The Gardener's Magazine, and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement, Volumen 9

Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1833

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Página 548 - Of ash, or lime, or beech, distinctly shine Within the twilight of their distant shades ; There, lost behind a rising ground, the wood Seems sunk, and shorten'd to its topmost boughs. No tree in all the grove but has its charms, Though each its hue peculiar...
Página 351 - THE TRAVELS AND RESEARCHES OF ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT ; being a condensed Narrative of his Journeys in the Equinoctial Regions of America, and in Asiatic Russia: together with Analyses of his more important Investigations. By w MACGILLIVRAY AM Intcratttif World In 2 vols.
Página 548 - Some glossy-leaved, and shining in the sun, The maple, and the beech of oily nuts Prolific, and the lime at dewy eve Diffusing odours : nor unnoted pass The sycamore, capricious in attire, Now green, now tawny, and, ere autumn yet Have changed the woods, in scarlet honours bright...
Página 353 - Basks in the glare, or stems the tepid wave, And thanks his gods for all the good they gave. Such is the patriot's boast, where'er we roam, His first, best country, ever is at home.
Página 21 - And rocks the bellowing voice of boiling seas rebound. The father of the gods his glory shrouds, Involved in tempests and a night of clouds ; And, from the middle darkness flashing out, By fits he deals his fiery bolts about. Earth feels the motions of her angry god ; Her entrails tremble, and her mountains nod ; And flying beasts in forests. seek abode : Deep horror seizes every human breast ; Their pride is humbled, and their fear confess'd, While he from high his rolling thunder throws, And fires...
Página 354 - Franchises et Etrangeres: Monographic complete du Melon ; contenant la culture, la description et le classement de toutes les varietes de cette espece, suivies de celles de la Pasteque a chair fondante, avec la figure de chacune dessinee et coloriee d'apres Nature. Pp. 204", planches 33. Paris, 1832. 36 francs. Sir, The sixth and concluding number of the above work having at length come to hand, I proceed, according to your desire, to render you some account of its contents.
Página 371 - Train up a child in the way it should go, and when it is old it will not depart from it.
Página 711 - An-koy (meaning Ganke Heen), in the province of Fokeen? which latter, I presume, is intended by Tok-yen. So far as relates to the first gatherings making the strongest and best teas, both of black and green, Mr. Main is correct ,- but it is surprising that any person who has been in China, or, indeed, any other person who has seen the difference in colour of the infusions of black and of green tea, could suppose for a moment that they are the produce of the same plant, differing only in the mode...
Página 567 - Is- it for thee the lark ascends and sings? Joy tunes his voice, joy elevates his wings. Is it for thee the linnet pours his throat? Loves of his own and raptures swell the note. The bounding steed you pompously bestride, Shares with his lord the pleasure and the pride. Is thine alone the seed that strews the plain? The birds of heaven shall vindicate their grain.
Página 338 - ... operations have much increased ; it has now eaten half way down the apple, and the position of the hole at the top, if the apple continue upright, or nearly so, is inconvenient for a purpose it has up to this time been used for, that is, as a pass to get rid of its...

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