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I. The Reference Library shall be under the management of the Bank Street School Library Committee,

II. The Library shall be free to Teachers in the Sunday School and Members of the Congregation,

III. Keys shall be kept by the Secretary to the Library, Librarian, Superintendents, and School Secretary, and access shall be had to the Library on Sunday.

IV. Teachers may borrow a book, for perusal at home, on complying with the following conditions :(1) The title of the book, the date of borrowing and re

turning, and signature must be entered in the

BORROWERS' Book. (2) The book must be returned within fourteen days. (3) In the event of a book being lost or damaged, the

same shall be made good to the satisfaction of

the Library Committee. (4) The fine for not complying with the first and second

sections of this rule shall be sixpence for each offence.

be settled by

All cases not PT the Library Com

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