British Marine Conchology: Being a Descriptive Catalogue, Arranged According to the Lamarckian System, of the Salt Water Shells of Great Britain

E. Lumley, 1844 - 267 páginas

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Página 67 - Suborbicular, inequilateral; beaks small, pointed, and oblique ; hinge variable, sometimes with two divergent teeth, one of which is bifid, but changing with age ; two lateral teeth, the intermediate one obsolete ; the posterior nearest the primary ones ; two distinct muscular impressions widely separated, the posterior one prolonged.
Página 42 - Transverse, inequilateral, subtrigonal ; sides slightly gaping ; beaks prominent ; one primary compressed tooth in each valve, and an adjacent heart-shaped cavity; two lateral compressed teeth, situated near the hinge, and inserted ; ligament internal and placed in the pit of the hinge.
Página 37 - Transverse, (japing at both ends, with one large dilated projecting rounded and nearly vertical cardinal tooth in the left valve, and with a hollow in the opposite valve: ligament internal, short, thick and inserted in the hollow of the primary tooth, and in the pit of the other valve. M.
Página 47 - Oval or oblong, equivalve, inequilateral, mostly closed ; hinge with two teeth in each valve and a cavity between them, lateral teeth none; ligament internal.
Página 36 - STRIGILATUS of British authors. Elongated oblong, breadth twice and a half the length, ends rounded, uniform white, marked with coarse ridges of growth, and anteriorly with curved radiating strigils : beaks subcentral, anterior slope with divaricating striae; ventral edge straightish, sub-incurved in the middle : an oblique and an erect tooth in each valve (in one valve the former rudimentary) : nymphae distinct. £. . 1^. — Mediterranean, tf-c.
Página 73 - DONAX. Transverse, equivalve, inequilateral; with the anterior side very short and obtuse; two primary teeth in one or both valves ; and one or two lateral teeth, more or less distant ; ligament external, short, inserted at the posterior impression.
Página 44 - Shell flat, nearly orbicular, equivalve, inequilateral, a little open at the sides. Hinge of one valve with a single tooth and a transverse linear lateral one each side; of the other valve with a cavity in the middle and a transverse deeply cloven lateral tooth each side, the segments of which divaricate from the beak.
Página 58 - Biv. t. 6. f. 9. Oblong, nearly smooth, thin, sub-equilateral, anteriorly obtusely angulated, posteriorly rounded, yellowish with either red interrupted rays or zones, but always with one small distinct posterior ray, which only proceeds a short distance from the beaks.
Página 56 - Transverse, inequilateral, posterior side short, the an~ tenor slightly gaping ; hinge with two cardinal teeth in the right valve and three in the left (sometimes three in each) ; teeth small approximated, parallel and slightly divergent : ligament external.
Página 27 - The valves rounded and without auricles behind ; a strong conic tooth on the margin above the teeth. T.

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