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For the greater Part of tho following Corrections we are indebted (as we have frequently been for many valuable Communications) to



letter evince its being written prior

to the Restoration of King Charles II. 533, a. I. 8. read Walter Sneyd, esq. 567, a. I. 22. read vol. LXXVII. p. 1119. Ibid. after the words · Literary Intel

ligence,' the word Oxford' is omitted. 582, b. Permit a St. Alban's man to

put in his plea for the honour of the Abbey Church, though not a Bishop's See, to stand next after Winchester, it

being set down as 539 feet long. J. B. 651, b. 1. 4. for having, read have in. 666, b. I. 14 from the bottom, read Har.

vey: 700, b. l. 26, read Finchinfield.

VOLUME LXXXIII. Part I. P. 500, a. I. 53. read Boddington. €65, b. I. 23. &c. read Addlestrop.

Vol. LXXXIII. PART II. 415, a. last line but six, read Marquis

Townshend. 416, b. last line but five, at the conclu- !

sion of the preceding communication, the signature A FRIEND TO ACCURACY

is by mistake omitted. 427, b. Your compositor has uninten

tionally made me appear to have asserted two untruths, in my communication, p. 427. In the first place, by incorrect pointing, it would seem as if I meant to say, the New Road extended nearly south-west and northeast when first made, but by inference it went in another direction at present. The paragraph should be pointed thus -" The New Road, extending nearly south-west and north-east, when first made intersected extensive level fields from Tottenham Court Road to Battle Bridge ; about midway, and on the south side of the road, stood the

Bowling-green House,” &c. In enumerating the persons who have

contributed to enlarge Somers Town, I presume your readers will acquit me of including Haymakers; and I assure them I wrote Staymakers.

J. P. MALCOLM. 499, a. 1. 20. réad Haviland. 502, b. last line but 4. read Graves. 531, a. 1. 2. parenthesis after .Nov. the

13th, 1659,' the addition or 1660' is needless, as the contents of the

VOLUME LXXXIV, Part I. 109, a. l. 9. read Grey. 193, a. 1. 37 & 38. read Brisley. Ibid. 1.41,read Allnutt. 202, b. 1. 10 from the bottom,reaul Keig!

ley. 204, b. l. 10. read Scratby. 231, a. I. 8. dele who. 360, b. I. 23. read affect. 409, h, l. 9, for. 18 Oct. 1758, rea

13 Sept. 1759 ; but the narratia is incorrect, as General Wolfe was ki led in the baçtle five days prior to th

surrender of Quebec. 417, a. 1. 25, read 1764. 452, b. I. 5 from the bottom of the tex

before Bilson insert Henry. 463, a. I. 25 from the bottom, read Pl:

tow. 513, b. I. 28. read Flixton. 518, a. I. 27. read Royds. 526, b. I. 4. for 1775. read 1755. (Earlı

Roseberry succeeded his father.)

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Printed by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London,

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