Luzac & Co.'s Oriental List, Volúmenes 13-14

Luzac & Company, 1903

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Página 337 - Good intentions are at least the seed of good actions ; and every man ought to sow them, and leave it to the soil and the seasons whether they come up or no, and whether he or any other gather the fruit.
Página 91 - WITH THE ROYAL TOUR : a Narrative of the Recent Tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York through Greater Britain. With 16 Illustrations and a Map. Crown 8vo, 5s.
Página 224 - Crow (FE). — Arabic Manual. A Colloquial Handbook in the Syrian Dialect. For the use of visitors to Syria and Palestine, containing a simplified Grammar, a Comprehensive English and Arabic Vocabulary and Dialogues. The whole in English Characters, carefully Transliterated, the Pronunciation being fully indicated.
Página 221 - Translated from an Indian Manuscript written by an Ancient Bramin. To which is prefixed an Account of the Manner in which the said Manuscript was discovered, in a Letter from an English Gentleman then residing in China to the Earl of Chesterfield.
Página 55 - The Early Religion of Israel. As set forth by Biblical Writers and Modern Critical Historians. Being the Baird Lecture for 1888-89.
Página 58 - ... following works of this series are now for sale at the rooms of the Royal Asiatic Society, 22, Albemarle Street, London, W. Price 10s. a volume, except vols. 9, 10. I, 2. REHATSEK (Mr. E.) Mir Khwand's 'Rauzat-us-Safa', or 'Garden of Purity', translated from Persian.
Página 142 - Economy of Human Life. Complete in two Parts. Translated from an Indian Manuscript written by an ancient Bramin. To which is prefixed an account of the manner in which the manuscript was discovered, in a letter from an English gentleman then residing in China to the Earl of Chesterfield. New Edition, prepared with a Preface, by DOUGLAS M. GANE.
Página 65 - I have been reading1 your manuscript with the greatest interest and delight. Many thanks for the sight of it. The history you have given of the decipherment of the inscriptions is a veritable romance, and for the first time has been given completely. It ought to be widely read. Your history of Babylonia has been brought up to the present level of knowledge and tells us all that can be known at present on the subject. I know of nothing, at all events in English, which at all approaches it in completeness....
Página 161 - The Economy of Human Life, translated from an Indian Manuscript, written by an ancient Bramin ; to which is prefixed, an Account of the Manner in which the said Manuscript was discovered. In a Letter from an English Gentleman, now residing in China, to the Earl of...
Página 107 - Co. are able to Supply, at the Shortest Notice and most favourable Terms, all English, Foreign, and Oriental Books and Periodicals. Monthly Lists Issued Regularly and Sent Gratis on Application. Messrs. LUZAC and Co.

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