Medicinal Applications of Coordination Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry, 2007 - 353 páginas
Metals in pharmaceuticals have played an increasingly important role in medicine over the last century, particularly in cancer therapy and diagnostic imaging methods. Medicinal Applications of Coordination Chemistry focuses on the role that transition metals play in clinical applications. Medicinal Applications of Coordination Chemistry begins with a brief historical review and an introduction to the chemistry of d- and f- block metals. Subsequent sections discuss metallodrugs for a number of different applications, the design of new drugs and the relationship between structure and function. Key sections include diagnostic applications of metal compounds in anatomical and functional imaging, and therapeutic applications of metals compounds. This book is ideal for researchers in academia and industry and comes complete with examples of real life applications.

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The Chemistry of Metals in a Nutshell
Diagnostic Medicine
Therapeutic Medicine
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Honorary Visiting Professor in Radiochemistry, University of Manchester

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