The Lives of the Most Eminent British Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, Volumen 3

John Murray, 1830

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Página 176 - Or view the Lord of the unerring bow, The God of life, and poesy, and light The Sun in human limbs arrayed, and brow All radiant from his triumph in the fight; The shaft hath just been shot - the arrow bright With an immortal's vengeance; in his eye And nostril beautiful disdain, and might, And majesty, flash their full lightnings by, Developing in that one glance the Deity.
Página 10 - There is no instance of a man before Gibbons who gave to wood the loose and airy lightness of flowers, and chained together the various productions of the elements with a free disorder natural to each species.
Página 25 - Close to those walls where Folly holds her throne, And laughs to think Monroe would take her down, Where o'er the gates, by his famed father's hand, Great Gibber's brazen, brainless brothers stand ; One cell there is, conceal'd from vulgar eye, The cave of Poverty and Poetry.
Página 50 - Fervent in doing well, with every nerve Still pressing on, forgetful of the past, And panting for perfection : far above Those little cares, and visionary joys, That so perplex the fond impassion'd heart Of ever-cheated, ever-trusting man.
Página 178 - That bring me presents, send me plate, coin, jewels, With hope that when I die (which they expect Each greedy minute) it shall then return Ten-fold upon them; whilst some, covetous Above the rest, seek to engross me whole, And counter-work the one unto the other, Contend in gifts, as they would seem in love...
Página 288 - But the poor man rung never at his door; And the old beggar, at the public gate, Who, all the summer long, stands hat in hand, He knew how vain it was to lift an eye To that hard face. Yet he was always found Among your ten and twenty pound subscribers, Your benefactors in the newspapers. His alms were money put to interest In the other world,— donations to keep open A running charity-account with heaven...
Página 4 - Gibbon to Charles II., who was too indolent to search for genius, and too indiscriminate in his bounty to confine it to merit ; but was always pleased when it was brought home to him.
Página 36 - Therefore, this work is necessarily ill drawn and deficient in principle, and much of the sculpture is rude and severe ; yet in parts there is a beautiful simplicity, an irresistible sentiment, and sometimes a grace, excelling more modern productions." "It is very remarkable," continues this great sculptor, "that Wells Cathedral was finished in 1242, two years after the birth of Cimabue, the restorer of Painting in Italy, and the work was going on at the same time that Nicolo Pisano, the Italian...
Página 150 - They wish to make no noise." I put Clara aside and looked at him. He was standing with his back to the fire and his hands clasped behind him; and I knew by the black look on his face that passion was boiling within. I had seen just such a look before he attacked me, that March night, in the adjoining chamber; and, though I could make every allowance for his anger, I confess I trembled for the consequences. He gazed straight...
Página 50 - How firm established on eternal truth ; Fervent in doing well, with every nerve Still pressing on, forgetful of the past, And panting for perfection...

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