Affecting narrative of the loss of the Thames smack, February 8, 1809. Also the sufferings of Alexander Selkirk


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Página 23 - These he had in great numbers about his hut ; and when he was himself in full vigour, he could take at full speed the swiftest goat running up a promontory, and never failed of catching them but on a descent. His habitation was extremely pestered with rats, which gnawed his clothes and feet when sleeping.
Página 28 - At his first coming on board us, he had so much forgot his language, for want of use, that we could scarce understand him, for he seemed to speak his words by halves.
Página 23 - When his powder failed, he took them by speed of foot; for his way of living and continual exercise of walking and running cleared him of all gross humours, so that he ran with wonderful swiftness through the woods and up the rocks and hills, as we perceived when we employed him to catch goats for us.
Página 28 - ... the woods, and up the rocks and hills, as we perceived when we employed him to catch goats for us. We had a bull-dog, which we sent, with several of our nimblest runners, to help him in catching goats ; but he distanced and tired both the dog and the men, catched the goats, and brought them to us on his back.
Página 27 - Goat-skins, which he stitched together with little Thongs of the same that he cut with his Knife. He had no other Needle but a Nail ; and when his Knife was worn to the Back he made others as well as he could of some Iron Hoops that were left ashore, which he beat thin, and ground upon Stones.
Página 27 - ... to pass through woods, bushes, and brambles with as much carelessness and precipitance as any other animal. It happened once to him that running on the summit of a hill he made a stretch to seize a goat, with which under him he fell down a precipice and lay senseless for the space of three days, the length of which he measured by the moon's growth since his last observation.
Página 24 - Call upon him, and he appeared to himself least necessitous when he wanted every thing; for the Supports of his Body were easily attained, but the eager Longings for seeing again the Face of Man during the Interval of craving bodily Appetites, were hardly supportable. He grew dejected, languid, and melancholy, scarce able to refrain from doing himself Violence...
Página 24 - ... the Scriptures, and turning his thoughts upon the study of navigation, after the space of eighteen months he grew thoroughly reconciled to his condition.
Página 27 - ... and it was some time before he could wear shoes after we found him ; for, not being used to any so long, his feet swelled when he came first to wear them again. After he had conquered his...
Página 24 - ... a Pound ; and that being almost spent, he got Fire by rubbing two Sticks of Pimento Wood together upon his Knee. In the lesser Hut, at some Distance from the other, he dressed his Victuals ; and in the larger he slept, and employed himself in reading, singing Psalms and praying ; so he said, he was a better Christian while in his Solitude, than ever he was before, or than, he was afraid, he should ever be again.

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