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out their canopies, setting their win- shops - or, again, far through the dows right — with the moist smell of labyrinth of exhaustless streets, wbere market-carts still in the air, the stray moted and dusty shadows plunged fragrance of fruit-stalls near-steeples into the gloom of deep lanes, to the shining high beyond the steel-blue grim grey towers of the Bastille rising roofs, the dazzling skylight panes,- embattled out of the squalid fauxchambermaids looking far out from bourg, which blackened in manufacupper windows, long perspectives of tory smoke beyond-miles back, too, architecture blending, and a vast hol- it led across some bridge, to the low azure over all, ere the smoke is Gobelins, to the close and dingy gathered, and before the street-cries quarter of the university, with its old are confused, or the growing rush of legends of learning, or magic in dark sounds has become oppressive in the ages; its careless students swaggering heat — then who remembers not the past, or smoking from their highfairy feeling of a city to youth! It is perched casements; its grisettes, that when they still look to life from under sat at work opposite with an air of protection, with no experience, nothing coquettish grace amidst their poverty, like the need of directing for them their bair neither frizzed nor powder. selves ; but most of all from a simple ed, with a bright cotton handkerchief household, used to temperate plea- twined half about it, watering their sures, and to the sort of kindness that little mignonette-boxes, or chirping rests more in purpose than upon in to their bird-cages that hung outside dulgence; the city need only be Paris, to a gleam of sunshine ;-or to where with sights as foreign as the language, the golden dome of the great hospital to crown that morning cup of enchant- hung in the air, faintly bright; to ment to its brim. For the two the bronze form of Henry of Navarre younger members of the family it riding regardless above the throng of wore all its charm: Rose Willoughby the market-place, and where the two had seen little more of the world in huge cathedral-towers of Notre Dame her boarding-school, at sixteen, than stood over their mountain of roof, if it had been a nunnery; while above the gaunt old houses of the Charles, who was younger, had been island Cité; with the sharp-peaked fancying his knowledge of life at prison-turrets and grated loopholes of Westminster school and Eton rather the Conciergerie lifted from the river's uncommon;--so that every morning edge, whose muddy eddies swam each set them astir early, watching at the way by, among the barges. The windows, impatient to get breakfast. Colonel had been in Paris many years time past, to have those studies sever- before, ere he had had any interest in ally over, in which, so far as the lad's it save that of a young man, in lively tutor was concerned, Mr Thorpe bore company; when all sons of gentlemen the chief difficulties of the task. Each made the grand tour, and the old day, in fact, found the party rolling glories of Versailles were still reflected farther from the shady environs, even at the court of Louis Quinze, in through into the hot heart of the city, the elegant dissipation of his latter towards scenes or structures that days: he had come since then, indeed, were multiplied by each previous dis- into sterner contact with Frenchmen covery: for if the long stately façades abroad; but it served him now, in of the Tuileries, from its formal gar- making shift to act as guide among dens swarming with people and statues, the principal wonders of the capital — ran already half-linked to the gorge- when he rode near the carriage, someous old Louvre, steeped pale in the times accompanied by Mr Thorpe, the southern flood of light above the river, tutor, on a quiet white mare from the till all its deep-set, embossed windows hackney stables. And Lady Wilseemed diamonds in the rich Corin- loughby mildly eyed the Bastille, or thian filagree that framed them, though gently noticed the sumptuousness of the workmen were still busy at its un- the Louvre, at her husband's remark; finished roof, like emmets from the suffering herself to be handed out to crowd along the quays; so these also some sentinel-guarded vestibule, and pointed to the Palais Royal court, led along some chill historical corwith its new arcades and glittering ridor, although it might cost


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shudder at what was told of it; if open - air existence

while the gay some positive domestic duty did shop-windows and café signs shone not rather keep her all day at home. beneath the boughs, the open upperWhile Mrs Mason, the governess, casements seemed to drink coolness following with the party, would beneath their striped canopies through sedulously express assent, at due in- green-barred jalousies, the doubleshuttervals, by word or sign, to the state- ter-frames were thrown out either way ments of the baronet; not seldom ad- against the wall, and no care, no busidressing to the young lady beside her ness appeared to hang on Paris far some comment of her own, or improv- as eye could reach, as it thickened ing inference, such as Mrs Trimmer there through the swimming light of had recently brought into educational afternoon. To Rose and Charles it vogue. It might have been that Rose left no dissatisfactions about Stoke, on these occasions sometimes caught nor regret for the smoke of London; her brother's eye, so that her absorbed and instead of wishing the place of face and lighted look would grow all their residence settled soon, although at once intensely demure, or she bad neither had confided it to the other, to turn away to hide a smile at his air they would fain, no doubt, have had of exaggerated attention ; while Mr their father decide on staying where Thorpe was usually so deep in abstrac- they were, so as to fulfil the suggestion tion, or had wandered so far, as to be of the worthy concierge, by making in danger of their leaving him alto acquaintances and going into society. gether behind. It was all one storm The truth was, that they were unconof spectacle and excitement, in fact, sciously somewhat conspicuous ; wheto the two; antique memories mingling ther it was that the full, fair, lady-like in it with the record of fearful deeds, features of Lady Willoughby, with her and quaint traces of rude manners hair aristocratically enough drawn up, with the grandeur of the church, the heaped high, and powdered, had yet magnificence of the days of great an air of half-sleepy ease and comfort kings—it only added zest to the living that offered the strongest contrast to rash of the streets, the foreign faces French looks, or that the hood-like and unaccustomed accents, the endless bonnet of black crape which surmountvariety of movement that shone, flicker- ed them, drawn in folds together and ed, or darkened every way about them. hung with its short curtain like veil of Then, slowly extricated from fetid black lace, however according to malanes and old overhanging houses, tronly usage then in London, had alpatched, and stained, and ruinous, ready been left behind in Paris by a where the low-stretched cord of the barer and more classical taste; or the street lantern showed that carriages girlish grace and bloom of Rose in her seldom passed, they would wheel out mourning-dress and hat; the half clerisuddenly from the rough causeway cal air of Mr Thorpe, with his mingled and its filthy middle-gutter, into the awkwardness and endeavours at attenbroad light and sunny air of the ver- tion to the ladies ; or the military air, durous boulevards, where the ramparts tall figure, and splendid English hunter of old Paris ran. So as the sounds of the baronet : all which, perhaps, of wheels grew soft, and they rolled taken together, might even in passing leisurely along, the girl and her have suggested food for the proverbrother would look to each other, with bial Parisian curiosity. Especially if, something of the same feeling; her eyes as at times might have been done, would sparkle, while Charles's were they had noticed the grave silence of everywhere: when on either side of the elderly English gentleman on the carving vista, either way lost to horseback, when bis companion adsight, and heaped with the motion of dressed him in vain, or when with a equipages and riders, the showering start he looked up to answer, someelm-leaves and blossoming lime-twigs times running his eye keenly about rose green 'gainst the tall, bright, the passing people, over the seated ornate bouses, tinted variously, and and trifling groups, up to the windows dappled fitfully by the shade — where of the houses, or along the shop-signs, the scattered passengers lounged, the like one all at once awake to them. loitering groups mingled, and all was Indeed, out of the charmingly private allée des veuves in the Elysian fields, have myself assumed, M. le Baron," where alone the equipages of the rich responded the banker, with a subdued widows of the whole capital were in air of confidential understanding. “In propriety seen to drive, and the doubt- finance it is indispensable. But

affairs ful widowers and needy bachelors to are solid here ;” and he gaily struck seek opportunities of consoling them, his hand on his pocket. « Things will with a similar gravity of dress and de- move – they will go - now that M. meanour—it was questionable whether Neckar is at the head! M. le Baron the people of Paris were accustomed is doubtless aware that the meetings to observe so puzzlingly attractive a of the States-General have commencsight. It had altogether, no doubt, ed, and are open to attendance, like a sincere insular air in their eyes. the English parliament itself? Bah

It happened that on the day they had we are aware that in affairs nowa visited Notre Dame cathedral, Colonel days, the minister is everything; to Willoughby took advantage of their speak properly—the king, nothing ! return through the Rue St Honoré, to The discussions grow interesting-it call at his banker's in that leading was a happy stroke-to render the street. He had transacted his princi- nation - yes, conceive, Monsieur, — pal business there, and only found responsible for its own expenses ! some difficulty in detaching himself And, after all, the world is governed from the subsequent animated con- by this money here!" Sir Godfrey versation of the courteous financier, sighed involuntarily, while the banker, whose spirits seemed to be excellent slightly rubbing his hands together, on account of some continued increase bowing and smiling, still conducted in the price of corn ; a motive but him with empressement towards the dimly understood by Sir Godfrey, court in which his horse was held. while at each step or two of his “It would be easy to secure a distinegress from the antechamber he was guished place of andience for M. le still detained by some fresh ground of Baron in the minister's gallery at Versatisfaction. As regarded places of sailles," persisted Monsieur Blaise, abode to be had, in any part of France with interest, “and for the family of whatever, the perplexity did not cer- M. le Baron, whom we have not tainly result from want of choice; since yet, indeed, had the honour to see ?" his last inquiry, the notices and adver- M. Blaise had, in fact, made sundry tisements had increased, particularly half - subdued advances, at various in the rural provinces ; to be let or times, towards a mutual introduction sold, they seemed surprisingly plenti- of the families ; which seemed latterly ful; nor were their advantages in every to become more obvious. “ Thank point omitted, after the usual style of you, Monsieur," was the rather dry such description, which sometimes di- answer—" no. The fact is, we inlated on the very nature of the land- tend immediately leaving town, as scape, or dwelt with gasto on the par- soon as my eldest son arrives. And, ticular character of architecture. " It of course, this matter as to a place of is doubtless owing, Monsieur le Baron," residence must be settled. I should suggested the banker, complacently, prefer some remote, quiet, country " to the immense resort, at the present, place." of the nobility to Paris. The attrac- Ah, you shonld then purchase, M. tion is excessive! It will indeed be de Vilby," said the banker, oracularly. impossible to reside but in the vi- “ It is, on the whole, I assure you, cinity — and M. le Baron sympa- cheaper-more satisfactory.” To this, thises, I imagine, with the party of however, he received a decided negaour probably to a certain extent tive; Colonel Willoughby had as in the -?"

little interest in the idea presented to “I really know very little of poli- him by Monsieur Blaise, of a profittical matters, Monsieur,” said the able re-sale at a future period, as of baronet, smiling, “even at home, possessing property or forming perand as for those in this country, I can manent ties in France, or of leaving scarcely say that I have attended to his son a landowner there. He was them much."

about to mount his horse amidst the “It is exactly the position which I attentions of the banker and his Swiss



porter, when a depressed - looking the religious shadows of Notre Dame, clerk from the banking-office hastened which he had passed by that very ont, with an air of some timidity, to day; there was a vivid feeling once offer a paper to his master. The lat- more, too, of his brother's characterter frowned, while he received a hur- istic carelessness, which was by no ried statement from the official. “What means lessened on recollecting his is this? not to be found !” he inquired. wife's mild remark, when he had men“ It is a trifle, Monsieur,” added he, tioned the circumstance, that posturning round;" the woman, it seems, sibly, if the person were very poor, to whom your communication referred, it might have been better to see into has for some time removed her resi- it personally. The gross mingling of dence. Inquiries shall be made, how- M. Blaise's inquiries in it, besides, ever. These poor people are of the with his hint at crimes which might most changeable habit—the notary of render the benefit undeserved, annoythe proprietor is naturally ignorant of ed him. Sir Godfrey took the paper their new destination-theneighbours, from the banker's hands, expressed they affect an unconsciousness which is his intention of managing the matter probably feigned, on account of some at his own leisure, and with a hasty sympathy with a fault, a defalcation bow rode homewards. in rent, - a crime, perhaps. But Willoughby was, as before said, a in this case, there is the police, under man with little imagination in his whom the emigrant necessarily falls, temperament, at least of no very lively though unconsciously—and our police fancy; but there was a kind of vague are now more efficient than ever. Yes, impatience at times in his mind, M. le Baron, this person shall be scarcely to be any better accounted for promptly discovered, believe me-if, than the fits of gloom he felt creeping, indeed, this payment is still consider- as it were, over him, and which he ed proper to be made ?” The indif- checked only by a strong effort to ferent, languidly commercial tone of think. Sir Godfrey felt, in fact, rather an Monsieur Blaise, at that moment, indescribable satisfaction than otherjarred disagreeably on Sir Godfrey's wise, and a somewhat reviving interear, in the full sunlight of the street, est, at the little matter of business that while its gay throng poured on either had returned on his hands, none the less way like a twofold procession. that it took the aspect of a kind duty.

"Yet there is a slight mistake, Paris itself was certainly a degree pardon me, Monsieur," added the nearer his attention, so soon as the former, “in the understanding that concerns of any one in it, however Monsieur your brother had continued obscure, were thus dependent on his this pension, which is alluded to, own, stirring up an odd anxiety as to during the late years. It was indeed whether she were alive or dead, and paid with regularity, when transmit- really deserving; all which, the more ted; but although the promise remain- unusual it was to his habits, bore with ed subsequently, yet, after a certain the greater novelty of sensation on a point, by some omission, doubtless, the man whose ordinary habits had been effects the sums-ceased to arrive. somewhat abruptly broken up. SinI believe the inadvertency was, how- gular, indeed, as he rode along, grew ever, more than once reported from the thought of how this vast city conthis office to the notary of M. de Vilby trived to live from day to day? the at Ezzeterre, in England—eh, Maitre question, yet more perplexing, how it Robert?” And the clerk, to whom spent its time? still less conceivable, he again turned sharply, gave a re- to what end was all the constant verential affirmative. It was not movement, thickening and shifting far merely the revival of this trivial along the Rue St Honoré, in dust and matter in this way that troubled Sir sunlight? Nay, with a smiling sense Godfrey; there was some slight con- of its absurdity, the baronet caught cern stirred at his hes by the dis- himself involuntarily pondering some covery of the slight sum having failed such incalculable problem, and for a 80 long to reach its object, mixed moment striving to put its organisawith a little compunction at his re- tion together, while the bridle lay membrance of the crowded Cité, near slack on his horse's neck, and his limbs kept time to the motion, as the side trottoirs were as yet almost unnoble black went stepping elastically known, while the cry of gare! from a on. Even in that fashionable street rapid vehicle at times hurried the footthey excited notice amid its rattling passengers together towards the wall, cortège of equestrians and equipages, or out amidst the causeway; so that a its rainbow quivering of dress, feather- snatch of their conversation more than ed, embroidered, gilded and laced once reached the English baronet's and rustling, where all the artifice of ears, or was mingled with other French fashion was in its afternoon voices; as he looked round for the glory, with bell-hoop and white hair- names of the streets, with some idea from the queue-tag and three-cornered of at once beginning inquiries at the beaver,' lace cravat, and ruffles, and nearest police-office.“ These, then, pocket-flap, to the knee-buckles and Jules," said the taller and elder, who the false calves, white or flesh-colour- wore the gallant uniform of the Royal ed, and high-heeled-treading on ont- Body-Guard, sky - azure and goldturned toes—while the smooth, tinted laced, with its white-plumed black hat, faces, with their mole-specks and crimson-velvet breeches, stiff cavalry black beauty-spots, seemed to have boots, and gilt spurs, and ruffles of rich banished from about them, in the lace" are your allies—your Weegs, sun's full influence, all effect of hair : as you call them! Corblen !” e though it was scarce so much the looked back over one shoulder, as he soberly-garbed rider, in dark riding- spoke, with a supremely supercilions coat and boots, with military stock, air, swinging the tassel of his swordas the jet gloss of Black Rapert, knot round his hand; the other, whose whose full nostril seemed half con- dress and manner were those of an scious of his master's pride in him. elegant young man of fashion, seemed Nor was it merely that the flickering gently to draw him onward by the blaze of the street disagreed with his arm. “ My dear Armand, what a mood, when Colonel Willoughby fancy!” the latter ejaculated; "the turned out of it through a quieter line generous sympathy of the enlightened of that gay fauxbourg, slightly using English-of the descendants of Hampthe spur: he shrank' involuntarily deun and of Seednè, the Wheegs—but from those of his countrymen who I forget, we agreed to

Yes, seemed to be in Paris, with their Comte," said the other gloomily, gregarious yet unsocial air, their loud agreed to observe silence on it, since voices, causeless laughter, and cool it is impossible for us "and by stare, their ill-affected ease of dress, another influx from a cross street they their round morning hats at all hours, were taken out of hearing ; although and their sudden knowing looks of the grave air of the young officer, interest from his horse to him, not enhanced by his long side-visage, and seldom unaccompanied by distinct cavalier-like uniform, despite all the English questions of “ Who is he?" hair-powder and the smooth elaboor the drawling answer, with an eye- rateness of the time, had drawn Sir glass raised, of “Don't know." Yet Godfrey's interest from the matter he in public places they were every- had in hand. They were walking near where; they were looking out of him again next minute. corner cafés, and talking back to “ He is at La Morgue, then?" friends within, watching narrowly asked the officer, in reference to some where some Parisian belle tripped statement of his friend ; " what was carefully athwart a crossing, or lean- it-gambling? His mistress, pering out of billiard-room second-floors haps?" and yawning; and it struck him the " No, she was beautiful, and atmore in contrast, as two gentlemen, tached to him," replied the other, evidently French, turned before him carelessly; " she still slept, while he into the same more secluded street, had left her, to shave in the adjacent the one quietly shrugging his shoulders dressing-room-the whole hotel was together, the other turning a silent roused by her cries. The police can look to his friend. They sauntered make nothing of it. Even his passport easily along on the sunny side of the affords no clue.” gutter, as if delaying to cross; though " It was probably a plot, about


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