Memoirs of John, duke of Marlborough, with his original correspondence, Volumen 3

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, 1819

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Página 614 - O God of our salvation ; Thou that art the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of them that remain in the broad sea.
Página 517 - The nature of this proposal is such, that it executes itself: the interest of Spain is to support it: and in France, the persons to whom that succession is to belong, will be ready and powerful enough to vindicate their own right. " France and Spain are now more effectually divided than ever. And thus, by the blessing of God, will a real balance of power be fixed in Europe, and remain liable to as few accidents as human affairs can be exempted from.
Página 513 - Ormond's bravery, but he does not resemble a certain General who led troops to the slaughter to cause a great number of officers to be knocked on the head in a battle or against stone walls, in order to fill his pockets by disposing of their commissions.
Página 288 - I have received since, especially what you said to me personally before the Lords, makes it impossible for me to continue you any longer in my service ; but I will give you a pension of four thousand a-year, and I desire, that instead of bringing the staff to me, you will break it, which, I believe, will be easier to us both...
Página 663 - Marlborough was raised to the head of the army, and indeed of the confederacy; where he, a new, a private man, a subject, acquired, by merit and by management, a more deciding influence than high birth, confirmed authority, and even the crown of Great Britain, had given to King William.
Página 365 - Had more days been allowed me than I have had minutes, to call to mind the wonderful and amazing success which perpetually attended your Lordship in Spain (the effect of your Lordship's personal bravery and conduct) I would not attempt the enumerating your particular services, since I should offend your Lordship by the mention of such as I could recollect, and give a just occasion of ofience to this honourable house, by my involuntary omission of the far greater part of them.
Página 558 - Hanover, was in danger under her government; but that those who endeavoured to distract the minds of men with imaginary dangers, could only mean to disturb the public tranquillity.
Página 362 - ... secured the liberty of Europe, and, as it were, chained victory to his chariot wheels, was in a few weeks dwindled into an object of contempt and derision. He was ridiculed in public libels, and reviled in private conversation. Instances were...
Página 209 - Council, except to run from it as they would from the plague ? And I leave it to your Majesty to judge what effect this entire change of your ministers will have among your allies abroad ; and how well this war is like to be carried on in their opinion by...
Página 372 - The ministry is upon a very narrow bottom, and stand like an isthmus between the Whigs on one side, and violent Tories * on the other. They are able seamen, but the tempest is too great, the ship too rotten, and the crew all against them.

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