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Grain, product of, in Canada, 5.

Iberian race, the, 168.
Grand Trunk railway of Canada, the, 7. Impugnment of Theses, the, 145.
Gray's Elegy, Latin version of, 569. Incas of Peru, wealth, &c. of the, 674.
Great Bank of Newfoundland, the, 14. India, peculiarities of the national life of,
Great Britain, advantages of her North 460.

American colonies to, 10-traces of Indo-Germanic races, the, 168.
pre-historio races in, 166–her present Infante, general, 152.
position and dangers, 230 — review of Innes, Cosmo, works on Scottish univer-
her conduct toward Greece, 405.

sities edited by, 135.
Great Western railway in Canada, the, 7. INSURRECTION IN SPAIN, THE, 151.
Greece, modern, position of, with regard Ireland, the emigration from, 273.

to Russia, 114-the present state of, Irish, the, as settlers in New Brunswick,
133 - the ethnology of, 174 — present

position, prospects, &c. of, 403 ei seg.- Irrigation, system of, in Mesopotamis,
the national career of, 461 – means of 463.
improving its social state, &c., 495– Isabella of Spain, character, &c. of, 477.

influence of gold on ancient, 576. Italian states, dangers of the, from Ras-
Greek art, the ideal types of, 174.

sia, 113.
Greek church in Palestine, the, 247. Italy, danger of Austria from, 107—the
Greek language, the, 120.

ethnology of, 173—position, &c. of
Greek literature, value, &c. of, 562.

Austria in, 183—the early mercantile
GREEK Revolution, TRICOUPI AND ALI- communities of, 578.
SON ON TUE, 119.

J. S. B., the words of Schamyl the pro-
Greeks, conduct of the, in the war of phet by, 95—Bellerophon, a classical

Independence, 127-their present state, ballad by, 256.
obstacles to their improvement, &c., Jacob, Mr, his estimates as to the amount
403 et seq.

of gold, &c., 673.
Gregory, the patriarch, murder of, 123. Jacob's well, a sketch at, 246.
Grenville, lord, the Latin verses of, 572. James VI. and Edinburgh university, 149.
Grey, Sir George, position of, 236. James II., sketches of, 49.
Guanches, disappearance of the, 165. Jeffrey, views of, on colour, 540 note.
Guarras, extinction of the, 165.

Jeremiah, patriarch of Constantinople,
Gypseys, origin, &c. of the, 178.

H. G. K., Clive's Dream before the battle JEW, THE, a tale from the Russian, 691.

of Plassey by, 88 -- The Lesson, 91 – Jew, present position and character of
God in nature, 94—The Opening of the, 252.
the Ganges canal, 475–Uses of Beauty, Jews, ethnographic characteristics of the,

177—the absorption of the precious
HackLANDER'S SECUET AGENT, 525. metals during the middle ages by
Halifax, N. S., town of, 13.

them, 578—the persecutions of them,
Hamilton, Sir William, on the duties, &c. 580.

of the University Regents, 141 — on John of Austria, victory of, at Lepanto, 79.

the importance of classical studies, 565. JONES' APOLOGY FOR THE COLOURING OF
Hangings, applications of colour with re- THE GREEK COURT, review of, 317.
gard to, 554.

Jones, W. B., Latin verses, &c. by, 573.
Hardwicke marriage bill, the, 511. Judea, general attraction of, 244.
Hasbeyia, the Protestant church at, 248. Jupiter, the planet, Whewell on, 380.
Hastings, Warren, a Mahommedan on, Justice, necessity for reform in the ad.

ministration of, in Turkey, 502.
Heideck, general, 405.

Juvenal on white marble, 327.
Hellenes, race of the, 174.

Kabyles of Africa, the, 168.
Henrietta Maria, sketch of, 44.

Kalley, Dr, in Palestine, 249.
Highlands, students at universities from Kanaris, Greek minister of marine, 421.
the, 144.

Katcha, the position of the, 632.
History, modern Greek misrepresentations Kaye, Mr, on British India, 186 et seq.

of, 408-—sources of its interest, 458. passim.

Keefer, Mr, on Canada, 2.
Horace on white marble, 327.

Kennedy, Dr, the Latin verses of, 575.
Hore, brigadier, 152.

Humanities, origin of the term in the King's College, Aberdeen, the architec-
Scottish universities, 433.

ture of, 431.
Hungary, danger of Austria from, 107. Kourjunjik, the researches and discos.
Huns, origin, &c. of the, 178.

eries at, 465.
Hutchinson's Memoirs, remarks on, 37. Labour, demand for, in Australia, 274.
Hydriotes, the naval exploits of the, 128. Land-tax, the, in Turkey, 498.

Lardner, Dr, on the plurality of worlds, Maurer, M., 405.
388, 392.

Mavrocordatos, Alexander, 420.

Medes, the revolt of the, from Nineveh,
Laud, bishop, and the colleges of Aber- 468.
deen, 434.

Medical men, numbers of, 519.
Laureation, origin of, 433.

Melbourne, progress of, 276.
Law, the chevalier, 185.

Melbourne Argus, Australian statistics
Lawley, the Hon. F., the appointment from the, 270, 272.
of, 284.

Melbourne ministry, Sir Robert Peel on
Lawson, Mr, Latin poems by, 575.

the, 231, 232.
Lawyers, census returns of, 517.

Mesopotamia, former fertility of, irriga-
Layard, the researches of, 462, 465. tion, &c., 463—its population, 464.
Learned professions, numbers engaged in Messina, general, 156.
the, 517.

Mexico, imports of gold, &c. from, 673 et
Legal profession, the, in Greece, 419.

Leopold, the crown of Greece offered to, Miaou-tse race in China, the, 165.

Miaulis, the exploits of, 128.

Microscope, discoveries of the, 289.
Leslie, Dr William, 146.

Middle class, rise of the, in Europe, 583.

Milman, Dean, on Latin versification, 567.
Letamendi, captain, 161.

Milton, Mrs Stowe on, 316.
Life, average duration of, 516.

Ministry, review of the conduct of the,
Liverpool, Mrs Stowe at, 302-average on the war, 599 et seq.
duration of life in, 516.

Mir Gholan Hussein, work on India by,
Lombard merchants, bankers, &c., the, 184.

Missolonghi, the sieges of, 128.
London, Mrs Stowe in, 314.

Mocenigo, Luigi, doge of Venice, 73.
Londos, Anastasios, 421.

Moderados, party of the, in Spain, 155.
Longevity, examples of, 513.

Moldo - Wallachia, possible transference
Loredano, doge of Venice, 73.

of, to Austria, 104.
Lower Canada, growth, &c. of, 1 et seq. Monastic system, absorption of the pre-
Lucian on colouring statues, 328.

cious metals through the, 578.
Macintosh, Lachlan, 144.

Moon, the, Whewell on, 380, 388.
Mackenzie, Mrs, on India, 185, 197. Moscow retreat, a reminiscence of the,
M‘Lean of Coll, 144.

M'Pherson, Sir John, 144.

Municipal institutions, existence of, in
Madrid, sketches at, 151—the insurrec- Greece, under the Turks, 404.
tion in, 357.

Municipalities of Great Britain, recent
Madrid Heraldo newspaper, the, 163. conduct of the, 303.
Magyars, origin, &c. of the, 178.

Mure, colonel, on the Greek drama, 562.
Mahommedanism, state of, in Palestine, Mustafa, invasion and conquest of Cyprus

by, 72 et seq.
Maina, civil war in, 406.

Napier, Sir Charles, his conquest of
Malaxos' History of the patriarchs of Scinde, 194- review of his work on
Constantinople, 408.

India, 198 et seq.
Malthusian doctrine of population, the, Napoleon, views of, regarding Russia, 99.

Nations, rise and decline of, 458.
Man, the constitution, powers, &c. of, Native country, sources of the love of, 243.

297—supposed position, &c. of, in the Navarino, the battle of, 404.
universe, 372, 373—argument against New Brunswick, progress of, 10.
a plurality of worlds from his recent Newcastle, the present Duke of, 236.
appearance on earth, 377 et seq. Newfoundland, recent progress of, 14.
Manchester, average age in, 517.

New South Wales, the gold discoveries
Manchester party, present position of in, 270.
the, 233.

Nicholas, the Emperor, character, &c. of,
Manufactures, the first, of medieval Eq- 99—his true objects, 116-his conduct
rope, 581.

with regard to the Greek Revolution,
Marble statuary, on the colouring of, 318. 129.
Markets, want of, in Turkey, 502. Nicias, alleged painting of the statues of
Marriage, influence of, on population, 510. Praxiteles by, 320.
Marriage law of Scotland, the, 512. Nicosia, the ge of, by the Turks, 73.
Marshman, Mr, on India, 185 6t seg. Nimroud, the remains at, 465.

MARTIN, T., HIS TRANSLATION OF OEHLEN- Nineveh, sketch of the national career of,


Ninus, the Assyrian monarch, 468. Poland, propriety of the separatia d
Norman conquest, peculiarities of the, 170. from Russia, 101.
NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES, GROTWH AND Policemen, numbers of, 519.

Pollock, Sir George, 193.
North American Indians, the, 165. Population, the Malthusian law of, 525 –
Northern pirates, the incursions of the, 98. its growth in Canada, 3—and in dem
Nott, general, in the Affghan war, 193. Brunswick, 10.
Nova Scotia, growth, &c. of, 12.

Population returns, strietures on the
November, defence of, 714.

442 et seq., 510 et seq.
O'Donnell, general, sketches of, and the Portelette, remains found at, 167 wote.

Spanish insurrection, 152 et seq., 356. Postal communications with Australia,
OEHLENSCHLAGER'S CORREGGIO, review of, the, 281.

Praxiteles, alleged painting of his statea
Officers, importance of the character of, by, 320.

Precious metals, influence of their posses.
Open questions, on, 231.

sion on national interests, &c., 576.
Ophir, the gold mines at, 270.

Prejudices, on, 317, 318.
Opium war, on the, 592.

Prescott, town of, 9.
Osmanli Turks, origin, &c. of the, 179. Press, liberty of the, in Greece, 406.
OTHO, KING, AND HIS CLASSIC KINGDOM, Prices, influence of gold on, 688.

403—his character, &c., 403 et seq. Procurator, the, in the Universities, 137.
Oxford anthology, the, 569.

Progresista party in Spain, the, 155.
Pacific COLONIES, THE COMING FORTUNES Property, increase of, in Canada, 5-
OF OUR, 268.

glect of the rights of, in Turkey, 501.
Paine's argument from the plurality of Prussia, views and policy of, 101, 102-
worlds, on, 289.

dangers of, 103—her danger from Ras
Palaviccino, Sforza, 71.

sia, 106.
Palestine, general attraction of, 244-its Psyllas, George, 420.
dormant fertility, 251.

Punjaub, annexation of the, 195.
Palikars of Greece, the, 417.

Puritans, regulations of the, regarding
Palmer, Mr R., Latin verses by, 571. marriage, 511.
Palmerston, lord, on the war, 233—his Quesada, the murder of, 162.

position in the ministry, 236—his po- Races, extinction of, 166-effects of the
licy toward Greece, 404, 405,

intermingling of, 170 et seq.
Panama route to Australia, the, 282. Raglan, lord, at the Alma, 627.
Pausanias on the colouring of statues, 326. Railways, progress of, in Canada, 7.
logue second, 714.

Peace Society, the, 313—and their patron- Rector, the, in the Universities, 136.
age of Mrs Stowe, 302.

Reform bill, conduct of the ministry or
Peel, Sir R., on open questions, 231.

the, 234.
Pelasgi, race of the, 174.

Reformation, effects of the, on the Cniver
Pepys' Diary, review of, 35-sketch of the sities, 138.
author, 38.

Regent, the, in the Universities, 141.
Persia, the national career of, 461.

Register, office of, in India, 188.
Perthes, M. de, on the primeval race of Religion, statistics connected with, in
France, 166.

Canada, 9.
Peru, imports of gold, &c. from, 673 et seq. Rent-free tenures in India, the, 189.
Peter the Great, the conquests of, 99. Rianzares, the duke de, 157.
Pezuela, the marquis de, 482.

Riddell, Mr, Greek verses by, 574.
Phidias, alleged colouring of the statues RIDDLES - A LETTER TO EUSEBIUS, 18.
of, 329.

Rights of women question, the, 308.
Physiognomical character, varieties of, Roads, want of, in Turkey, 502.

Robinson, Dr, on the Dead Sea, 253.
Piali Pasha, 72.

Robinson, Mr E. H., on British India,
Pictou, the collieries of, 13.

184 et seq. passim.
Pictures, the hanging, &c. of, 552 et seq. Rollin, Ledru, his work on England, 110.
Piedmont, danger to, from Russia, 113. Rome, the national career of, 461.
Pierce, president, conduct of, as regards Rome, the visit of Nicholas to, 117.
Cuba, 483.

Romish church, former encouragement of
Plato on the colouring of statues, 323. learning by the, 138.
Pliny on the painting of statues, 320. Ros de Olano, general, 156.
288-Part II., 371.

PANTO, review of, 69.
on the colouriog of statues, 325. Royal ARTILLERY, education of the, 653.


Royal artillery institution, the, 669. Shore, Mr, work on India by, 200.
Royal military academy, the, 660. Sibbald, Dr James, 146.
Royal ordnance school, the, 659.

Siberian gold mines, yield of the, 682.
Royal Society, origin of the, 43.

Siddim, the ancient vale of, 253.
Rudhart, the chevalier, 407.

Sikh war, causes, &c. of the, 195.
Rupert, prince, 44.

Silistria, the siege of, 620.
Ruskin, Mr, on colour, 541.

Slave emancipation, remarks on, 304.
Russell, Lord John, on the war, 233. Slavonians, origin, &c. of the, 176.
RUSSIA AND THE EUROPEAN ALLIANCE, 98. Smith, Mr C., on the Cornwallis system
Russia, progress of, during last century, in India, 186.

98—terms on which alone peace is pos- Smith, Mr G., Latin version of Gray's
sible with her, 101-her conduct as elegy by, 569.
regards the Greek Revolution, 121 - Society, present state of, in Australia,
effects of the war on her commerce, 273.
608 et seq.—the commercial and finan- Sodom, the alleged discovery of, 253.
cial system of, 683, et seq.

Soliman, progress of Turkey under, 69.
Russian gold mines, product of the, 682. Somme river, remains found at the, 166,

Russo-Slavons, the, 176.

Soulé, M., conduct of, in Spain, 480.
Sabæanism, the worship of the Assyrians, SPAIN, THE INSURRECTION IN, 151.

Spain, former danger of, from Turkey, 69
Sabrinæ Corolla, review of, 560.

-conduct of the United States to, 414
St Arnaud, marshal, at the Alma, 627. -state of, after the accession of Es-
St John river, the, 12.

partero, 477—imports of the precious
St John, town of, 9.

metals from America into, 677.
St John's, N. B., town of, 11.

Spanish beggars, 367.
St Lawrence, the navigation of the, 3. SPANISH POLITICS AND CUBAN PERILS, 477.
St Lawrence canal, the, 7.

Salamanca, demonstrations against, at SPECULATORS AMONG THE STARS, Part I.,
Madrid, 358.

288- Part II., 371.
San Francisco, emigration to, 269. Statuary, the proposed colouring of, 318.
Sartorius ministry, tyranny of the, in Steam-ships, advantages of, to America,

Spain, 152 — demonstrations against 15.
them at Madrid, 358—their dismissal, Steuart, Sir James, on the law of popula-

tion, 524.
Sauloy, M. de, the alleged discoveries of, Stonor, Mr, the case of, 284.

Story of the Campaign, see Campaign.
Scandinavia, traces of pre-historic races Stowe's SUNNY MEMORIES, review of, 301.
in, 166.

Stowe, Mrs, on Flowers, 540.
SCHANYL THE PROPHET, THE WORDS OF, Stratford-on-Avon, Mrs Stowe at, 307.

Scinde, the conquest of, 194.

Sudder courts of India, the, 188.
Scios, the massacre of, 123.

SCOTLAND, STUDENT LIFE IN, 135, 422. view of, 301.
Scotland, long-continued use of Latin in, Surrey, average age in, 516.

142—Mrs Stowe on, 305—the marriage Sutherland, the duchess of, 314, 315.
law of, 512.

Sweden, position of, with regard to
Scott, Sir W., Mrs Stowe on, 305.

Russia, 115.
Scottish Universities, sketches of the, 135, Switzerland, position of, with regard to

Russia, 114.
Scroggy, Dr Alexander, 146.

Sydney, progress of, 276.
Scutari, the Allies at, 620.

Talookedars of India, the, 191.
Seal-fisheries of Newfoundland, the, 14. Taxation, necessity for improved system

of, in Turkey, 501.
SECRET OF STOKE MANOR, THE, Part II. Taxes, mode of levying, in Turkey, 498.

chap. ii., 52—chap. iii., 61–Part III. Telescope, the discoveries of the, 289.
chap. iv., 206-chap. v., 220—Part IV. Tenures, rent-free, in India, 189.
chap. vi., 336—chap. vii. 343.

Teutons, origin, &c. of the, 170.
Selim II., conquest of Cyprus by, 70. Thomson's Redbreast, Latin version of,
Sevillano, a leader of the Madrid insur- 572.
rection, 361.

Timber trade of New Brunswick, the, 11.
Shakespeare, Mrs Stowe on, 307.

Toronto, town of, 9.
Ship-building in Canada, 10— in New Town and country, proportion of births
Brunswick, 11.

in, 520.
Shipping, Australian, 277—Canadian, 6. Transport, expense of, in Turkey, 302.



Tricouri AND ALISON ON THE GREEK RE- War, defence of, 589, 714.

War, the members of the ministry on the,
Turgot, the marquis of, 481.

TURKEY AND ITS POPULATION, 493. Water-mills of New Brunswick, the, 12
Turkey, former danger to Europe from, Watts, Mrs Stowe on, 316.

69-the revolt of Greece from, 404– Welland canal, the, 7.
the attack of the Greeks on, 413-pre- Wellesley, the marquis, Latin poems, &
sent social excitement throughout, 493 by, 573.
-necessity for reform in the adminis- Wellington, the recognition of Greece by,
tration of justice in, 502.

Turks, conduct of the, in the Greek Re West Indies, former trade of Canada

volution, 122-their origin, &c., 179— with the, 3.
their rule in Palestine, 251.

Wheat, production of, in Canada, 4
Tyler, Mrs, and her defence of slavery, 314. review of, Part I., 288-Part II., 371.
Uluch Aali, a Turkish admiral, 77. Whigs, present position of the, 233–
Uncle Tom's Cabin, remarks on, 302. their position after the Reform bill, RI
United States, position, &c. of the, with Widows and widowers, relative numbers

regard to Canada, 16-the seizure of of, 514.
California by them, 268-effects of the William III., sketch of, 49.
gold discoveries on them, 269--emigra- WILSON, PROFESSOR, PERSONAL BEDOL
tion to Australia from the, 270-com- LECTIONS OF, 731.
munication between the, and Califor. Winckelman on the supposed painting of
nia, 278-their conduct with regard to statues, 320.
Cuba, 414.

Woman, influence of, on civilisation, 510.
Universities, the ancient, their independ Women, difficulties, &c. of, in America,
ence, &c., 422

Universities of Scotland, sketches of the Wood, Sir C., language of, toward Naps
135, 422.

leon, 238.
University, origin of the name, 136. Wool, imports of, from Australia, 275.
Upper Canada, growth, &c. of, 1 et seq. Woollen manufactures, rise of, in Europe,


Varna, the Allies at, 620.

Wordsworth's Lucy, Latin version of,
Varnishes, ancient, for statuary, 321. 570_his Laurel, 571.
Venice, the wars of, with Turkey, 69 Ypsilanti, Alexander, the career of, 121,
et seq.

Veniero, Sebastian, 73 et seq. passim. ZAIDEE, A ROMANCE, Part I. chap. i.,
Vicalvaro, the action at, 159.

The Grange, 638-chap. ii., A Family
Victoria, province of, its growth, &c., 271. Parliament, 641-chap. iii., The Fa-
Virgil on the colouring of statues, 327. mily, 644 — chap. iv., Zaidee's chas-
Wallachia, outbreak of the Greek insur- ber, 646 - chap. v., Zaidee's friends,
rection in, 121.

648-chap. vi., Elizabeth, 650.
WAR AND THE MINISTRY, THE, 599. Zanne, Jeronimo, 71.

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