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Jonathan, who inherited as fourth baronet

Jenny, m. in 1775, to Charles Pigott, esq. son of Robert Pigott, esq. of Chetwynd Park, Salop.

Anne, married, first, in 1780, to John Cowper, esq.; secondly, in 1786, to Wade Toby Caulfeild, esq. of the Queen's County; and thirdly, to Monsieur de BolleTille, of Normandy.

Mr. Cope died before his father, 2nd November,


i. Anne, married, in 1736, to Sir Thomas Whitmore, K.-B. of Apley, in Shropshire, M.F. for Bridgenorth

Ii. Henrietta-Maria, m. to Valentine Knightley Chetwode, esq.

in. Mary, m. to Sir Robert Jenkinson, bart. and d.

i. p. in 1765. It. Susanna, m. to William, fourth Viscount Chet

wynd, and died in 1791, leaving issue.

Sir Jonathan d. 28th March, 1765, and was s. by his grandson,

n. Sit Charles Cops, of Brewerne, who 1767, Catherine, youngest daughter of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, bart. and sister of Lord De la Zouch, by whom he had issue,

Charles, his successor.

Arabella Diana, tn. first, in 1790, to John-Frede-
rick., third Duke of Dorset; and secondly, in
1901, to Charles, Earl Whitworth.

Catherine-Anne, m. to George, Earl of Aboyne,
vfao succeeded, at the decease of George, fifth
Duke of Gordon, in 1836, to the Marquisate of

Sir Charles d. 14th Jnne, 1781, and his widow wedded, in the following year, Charles, first Earl of Liverpool. He vas t. by his son,

in. Sir Charles Cops, of Brewerne, who died a minor and unmarried 25th December, 1781, when his estates devolved upon his sisters as co-heirs, and the Baronetcy reverted to his uncle,

i*. Sir Jonathan Cops, of Brewerne, who tn. in April, 1778, Annabella, only daughter of William Candler, esq. of Callan, in the county of Kilkenny, *T Hary, his wife, daughter of William Vavasour, esq. if Weston Hall, in the county of York, and granddaughter of Henry Candler, D.D. of Callan Castle, in tbe county of Kilkenny, archdeacon of Ossory; by this lady he had issue,

Jonathan, in holy orders, rector of North Wraxall
and Woodborough, in Wilts, and of Langridge,
in Somersetshire, d- unmarried 10th March, 1914,
at Reading.

Charles, d. on board the Hannibal, in Port Royal,
*Kh September, 1795, unmarried.

Henry-Thomas, killed at Seringapatam, unmar-

Sir Jonathan d. 30th December, 1821, when the Ba■metct became Extinct. The manor of Morton nnkeney, in Northamptonshire, which Sir Jonathan P^wssed, he devised by will to his wife's nephew, Kbwasd Cardlxr, esq.

A***—Arg\ on a cher. az. between three roses gu. "t»lied and leaved vert, as many fleurs-de-lys of the

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Sir William Copley, lineal descendant of Adam de Copley, slain at the siege of York in 1070, m, first, temp. Henry VIII. Dorothy, daughter and co-heir of Sir William Fits-William, of Sprotborough, and had by her a son,

Philip, his heir. He tn. secondly, Margaret, daughter of Piers Savage, esq. of Hatfield, and had four sons,

Francis, of Mansfield Woodhouse, d. in 1580.
Christopher, of Wadworth, ancestor of
Lionel Copley, of Wadworth, 6. in 1677, who
inheriting under the will of Sir Godfrey Cop-
ley the estate of Sprotborough, voluntarily
bound up that property in strict entail to his
male issue only; in remainder, not to the
children of his own daughters, but to the issue
of Catherine Moyle, the only child of Sir
Godfrey. He left issue,
Godfrey, of Sprotborough, d. s. p.
Lionel, of Sprotborough, d. s. p.
William, d. young.

Castiliana, tn. to the Rev. Charles Willatts,
Mary, tn. to William Parkyns, esq.
Catherine, d. young.

Anne, m. to Richard Higgins, esq. of York, and was great-grandmother of the present Godfrey Higgins,esq.of Skellow Grange and Wadworth. (See Burke's Commoner$t vol. ii. p. 155.) John, of Broughton, d. s. p. Philip, rector of Sprotborough, d. s. p. The eldest son of Sir William,

Philip Copley, esq. of Sprotborough, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Bryan Hastings, knt. and died 19th October, 1577. His descendant,

i. Godfrey Copley, esq. of Sprotborough, was created a Baronet 17th June, 1601. He m. first, Eleanor, daughter of Sir Thomas Walmesley, knt.; and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Stanhope, knt. Sir Godfrey died circa 16S4, and was f. by his son,

Ii. Sir Godfrey Copley, of Sprotborough, F.R.S. who m. first, Katherine, daughter and heir of John Purcell, of Nantriba, in Montgomeryshire; and secondly, Miss Carew; and left at his decease, 9th April, 1709, an only daughter,

Catherine, who m. Joseph Moyle, esq. second son of Sir Walter Moyle, knt. of Beke, and had a son, Joseph Moyle, who assumed, on inheriting Sprotborough, the surname of Copley, and was created a Baronet in 1778. His son is the present Sir Joseph Copley, bart. of Sprotborough. (See Burke's Peerage and Baronetage.) Sir Godfrey Copley died 9th April, 1709, when the Baronetcy Expired

Arms—Arg. a cross moline gu.

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This family, which Camden designates as famous at the time of the Conquest, descended from

Corbeau, a noble Norman; which Corbean or Corbet was father of two sons, who flourished in the reign of the Conqueror, namely,

Roger, who held of Roger de Montgomery, Earl
of Shrewsbury, Huelbeck, Hundeslet, Actun,
Ternley, and Preston, all in Shropshire. He
left issue,
William Corbet, of Watlesborough, of whom
Robert, who held of the same great feudal pro-
prietor, Ulistan, Rotclinghope, Branton, Vde-
cote, Langedunin, Weymore, Rorenton, Middle
ton, and Meredon. He left issue,
Robert (Sir), Lord of Alcester, who d. s. p.
Sybbl, m. to Henry Herbert, chamberlain to

King Henry I.
Alice, m. to William Botreaux.
William Corbet, of Watlesborough, son and heir
of the elder brother, left likewise two sons,
Thomas, his heir.

Robert, of Caus Castle, whose descendant was summoned to parliament as a baron by Edward 1. (See Burke's Extinct Peerage.) The elder son, Thomas Corbet, of Watlesborough, was father of Sir Roger Corbet, km. who, by his first wife, left a son and heir,

Sir Richard Corbet, knt. who m. Joan, daughter and heir of Bartholomew Turret, of Moreton, and had issue,

Richard Corbet, of Moreton, who gave Kynwilton to the monastery of Buildas. He was father of

Sir Robert Corbet, of Moreton, whose son and successor, Sir Thomas Corbet, of Moreton, was father of Sir Robert Corbet, of Moreton, who d. in the 49th Edward III. and was s. by his son.

Sir Roger Corbet, of Moreton Corbet, who m. Margaret, daughter and heir of Erdington, Lord of Shawbury, and dying 18 Richard II. was s. by his son,

Robert Corbet, Esq. of Moreton Corbet, who m. Margaret, daughter of Sir William hat knt. and died 17 Henry VI. leaving a son and heir.

Sir Roger Corbet, knt. of Moreton Corbet, who m. Elizabeth,- daughter and heir of Thomas Hopton, esq. and had issue, Sir Richard Corbet, knt. of Moreton Corbet. This

gentleman m. Elizabeth, daughter of Walter, Lord Ferrars, of Chartley, and by her (who m. secondly. Sir Thomas Leighton, of Watlesborough,) left i son and heir,

Sir Robert Corbet, knt. of Moreton Corbet, *h» m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Henry Vernon, kaL orf Haddon, and had two sons,

Roger, his heir, who m. Anne, daughter of An-
drew, Lord Windsor, and from him descend tfc*
extant Corbets of Moreton.

The younger son,

Reynold Corbet, one of the judges of the Conrtrf Common Pleas in the time of Elizabeth, ■- Alia. daughter of John Gratewood, esq. and niece and co-he: of Sir Rowland Hill, and left a son and heir,

Richard Cobbet, esq- who m. Anne, daughter* Lord Chancellor Bromley, and was s. by his eldest son,

i. John Corbbt, esq. of Stoke, in the couarj*' Salop, who was created a Baronet by A'tsgCHiiml "This gentleman," says Blakeway,4* was one of those five illustrious N worthy of the eternal grtuto-k of their country, who opposed the forced loan in IK*. a most illegal measure of Charles I. while under tbc sway of Buckingham; which, if it had succeeded, would have turned this limited monarchy into a Turk ish despotism." He m. Anne, daughter of Sir George Mainwaring, knt. of Ightfield, in the county of Salop, and by her (who was known as the " good Lady tarbet") had no less than ten sons and ten daughters!, of whom t

John, the eldest, succeeded his father.
Henry, m, Catherine, sister of Lord Chohnoodr-

Anne, m. Nathaniel Desborough, esq.
Margaret, m. William Stafford, esq. of Blithe:-

wick, in Northamptonshire. Anne, m. Robert Anstruther, esq. of Wheatrj. in

the county of York. Frances, m. David Maurice, esq. of Pennapont.u

the county of Denbigh. Alice, m. Thomas Cotton, esq. of Pulley, in Shropshire. Dorothy, m. John Selbury, esq. Menial, m. Sir Humphrey Briggs, bart. of Hiuph

ton, in the county of Salop. Susan, m. George Spurstow, of Spurstow, in Cheshire. Grace, m. Sir William Pulteney, knt.

Sir John was .?. by his eldest son,

II. Sir John Corbet, who m. Letitia, daughter << Sir Robert Knollys, knt. of Gray's Court, in the count* of Oxford, grandson of Sir Francis Knollys, k£'. and was *. by his only son,

in. Sir John Corbet. This gentleman si. Tbw phila, daughter and heir of James Cambell, e*j -1' Woodford, and by her had surviving insured Robert, his successor. Theophila. He m. secondly, Frances, daughter of Randd^ Egerton, esq. of Betley, and by that lady (»bo m. secondly, Sir James Poole, hart, of Poole, in "e, had two other sons and a daughter, but they predeceased him. He was s. by his only surviving son.

iv. Sir Robert Corbet, of Adderley and Stoke.

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Ml', for Salop* one of the clerks of the Board of (ireen Cloth temp. George I. and afterwards one of the commissioners of the Customs. He m. Jane, dauof Sir William Hooker, knt. lord mayor of London, and had, with other children who d. unmarried, two sons and a daughter, viz.

Willim, his successor.

Henry, successor to his brother.

Anne, m. to Thomas D'Avenant, esq. and had a •on, Corbet D'avenant, who assumed the surname of Corbet, and was created a Baronet in 1786. (See that title.) He d. 3rd October, 1740, and was *. by his elder son, v. Sir William Corbet, who m. Harriot, daughter of Robert Pitt, esq. of Boconnock, and sister of the 6nt Earl of Chatham, but dying $. p, 15th September, 1748, was *. by his brother,

Ti. 7%e Rev. Sir Henry Corbet, rector of Adderley, who d. unmarried 7th May, 1750, when the BaEonbtcy became Extinct, and the estates devolved on bis nephew, Corbet D'avenant, esq.

Arms—Or, a raven ppr.


Created 4th July, 1623.—Extinct in 1661.


John Corbet, esq. living temp. Henry VIII. (son of John Corbet, by M argaret Dixon, and said to be the grandson of Corbet of Moreton), m. Jane, daughter of Ralph Berney, of Gunton, and had issue. Miles (Sir), his heir.

Mary, m. to Sir Roger Woodhouse, of Kim

berley. Elisabeth, m. to James Noon, gent, of Norfolk. Bridget, m. to Bryan D'Arcy, of Essex. The son,

Sir Miles Corbet, knt. m. first, Catherine, daughter of Sir Christopher Heydon, of Baconsthorp; and •rrondly, Catherine, widow of John Spilman, esq. of Narburgh, and daughter of William Sanders, esq. of End], in Surrey. By the former he left a son,

Sin Thomas Corbet, knt. of Sprowston, high sheriff ■f Norfolk in 1622, who m. Ann, daughter of Edward Barret, esq. of Belhouse, in Essex, and heiress of her nother, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert Litton, of ShrubUnd Hall, in Suffolk, and had issue, John (Sir), his heir.

Miles, of Lincoln's Inn, one of the registrars in
Chancery. This Miles Corbet acquired unen-
vied celebrity as one af the judges of the ill-fated
Charles 1. and was executed as a regicide in
Catherine, m. to Sir J. Mead.
Anne, m. to — Fexon.

Amy, si. to — Brewster, of Wrentham, in Suffolk.
Ellen, m. to — Herrick.

Cicely, m. to Thomas Sotherton, of Taveaham.
Dorothy, si. to — Slany.
Tfe* *lder son,

I. Sir John Corbet, of Sprowston, was created a Btaoftrr 4th July, 16*23. He tit. Anne, daughter of Sir Arthur Cape I, knt. of Hadbam, in Hertfordshire, ^*d had issue,

i. John, his heir.
ii- Thomas, successor to his brother.

l. Elizabeth, m. to Robert Houghton, esq. of Ran

worth. Ii. Anne, m. to Francis Corey, esq. of Bramerton. Sir John <7- 19th January, 1627, aged thirty-seven, and was s. by his elder son,

Ii. Sir John Corbet, of Sprowston, at whose decease unmarried the title passed to his brother,

in. Sir Thomas Corbet, of Sprowston, living in 1661, who was a devoted royalist during the civil wars and suffered much in consequence. He sold Sprowston to Sir Thomas Adams, bart. and as he never married, the Baronetcy Expired with him in 1661.

Arms—Or, a raven ppr.


Created 29th Jan. 1642.—Extinct 6th Aug. 1638.


This ts another branch of the very ancient family of Corbet, seated at Moreton Corbet since the commencement of the thirteenth century. For the early descent, see Burke's History of the Commoners, vol. iii. p. 169.

Sir Vincent Corbrt, knt. of Moreton Corbet, who succeeded his brother in 1606, married Frances, daughter and heir of William Humfreston, esq. of Humfreston, in Shropshire, and had issue, Andrew, his heir.

Robert, of Humfreston, ancestor of the Corbbts
of Ynysymaengwyn, and of the Corbetts of
Darnhall and Elsham, now represented by
Thomas Georcr Corbett, esq. one of the repre-
sentatives of the northern division of Lincoln-
shire in parliament.
Margaret, m. first, to Thomas Corbet, esq. of
Stanwardine; and secondly, to Sir Thomas
Scriven, knt.
Mary, m. to Sir Richard Hussey, knt. of Albright

Sir Vincent's elder son,

Sir Andrew Corbet, knt. of Moreton Corbet, married Elisabeth, daughter of William Bootbby, esq. and had, with nine daughters, six sons, viz.

Vincent, his heir.


Robert, of Lawley.

Richard, of Shawbury, ancestor of the present

Sir Andrew-vincent Corbet, bart. of Moreton


Sir Andrew died in 1637, and was s. by his son,

I. Sir Vincrnt Corbet, of Moreton Corbet, a devoted royalist, b. in 1617, who was created a Baronet in 1642. He m. Sarah, daughter of Sir Robert Monson, of Carlton, in Lincolnshire, and by her (who was raised to the peerage after her husband's decease, for life only, as Viscountess Corbet,) had issue,

Andrew, rf. young.

Vincent, bis heir.

Robert, barrister-at-law, d. in 1678 s. p.

Mary, m. to Sir Thomas Estcourt, knt. of Wiltshire. Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Bolles, knt. Sarah, m. to Phineas Fowke, M.D. Diana. Sir Vincent d. in 1656, and was *. by his son,

ii. Sie Vincent Corbet, of Moretou Corbet, born about 1642, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Thornes, esq. of Shelvocke, in Shropshire, and had issue,

Vincent, his heir.

Beatrice, baptized in 1660; m. to John K ynaston, esq. of Hordley and Albrightlee, and had a son, Corbet Kynaston, M.P. for Salop. Sir Vincent rf. 4th February, 1680, and was s. by hia son,

in. Sir Vincent Corbet, of Moreton Corbet, 6. in 1670, who died at Christ Church, Oxford, in the nineteenth year of his age, 6th August, 1688, when the Baronetcy became Extinct.

jiraw—Or, a raven ppr.


Created 27th June, 1786.—Extinct 31st March, 1823.


i. Sir Corbet Corbet, of Stoke-upon-Tern and Adderley, in Shropshire, who was created a Baron Bt in 1786, was son of Thomas D'Avenant, esq. of Clearbrooke, in Herefordshire, by Anne, hia wife, daughter and heir of Sir Roger Corbet, bart. of Stoke, and assumed the surname of Corbet on inheriting the estates of his maternal ancestors. He in, Hester, youngest daughter of Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton, bart. of Combermere, but dying s. p. 31st March, 1823, the Baronetcy became Extinct. He devised the Adderley estate to Richard Corbet, esq. second son of Sir Andrew Corbet, bart. and his other property to the Cotton family.

Arms—Or, a raven sa.

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i. Sir Edward Corbet, of Leighton, in the county of Montgomery, son of Thomas Corbet, esq. by the daughter and co-heir of Moreton, and a descendant of the Corbets of Caus Castle, was created a Baronet 20th June, 1642. He m. Margaret, daughter of Edward Waties, esq. of Burway, in Shropshire, and had issue, Edward, who m. Anne, daughter of Sir Richard Newport, knt. (afterwards Lord Newport), and dying v. p. 30th May, 1653, left, with two daughters, who both if. s. p. one son, Richard, successor to his grandfather. Thomas. Francis. Richard. Charles.

Waties, of Elton, in Herefordshire, who m, Margaret Weaver, of that place, and dying in 1689, was buried, 20th February, at Lebotwood, in Shropshire. His son,

Waties, of Elton, was father of

Thomas, whose son is stated to have bees
Charles, of London, bookseller, d. in 178.
leaving a son,
Charles, who claimed and aasaari
the Baronetcy on the death at sir
Jane, m. to John Flint, gent,

Margaret, m. to John Matthews, of Trefuany.
Mary, d. young.
Sir Edward was s. by hia grandson,

ii. Sir Richard Corbet, of Leighton, who m- Victoria, daughter and co-heir of Sir William Uveailf, knt. of Wickbam, in Hampshire, and had issue, Uvbuale, his heir. Lucy, d, young.

Diana, m. to Thomas Roch, esq. of Shropshire-
Anne, d. in 1706.

Victoria, m. to Sir Charles Lloyd, bart. of Gaits. Sir Richard d, 1st August, 1683, and was *. by hi* sea, in. Sir Uvedale Corbet,of Longnor and Leigfatm, who in. in 1693, Mildred, daughter of James, Earl of Salisbury, and had by her (who m. secondly, Si: Charles Hotham, bart.) issue, Richard, his heir.

Edward, d. s. p. in 1764, buried at LeeborwoodFrancia, 6. 11th June, 1701. This gentleman a stated by some accounts to have died unmarriri in Scotland, but others affirm that he was Dfia of St. Patrick's, Dublin, and ancestor of tse present Henry Corbet Singleton, ewj- • Aclare, in Meath. Robert, a colonel in the Guards, who at. tb* daughter of the late William Kynaston, e*qM.P. for Shrewsbury, master in chancery, ini tt. in 1750, s. p. Charles-Thomas, an officer in the Guards, d. i.fElizabeth, d. in 1724. Sir Uvedale d. 15th October, 1701, and was s. by hi* ace. iv. Sir Richard CoRBET,of Longnor and Leigatso, M.P. for Shrewsbury, b. in 1696, at whose deerwe unmarried, 25th September, 1774, the Baeonetct a stated by some accounts to have become Extinct ; brt it was claimed and assumed by Mr. Charles CorM. as descended from Waties, the youngest son of tfc* first baronet. He died in reduced circumstance ia May, 1808, leaving a son, Richard, in the East la& Company's service.

Arms— Or, two rarena ppr. within a bordure eagrailed gu. bezantee.

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a member* in the time of Elizabeth, Sir William Osdrix, of Long Melford, attained considerable emience as a lawyer, filling the important office of utter of the roll*. He m. Mary, daughter and heir f Richard Clopton, esq. hut died without issue 17th lay, 23 Elizabeth, and was buried in the church of «ng Melfoid, in which town he founded and endowed a alms-bouse. His estate at Foxley, in Norfolk, ultiistely Tested in his sister and heir, Joan, who m. Lkhard Alington, esq. of Honeheath, in CambridgeAire, and left two daughters and co-heirs, Mary, m. > Sir John Savage, of Clifton, in Cheshire, and Corefia, m. to Sir John Stanhope. A male branch of the unily, however, continued at Long Melford, aud aeruy after the Restoration was raised to the degree f Baronet in the person of

i. Sir Roiikt Cordell, of Melford, who m. Maram. daughter and co-heir of Sir Edmund Wright, nt lord mayor of London, and died circa 1060, leavlg a son and successor,

n. Sii John Cordell, of Melford, who m. ElizaKb. daughter of Thomas Waldegrave, esq. of Smallridge, in Suffolk, and had issue,

Jorn, his heir.

Elisabeth, as. to Thomas King, esq. (eldest son of Robert King, esq.) killed in a duel.

Margaret, m. to Charles Firebrace, esq. only son sf Sir Robert Firebrace, bart.

ir John died circa 1690, and was s. by his son, in. Sir Johx Cordell. of Melford, who m. Alionora, aoz/ot'r and co-heir of John Haskinstiles, of London, KTcaant, but by her, who died in April, 1705, he had o issue. Sir John was killed by a fall from his horse i May, 1704, when the Baronetct became Rxtinct. lis sisters were his co-heirs.

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Peter Cobtton, esq. of Coryton and Newton-Ferrars, m. Joan, daughter of John Wreye, esq. of Militon, in Cornwall, by Blanche, daughter and co-heiress of Henry Killegrewe, esq. and had issue,

William, his successor.


Mary, m. to Thomas Trefusia, esq. of Trefusis. The elder son,

William Cortton, esq. of Coryton and NewtonFeirars, was rice-warden of the stannaries of Cornwall from 1003 to 1630, one of the representatives for the county of Cornwall 21 Jahes I., and member for several other places at subsequent periods. This gentleman, the friend and partisan of Hampden, Pym, and Eliot, zealously co-operated with these eminent persons in resisting forced loans and arbitrary power. He likewise distinguished himself as a strenuous advocate for the petition of Right, and was one of those who were imprisoned for having forcibly detained the speaker (Finch) in the chair. This staunch patriot espoused Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Chichester, of Raleigh, in the county of Devon, and had a son and successor,

i. John Cortton, esq. of Coryton and NewtonFerrars, who, having represented for several years the county of Cornwall in parliament, was created a Baronet 27th February, 1661. He m. Ann, only daughter and heiress of John Mills, esq. of Colebrooke, Devon, and had issue, John, his heir.

William, successor to his brother.
Elizabeth, who m. William Goodall, esq. of Fowey,
and was grandmother of
Peter Goodall, esq. who inherited the estates
and assumed the surname of Cortton. His
representative is the present
John Coryton, esq. of Pentillie
Castle, in Cornwall.
Anne, m. in 1685, to John Peter, esq. of Harlyn,
in Cornwall, and was direct ancestor of the
William Peter, esq. of Harlyn and Chiter.

Sir John Coryton d. in 1680, and was s. by his elder son,

Ii. Sir John Coryton, of Newton-Ferrars,in Cornwall, who m, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard Chiverton, knt. but dying without issue, was A. by his brother,

m. Sir William Coryton, of Newton-Ferrari, M. P. for Callington in the reigns of Charles II. James II. William HI. and Quern Anne, who m. Susanna, daughter of Sir Edward Littleton, bart. of Pillaton, in the county of Stafford, and dying in December, 1711, left, with a daughter, Susanna, who </. unmarried, a sou and successor,

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