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A guide-book dealing with the art of the cities.

1. Milan. 2. Verona.

American directory, The, of the hosiery and knit goods manufacturers of the United States and Canada, with mill-towns, selling agents, jobbers... Compiled by the Textile World Record. 24th year. 1906. Boston, 1906. Illus. Maps. *8039a.121 Annuaire des gens de lettres et des dessinateurs, 1905. [Paris, 1905.] Portraits. *2639a.128 Automobile Official A. A. A. 1906 Blue Book, The. A touring guide to the best and most popular routes in the eastern and northern states, with a Canadian section. New York, 1906. Illus. Maps. *2386.63

Baedeker, Carl. Great Britain.


Handbook for travellers.

6th edition. Leipzig, 1906. Maps. Plans. B.H.Ref.273.21(2469a.166) Palestine and Syria. Handbook for travellers. 4th edition. Leipzig, 1906. Plates. Maps. B.H.Ref.273.1(*5049a.123) Southern France including Corsica. Handbook for travellers. 5th edition. Leipzig, 1907. Maps. Plans. 2639a.29 Southern Germany (Wurtemberg and Bavaria). Handbook for travellers. 10th edition. Leipzig, 1907. Maps. Plans. B.H.Ref.273.15(2839.81)

Bailey, Liberty Hyde, editor.
Cyclopedia of American agriculture. Vol.

I. New York, 1907. Illus. Portraits. Maps. Plans. B.H.Ref.82.8(*3991.180) Bailey, Liberty Hyde, and Wilhelm Miller. Cyclopedia of American horticulture. 4th edition. New York, 1906. 6 v. Illus. Portraits. Maps. Plans.

Bancroft, W. B.


Bancroft's Americans' guide to London and the places thereabouts. . . London, 1906. Illus. 2499a.184

Bechtel, John Hendricks.

Proverbs. Maxims and phrases drawn from all lands and times. Philadelphia, 1906. 6259a.64 Boston Medical Publishing Company. Medical directory of Greater Boston. Boston, 1906. B.H. Centre Desk(*3786.76)

Bouillet, Marie Nicolas. Dictionnaire universel d'histoire et de géographie Refondu sous la direction de L.-G. Gourraigne. 32e édition. Paris, 1901. B.H.Ref.223.4(*7385-45)

A dictionary of history, biography, mythology and geography.

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Brockhaus' Kleines Konversations-Lexi5. Auflage. Leipzig, 1906. 2 v. B.H.Ref.212.2(*7383-35) Illus. Maps. Many of the maps and plates are colored. Cappelli, Adriano.

Lexicon abbreviaturarum. Wörterbuch lateinischer und italienischer AbkürzunIgen wie sie in Urkunden und Handschriften besonders des Mittelalters gebräuchlich sind, . . . Leipzig, [Webers Illustrirte Katechismen.]

Clauson-Thue, William.


1901. *2939.134

The A B C universal commercial electric telegraphic code. 5th edition. New York, 1901. #7963-44 Cook's Handbook for Palestine and Syria. New edition thoroughly revised by the Rev. J. E. Hanauer and Dr. E. G. Masterman. London, 1907. 3048.47 Davison Publishing Company. Davison's Carpet trade. American carpet directory. Carpet and rug manufacturers of the United States and Canada and including jobbers, buyers, large retailmanufacturers of carpets, rugs, lining, linoleum, cocoa matting and stair pads. Ist annual edition, 1906. New York, 1905. Plates. Plan. *8039a.122 Davison's Cordage trade. A directory of the cordage and twine manufacturers of the United States and Canada, including cotton, silk, linen, flax, hemp, jute, manila and sisal, with jobbers, manufacturers' agents, manufacturers of awnings and duck, bagging, banding, burlaps, ... 7th annual edition, 1907. *8039a.123 New York, 1907. Davison's Silk trade. A directory of the silk manufacturers of the United States and Canada, jobbers, buyers, importers, silk dyers, commission merchants. 12th annual edition, 1907. Pocket edition. New York, 1907. Plan. *8039a.124 Derrah, Robert H.

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Derrah's Official street railway guide for New England. Boston, 1907. Illus. Maps. B.H.Ref.Centre Desk (*4459a.184) Directory of booksellers, newsdealers and stationers in the United States and Canada. 3d edition. Minneapolis, 1906.

*2382.36 Doctor's who's who, The. Edited by Charles Wells Moulton. New York, *3732.76 1906. Plate. First citizens of the Republic. An historical work giving portraits and sketches of the most eminent citizens of the United States. New York, 1906. Portraits.


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-1. Addison-Blackmore.

2. Blake

Crabbe 3. Craik-Fielding. 4. Fitzgerald-Hawthorne. 5. Hay-Keats. 6. Kempis-Moore. 7. Morris-Shakespeare. 8. Shelley-Zola. Gubernatis, Angelo de. 1840-.

Dictionnaire international des écrivains du monde latin. Rome, 1905.

C.R.64.30(*2950.83) Henley's Encyclopædia of practical engiEdited by neering and allied trades.

Joseph G. Horner. New York, 1906. Plates. Plans. Diagrams. *8030a.81 Herringshaw, Thomas William, editor. Herringshaw's American statesman and public offical year-book. 1906. Chicago, Ill., 1906. B.H.Ref.613.17(*4346.251) Hiscox, Gardner Dexter, editor.


Henley's Twentieth century book of recipes, formulas and processes. New York, 1907. Illus. Diagrams. *8032.79 Holzmann, Michael, and Hanns Bohatta. Deutsches Pseudonymen-Lexicon. den Quellen bearbeitet. Wien, 1906. Catalogue Room 32.23(*2168.25) Humphreys, Arthur Lee, compiler. The house, the garden, and the steeple. A collection of old mottoes. [2d edition.] London, 1907. 93 pp. 2259a.89 International library, The, of masterpieces, literature, art, and rare manuscripts. Editor-in-chief: Harry Thurston Peck. New York. [1901.] 30 v. Illus. Por*2251.69 traits. Facsimiles. Jacobs, Joseph. 1854-.

The Jewish encyclopedia. A guide to its
contents and aid to its use. New York,
1906. Illus. Portraits. Map. Facsim-
B.H.Ref.180.2 (*2291.13)
The Jewish encyclopedia is on shelf-number

Johnson, Trench H.
Phrases and names, their origins and
meanings. London. [1906.] *4586.154
Junk, Wilhelm. 1866-

Internationales Adressbuch der Antiquar-
Buchhändler . . . Berlin, 1906. 95 pp.


Kuerschner, Joseph. 1853-1902. Kürschner's Universal - KonversationsLexikon. Herausgegeben von mann Hillger. 4. Auflage. 1906. Illus. Portraits. B.H.Ref.212.3(*7386.34)

Ladendorf, Otto. 1873-.

Historisches Schlagwörterbuch. Ein Versuch. Strassburg, 1906. Bibliography, pp. xviii-xxiv.


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