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beyond all doubt, an early death, with pious resignaçı tion, ought in reafon to be thought much happier. than a life which was to depend for support upon the breath of public favour, and the penurious profits of authoririp. The number of minor poets, who de. serve some praise, though they cannot be highly ex-, tolled, is too great for enumeration. They must be sought in the first section of our Monthly Catalogues, where they will with ease be found. Several indeed are'anonymous; as the Poem on the Wye*, the col-, lection called Metrical Effufions t, and others; and when the authors come forward with their names they shall meet with more attention. Mr. Jerningham, as an established bard, may expect some mention of his Farewel I; and in truth they must have little feeling, who regret not the final departure even of a mere acquaintance. We return therefore Farewel, for his farewel! and wish him all the fame to which he can aspire. The reader will find some ingenious poetry, particularly Latin poetry, in the third volume of Mr. Skinner's, pofthumous Works lli'. We did not mention the former volumes, under Divinity, because though we esteem the learning we do not receive the system of the author.

The collections of our national Poetry are now becoming numerous, but no one hitherto has united so many advantages as that which was conducted by Mr. Chalmers 4. The important additions to the collection, the beauty of the paper and type, but above all the highly valuable biographical additions, ftamp a value upon the edition which can hardly be too highly estimated. The Editor's fame as a bio. graphical wricer is daily increasing, by the publication of the completest work of that kind that has ever yet been produced 4. A neat edition of the poetry of

No. V. p. 323. 17+ No. VI. p. 635. - No, 1. p. 77.

No. IV. p. 334. § No. I. p. i8. and II. p. 167... *I“ The General Biographical Dictionary." Three, volumes are now published (July) which afford a sufficient pledge for the excellence of the whole... 11!. ti . ... . L


Burns, with some considerable addicions *, is also worthy of notice. Of the engraved illustrations, the comic are the best; and some of them of uncom mon merit.

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With the periodical manufacture of novels, def-. tined to supply the the listless reading of summer wanderers, we do not profess to meddle. Now and then an exempt case demands our notice. Such have we found Miss Hawkins's production, entitled the Countess and Gertrudet, which, though disfigured by some minor blemishes, contains enough of ingenuity and original thought, to set up twenty novelspinners. Though we cannot equally commend the production of Mrs. Opie, entitled Temper I, we do not feel inclined to pass it by in silence. There are authors who, when they write below themselves, still surpass the multitude; and that this lady is of the number will hardly be denied. We by no means counsel Mr. Card to continue in this line of authorship; his former productions being of a better kind : but in his Beauford. || there will be found. sufficient merit to reward the perusal, and a fair proportion of originality. . :, i , . . in ! ;


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To the anonymous author of the paper entitled the Projector $, . we own ourselves indebted for much of liberal amusement. We felt continually the force of the classical question, ". . .. : * No. II. p. 132. + No. I. p. 39. I No. V. p. 526. | No. VI. p. 571. No. III. p. 294.


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for, with all the liveliness of the author, he never fails to instruct; and his lucubrations are always of the most beneficial tendency. In the American Essays entitled Salmagundi * there is more of buffoonery, and less of solidity ; but it it may gratify curiosity to see how the essayists, of this country are imitated beyond the Atlantic. · Mr. Gilchrist's letter to Mr. Gifford is worthy of remark, from the foundness of its arguments and the liberality of its object. We trust also that its object will be attained, and that 'the fair fame of honest Old Ben will no longer require protection.

During the present laudable desire to improve the education of the poor, we cannot recommend our readers to a better source of information, than Sir Thomas Bernard's Account of the Barrington School I; a seminary established by the , liberality and supported by the protection of the Bishop of Durham. The patriotic and truly christian zeal of the worthy prelate and his friend is never relaxed, and the poor will long be bound to bless their various cfforts.

Our task must here terminate : and we pause with the sensation, which we have often felt, that of all the exertions of Criticism none is so gratifying, nor in fact so useful to the mind, as the beltowing of praise, where praise has been well deserved. It is useful also to the persons commended.

non parvas animo dat gloria vires, * Et facunda facit pectora laudis amor.

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Ņ. B. For remarkable Passages in the Criticisms and Extracts,

see the INDEX at the End of the Volume.



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