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Sect. XXXI. Christ cures a man of the palsy.
Sect. XXXII. Christ calleth Matthew the publican.

He discourses with the Pharisces.
Sect. XXXIII. Christ cures a woman. Restores to life

Jairus's daughter, and gives sight to two blind men. 113 Sect. XXXIV. Christ walks in the corn-fields with his

disciples on the sabbath-day. His discourse with the
Pharisees concerning the Sabbath. He cures a man
who had a withered hand; and perforins many other

11% Sect. XXXV. Christ having spent the night in prayer,

chooses his twelve apostles, and afterwards performs
many miracles.

124 Sect. XXXVI. Christ's sermon on the mount.

126 Sect, XXXVII. Continuation of Christ's sermon on the mount.

132 Sect. XXXVIII. Continuation of Christ's sermon on the mount.

140 Sect. XXXIX. Continuation of Christ's sermon on the mount.

146 Sect. XL. Conclusion of Christ's sermon on the mount. 151 Sect. XLI.. Christ cures the centurion's servant. Raises

the widow's son, and cleanses the leper. A scribe
follows him,

157 Sect. XLII. Christ stills a tempest, and cures a demoniac at Gennesaret.

164 Sect. XLIII. Christ cures the blind and dumb demoniac.

He discourses of blasphemy against the Holy

Ghost, &c. Sect. XLIV. The parable of the sower, and its explanation.

173 Sect. XLV. The parable of the tares, the grain of mus

tard-seed, and of leaven. Explanation of the para-
ble of the tares.

183 Sect. XLVI. Part of Isaiah's prophecy relating to the

Messiah. Sect. XLVII. Christ goes to Nazareth. Is despised by the Nazarenes.

190 Sect.



Sect. XLVIII. Christ sendeth out the twelve apostles

to preach the Gospel. He forewarns them of per-


Sect. XLIX. Christ's discourse concerning John the

Baptist. He upbraids the cities of Chorazin and

Berhsaida for their unbelief. He invices the heavy

laden to come to him.

Sect. L. John the Baptist beheaded in prison, at the

desire of Herodias.

Sect. LI. Christ eats with Simon the Pharisee. Awo-

man anoints his head with ointment, and washes

his feet with tears.


Sect. LII. Herod's opinion of Christ. The power of

conscience exemplified in him.


Sect. LIII. The apostles return to Christ. He seeds

five thousand with five loaves and two fishes. 219

Sect. LIV, Christ, wa!ks on the sea. He stills, a tem-

pest with his word.

Sect. LV. Christ discourses with his disciples concern-

ing the bread of life. Peter confesses him to be the

Son of God.


Sect. LVI. Christ heals the impotent man at the pool

of Bethesda. The Jews seek to kill him. He dis.

courses of his union with the Father.


Sect. LVII. Christ discourses with the Scribes and Pha-

risees concerning traditions.


Sect. LVIII. Christ cures the daughter of a Canaanitish

woman. Gives hearing to a deaf man; and per-



other miracles.

Sect. LIX. Christ feeds four thousand with seven loaves

and a few fishes. He discourses.concerning a sign

from heaven, and the leavca of the Pharisees.

Sect. LX. A blind man cured. Peter professes his

faith. Christ foretells Peter's preaching the Gospel

with firmness.

Sect. LXI. Christ begins to foretell his sufferings; and

discourses of the value of the soul.





Sect. LXII. Christ is transfigured before two of his

disciples, James and John. Moses and Elias appear
talking with him.

page 265 Sect. LXIII. Christ cures a demoniac. Sect. LXIV. Christ pays tribute to the temple.

274 Sect. LXV. Christ discourses with his disciples con

cerning humility, and forgiveness. He sets a little
child before them.

277 Sect. LXVI. Continuation of Christ's discourse con

cerning forgiveness. The parable of the unforgive
ing servant.

283 Sect. LXVII. Christ sends out the seventy disciples to

preach the Gospel. He denounces woes against

Chorazin and Bethsaida.
Sect, LXVIII. Christ goes to Jerusalem at the feast of

tabernacles. He discourses with the Jews, concern-
ing his divine mission. He foretells his departure
from this world.

289 Sect. LXI... An invitation from the word of the Lord, extracted from the prophecy.of Isaiah.

295 Sect. ĻXX. Christ's proclamation on the last day of the

feast. Thę Pharisees send to apprehend him. Ni-
codemus interposes.

298 Sect. LXXI. The woman taken in adultery. Christ

discourses concerning, his being the light, of the

302 Sect. LXXII. Continuation of Christ's discourse with the Jews concerning his pre-existence.

309 Sect. LXXIII. The seventy, disciples, return. Christ

foretells the great success of the Gospel. He answers

the Scribe. The parable of the good Samaritan, 314 Sect. LXXIV. Christ visits his friends at Bethany, 319 Sect. LXXV. Christ repeats his instructions concern

ing prayer. He dines at the house of a publican.
He denounces woes against the Scribes and Phari.

321 Sect. LXXVI. Christ warps his disciples to beware of hypocrisy and covętousness. The parable of the



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çovetous rich man.

He exhorts his disciples to page watchfulness. The parable of the slothsul servant. 327 Sect. LXXVII. Of the Galileans whom Pilate slew.

The parable of the fig tree. Christ heals an infirm




Sect. LXXVIII. Christ warns his hearers of the dif.

ficulty and importance of entering into the kingdom
of heaven.

337 Sect. LXXIX. Christ cures a man of the dropsy at the

house of a Pharisee, and admonishes the Jewish

teachers. The parable of the wedding feast. 34° Sect LXXX. Christ urges the necessity of considering

the difficulties of religion, before a profession of it. 344 Sect. LXXXI. The parables of the lost sheep, the piece of money, and the prodiyal son.

345 Sect. LXXXII. The parable of the unjust steward. 359 Sect. LXXXIII. The parable of the rich man and La

356 Sect. LXXXIV. The parables of the unjust judge, and the publican and Pharisee.

360 Sect. LXXXV. Christ rebukes the intemperate zeal of

James and John, and heals the ten lepers. He
warns the Pharisees of the approaching national de-

365 Sect: LXXXVI. Christ cures a man who had been blind from his birth.

370 Sect. LXXXVII. Prediction of Isaiah concerning the good shepherd of Israel.

377 Sect. LXXXVIII. Part of the prophecy of Ezekiel con

cerning the bad shepherds of Israel. Sect. LXXXIX. The parable of the good shepherd. 382 Sect. XC. Christ, at the feast of the dedication, declares himself to be the Messiah.

387 Sect. XCI. Little children brought to Christ. His benevolent reception of them.

391 Sect. XCII. A rich young ruler comes to Christ for in

struction. Discourses concerning riches. Sect, XCIII. The parable of the labourers in the vineyard. 401 Sect. XCIV. Christ raises Lazarus from the dead. 405


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