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“ The only voice that could soothe the passions of the

savage (Alphonso 3d) was that of an amiable and virtuous * wife, the sole object of his love; the voice of Donna Isa“ bella, the daughter of the Duke of Savoy, and the grand“ daughter of Philip 2d, King of Spain.-Her dying words “ sunk deep into his memory; his fierce spirit melted into “ tears; and after the last embrace, Alphonso retired into " his chamber to bewail his irreparable loss, and to meditate

on the vanity of human life.”—Miscellaneous Works of Gibbon, New Edition, 8vo. vol. 3, page 473.

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The Serfs are glad through Lara's wide domain, And Slavery half forgets her feudal chain;

He, their unhoped, but unforgotten lord,
The long self-exiled chieftain is restored:

There be bright faces in the busy hall,
Bowls on the board, and banners on the wall;
Far chequering o'er the pictured window, plays
The unwonted faggots' hospitable blaze;

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