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This family, one of considerable antiquity, is presumed to share derived its surname from Abdy, in the county of York, where Richard Abdy was seated at a very remote period.

Ajtthony Abdy, a lineal descendant of the Yorkshire house, entering into commercial pursuits, established himself in London, and became an alderman of that city. He married Abigail, daughter of Sir Thomas Campbell, knt. and left at his decease, in 1640, three sons and one daughter, Liz.

i. Thomas, of Felix Hall, Essex, created a Baronet in 1641, which honour is now enjoyed by his descendant,

Sir William Abdy,bart. ofChobham Place, Surrey. See Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, Ii. Robert, Hi. John, see Abdy, Op Moorks.

I. Alice, m, to Sir John Bramston.K.B. of Skreens, ancestor of the present Thomas William Br am •Con, esq. of Skreens, M.P. for Essex. Mr. Alderman Abdy's second son,

Robert Abdy, esq. of Albins, in Essex, was created a Baronet 9th June, 1660. He Hi. Catherine, daughter of Sir John Gayer, knt. and by her, who died in 1683, had several sons and daughters, of whom the third daughter, Sarah, wedded John Pennington, esq. and the eldest son,

Sir John Abdy, second baronet, of Albins, succeeded his father in 1670. He m. Jane, only daughter of George Nicholas, esq. youngest son of Sir Edward Nicholas, knt. secretary of state to Charles I., (one of the ill fated monarch's most faithful adherents), and left at his decease a daughter, Jane, m. to the Rev. Edward Crank, and a son and successor,

Sir Robert Abdy, third baronet, of Albins, whom Morant describes as " a man of deep knowledge in antiquity and natural history, a great connoisseur in medals, of which he had a fine collection; and, what is more valuable, a true patriot, and a person of unshaken integrity, and remarkable humanity." He was chosen M. P. for the county of Essex in 1727, and continued to represent that shire in parliament until his demise. He m. Theodosia, only daughter and heir of George Bramston, LL.D. and I to survive youth, one son and one daughter, namely, John, his heir.

Theodosia, m. in 1752, to the Rer. Stotherd Abdy, rector of Theydon Gernon, a younger son of Sir William Abdy, fourth baronet,of Felix A she died issueless in 1758. Sir Robert died in 1748, and was succeeded by his son. Sir John Abdy, fourth baronet, of Albins, M.P. for Essex, who died unmarried 2nd April, 1759, when the Baronetcy became Extinct. He bequeathed his estates to his aunt, Mrs. Crank, for life, with remainder to Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy, bart. of Felix Hall, to the Rev. Stotherd Abdy, that gentleman's brother, and eventually, on failure of the issue of both, to Thomas, son of the Rev. Dr. Rutherford, by their sister, Charlotte Abdy. The last named devisee ultimately inherited, and, assuming the surname and arms of Abdy in 1775, became

Titt Rev. Thomas Abdy Abdy, of Albins. He m. in 1778 a daughter of James Hayes, esq. of Holliport, bencher of the Middle Temple, and died in 1798, leaving issue,

I. John-rutherford-abdy Hatch-abdy, esq. of
Albins, who m. Miss Hatch, daughter of Oliver
Hatch, of Bromley.
II. Anthony-Abdy, captain R.N. a widower with
an only son, Neville.

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i. Sir Thomas Adams, knt. sheriff of the city of London in 1644, and lord mayor in 1648, having s»lfered in the royal cause, by imprisonment in the Tower of London, and having further evinced his fidelity to his exiled sovereign by remitting to his majesty in his hour of need £10,000, was created a Baron Ft in a few days after the Restoration. Sir Thomas, although advanced in years, was deputed by the city to accompany General Monk to Breda, and to attend the exiled monarch to his restored realms. He endowed several schools, particularly that of Wem, in Shropshire, where he was born, and founded an Arabic lecture in Cambridge, of which University he had been a member. Sir Thomas died president of St. Thomas's Hospital and father of the city, 21th February, 1607, aged eighty-two, by a fall in stepping out of his coach. He in. Anne, daughter of Humphrey Mapatead, esq. of Trenton, in Essex, and was s. by his son,

Ii. Sir William Adams, who wedded first, Anne, daughter of John Rushout, esq. and sister of Sir James Rush out, AMI of Northwick, by whom he had nine sons and a daughter. The eldest son,

William, died in the lifetime of his father, lesring by his wife, Mary, daughter of Sir John Maynard, and relict of Captain Butler, of Saltash, in Cornwall, (she afterwards m. Sir Rushout Cullen, bait.), an only daughter, Jane, who wedded Sir Erasmus Norwich, bart. Sir William m. secondly, Jane, daughter of — Burnet, and widow of Alderman Allington, of London, bat had no other issue. He d. in 1687, and was *. by his eldest surviving son,

ill. Sir Thomas Adams, who d. unmar. in August, 1690, and was s. by his brother,

iv. Sir Charles Adams. This gentleman, who was the sixth son of his father, resided at Sprowston Hall, in Norfolk. He m. Frances, one of the six daughters of Sir Francis Mt g. and granddaughter of the Lord Chief Justice Rolle, but d. .*. p. 12th August, 1726, when the estates passed to his niece, Jane, Lady Norwich, and the title devolved upon his only surviving brother,

v. Sir Robert Adams, who m. first, Dorothea, daughter and co-heir of Piercy Wiseman, esq. but by that lady had no issue. He wedded, secondly, Diana , and by her left at his decease, about the year

1764, a son and successor,

vi. Sir Thomas Adams, Capt. R. N. who died on the Virginia station 12th April, 1770, issueless, when the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms— Erm. three cats passant in pale as.

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i. Sir Willi tx Airmine, of Osgodby, the representative of an old Lincolnshire family, was created a Bmosn in 1019. He as. first, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Michael Hicks, int.; and, secondly, Mary, daughter and co-heir of the Hon. Henry Talbot, fourth son of George, Earl of Shrewsbury. He died in 1651, learinc;, by his first wife, a son and successor,

Ii. Sir William Airmine,of Osgodby, who m.Anne, daochtcr and coheir of Sir Robert Crane, bart. of Chilton, in Suffolk., and by her (who wedded, secondly, John, Lord Belasyse) had daughters, his coheirs, one of whom,

Anne, married Thomas, second Lord Crew, of
Stene, and had four daughters, her co-heirs, viz.
1. Jidima Crkw,ir. to Henry De Grey, Duke
of Kent, and had issue,

Anthony, Earl of Harold, summoned to
parliament as Baron Lucas, of Crud-
well, in 1710. He Jr. Lady Mary Tuf-
ton, but rf. s. p. in 1723. His death is
mentioned as having arisen from an
ear of barley which his lordship had
inadvertently put into his mouth, by
which he was choked.
Henry, died unm.

Amabel, m. to John, Viscount Glenorchy,
and hence descend the Earls De Gret
and Ripon.
Jemima, m. to John, third Lord Ashburn-
ham, and was grandmother of the pre-
sent peer.
Anne, m. to Lord Charles Cavendish.
Mary, m. to Dr. Gregory, dean of Christ-
*. Ainnine Crew,m.toThomasCartwright,esq.
of Aynho, great-grandfather of the present
William-ralph Cartwricht, esq. of
Aynho, M.P. for Northamptonshire.

3. Catherine Crew, m. to Sir John Harper, bart. of Caulk Abbey* and the great-greatgrand-son of this marriage is the present

Sir Georoe Crewe, bart. of Caulk Abbey.

4. Elizabeth Crew,**, to Charles Butler, Earl

of Arran.

Era. a saltire engr. gn. on a chief of the last or, armed and langued az.


Created I8th Sept. 1819.--extinct 14th Sept. 1820.


i. LiEt-r. Col. Sir Alexander Allan, a director of As East India Company, and for some time M. P. for

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Richard Alletn, descended from a family settled at Thaxtead, in Essex, died 23rd June, 1527, possessed of a considerable estate in the same county, and was $. by his eldest son,

Sir John Allbyn, an eminent citizen of London., who was sheriff* in 1518, and lord mayor in 1525 and again in 1535. Dying unmarried in 1544, he devised to tbat city five hundred marks, as a stock for sea coal; the rents of his lands, purchased of the king, to be distributed to the poor for ever, beside many benefactions to the prisons and hospitals, and a rich collar of gold to be worn by the successive lord mayors. His next brother and successor,

John Alleyn, wedding Margaret, elder daughter
and co-heir of Gyles Leigh, esq. of Walton Leigh, in
Surrey, acquired with her the estate of Hatfield, in
Essex, and had issue,
John, his heir.

Giles, of Hatfield Peverell, m. Christian, daughter
of John West, and had one son and three daugh-
ters, namely,

Catherine, m. to John Baker, esq. of Chesterford. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Barnaby, esq. Agnes, m. to William Higham, esq, John Alleyn died 22nd June, 1558, aud was succeeded by his eldest son,

John Alletn, of Hatfield Peverell,then aged twenty years, who married thrice, and had two sons, and as many daughters, viz. Edmund, his heir, Thomas, who m. Mary Fairclough, of Herts.

Elizabeth, m. to Christopher Goldingham, esq. of

Mary, m. to William Coys, of North Okingdon. The elder son,

Edmund of Hatfield Peverell, succeeded his father in 1572. He m. Martha, daughter and coheir of John Glasscock, esq. of Powers Hall, in Witham, and had by her, who died in 1593, one son and two daughters, viz. Edward, his heir.

Elizabeth, m. to Robert Castle, esq. of East Hatley, in Cambridgeshire. Mary, m. to Henry Hall, esq. of Gratford, in Lincolnshire. Mr. Alleyn died in 1816, and was j. by his son,

I. Edward Alleyn, esq. of Hatfield Peverell, aged thirty at the period of inheritance. In 1029 he served as sheriff for Essex, and was created a Baronet on the 24th of June in that year. He m. Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of George Scot, esq. of Little Lees, by whom he obtained considerable landed property in Esbcx, and had, with two daughters, Martha, m. to the Rev. Joshua Blower Rocke, and Mary, to Robert Clive, esq. of Styche, a son,

Edmund, who died v. p. in 1IJ33, leaving by Mary,
his wife, daughter of Nicholas Miller, esq. of
• Wrotham, one son and one daughter,
Edmund, successor to his grandfather.
Elizabeth, m. first, to John Robinson, esq. of
Denston Hall, and, secondly, to Sir William
Jones, attorney-general to Charles II.

Sir Edward Alleyn died in November, 1638, and was succeeded by his grandson,

II. Sir Edmund Alletn, of Hatfield, who wedded Frances, only daughter and heir of Thomas Gent, esq. of Moyns, in Essex, and had, by her, who died in 1057, an only daughter and heiress,

Arabella, who m. first, Francis Thompson, esq. of Hambleton, in Yorkshire, and, secondly, Lord George Howard, sou of Henry, Duke of Norfolk. Between the years 1715 and 1720 her ladyship conveyed her estates to Arthur Dobbs, formerly clerk to Sir John Floyer, and he enjoyed them until his decease, 1750-1, when, by a reversionary clause in Lady Arabella's will, they passed to her kinsman, Sir Edmund Alleyn. Sir Edmund died 2nd November, 1058, when his extensive estates devolved on his daughter, while the baronetcy reverted to his uncle.

Hi. Sir George Alleyn, seated at Little Lees, in Essex, who married three wives. By the second, Martha, daughter of Roger Jones, esq. of the county of Monmouth, he left at his decease in 1004, with other issue, a daughter, Anne, m. to Henry Freeman, esq. of Higham Ferrers, and a son and successor,

lv. Sir George Alleyn, who m. Mercy, youngest daughter of John Cloxton, esq. of Little Waltham, and had issue,


Georoe, )'recessive baronets.

Edward, who m. Mary, daughter of John or Thomas Trott, vicar of Saling Magna, and had Edmund, successor to his uncle. Arabella, m. to the Rev. James Chalmers, M.A. vicar of Earl's Colne, and rector of Little Waltham. John, who died unmarried. Sir George died in 1702, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

v. Sir Clopton Alleyn, at whose decease unmarried, in September, 1720, the title devolved on his brother.

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Robert Allin left, with two daughters, Mary, who died in 1672, the wife of Rear Admiral Utber, and Alice, of Robert Ashby, esq. an only son,

i. Sir Thomas Allin, knt. b. in 1013, who acquired and left behind the high reputation of a brave and distinguished naval officer. He served under the Commonwealth, and commanded one of the ships in that part of the fleet which revolted to the Prince of Wales. In 1600 he was appointed to the Dover, amongst the earliest vessels commissioned by the Duke of York. In 1063 he was constituted commander-in-chief (as commodore only) of the ships and vessels in the Downs, and invested on that occasion with the singular privilege of bearing at his main-top the Union flag, which he hoisted on board the St. Andrew. The next year he was commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean; and he soon afterwards achieved a victory over the Dutch fleet, for which he received the honour of knighthood.'and was promoted to the rank of Admiral of the Blue. In 1068 he was advanced to the White, and again distinguished himself as commander of the Van or White squadron in a decisive action with the French and Dutch allied fleets. In consideration of these and subsequent equally gallant exploits Admiral Allin was created a Baronet, on the 7th July, 1873, and retired then to his seat at Somerleyton, in Suffolk, which estate and manor ho had purchased from Thomas Garneys, esq. great grandson of John Wentworth, who acquired them from the Jernynghams of Cossey. Sir Thomas was at different periods comptroller of the navy, captain of Sandgate Castle, and master of the Trinity House. Hem. first, Alice, daughter of W. Whiting, esq. of Lowestoff, Capt. R. N. and by her had issue, Thomas, his successor.

Anne, who d. 31st May, 1004, unm. aged twenty-
Alice, m. to Edmund Anguish, esq. of Moulton,
in Norfolk, and had three sons, viz.
Ricrard Anguish, who inherited the estates

of his uncle Sir Thomas Allin. Edmund Anguish. Allin Anguish. Sir Thomas wedded, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Anguish, esq. of Moulton, and sister of bis son-in-law, but had no other issue. He rf. in 1688, was interred at Somerleyton, and ». by his son, ii. Sir Thomas Allin, of Somerleyton, who m. in 1672, Mary, daughter of John C aid wall, of London, but dying without issue in 1690, the Baronetcy ExPired, and the estates devolved upon his nephew, Richirp Anguish, esq. of Moulton, who subsequently changed his name to Allin, and was created a baronet, (see Allin, of SomerUpton).

m cinquefoil pierced or.


Created 14th Dec. 1099.—Extinct in 1794.


Alice Alus, younger and only surviving daughter of Admiral Sir Thomas Allin, bart- of Blundeston, espoused Edwi Xd Anguish,* esq. of Moulton, in the cuunty of Norfolk., and by him had issue, i. Richard Anguish, of whom presently, ii. Edmund Ancuish, who m. Miss Mary Betts, and dying in 1708, left two sons and two daughters, vis. Thomas Anguish, of Halesworth, in holy orders, who m. Miss Mary Eling, of Beccles, and dying 33rd April, 1763, was $. by his son, Thomas Anguish, accountant-general to the Court of Cbanccry, who wedded Sarah, daughter of — Henley, esq. of Docking, in Norfolk, and dying 31st December, 1785, left issue,

1. Thomas Anguish, who inherited
Soverlevton and the other es-
tates of his kinsman Sir Tho-
Mas Allin, bart.
S. George Anguish, in holy orders,
who inherited at the decease of
his elder brother.
3. Charles Anguish, d. uiim.

1. Catherine Auguish, who m. in

1788, Francis - Godolphin, fifth Duke of Leeds, (his grace's second duchess), and had a son, Lord Sidney - Godolphin - Osborne, and a daughter, Lady Anne-Sarah-Osborne, who m. John H byte Melville, esq.

2. Anne Anguish.

3. Charlotte Anguish. Edmund Anguish, m. Miss Rebecca Betts. Mary Anguish, of Beccles.

Dorothy Anguish, in. to the Rev. Thomas Symonds. in. Allin Anguish. The eldest son,

i. Richard Ancuish, esq. having inherited SomerLeyton, in Suffolk, and the other estates of his uncle, Sir Thomas Allin, assumed the surname and arms of Alum, and was created a Baronet 14th December, ISO. He Bb. Prances, only daughter of Sir Henry Ashurst, bart. of Waterstock, in the county of Oxiferd, and had issue, Thomas, his heir. Henry, d, anm. Richard, d. unra.

Ashurst, in holy orders, who became third baronet.

Diana, m. to Thomas-Henry Ashurst, esq. of Waterstock. Sir Richard d. 19th October, 1725, and was .t. by his eldest son,

Ii. Sir Thomas Allin, of Somerleyton. This gentleman was sheriff of Suffolk in 1730, and he was appointed serjeant-at-arms to the Treasury in 1733. He died unmar. 11th August, 1764, and was J. by bis brother,

in. The Rev. Sir Ashurst Allin, rector of Blunston cum Flixton, who died 6th November, 1770, leaving a daughter, Frances, who d. unm. and a son and heir,

iv. Sir Thomas Allin, who d. unm. in 1794, when the Baronetcy became Extinct, and Somerleyton with his other estates passed to his kinsman,

Thomas Anguish, esq. who then became "of So-
merleyton." He died unm. in 1810, and was s.
by his brother,
The Rev. George Anguish, M. A. now of Somer-
leyton, in the county of Suffolk. {Refer to
Burke's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 419).

Arms—Gu. a cinquefoil pierced or.

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The family of Alston is upon record so early as the reign of Edward I. when "william Alston, of Stisted, in Essex, for want of warranty of Hrockscroft, in Stiated, did grant and confirm to John do Carpenter, of Naylinghurst, so much of the better land in Stisted, except his mansion-house there. In the time of Edward III. Hugh Alston bore for arms, 'azure, ten stars, or, four, three, two, one ;' which was long before coat armour was granted by patent." John Alston, of Newton, in Suffolk, descended from the above-mentioned William, of Stisted, was father of

William Alston, of Newton, who had by Ann his wife, daughter of Thomas Symous, a son and heir,

Edward or Edmund Alston, of Saxham Hall, in
Newton, who ///. Elizabeth, daughter of John Cole-
man, and had two sons, viz.
William, his heir.

Thomas, of Edwardston, in Suffolk, who m. first,
Dorothy, daughter and co-heir of Henry Holm-
8ted, esq. of Maplested, iu Essex, aud had a son,
Edward, his successor.

He wedded, secondly, , and had another

Thomas, of Newton, m. to Elizabeth, daughter
of Thomas West, of London, and was fa-
ther of

* The family of Anguish came originally from the I»kof Aac*s whence the name, and eel lime in Norfolk retaAiaed there for three hundred years. Iu 1609 Edmund

Anguish livid the manor of Mmightou or Molton of the Earl of Northampton, as parcel of his lordship'i manor of Foruat.

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