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Make ev'ry beast and bird submit,
And lay the fishes at his feet.

3 But O! what brighter glories wait
To crown the fecond Adam's state ?
What honors fhall thy Son adorn ;,
Who condefcended to be born?
4 See him below his angels made;
See him in duft among the dead,
To fave a ruin'd world from fin;
But he fhall reign with pow'r divine.
5 The world to come, redeem'd from all
The mis'ries that attend the fall,
New made and glorious fhall fubmit
At our exalted Saviour's feet.


Abel's Blood?!

BLOOD has a voice to pierce the skies,
Revenge! the blood of Abel cries:
But the dear ftream when Chrift was Дlain,
Speaks peace as loud from ev'ry vein.

2 Pardon and peace from God on high;
Behold, he lays his vengeance by ;
And rebels that deferve his fword,
Become the fav'rites of the Lord.

3 To Jefus let our praises raife,
Who gave his life a faifice:
Now he appears before his God,
And for cur pardon, pleads his blood.


Abraham's Rejoicing.

1 "GOD OD will provide," the Patriarch faid, And faith gives ev'ry dot bt away; Fearless he climbs Moriah's mound, And fees afar Chrift Jesus' day. 2 Yes God provides, and God accepts His facrifice, and his alone

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No blood of bealts, not Abraham's fon,
Nor ought, fave Chrift, can e'er atone.


Ten thousand bieffings crown the Lamb,
The Lamb of God that once was flain i
Behold he lives, he intercedes,
And ranfom'd nations fhout Amen.



Ifaac, at Peace with Philiftia.
OD hath giv'n to líaac room,
See Philiftines friendly come;
Hark! they hail one common Lord;
One by him, by them ador'd,


2 Strife, contention, hatred ends;.
Met in peace, they dwell as friends;
Mutual oath, confirm'd above,
Jew and Gentile binds in love.

3 Lord! complete this type of thee,
Bid all nations bend the knee;
Bleffed in th' cternal Son,
Bring the wand'rers home, as one.
4 Give them peace, the peace of God;
Peace in heav'n by Jefus' blood;


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Thou the truth, the life, the way,
Peace, good will to all display.



Jacob's Prophecy of Shiloh.
I SHILOH fhall come, the Prophet cries,
As death illumes his clofing eyes;
O'er people, kindreds, tongues he sways;
And Judah claims no more the praise.
2 Thou long foretold, yet great unknown
Shiloh! afcend falvation's throne,
Gath'rer of nations come, oh come!
Leader! Commander, guide us home !

3 Speak but the word, and light fhall be ;
That light of life which points to thee;,
Where all thy works, ador'd I AM!
Shall glorify thy glorious name.

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Melchizedek a Type of Chrift.
KING of Salem, blef's my foul,

Make a wounded finner whole
King of righteoufnefs and peace,
Let not thy fweet vifits cease!

2. Come! refresh this foul of mine
With thy facred bread and wine!
All thy love to me unfold,
Half of which cannot be told..

3. Hail Melchizedek divine ;

Great high priest, thou shalt be mine

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All my pow'rs before thee fall,
Take not tithe, but take them all!



Noah; or, the Covenant of the Bow. LET nations who tremble in fear of a flood, Look up to the cloud, fee the bow of their God,

And refting in peace on the promise divine, Remember 'twas made for the ages of time: 2 Then Jefus, the Saviour, tranflating the bow, From thence to his head, and defcending below, Shall finish the myft'ry, that mercy began, Bleft fullness of grace, and falvation for man. Hail Alpha, Omega, the first and the last! Thy purposes future, the prefent, and past, All centre in one'tis thy crown on the throne, That the kingdoms of earth, become Lord, thy own.

4 Oh Jefus, Imman'el, the rainbow display!

Thy arch as the Master, mid mansions of day, Extend from the eaft, to the night of the weft, And closing of time, give thy laborers reft.

Mofes, Aaron, and Joshua..

I "TIS not the law of ten commands,
On holy Sinai giv'n,

Or fent to men by Mofes' hands,
Can bring us fafe to Heav'n.

2 'Tis not the blood which Aaron spilt, Nor fmoke of fweeteft fmell,

Can buy a pardon for our guilt,
Or fave our foul from hell.

3 Aaron the priest refigns his breath, At God's immediate will,

And in the defert yields to death, "
Upon th' appointed hill..

4 And thus on Jordan's yonder fide,"
The tribes of Ifrael ftand,

While Mofes bow'd his head, and di'd,
Short of the promis'd' land,

If'el rejoice, now Joshua leads,
'He'll bring your tribes to reft;
So the Saviour's name exceeds
The ruler and the priest.


Aaron's Rod..

1 CEF, I'el's tribes brought near to God
And ev'ry prinde present his rod :
While one alone with blossoms brooms,
And theds the almond's rich perfumes.
oe of him divine,

2 was is, the

Whom thou, O Lord, naft chofe as thine;
Then, the preft, the fem, the root,
Who bars for us immortal fruit.

3. Jefus, High Priest of good to come !
Thy rod, thy staff fhall guide us bemel:
Thro' death's dark vale, we'll truft its pow'r,
Nor fear a fhadow's fhaded hour.



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