New Developments in Soliton Research

Nova Publishers, 2006 - 187 páginas
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Since their discovery a mere thirty years ago, solitons have been invoked to explain such diverse phenomena as: The long lived 'giant red spot' in the highly turbulent Jovian atmosphere. The famous Fermi-Pasta-Ulam paradox wherein a nonlinearly coupled lattice of particles does not display the 'expected equipartition of energy among available modes. It covers: Ion-acoustic waves in a plasma; Energy storage and transfer in proteins via the Davydov soliton; and The propagation of short laser pulses in optical fibres over long distances with negligible shape change. This volume presents important research from around the globe.

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MultiSoliton Solutions in the Chiral Quark Soliton Model
Solitons and Topological Solutions on a Fuzzy Sphere
Nonlinear Dynamics of Selfguiding Electromagnetic Beams in Relativistic Electronpositron Plasmas
DifferentialDifference Equations and their Depinning Transitions
Generalized SineGordon and Massive Thirring Models
Falaco Solitons Cosmic Strings in a Swimming Pool
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