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links"; Alice Cary, The Gray Swan "; Margaret Deland, While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night; Ralph Waldo Emerson, "

Forbearance,The Humble-Bee," Duty," The Rhodora," Concord Hymn, " The Snow Storm," and Ode Sung in the Town Hall, ('oncord; James T. Fields, Song of the Turtle and the Flamingo "; Oliver Wendell Holmes, Old Ironsides and The Chambered Nautilus "; John Hay, The Enchanted Shirt ; Julia Ward Howe, Battle Hymn of the Republic ; Bret Harte, The Reveille and A Greyport Legend "; T. W. Higginson, The Snowing of the Pines "; H. W. Longfellow, The Wreck of the Hesperus," The Psalm of Life,Home Song,The Three Kings,and The Harvest Moon "; James Russell Lowell, Washington," extracts from The Vision of Sir Launfal,Fatherland,To the Dandelion," Singing Leaves," and Stanzas on Freedom; Lucy Larcom,Hannah Binding Shoes "; Edna Dean Proctor, Columbia's Emblem "; T. W. Parsons, Dirge for One Who Fell in Battle "; E. C. Stedman, The Flight of the Birdsand Going A-Nutting "; E. R. Sill, Opportunity ; W. W. Story, The English Language "; Celia Thaxter,

The The

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The Sand piper

and Nikolina "; J. T. Trowbridge, Evening at the Farmand Midwinter ; Bayard Taylor, A Night With a Wolfand The Song of the Camp"; J. G. Whittier, The Corn Song," The Bare'foot Boy,Barbara Frietchie,extracts from " Snow-Bound,Song of the Negro Boatman,and

and The Pipes at Lucknow ”; W. D. Howells, In August ; J. G. Saxe, Solomon and the Bees.

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