Architect of Human Destiny: Who Brings about Peace Or Chaos

Gyan Books, 2003 - 304 páginas
1. Who is to Change it? 'Matter'? or 'Men'? 2. Can the 'Idea' of He gel Change the World Decisively? 3. Will God ever descend on earth and change it? 4. What does the Replacement of Socialist Economy only Mean? 5. Even the so-called Lord Brahman is Apt to Fail, if the Human Machinery is in a Mess 6. Where to Get Good Men from? 7. Divine Determinism-The Most Hopeless and Dangerous Conjecture 8. For Pt. Nehru-"Human Character of the Nation" was more important 9. What is a Good Human Behaviour? 10. Our Age old Stereotyped Talks are no Real Solutions for Peace 11. Our Life is, What we Make it-Good or Bad 12. Meditation-both Science and An Art of Our Conscious, Good and Natural Living Only III 13. Faith in One's Own Making of One's Life-Either Good or Bad-is Like an Anchor Index

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Can the Idea of Hegel Change the World Decisively?
Even the socalled Lord Brahman is Apt to Fail if
For Pt NehruHuman Character of the Nation
Our Age old Stereotyped Talks are no Real Solutions
Our Life is What we Make itGood or Bad
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