Colonial America on Film and Television: A Filmography

McFarland, 2001 - 267 páginas
The early history of American settlement, pioneering, and independence is marked by fascinating characters and events who are often shrouded in legend. Through the eye of the movie camera, filmmakers have sought to capture these characters and to penetrate the mists of time. Films and television programs have been based on figures as diverse as Daniel Boone, Francis Marion, and Pocohantas, and events as disparate as the disappearance of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, the Boston Tea Party, and the French and Indian War. This comprehensive filmography provides production information and commentary on all films and television episodes set during the years between the first settlements in the future United States and the fledgling country's War of 1812 with Britain. Films are arranged alphabetically, and a detailed introduction provides a thorough overview of the period, with references to films chronicling specific events. Photographs accompany many of the entries. Helpful for those interested in either film or in this particular period in history, the text is thoroughly indexed.

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