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Collected Genealogy, cont'd.

The exchequer rolls of Scotland, 1264-1600. Rotuli scaccarii regum Scotorum, ed. by J. Stuart, G. Burnett, ae. J. G. Mackay and G. P. McNeill. Edinburgh, 1878-1908. 23 v. 4°. Registrum magni sigilli regum Scotorum. The register of the great seal of Scotland. London, Edinburgh, 1814-1904. IO V. 8° & f°. ++CP & CP

I v. 4.

Registrum secreti sigilli regum Scotorum. The register of the privy seal of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1908. CP Scotland.-Privy Council. The register of the Privy Council of Scotland, edited by J. H. Burton and David Masson. Edinburgh, 18771898. 14 v. 4°. 1545-1625.

Second series; edited and abridged by David Masson and P. Hume Brown. Edinburgh: H. M. Register House, 1899-1908. 8 v. 4°. 1625-1660.

Third series; edited and abridged by P. Hume Brown. v. 1. Edinburgh, 1908. 4°. 1661-1664.


Scotland.-Supervisors of Excise. A list of persons concerned in the rebellion transmitted to the Commissioners of Excise by the several Supervisors... in obedience to a general letter of the 7th of May, 1746. And a supplementary list with evidences to prove the same. With a preface by the Earl of Rosebery and annotations by W. Macleod. Edinburgh: T. & A. Constable, 1890. xviii, 1 l., 426 p. 8°. (Scottish History Soc. v. 8.) CP Scots (The) peerage founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland, containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom. Edited by Sir J. B. Paul... With armorial illustrations. Edinburgh: D. Douglas, 1904-'10. 7 v. 8°. ARO Scottish (The) clans and their tartans. With notes. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1893. 2 p.l., iv, 3 l., I map, 96 pl. on 192 1. 3. ed. 24°.


New York: C. Scribner's Sons [190-?] viii, 3 l., 96 pl. with text, I map. 6. ed. 24. CPE Edinburgh: W. & A. K. Johnston [1902]. 12 p., 96 pl. col'd., with letter press. Library ed. 8°. CPE Sharpe (J.) Sharpe's genealogical peerage of the British empire... London [183-?] 3 v. illus. 12°. ARM

Sheppard (J. Brigstocke), editor. Second report on historical mss. belonging to the Dean & Chapter of Canterbury. (In: Historical Manuscripts Commission. 8. report. Part 1, pp. 315

355. London, 1881. f.)

List of wills proved at Canterbury, pp. 332-335. Shirley (E. P.) The noble and gentlemen of England; or, Notes touching the arms and descents of the ancient knightly and gentle houses of England, arranged in their respective counties. Westminster, 1860. 4°. ARF

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1. Fothergill (Gerald): American emigrants. 2. Newinan (Josiah): The Quaker records.

3. Bernau (Charles A.): The genealogy of the submerged. Stewart (Donald William). Old and rare Scot tish tartans, with historical introduction and descriptive notices. Edinburgh: G. P. Johnston, 1893. viii, 1 l., 61 p., 46 f., 45 tartans mounted. 4°. +CPE Impression limited to 300 cops. No. 36 of 250 cops. on Dutch hand-made paper.

Stockdale (William). The present peerage of the United Kingdom [arms of the peers, peeresses, etc.] London: W. Stockdale [1816]. 2 p.l., 1-16 p., 1 l.. 17-72, 153-163 p. 16°. ARM

Stockdale's baronetage of the United Kingdom, for the year 1824; with the arms of the baronets. London: J. Ridgway, 1824. 144 P., 41 p., pl. 16°. ARM

Stolberg (J. S.), and C. E. STEWART. The costume of the clans, with observations upon the literature, arts, manufactures, and commerce of the Highlands and Western Isles during the middle ages; and on the influence of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries upon their present condition. Edinburgh, 1845. f°. ++MMK


Taylor (James). The great historic families of Scotland. With illustrations. London: J. S. Virtue & Co. [1887]. 2 v. 4°. Tenison (C. M.) Some extinct Irish baronetcies. (Geneal. Maga. v. 7, pp. 304-308. London, 1903.)

Vaughan (Henry F. J.) Welsh pedigrees. (Y Cymmrodor. V. IO, pp. 72-156. London, 1890.)

Venn (J.) Biographical history of Gonville and Caius college, 1349-1897, containing a list of all known members of the college from the foundation... Cambridge: University Press, 1897-1901. 3 v. 8°. +STK

Vicars (Sir A. E.) Index to the prerogative wills of Ireland. 1536-1810. Edited by Sir A. E. Vicars. Dublin: E. Ponsonby, 1897. ix, 1 l.. 512 p. 8°. ART Visitation of England and Wales. Edited by J. J. Howard and F. A. Crisp. [London] Privately prtd., 1893-1808. 15 v. 4°. ARF V. 10-15 ed. by F. A. Crisp. No. 475 of 500 cop. prtd. Visitation of Ireland. ard and F. A. Crisp. 1897-1904. 4 v. 4. 1 of 250 copies printed. Walford (Edward). The complete peerage, baronetage, knightage, and House of Commons for 1872. London, 1872. 32°. ARM

Edited by J. J. Hown. p.: privately printed. ARF

Tales of our great families. Second series. London: Hurst & Blackett, 1880. 2 v. 12°. ARD See also County families of the United


Collected Genealogy, cont'd.

Walkley (Thomas). Catalogve of the nobility of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with an addition of the baronets of England, seuerall creations of the Knights of the Bath, from the coronation of King James, to this present; collected by T. W. [Anon.] London, 1630. 12°. (W. H. Dixon. Col. of pam., no. 46.) CI Waters (H. F.) Genealogical gleanings in England. Nos. 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 16. [Boston, 1884-87?] 8°.

AP Repr.: New England Hist. & Gen. Register for 1884, '85, '86, Boston: N. E. Hist.


v. I, pts. 1-3. Gen. Society, 1885-89. 8°. AP Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1901. 2 v. I facsim., 4 pl., I port.,

illus. 8°.

AP (New v. 4,

Genealogical gleanings in England. Series.) (Genealogical Quarterly Magazine. pp. 36-46, 137-152, 177-192, 241-264; v. 5, pp. 1-15, 99-122; Gen. Mag. v. 1, pp. 45-52. Boston. Mass., 1903-05.)

Whitaker's Peerage, being a directory of titled persons...1897–1910. London, 1897–[1909]. 12°. ARM & R 1897-99 has title: Directory of Titled Persons, designed as a companion to Whitaker's Almanac. ... 1909-'10 has title: Whitaker's Peerage, baronetage, knightage and companion


Williams (John). Llyfr Bagian; or, The book of Baglan, compiled between the years 1600 and 1607 by J. Williams. Transcribed from the original manuscript preserved in the public library at Cardiff, and edited with explanatory notes, by J. A. Bradney. London: Mitchell, Hughes & Clark, 1910. xii, 385 p. 4°.


Windsor (The) peerage; by E. Walford. v. 4 (1893). London, 1893. ARM Withington (Lothrop). English notes about early settlers in New England. (Essex Inst. Hist. Coll'ns. v. 39, pp. 365-380; v. 40, pp. 145-160, 297-312; v. 41, pp. 269-292. Salem, Mass., 1903-04.)

Wood (H. J. T.) The value of Welsh pedigrees. 2 pl. (The Ancestor. no. 4, Jan., pp. 47-60. London, 1903.)

Worman (Ernest James). Alien members of the book-trade during the Tudor period. Being an index to those whose names occur in the returns of aliens, letters of denization, and other documents published by the Huguenot Society. With notes by E. J. Worman. London: Printed for the Bibliographical Soc. by Blades, East & Blades, 1906. viii, 73 P. sq. 8°. *IIE Wotton (T.) The English baronetage. Lon 8°. don, 1741. 5 v. ARN Wrottesley (George). Pedigrees from the plea rolls. (Geneal. n. s. v. 7, pp. 242-246; v. 8, pp. 33-37, 153-156, 239-246; v. 9, pp. 7-14, 7986, 145-152, 205-213; v. 10, pp. 28-34, 86-93, 134-138, 212-216; v. 11, pp. 11-18, 70-78, 133140, 195-203; v. 12, pp. 28-34, 106-113, 172-177. 225-233; v. 13, pp. 34-40, 94-102, 172-182, 240252; v. 14, pp. 17-28, 94-104, 189-199, 248-260; V. 15, pp. 21-32, 91-102, 145-157, 209-221; v. 16, pp. 36-47, 84-95, 158-170, 229-240; v. 17, pp. 17

29, 108-119, 168-176, 239-251; v. 18, pp. 25-35, 92-103, 180-191, 234-245; v. 19, pp. 23-35, 100III, 158-163, 242-247; v. 20, pp. 28-39, 86-99. 154-169, 222-237; v. 21, pp. 17-34. Exeter, 18901904.) Welsh records. n. p. 8°. (Cambrian ArchæAP p. Box

Yeatman (John Pym). [1900]. I p.1., 277-293 p. ological Association.)

Repr.: Archæologia Cambrensis, Oct. 1900.


Abernethy family.

Paul (Sir James Balfour). The Abernethy pedigree. (Genealogist. v. 18, pp. 16-25, 73-78. London, 1901.) The Abernethy

Wallace-James (J. G.)

family. (Genealogist. n. s. v. 17, pp. 150-152. Exeter, 1901.)

Adams family.

Adams (Benjamin William).

A genealogical history of the family of Adams of Cavan, etc. Edited and revised by M. R. W. P. Adams... London: Mitchell and Hughes, 1903. 2 p.l., 63 p. 4°. ARZ

Repr.: "Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,"

Agnew family.

Agnew (Sir A.) The Agnews of Lochnaw. A history of the hereditary sheriffs of Galloway with .notices of old families of the sheriffdom, 1330 to 1747. Edinburgh: A. & C. Black, 1864. 4 p.l.. vii-xxii, 646 p., 1 l., 3 pl. 8°.

CR Dickson (John M.) The Agnews in County Antrim. (Ulster Jour. of Archæol. v. 7, pp. 166– 171. London, 1901.)

Aitken family.

Ruvigny (de), and ( ) BAINEVAL. Aitken of Thornton. (Geneal. Maga. v. 4, pp. 166-169, 204-209, 256-258, 310–313, 349-351, 400-403, 450452. London, 1900-1901.)

Albini family.

Carrington (W. A.) The early Lords of Belvoir. I pl. (Jour. Br. Archæol. Assoc. n. s. v. 7, pp. 299–326; v. 8, pp. 17–38. London, 19011902.)

Yeatman (John Pym). The early genealogical history of the house of Arundel, being an account of the origin of the families of Montgomery, Albini, Fitzalan, and Howard, from the time of the conquest of Normandy by Rollo the Great... London: Mitchell & Hughes, 1882. xii, 1 l., 406, 4 p., 14 facsim., 3 pl. fo. HARZ

The identity of the Gresleys with the Albinis. [By J.. P. Yeatman.] n. t.-p. [London, 1906?] 32 p. 4°. ARZ (Gresley) Repr.: Feudal history of Derbyshire, by J. P. Yeatman and others. Sec 9., v. 5., chap. 1.

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Aldburgh (Earls of).

O'Kelly (Edward P.) The eccentric earls of
Aldborough. (Jour. Co. Kildare Archæol. Soc.
v. 4, pp. 274-279. Dublin, 1904.)

Alder family.

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Baird (William). Account of the surname of
Baird, particularly of the families of Auchmedden,
Newbyth, and Sauchtonhall. Edited by William
N. Fraser. Edinburgh: T. G Stevenson [1857].
2 p.l., vii, 96 p. 4°.

Dominus fecit. Genealogical collections

concerning the sir-name of Baird, and the families

of Auchmedden, Newbyth, and Sauchton Hall in

particular; with copies of old letters and papers

worth preserving... reprinted from the original

ms. of Baird, last of the family... [Edited by

W. N. Fraser, and re-edited by F. M. B. S.]

London, 1870. 4°.


Barker family.

Barker (William Gibbs). Pedigree of the family
of Barker, of Salop, shewing the branches settled
at Hallon, Claverley, Colchurst, Wolverton...
[Compiled by W. G. Barker.] London: Privately
prtd., 1877. I p.l., 15 p., I pl. 4°. +ARZ

Barnard family.

Foster (Joseph). The pedigree of Wilson of
High Wray & Kendal, and the families connected.

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Foster (Joseph). The pedigree of Wilson of High Wray & Kendal, and the families connected with them. Compiled from private pedigrees, and completed to the present time. [London] printed for private circulation, 1871. 4 p.l., 146 p., 1 l. 4°. FARZ

Parker (F. H. M.) The Parkers of Old Town; with some notes on the Branthwaites of Carlingill and the Birkbecks of Orton Hall. I chart. (Transac. Cumberland and Westmoreland Antiq. & Archæol. Soc. v. 16, pp. 104-116. Kendall, Eng., 1900.)

Birnie family.

Birnie (John). Account of the families of Birnie and Hamilton of Broomhill, by J. Birnie, Esq. Edited by W. B. D. D. Turnbull... Edinburgh: Printed for private distribution, 1838. 2 p.l., (1) vi-xix, 82 p. illus. 4°. ARZ

Black family.

Black (The) family. Edited by Isaac W. Ward. (Ulster Jour. of Archæol. v. 8, pp. 176-188. Belfast, 1902.)

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Blake (Martin J.) Blake family records 1300 to 1700. A chronological catalogue with copious notes... [Together with a brief account of the fourteen ancient families or tribes of the town of Galway...] London: E. Stock, 1902-05. 2 V., facsim., pl., port. 8°. ARZ

The Blakes of Galway. (Geneal. Maga. London, 1898. 4°. v. I, pp. 499-504, 563-570, 609-614, 682-683.)

Blakes (The) of Galway. (Geneal. Maga. v. 6, pp. 385-390. London, 1903.)

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