maynard, esq ^

Great Waltham.

By his third wife, Elizabeth, daughter of John rift don, esq. and sister of Sir Christopher Heydoo. tt Baconsthorp, he left a son,

Brian Darcy, esq. of St. Osith and Tiptree, at wkkJ latter place he built a fine house out of the roia* ** the priory. He served the office of sheriff of Kssr* a 1585, and died in two years after. He m. Bntpt daughter of John Corbet, esq. of Not&il and was s. by his son,

John Darcy, esq. of St. Osith and Tiptre, 6. ia ISe* serjeant-at-law, who m. Dorothy, daughter of ThoBtt Audeley, esq. of Berechurch, in Esaex, and had a *a and heir,

Thomas Darcy, esq. of St. Osith and Tiptre, *a m. in 1621, Mary, daughter of Sir Andrew Astir?,* Writtle, and had by her, Mary, and a posthmwe son,

i. Thomas Darcy, esq. of St. Osith and Tiptre, I in 1632, who was created a Baronet 2«th June, Ifr He iw. first, Cicely, daughter of Sir Symonds De* bart. by whom he had no surviving issue; aaO > condly, Jane, daughter and heir of Robert Cole, e by whom he had

Thomas, his heir.

Brian, b. in October, 1609.




Frances, ». to the Right Rev. Sir William Dwr* bart. Archbishop of Canterbury.

The eldest son,

Ii. Sir Thomas Darcy, at whose decease unstarre in October, 1698, the Baronetcy Expired. Tijcpassed from the Darcys to Richard Benuet, r*^ lf3 finally to the Price family.

Arms—Arg. three cinquefoils gu.

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William Darell, esq. third son' of William Darell, of Sesay, in Yorkshire, m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Thomas Calston, esq. of Littlecote, in Wiltshire, and thus acquired that estate. His son and ■accessor,

Sir Ceorgx Darell, knt. of Littlecote, m. first, Margaret, daughter of John, Lord Stourton, by whom he had a daughter, Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Seymour, Eat. grandfather of the Protector Somerset. Sir George m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edmund Hart, knt. and dying H Edward IV. was s. by his


Sia Edward Darell, knt of Littlecote, who m. first, Alice, daughter of Sir Richard Crofts, knt. by whom be had a son,

Jobn, who in. Johanna, daughter of John FettipUce, of SlifTord, and dying v. p. temp. Henry VIII. left a son, Edward (Sir), successor to his grandfather. Sir Edward m. secondly, Mary, daughter of John, Lord Fitzwalter, by whom he had no issue; and thirdly, Alice Fly, of Sussex, by whom he had a daughter, Katharine, m. to Francis Choke. Sir Edward died 9th March, 21 Henry VIII. and was s. by his grandson,

Sir Edward Darell, knt. of Littlecote, who m. slice, daughter of Sir Thomas Essex, knt. of Berkshire, and had issue,

William, of Littlecote, tiring in 1587, who alienated to Sir John Pofhax the estate of Littlecote, and d. s. p. in 1390. For the curious tradition of the supposed murder at Littlecote House, and of the consequent ruin of this branch of the family, refer to Ri Hue's History of the Commoners, vol. ii. p. xii.

Thomas, of whom presently.

Eleanor, m. to Egremund Ratclifte. The second son, Thoras Darell, esq. of Hungerford, was father of l. Sir Jobn Darell, of West Woodhcy, in Berkshire, who was created a Baronet in 1OT2. He m. orst, Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Chamberlain, knt. »n<i secondly, Anne, daughter of William Young, esq. but dying j. p. m. the title became Extinct. West Woodbey afterwards passed to the family of Rudyerd, of whom it was purchased by the grandfather of the late Sir Robert Sloper, K.B.

drsms— Ax. a lion rampant or, crowned arg.

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Marmadake, the eldest son of William Darell, of Sesay, inherited the paternal citate; and John, the second *-n. parchued Calx Hill, in Kent, temp. Henry IV.

Elizabeth, m. to John King, esq. of Norfolk. Sir Robert, who frequently represented the county of Suffolk in parliament in the reigns of Queen Anne and King George I. died 1st October, 1722, and was s. by his eldest son,

III. Sir Robert Da Vers, bart. auditor of the excise, who it. i. p. 1st June, 1723, and was s. by his brother,

iv. Sm Jermyn I) wins, bart. who had been elected M.P. for St. Edmundabury in the second parliament of King George I. which met 10th May, 1722, and was chosen knight of the shire for Suffolk in the first parliament of the succeeding monarch, summoned to meet 28th November, 1727. He m. Margaretta, daughter and co-heir of the Rev. Mr. Green, and had issue,

Robert, 1 ,

,, > a. unm.

Henry, J

Charles, successor to his father.

Thomas, d. jr. p.


Elizabeth, m. to Frederick, Earl of Bristol and Bishop of Derry, grandfather of Frederick-William, present Marquis Of Bristol.

Sir Jermyn died in February, 1743, and was $. by his only surviving son,

v. Sir Charles Davers, of Rougham, M.P. for St. Edmundsbury, at whose decease unmarried about 1800, the title became Extinct.

Anns—Arg. on a bend gu. three martlets or.

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i. Sir John Dawes, knt of Putney, in the cwmtj of Surrey, son of Sir Thomas Dawes, and grandKB tt Sir Abraham Dawes, knt. of Putney, one of the timers of the customs temp. Charles I. was created i Baronet by King Charles II. 1st June, 1663. He sv Christian, daughter and heir of William Lyons, est of Booking, in Essex, and had issue, i. Robert, his successor. Ii. John, d. unm.

in. William, in holy orders, Bishop of Cbesw. afterwards Archbishop of York, and evennuJiy Archbishop of Canterbury, succeeded as tsinJ baronet. i. Elisabeth, m. to Dr. Peter Fisher, and died is 1698. He was s. at his decease (his widow sa. secondly, Sir Anthony Dean, knt. of London,) by his eldest sen.

ii. Sir Robert Dawes, who d. unmarried, and «w s. by his only surviving brother,

Hi. Sir William Dawes, a churchman, who, * stated above, attained its highest dignity, the mior © Canterbury. He m. Frances, eldest daughter and &■ heir of Sir Thomas D'Arcy, hart, of Braxted Lodge, in Essex, and by her (who d. 22nd December, K»5»! had surviving issue,

D'arcy, his successor.

Elizabeth, ra. to Sir William Milner, bart- M.P. for the city of York, and was great-erandaiouVr of the present Sir William-mordacitf-stc-it Milner, bart. of Nun-Appleton Hall, in tfe* county of York. His grace d. at the age of fifty-three, 30th April, 17S4. and was s. by his son,

iv. Sir D'arcy Dawes,hart, who ». in 1723,Janet' daughter and co-heir* of Richard Roundell. esq- ^ Hutton Wandsley, in the county of York, and by Ati lady (who m. secondly, Beilby Thompson, esq- « Escrick.t) had issue,

William, his successor.

• She was only child of her father by his first wife, Frances, daughter of Sir William St. Quintin, bart. Mr. Roundell had hy his second wife two other daughters, viz.

Mildred, m. to John Bourchicr, esq.

Catherine, m. to (he Hon. Christopher Dawnay.

t By Mr. Thompson (to whom she wu second wife! she had two sons and a daughter, vie.

Beilby Thompson, of Escrick, who d. $. p.
Richard Thompson, of Escrick, d. unm. in 1826-
Jane Thompson, m. to Sir Robert Law ley, bart. tsl
had, inter alio*, a son, the present Paul Beuji
Thompson, esq. of Escrick Park, M.P.

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i. Matthew Decker, esq. a native, by birth, of Amsterdam, but of a Flemish commercial family, settled in the city of London as a merchant in 1702, and was created a Baronet by King George I. 20th July, 1718. He as- Henrietta, daughter of the Rer. Richard Watkins, D.D. rector of Wickford, in Warwickshire, and had issue, Catherine.

He*bietta-makia, m. in May, 1737, to the Hon. John Talbot, second sun of Lord Chancellor Talbot, but d. s. p. Mart, m. in December, 1738, to William "Ed esq. of Saxham, in Suffolk. Sir Matthew represented Bishop's Castle in parliament He resided at Richmond, in Surrey, and his gardens were the first in England to bring the pineapple to maturity in this climate. He d, 18th March, 1740, when the Baronetcy became Extinct, and his property devolved upon his daughters L AN

ArwLt— Arg. a demi-buck gu. between his fore-legs aa arrow erected in pale or.

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Sir Lewis De La Val, knight banneret, father of Sir Guy De La Val, lord of Seaton De la Val, who was likewise proprietor of Naseby, in Northamptonshire, and held twenty knights' fees in the 13th of Henry II. He is, like his father and grandfather, a knight banneret. Sir Guy m. a daughter of Maurice de Creon, a feudal baron, and dying* in the first year of King John, was s. by his son. Sir William De La Val, whose son, Sir John De La Val, was father of Sia Gilbert Dr La Val, one of the barons in arms against King John. He held Claverdon, in Northumberland, by barony, performing the service of two knights' fees, and was ». by his son,

Sir Eustace Db La Val, who held another barony in the same county. He was s. by his elder son,

Sir Robert De La Val, who m. Margaret, daughter of William De Greystock,* but dying s. p. 1 Edward I. was s. by his brother.

Sir Henry De La Val. This feudal lord had three sons, all knights, viz.

i. Eustace (Sir), who m. Margaret, daughter of Ralph Neville, Lord of Raby, and had a son, Robert (Sir), who d. s. p. ii. Hugh (Sir), m. Maud, daughter and co-heir of Hugh de 13 ulbee, Baron of Headon, but died issueless, in. Henry (Sir). The youngest son and eventual heir of his brothers.

Sir Henry De La Val, m. the Lady Helena de Molton, and was s. by his son, Sir Hugh De La Val, father of Sir Robkrt De La Val, who d. 27th Edward III. leaving three sons,

i. William, sen. (Sir), who left a son,

Henry, who d. s. p. Ii. William, jun. (Sir), who had, by gift of his father, the manor of Bcnwell, and was father of John, whose son, William, m. Mary, daughter of Sir William de Widderington, knt> but d. $. p. in. Robert (Sir). The third son, Sir Robert De La Val, was father of Sir John De La Val, who m. first, Margaret, daughter of Sir John de Mitford, but by that lady had no issue. He wedded, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of William Whitchester, and left an only daughter and heiress,

Elizabeth De La Val, who m, John Horsley, and obliged her husband to take the name and arms of Dr La Val. She had issue two sons, George, who d. *. p. 10 Henry VIII. and

Sir John Db La Val, who m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Carnaby, esq. and had issue, John (Sir), his heir.

or m. a daughter of John Ogle, esq. of Ogle Castle, and left posterity. The elder son,

Sir John De La Val, who was sheriff of Northumberland in the first year of Philip and Mary, married Anne, daughter of Ralph, Baron Ogle, and had a son and successor,

Sir John Delaval, knt. of Seaton, who was sheriff of Northumberland in the 17th and 25th years of Elizabeth. He m. Dorothy, daughter of Sir Ralph Grey, knt. of Chillingham, and was s. by his son,

* William, Lord of Greystock, m. Mary, eldest of the large daQcbters and co-heirs of Robert de Merlay, an "~'st baron of the north, by whom he acquired the <* Morpeth, in Northumberland, and had issue,

John, his heir. William. Margaret, m. lo S

Robert De la Val.

Burxe's Extinct Peerage.

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