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facrifice, and upon the whole, such a collection of idols, as I should imagine are no where else to be found within so small a compass. One of the tripods is so constructed as to fold up, and there. fore convenient for moving from place to place; the other, which is differently shaped, is supported by feet in the form of serpents, terminated by wo

men's heads veiled. Christian Here are also two Christian antiquities; one antiqui. tics.

represents Moses striking the rock, the other St. Peter and St. Paul in a Bark; the former is at the helm as pilot, the latter preaching. These antiques are rudely executed; but there have been drawings and engravings made from them

by order of several cardinals and popes. Ano: Table. ther beautiful Table of Florentine work, as well

executed as that in the Tribune.

There are several pictures in this room; those

most to our taste are the following: Picture by One by Pietro da Cortona, representing the

da angel sitting on the fepulchre of our Lord, and Cortona.

speaking to the three Marys; it is in a clear manner, and has the appearance of being left unfinished.

Venus combing Love; the colouring is fresh, but the demi-tints fail, so that the degradation of

the lights to the dark shadows are too sudden; G. Gio. this is by Gio. Giovani. vani.

A large picture by Suterman; it represents the Suterman.

Florentines performing an act of submission to a prince of the house of Medici: he is seated be



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tween his mother and grandmother : the composition is noble, and the colouring vigorous. All the draperies are black; and the heads being portraits, make this an interesting picture. Two pictures by Baffano; one represents the Deluge, Bassane. the other Dives and Lazarus. A fine landscape, by Salvator Rosa.


Rosa. Paul Veronese's family, painted by himself : Paul Vethis has been a fine picture, but is now much ronese. decayed. .

A fine picture by Guido, the subject taken Guido. from the story of Armida, in Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. Before I quit this room, I must mention a lustre with figures, flowers, &c. in bas Amber

Lustre, relief, of grey amber, inserted as ornaments to it. The Cabinet of Arts is a room containing a Cabinet

of Arti. great number of presses with glass-doors, contain- of ing very curious performances . in ivory, &c. Ivory. One press is filled entirely with vases, small ftatues, and crucifixes in Amber. Amongst the Amber. turned and carved ivory, those like stair-cafes, in spiral and perpendicular lines, are wonderfully curious; for they are no more than from eight to twelve inches high, the latter in particular being almost as fine as a hair ; they spring from a pede. stal, and sustain themselves upright, though terminated at top with mouldings, balls, &c.

Two vases, containing upwards of a quart each, so thin, as to be transparent like a dusty wineglass.

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A compass, turned by the Czar Peter the Great; his first essay in the art of turning, and presented by him to one of the grand dukes.

A Curtius leaping into the gulph, well carved. Wax.

Here is an ingenious representation in wax of the five stages of the plague ; it is terrifying to contemplate ; suffice it to say, that it is esteemed perfectly well done; and was executed by one Gaetano Zummo, of Catane in Sicily; also another piece of wax-work representing a dead head, attended with circumstances and a variety that

inspire horror. Work in Several fine tables in precious stones; one precious represents the port of Leghorn, with a view of the ftones.

island of Corsica in agate. Other tables in petriPetrified fied woods. One a German landscape, the bodies woods. of the trees remarkably well done. Here are two

great chairs, part of the old furniture of Cosmo I. and carefully preserved on account of their being exceeding fine old japan upon leather; although their seats and backs are soft and Alexible, yet the varnish is not in the least cracked; the ground of one is scarlet, with figures in gold and silver'; the

other black. Organ. A curious organ, ornamented with amber, and Brughel. several paintings; by Brughel.

A picture, representing a trophy, but when reflected in a cylinder, becomes a portrait of one of the princes of the house of Medicis; by P,

P. Nice. Niceron,




Amongst the pictures is a most beautiful Pietre Pietre Nef, representing the inside of a church illumi- Nef. nated; the effect of the lights and shadows, and the truth of the perspective, cannot be sufficiently admired.

A fine picture by Nescher (Cochin says by Knel- Nescher. ler, which is a mistake); the subject, a woman presenting an offering to Venus ; the head, hands, the fattin, and other stuffs, are admirable.

A fine picture by Rubens, representing Venus Rubens. and Adonis ; a Cupid endeavours to hold Adonis by the thigh; the Graces discover Venus: Envy and some other Fury is dragging away Adonis by his drapery; several Cupids are very busy in coupling and securing his sporting dogs. Venus is delicately handsome.

A picture by the fame; Hercules between Vice Same. and Virtue; it is fine, yet both Vice and Virtue have rather too much of the Flemish coarseness.

A Sybil in mosaic, after a picture by Guido. Mofaic. Two other Saints in the same workmanship, which far exceed any painting.

Two pictures of great merit of Isaiah and Job; by the brothers Bartelemi, of the porț. A head Bartelemi. of John Baptist; by Leonardo da Vinci. A Pre. Leonardo sentation; by Old Palma. Tobias, by Old Palma, da Vinci, &c. &c.

A Drunken Woman, a very good picture, by Terbourg.

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Bega. A Woman playing on a Lute, by Bega.
Gherar- Another, tuning her Lute, by Gherar-


A picture pretended to be by Teniers, but un

worthy of him. Berghem. A picture by Berghem. Bam- Two figures painted on touch-stone, by Bamboche. boche.

The Devil confined in a bottle, a very good Mieris. picture, by Mieris. Vandyke. A fine portrait, by Vandyke, of a very large

man in black, half length. Rubens. The Graces, by Rubens. Cabinet. In the middle of this room stands a Cabinet, very fine. formed of ebony and a red wood, very hard and

highly polished; the workmanship exquisitely neat; this cabinet is divided into three-score and ten pannels, formed of lapis lazuli, verd antique, jasper, and other precious stones: on which are painted in oil, and in the most diminutive minia.

ture size, most of the principal events recorded in Brughel the Bible; by Brughel de Velours and his de Ve. lours.


The Supper of Nebuchadnezzar pleased me much: there is an incredible number of figures, all amazingly well done, considering how little place they occupy. In the inside is a representation of Mount Calvary, the apostles, and many other persons, all well done in amber. On the top a clock and an organ, both out of order at

present ;

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