Knowledge oriented software design: extended papers from the IFIP TC 12 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence from the Information Processing Perspective, AIFIPP '92, Madrid, Spain, 14-15 September, 1992

North-Holland, 1993 - 287 páginas
The integration of AI techniques with traditional information processing approaches to applications design is considered in this volume. More specifically, the feasibility of an AI work area integrating AI based tools with methodologies and with supporting theories, oriented towards general applications design using the knowledge based approach, is discussed.The book is divided into three areas. The first section, Modular Knowledge Architectures, deals with task structured organization of applications and with related knowledge acquisition techniques for application design. The proposals in this area show that the structured approach to knowledge identification and processing may be an alternative to the traditional application development methods which could be named Knowledge Oriented Software Design. The second section considers aspects of Design and Validation at two levels: a more practical approach to assess the life cycle of applications and validation techniques and a more theoretical approach oriented towards automatic programming based on problem solving and inductive logic programming. Basic Techniques to be used in AI applications design such as functional programming, object oriented programming, logic programming and logic based standards for basic knowledge modeling are discussed in the final section.

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