The Monthly Review, Or, Literary Journal

R. Griffiths, 1795

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Página 467 - WE are accounted righteous before God, only for the merit of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by faith, and not for our own works or deservings...
Página 396 - Correspondence of the Bath and West of England Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.
Página 408 - ... the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons, and not to God; and I would not that ye should 21 be partakers with the demons.
Página 403 - A NEW LITERAL TRANSLATION From the Original Greek, OF ALL THE APOSTOLICAL EPISTLES, WITH A COMMENTARY AND NOTES, Philological, Critical, Explanatory, and Practical. » To which is added A HISTORY OF THE LIFE OF THE APOSTLE PAUL.
Página 113 - A Commentary illustrating the Poetic of Aristotle by examples taken chiefly from the modern poets. To which is prefixed a new and corrected edition of the translation of the Poetic.
Página 383 - The honor of making a brave defence does not seem to be a sufficient stimulus, when success is very doubtful, and the falling into the enemy's hands probable ; but, I doubt not, this will be gradually attained. We are now in a strong post, but not an impregnable one, nay, acknowledged by every man of judgment to be untenable, unless the enemy will make the attack upon lines, when they can avoid it, and their movements indicate that they mean to do so. To draw the whole army together in order to arrange...
Página 411 - Sure if our fates hang on some hidden Power, And take their colour from the natal hour, Then, Ireland ! the same planet on us rose, Such the strong sympathies our lives disclose ! Thou...
Página 194 - Whether he confidered ce that magic of light and fhade, which he " poflefled in an unparalleled degree in his fmaller " pictures, as an inferior principle in a work of '' fuch dignity, or was unable to diffufe it over " numerous groups, cannot now be determined ; " but he left his frefco flat, and without that...
Página 436 - The Kingly Government may go on, in all its functions, without Lords or Commons: it has heretofore done so for years together, and in our times it does so during every recess of Parliament; but without the King his Parliament is no more.
Página 201 - ... with fpices and fait. The rennet was put to the milk at twelve o'clock, not in a tub, but in the cauldron or boiler, turned from off the fire-place at ten o'clock; the heat 22 degrees of Reaumur's thermometer, and common to 24 degrees (8i£ Fahrenheit's), the atmofphere being at the fame time 16^.

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