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Cloud and Pillar of Fire.

L ONG as the dark'ning cloud abode, So long did ancient Ïfr'el rest : Nor mov'd they, till the guiding God, In brighter garments ftood confeft. 2 Father of fpirits! light of light! Lift up the cloud, and rend the vail : Shine forth in fire, amid that night, Whose blackness makes the heart to fail.

3 'Tis done! to Chrift the pow'r is giv'n: His death, it rent the vail away, Our great forerunner enters heav'n, And opes th' eternal gates of day.

Nor fhall thofe mifts that brood o'er time,
Forever blind the mental eye;
They backward roll, and light fublime,
Beams glory from the God on high.
5 Adoring nations hail his dawn,

All kingdoms blefs the noontide beam,
And light unfolding life's full morn,
Is vaft creation's deathless theme.

First Fruits.

I BEHOLD! the grain of wheat that dies

Yet lives in nature's womb; Matur'd by death, to life arise, A type of things to come.

2 This Ifr'el faw in ancient days, When dedicate to heaven,

The first ripe fheaf, with fongs of praife,
To God, their God, was given :

3 Here dwelt their hopes for time to come,
That he who blet that fruit,
Would bring the future harveft home,
A harveft like the root.... daiat


4 Hail! fitft begotten from the dead ! z'n
The church first-born are thine di qu
Thine at thy comiage. Then the head,
The head of man diving. 2. Fld W


5 (Lord of a harvest yet to come) nalat ş
The reft of earth fhall reap;
And gath'sing his unnumber'd home,
One feaft forever keep.

Sy mak

HYMN XXVÍII. S. M. [JAMES RELLY. $5 Sabbatic Tear.



LESS'D are the eyes that fee!
The ears are blefs'd that hear
The trumpet of the jubilee,
The great fabbatic year.

2 We plough, nor fow no more,
Nor toi! for living bread;
For we've a never failing store,
A table plenous fpread.

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3 Th' inheritance, once fold,
Which the poor bankrupt mouras,
To the true owner without gold, *
Or price, it now returns.


4 O Jefus ! ever bleft, mine Thou art our Jubilee i

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5 Thy name, O bleeding king,
Shall dwell on all our tongues;
And ev'ry heart, infpir'd fhall fing
Thy praife in all their fongs.


Our reftoration and our reft,
Is all, dear Lamb, in thee.

6 Worthy the honor'd name
Of Jefus Chrift, our Lord;
He's God Almighty and the Lamb,
Eternally ador'd.


! BLOW ye the trumpet, blow
The gladly folemn found!
Let all the nations know
To earth's remoteft bound,::
The year of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye ranfom'd finners, home.

2 Exalt the Lamb of God,

The fin atoning Lamb;,
Redemption by his blood,

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Thro' all the lands proclaim :

The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransom'd finners home.

3 Ye, who have fold for nought
The heritage above;

Shall have it back, unbought,
The gift of Jefus' love;
The year
of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye ranfom'd finners home.


Ye flaves of fin and hell,
Your liberty receive;
And fafe in Jefus dwell,
And bleft in Jefus live:
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ranfom'd finners, home..

5 The gofpel trumpet hear,

The news of pard'ning grace :
Ye happy fouls, draw near,
Behold your Saviour's face :
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ranfom'd finners home..

6 Jefus our great high priest
Has full atonement made :
Ye weary fpirits reft:
Ye mournful fouls be glad!
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ranfom'd finners, home.

HYMN XXX. L. M. GEN. BAP. COLL.] Serpent of Brass.

WHEN Ifrael's grieving tribes complain'd, With fiery ferpents greatly pain'd, A ferpent ftraight the prophet made Of molten brafs, to view display'd. 2 Around the fainting crowds attend; To heaven their mournful fighs afcend; They hope, they look, while from the pole, Defcends a power that makes them whole.

3 But, O, what healing to the heart, Doth our Redeemer's crofs impart !

What life, by faith, our fouls receive! What pleasures do his forrows give! 4 Still may I view the Saviour's crofs, And other objects count but lofs : Here ftill be fix'd my feafted eyes, Enraptur'd with his facrifice. Jefus the Saviour! balmy name! Thy worth my tongue would now proclaim; By thy atonement fet me free, My life, my hope, is all from thee.



Shew Bread.

HOW rich the types of future grace,
Which thro' the law are fpread!
Aloud they preach th' eternal Son,
The true, the living bread.

2 From day to day, till Jefus came,
His myftick form was shown;
Where all distinctions loft to view,
Of many, made but one.


3 In him, nor Jew nor Gentile's found.
Chrift's body forms one bread,
And all the diff'rent grains of wheat
Are one, in Chrift the head. \

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HYMN XXXII. LM. [WATTS.] Chrift and the Church. Pfalm 45, 2d Part. HE king of faints, how fair his face,. Adorn'd with majefty and grace! He comes with bleffings from above, And wins the nations to his love.


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