The American Journal of Science, Volumen 68

J.D. & E.S. Dana, 1854

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Página 151 - Illustrations | of the | Birds | of | California, Texas, Oregon, British and | Russian America. | Intended to contain descriptions and figures | of all | North American Birds | not given by former American authors, | and a | General Synopsis of North American Ornithology.
Página 85 - And in regard to long circuits, such as those described, their conducting power cannot be understood whilst no reference is made to their lateral static induction, or to the conditions of intensity and quantity which then come into play; especially in the case of short or intermitting currents, for then static and dynamic are continually passing into each other.
Página 83 - ... 1326. All these considerations impress my mind strongly with the conviction, that insulation and ordinary conduction cannot be properly separated when we are examining into their nature ; that is, into the general law or laws under which their phenomena are produced. They appear to me...
Página 346 - I can not help hoping that the time will come when every British town even of moderate size will be able to boast of possessing public institutions for the education and instruction of its adults as well as its youthful and childish population, — when it shall have a well-organized museum, wherein collections of natural bodies shall be displayed, not with regard to show or curiosity, but according to their illustration of the analogies and affinities of organized and unorganized objects, so that...
Página 88 - ... the same voltaic source, the same current in the same length of the same wire gives a different result as the intensity is made to vary with -variations of the induction around the wire. The idea of intensity, or the power of overcoming resistance, is as necessary to that of electricity, either static or current, as the idea of pressure is to steam in a boiler, or to air passing through apertures or tubes, and we must have language competent to express these conditions and these ideas.
Página 436 - Dr. THOMSON has remarked, that oxalic acid unites to strontian as well as to potash in two different proportions, and that the quantity of acid combined with each of these bases in their super-oxalates, is just double of that which is saturated by the same quantity of base in their neutral compounds.
Página 84 - Thus, for instance, it must vary with the tension or intensity of the first urging force (1234. 1240.), which tension is charge and induction. So if the two ends of the wire, in Professor Wheatstone's experiment, were immediately connected with two large insulated metallic surfaces exposed to the air, so that the primary act of induction, after making the contact for discharge, might be...
Página 86 - If, using a constant charged jar, the interval s, page 6, be adjusted so that the spark shall freely pass there (though it would not if a little wider), whilst the short connecting wires n and o are insulated in the air, the experiment may be repeated twenty times without a single failure ; but if after that, n and o be connected with the inside and outside of an insulated Leyden jar, as described, the spark will never pass across s, but all the charge will go round the whole of the long wire.
Página 418 - SYSTEM OF MINERALOGY, comprising the most recent Discoveries; including full Descriptions of Species, and their Localities, Chemical Analysis, &c.
Página 163 - W . where y is the ratio of the specific heat of air at constant pressure to that at constant volume.

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