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W^icrings, Mn Wm. Weljingtoa, ffrotf&t/j^

Wilton, Mr. John Walker,S#?g»w, 4st>bQurn,Zfer^/i&

WJrire, Mr. Joseph, Birmingham,!' - --;- '■,'•■■'"•."

Wade, Mr. Officer of Excise, ChalfontSt. Peters Bucks

Whitehead, Mr. Thomas, of Bristol

Wilson, Mr. Samuel, Mercer* Gloctffter- ■ '.. jr

Webb, Mr. Nicholas, senior", ditto

Ward, Mr. Thomas, Henwicks-fTill, Worcester s

West, Mr John, Draper, ditto K.-^l

Wickins, Mr. Thomas, Glover, ditto

Wilkins, Mr, Nathaniel, Grocer, ditto

Walden, Mr. Thomas, ditto

Watkins, Mr. Thomas, Attorney, dittp ■

Watson,;Mr. Joseph, ditto .".-■•,'.■;.', /

Wareing, Mr. Thomas, ditto

Wright, Mr. John, Portrait Paijtitr, Salop.

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IF the Name of any Person, who has favoured this Publication with his Subscription, be not found in the preceding List, the Author begs that such Omission may not be imputedto any wilful neglect, and hopes such Person will he pleased to assist his recollection by a line, that the Book may be defiver'd at the subscribing Price of Five Shillings, which is one Shilling less than it will be sold at to Non-subscribers. The Author also hppes for his Subscribers' Pardon, if he has fallen.into any errors with respect to their Titles, Places. of abode, or manner of spelling their names, in which last article it is scarce possible for any one not to be sometimes mistaken, who has not had particular instructions from the Subscribers themselves.


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P A R T the First;:'

CH A P.T. W/ Origin, Antiquity, end
Progress of Electricity. Opinions ofva-
rious Authors on Air, , • -, » page-*

Chap. II. &r Isaac Newton J Rules of Reason-

ing in Philosophy. And, the Author'$ first

Principles. . , 2q

Chap. III. Experiments, which stew, that the

Electrical Fluid is endued with the two inhe-

rent or essential Properties of Æther, and in a,

most surprising degree, namely< those os extreme

Rarity and extreme Elasticity, """ 30

Chap. IV. Intumescence, &c. os an elastic Fluid,

Chap. V. Farther accounts of the wonderful

essential Properties of Mt her, .. -« V. .67

Chap. VI. Lord VerulamV Conjectures concern*
ing a subtile Fluid, with the Authors new ac-
count os a more rare and active part of Æther
to which he gives,the natne ofPntunta or Spi-
^ rit of Æther. ~*

Chap. VII. Mr. Haukelbee's Experiments con~
tinued, with others, tending to point out the

fame agent, by means of its excejive rapid mo-

tion towards the part most rarefied, 86


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