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Jama, buried at Chelsea.



Winifred, m. to Captain Steward Walker.

Alice, m. to Major Crokir, of Hook Norton, in

Oxfordshire. Susanna, m. the Honourable Richard Fiennes, fourth son of Lord Say and Sele. He i. in 1058, was buried at Adderbury, 16th March, in that year, and *. by his eldest surviving son,

t. Thomas Cobb, esq. of Adderbury, who was created a Bisofttrby A'fnj Charles II., 9th December, 1082. Sir Thomas m. first, Catherine, second daughter of Sir Richard Onslow,* Int. of West Clandon, Surrey, which lady died issueless. He m. secondly. Christian, daughter of Sir Edward Bi5shopp,t bart. of Parham and by her had issue,

William, d. unm. "1 . , , . , . Thomas, d. unm. J brfore thwr fatheTEdward, successor to his father. John, D. D. Warden of New College. Oxford, m. Sarah, daughter of Sir Hugh Stukely, bart. of Hinton, Hants, but a*, s. p. in 1725; his widow m. the next year, St. John, esq. of Farley, and surviving him, she m. thirdly, Captain Francis Townaend. Gbobcb, successor to his brother Edward. Sir Thomas if. in February, 1090, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

ii. Sib Edward Cobb, who d. unmarried in 1744, sod was J. by his brother,

in. Sib Gbobcb Cobb, who m. Anne, daughter and co heir of Joseph Langton, esq. of Newton Park, in the county of Somerset, and acquired thereby that estate. She was widow of Robert Langton, esq. of Brislington, eldest son of Sir Thomas Langton, knt. of Bristol. Sir George had issue, Charles, d. young. Asns.

Christian, who as. Paul Methuen, esq. of Corsham, in Wiltshire, M.P., and was grandmother of the present. Paul Mrthuen, esq. of Corsham, M. P. Sir George Cobb falling accidentally, 20th March, 1762, into a moat, at the seat of John Blagrave, esq. near Reading, was drowned, at the advanced age of ninety, when the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms— Sa. a chev. arg. between three dolphins naiant tmbowed or, a chief of the last.

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Thomas Cocks, esq. of Bishop's Cleve, in that county, living in the time of Henry VIII. who m. Elizabeth Holland, of a Lancashire family, and had, with other issue,

Thomas, who had one son,
Sir John Cocks, knt. whose issue failing, his
estate, the manor of Northley, and other lands,
passed to
Henry Stafford, grandson of Elizabeth

Richard, of whom presently.

< Im Hi.ks, bencher of the Middle Temple, who d. in 1054, and left his property (including the manor of Dumbleton, which he had inherited from bis sister Dorothy,) to his nephew, Sir Richard Cocks.

Anne, tn. to — Barnsly, esq. of Barnsly Hall, in

the county of Worcester. Dorothy, m. first, to Edmund Hutchyngs, esq. of

Dumbleton, and secondly, to Sir Charles Percy. Elizabeth, m. to — Stafford, esq. Her grandson,

Henry Stafford, inherited Northley, as stated


The second son,

Richard Cocks, esq. of Castleditch, in the county of Hereford, m. Judith, daughter and co-heir of John Elliott, of the City of Loudon, and had two sons, Thomas, his heir, (ancestor of the Lord Somers,) and i. Richard Cocks,esq. of Dumbleton, in the county of Gloucester, who inherited the real and personal property of his uncle, Charles Cocks, esq. of the Middle Temple, and was created a Baronet by King Charles II. 7th April, 1001. Hem. Susannah, daughter of Ambrose Elton, esqi of the Hasle, in the county of Hereford, and had issue,

Richard, who m. Mary, daughter of Sir Robert
Cooke, of High nam, in the county of Gloucester,
(by Dorothy, his wife, daughter of Sir Miles
Fleetwood.) and dying in his father's lifetime,
1009, left three sons,
Richard, successor to his grandfather.
Robert, third Baronet.

Susanna, m. first, Roger Thompson, of the City
of London, merchant, and secondly, Sir
Edward Fust, bart. of Hill, in the county of
Charles, '/. unm.

John, in. Anne, eldest daughter of Walter Savage,
esq. of Broadway, in the county of Worcester,
but had no issue.
Judith, d. unm.

Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Fust, bart. of Hill, in the county of Gloucester. Sir Richard, who was sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1065, d. in September, 1064, and was s. by his grandson,

Ii. Sir Richard Cocks, who m. first, Frances, daughter of Richard Nevil, esq. of Billingbear, in the county of Berks, and secondly, Mary, daughter of William Bethell, esq. of Swindon, in Yorkshire, but had no issue. Sir Richard was knight of the Shire for the county of Gloucester, for three successive parliaments, in the reign of King William, and sheriff

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in 1002. He </- in October, 1726, and was i. lir hia brother,

III. The Rev. Sin Robert Cocas, D. D. Rector of Bladon, cum Woodstock and Rollright, in the county of Oxford. This gentleman m. Mrs. Anne Fulls, of Oxford, and had several sons, who all died issueless, except Robert, the fourth son, who inherited the title and estates, and five daughters. He d. 9th February, 1735-6, and was s. by his son,

It. Sir Hubert Cocas, who m. Elizabeth, second daughter of James Cholmeley, esq. of Easton, in the county of Lincoln, but dying without surviving issue, 4th April, 1765, the Iuron'etct became Extinct; the manor of Dumbleton devolving on John Cocks, esq. of Castleditch, father of Charles, the great Lord Somers.

Arms—Sa. a chev. between three attires of a stag, fixed to the scalp arg.

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i. Major John Musi:, of Riclungs, in Buckinghamshire, (an estate he purchased from the Duke of Northumberland, and which was afterwards sold to the Right Hon. John Sullivan,) m. Hester, only daughter and heir of James Coghill, LL. D. register of the Prerogative Court, and relict of Charles Moore, Earl of Charleville, and assuming in consequence, the surname and arms of Coghill, was created a Baronet in 1781. He died, however, without issue in 1790, when the title became Extinct. Sir John's widow, the countess of Charleville, bequeathed her property, at her decease, to her cousin,

John Cramer, esq. who assumed the surname of
Coghill, and was created a Baronet. His son
is the present Sir Josiah Coghill, bart. of

Arms— Gu. on a chev. arg. three pellets, a chief sa.

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Thomas (Sir}, a knight banneret, who died, Ibv his father, leaving a son, Thomas, d. unm. Peter. John. The youngest son,

John Coke, esq. of YVhitwell. continued the lis-1. and was living in the 36th Edward at (ljtt}. Ha son and heir,

John Core, esq. of Crostwick, was father of tvi sons, William, who d. s. p. and

Robert Coke, esq. of Ryston, who m.,daa?lr ter and heir of Roger Crispin, esq. of Happenbum, and was s. by his son,

John Coke, esq. of Ryston, who m. Alice, dingWand co-heir of William Folcard, Lord of Spartan, in Norfolk, and had two sons, John, who died vitoat issue, and

Robert Coke, esq. of Sparham, who m. Jtow. daughter of— Woodhouse, of Norfolk, andwaij .Vj his son,

Robert Core, esq. of Mileham, in Norfolk, lmsc 35 Henr\ VIII. He m. Winifred, daughter tad Kheir of William Knightley, esq. of t. ley, in Norfolk, and by her, (who d. in January, IMS.) left at his decease, in 1561, a son and heir, aftenFiri the great law luminary,

Sir Edward Coke, knt. successively Lobd Chid Justice of both Benches, and a privy counsellor ii the reign of James r' First.* He m. first, Bridge; daughter and co-heir of John Paston, esq. and by :h; lady, had issue,

i. Edmund, who d. <f. p.

ii. Robert (Sir), married Tbeophila, only dngt
ter of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, but died with-
out issue, 10th July, 1653, and was buried it
in. Arthur, m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir
George Walgrave, All of Hitcham, in V'
folk, and died at St. Edmundsbury, (Eh De-
cember, 1620, leaving four daughters, his co-
iv. John, of Holkham, in Norfolk, married Mu
riel, daughter and heir of Anthony Whit
ley, esq. and had several children; bat ae
estates eventually devolved upon the yoaflgeS
John, who dying unmarried, the estate^
Holkham fell to the heirs of Henry £*i.
of Tburrington.
v. Henry, of Thurrington, in the county of Suffolk,
tn. Margaret, daughter and heir of RicbiH
Lovelace, esq. of Kingsdown, in Kent, A»4
was s. by his eldest son,
Richard, who married Mary, daughter of
Sir John Rous, bart. and left an only

Hubert Coke, of Thurrington, who,«

the decease of his cousin, inherited

Holkham; and from him desrrci'

through the female line, the present

Thomas William Core,esq. of Hott


vi. Clement, of whom presently.

i. Anne, m. to Ralph Sadler, esq. son and heir d

Sir Ralph Sadler, knt. u. Bridget, m. to William Skinner, esq. son ■** heir of Sir Vincent Skinner. Sir Edward Coke, in. secondly, Lady Elizabeth Odl. daughter of Thomas, Earl of Exeter, and of that »*r riage were two daughters, Elisabeth, who died unmarried, and Frances, wife of John Villiers, Viscount Purbeck. The chief justice died at Stoke Pogis, 3rd September, 1633, in the eighty-third year of bis age, and wis buried at Tittesbell, in Norfolk. His youngest son,

* See Burke's Commoners, vol. i. p. 3. Coke, of Holkham.

Clement Coke, esq. m. Sarah, daughter and heir of Alexander Reddish, esq. of Reddish, in Lancashire, (by the daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert Langley, of Agecroft, in the same county.) and acquired thereby the estate of Longford, in the county of Derby. He died is Hay, 1019, and was succeeded by his elder son,

i. Edward Coke, esq. of Longford, who was created i Baronet 30th December, 1041. Sir Edward m. Catherine, daughter and co-heir of Sir William Dyer, int. of Great S tough ton, in the county of Huntingdon, and bad issue,

Robut, his successor.
Edward, heir to his brother.

Catherine, m. to Cornelius Clarke, esq. of Norton.

Anne, d. unm.

Tbeophila, m. to — Bullock, esq. He was t. by bis elder son,

ii. Sir Robert Coke, M. P. for the county of Derby, in the 1st of James II. He m. Sarah, daughter aod co-heir of — Barker, esq. of Abrightlee, in Salop, but dying without issue, in January, 1087, was s. by bit brother,

in. Sir Edward Cokr, who d. unmarried, 25th August, 1727, when the Baronetcy became Extinct, and the estates passed to the deceased's kinsman,

Edward Cork, esq. second son of Edward Coke,
esq. of Holkham, and brother of Thomas Coke,
created Lori; Lovell in 1738. He died unmar-
ried in 1733, and was s. by his brother,
Robert Cokr, esq. of Longford, vice chamber-
lain to Queen Anns, who died without issue, and
the Derbyshire estates then united with those of

Arm$— Party per pale gu. and ax. three eagles displayed arg.

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singham, unmarried in 1034, and a son, James, his heir. Ha m. secondly, Sarah Needham, of Derbyshire, by whom, who wedded secondly, Humphrey Newton, esq. of Axmouth, in Devon, he had four sons and five daughters, viz. Thomas, John, Henry, Robert (fifth Baronet), Sara, Frances, Bridget, Martha, and Jane. Sir John died in 1027, and was succeeded by his son,

Ii. Sir James Colbrand, of Boreham, living in 1634, who in. Margaret, daughter of Richard Amhurst, sergeant-at-law, by Margaret, his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Palmer, bart. of Wingham, and was *. by his son,

in. Sir Richard Colbrand, of Boreham, colonel in the royal army, slain in the civil wars. He d. unm. and was s. by his brother,

Iv. Sir Charles Colbrand, at whose decease, unmarried, of the small-pox, in 1072, the Baronetcy reverted to his uncle of the half-blood,

r. Sir Robert Colbrand, son of Sir John Colbrand, first Baronet, by his second wife. He m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Southland, esq. of Lee, In Kent, but dying a. p. 2nd June, 1700, the title became ExTinct.

Arms—Ax. three levels with their plummets, or.

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John Colby, esq. of Brundyche, in Suffolk, m. Alice, daughter and heir of John Brewse, esq. of Hardwick, third son of Sir Thomas Brewse, knt. and left a son and successor,

Thomas Colby, esq. of Beccles, in Suffolk, who m. first, Beatrice, daughter of Thomas Felton, esq. of Playford, in that county, and secondly, Ursula, daughter of Edward Read, of Norwich, relict of Sir John Hnml, knt. By the former he left a son and successor,

Thomas Colby,esq. of Beccles, whom. Amy,daughter of Thomas Brampton, esq. of Letton, in Norfolk, and had with other issue, a son,

Philip Colby, esq. of Kensington, in Middlesex, who m. Elizabeth, second daughter and co-heir of William Flewellin,* esq. alderman of London, and left an only surviving son,

i. Sir Thomas Colby, of Kensington, one of the commissioners of bis Majesty's navy, and M. P. for Rochester, who was created a BaronLt 21st June, 1720. He d. unm. 23rd September, 172ft, when the title became Extinct; his property devolving ou the family of Bullock.,* of Sbipdham, in Norfolk.

Arms—As. a chev. between three escallops or, within a bordurc cngr. of the last.

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i. Sir Nicholas Coijc, of Brancepcth, in Durham, who was created a Baronet, 4th March, 1640, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Liddell, bart. of RaTensworth, and was s. by his son,

li. Sir Ralph Colk, of Brancepeth, who m. first, Miss Windham, and secondly, Katherine, daughter of Sir Henry Foulis, bart. of lngleby manor, in Yorkshire. Sir Ralph died in 1660, and having survived his son Nicholas, was s. by that gentleman's son.

in. Sir Nicholas Colk, of Brancepeth, who m. Anne, daughter of Collier Campbell, but dying s. p. 1710-11, wan s. by his brother,

It. Sir Mark Cole, of Brancppeth, at whose decease the title became Extinct. Brancepeth Castle is now the property of the Russell family.

Arms—Arg. a fesse eng. sa. between three scorpions reversed of the second.

COltPlPtR , it i CULPE PER .


Created 20th Sep. 1814.—Extinct March, 1824.


i. Sir Gboroe Ralph Collier, K.C.B. Captain R. N. a distinguished naval officer, was created a BaRonet 20th September, 1814. He m. Maria, daughter and co-heir of John Lyon, M. D. of Liverpool, but dying s. p, in March, 1824, the title became Extinct.

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thy, daughter of Sir John Highford, knt. and < his son,

William Compton, esq. of Hartbury, who as. Eleanor, daughter of Sir William Meaux, knt. of the Isle of Wight, and was s. by bis son,

Walter Compton, esq. of Hartbury, who m. Mary, daughter of Dr. Thomas Habington, esq. of Hindlip, by Mary his wife, eldest daughter of Edward Parler, Lord Morley, and was father of

i. William Compton, esq. of Hartbury, in the county of Gloucester, who was created a Baronet >>v King James II. 0th May, 1066. He »- Catherine, daughter of Thomas Bond, esq. of Hoxton. Middlesex, and sister of Sir Thomas Bond, bart. of Peckham, and dying about the year 1698, was s. by his son,

ti. Sir William Compton,of Hartbury said Hindlip, who m. Jane, daughter and heir of — Hyde, esq. cf Hurst, in the county of Berks, and by her, who d- in February, 1728-0, had, with two daughters, both nuns, two sons, via.

William, his successor.

He d. 5th June, 1731, and was .*. by his elder son,

in. Sir William Compton, of Hartbury, who m. Miss Holder, and had issue,

William, his heir.
Walter, successor to his brother.
Jane, m. to John Berkeley, esq. and had two
daughters (co-heirs to their mother),

Catherine Berkeley, Mi. to Robert Cannine. esq. of Foxcote, in Warwickshire, and died in 1823, j.p. Jane Berkeley, m. to Thomas Anthony, present Viscount Southwell. Catherine, as. to Edward Beacroft, esq. d Helen, m. to J. Dalby, esq. Sir William d. 3rd May, 1758, and was s. by his son, iv. Sir William Compton, of Hartbury, at wbo*e decease, without issue, in 1760, the Baronetcy nsmjid to his brother,

v. Sin Walter Compton, of Hartbury, who as. Mm Sarah Mary Moaeley, but dying s. p. 89th Asnrsst. 1773, the Baronetcy Expired.

The estates eventually vested in Sir Walter's nieces, the daughters of his sister, Mrs. Berkeley. Mr. Can ning, of Foxcote, the husband of the elder, enjoyixtr. Hartbury; and Lord Southwell, who married the younger, possessing Hindlip.

Arms—Arg. a fesse nebule gu. on a chief of the las* a helmet between two lions' heads erased, or.


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Robert He Lact, younger brother of Roger, con•table of Chester, and baron of Hal ton, enjoyed the lordship of Flamburgh, by gift of that nobleman, and was s. by bis son,

Roust Constable, of Flamburgh, who, by Agnes bis wife, was father of

William Constable, of Flamburgh, whose wife is called the Lady Julian, and who was s. by his son,

Sir Rob Kit Constable, of Flamburgh., who was knighted with three hundred more at a grand festival at Whitsuntide, in the Mth year of Edward I. when the same honour was conferred by the king upon Edward, Earl of Carnarvon, his eldest son, preparatory to his expedition into Scotland. Sir Robert was living in the 13th of Edward II. and was father of

SirMarmadukeConstable,knt. sherirTof the county •f York, in the 40th and 41st of Edward III. His son and heir,

Sir William Constable, knt. of Flamburgh m. a daughter of the Lord Fitz Hugh, and was s. by his son,

Robert Constable, sheriff of Yorkshire, in the 8th, 9th, and 18th years of Richard II. who had to wife a daughter of William Skip with, esq. and left a son and heir,

Sir Marmadueb Constable, knt. who m. Catherine, daughter and heir of Robert Cumberworth, esq.* and was i. by bis eldest son.

Sir Robert Constable, who was knighted before 16th Heart VI. in which year he was sheriff of Yorkshire. He m. Agnes, daughter of Sir William Gascoigne, knt. and bad issue,

Robeet (Sir), his heir.





Elizabeth, m. to Robert Troyer.

Jane, m, to John Welles. He was s. by his eldest son.

Sir Robert Constable, knt. of Flamburgh, H. P. for the county of York, in the 17th of Edward IV. and sheriff in two years afterwards. He Jr. Agnes, daughter of Sir Roger Went worth,of Suffolk,and had issue,

Marmaduke, his heir.
John, dean of Lincoln.

Robert, of Cliffe, sergeant-at-law.
William, of Caythorpe and Waasand, living in 1538,
represented now by
The Rev. Charles Constable, of Waasand,
whose only daughter,
Mary Constable, m. in 1816, George, eldest
son of Sir William Strickland, bart.
Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Metham, esq.
Margaret, s*. to Sir William Ever, knt.
Agnes, m. first, to Sir Gervase Clifton, knt. and

secondly, to Walter Griffith, esq.
Margery, m. to Sir Ralph Rigot, knt.
Anne, at. to Sir William Tyrwhit, knt.
Catherine, m. to Sir Ralph Ryder, knt.
H*- d. in i486, and was $. by his eldest son,

Sir Marmaduke Constable, knt. of Flamburgh, in the county of York, who shared, with his four sons, in the glory of Flodden. He m. first, Joyce, daughter of Sir Humphry Stafford, knt, and had issue,

i. Robeet (Sir), who inherited Flamburgh, and received the honour of knighthood for his

signal services against the Cornish rebels in 1497; but afterwards, 28 Henry VIII., taking part in the commotions excited in Lincolnshire by John, Lord Hussey, and others, he was attainted and executed at Hull. He m. Jane, daughter of William Inglcby, esq. of Ripley, in the county of York, and left a son and heir,

Marmaduke (Sir), of Nuneaton, (See ConStable, of FUtmborough) extinct Baronet. Ii. Marmaduke (Sir).

Hi. William (Sir), of Hatfield, who m. the daughter and heir of John Hatfield, esq. of Hatfield, in Holderness. It. John (Sir), of Kinalton, in Nottinghamshire, who at. Jane, daughter and heir of Henry Sothill, esq. of Idle, in the county of York. I. Eleanor, m. first, to John Ingleby, esq. of Ripley; and secondly, to — Berkeley, esq. ii. Agnes, vt. to Sir Henry Oughtred, knt.

Sir Marmaduke, m. secondly, Margery, daughter of Henry, Lord Fits Hugh, but by that lady had no issue. His second son,

Sir Marmaduke Constable, knt. was of Everingham, in the county of York, which estate he acquired with his wife Barbara, daughter and heir of Sir John Sothill. He was .?. by his son,

Sir Robert Constable, knt. of Everingham, who Mi. Catherine, daughter of Sir George Manners, Lord Ros,t and had three sons,

Marmaduke (Sir), his heir.

Robert (Sir), of Newark.

John, of Kikesby. The eldest son,

Sir Marmaduke Constable, knt. m. Jane,daughter of William, Lord Conyert, of Hornby, and had issue,

Robert (Sir), his successor.

Roger, who a*, s. p.


He was *. by his eldest son,

Sir Robert Constable, knt. of Everingham. This gentleman m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Tyrwhit, knt. and by that lady had seven sons and four daughters, viz.

Marmaduke, his heir.

Robert, who m. Jane, daughter of Thomas Dolman, esq.


Roger, m. Mary, daughter of — Cotton, esq.

Henry, d. s. p.


Francis, m. the daughter of John Lengar, esq.

Barbara, m. to Sir Thomas Metham, knt.

Elisabeth, m. to William Langdale, esq.

Frances, m. to Walter Rudston, esq. of Hayton.

Jane, m. to Robert Sotheby, esq.

The eldest son,

Marmaduke Constable, esq. of Everingham, m. Frances, daughter of Thomas Metham, esq. of Metham, in Yorkshire, and had five sons, all of whom died issueless, except the eldest,

i. Philip Constable, esq. of Everingham, who was created a Baronet by King Charles I. 20th July, 1042, and was a severe sufferer in the royal cause. Sir Philip, m. Anne, only daughter of Sir William Roper knt. of Eltham, in Kent, and had issue,

Marmaduke, his successor.

* By Sibil, his wife, daughter and heir of Sir William Arpsa, knt.

t By Anne, his wife, daughter and sole heir of Sir Thomas St. Lcger, knt. and his wife, Anne PlantageNet, Duchess of Exeter, sister of King Edward IV.

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