Futile Efforts

iUniverse, 1 may 2002 - 304 páginas
A young boy, his mother and sister are abandoned in a dilapidated house while his brutal father makes a career out of prostituting women. In order to help his mentally disturbed mother and abused sister escape the impoverished conditions under which they live, the boy undertakes extraordinary measures to better himself. He transforms his frail body into a form more suited for the cruel and violent world that was first introduced to him by his father. He also sets out to overcome the learning disability that stands between him and the college education he needs to help his family. It is not, however, until after the unrelated murders of the boy’s brother and best friend that the story takes its darkest turn. Futile Efforts provides a compelling story of psychological intrigue as it depicts the evolution of a scared, frail boy into something that is more frightening than his worst nightmare. What sets Futile Efforts apart from its genre is not the terrible misfortunes described in the story but the responses to those misfortunes. Futile Efforts is made even more compelling by the fact that it is based entirely on a true story.

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