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Editor, permit me to be in a desperate passion with your article on my work. It has put me in a rage. Had you read the book carefully you would have found in it more merit than you give me credit for, and none of the faults which you describe," &c., and then he goes on very rationally to defend his work, as if he had been in no passion at all, still less in a rage.

A New Fire. Captain Parry, on preparing for the singular expedition in which he is now engaged, found great difficulty, we believe, in providing for the necessary process of cooking during the period he and his companions would be likely to be absent from his ship. At length he fixed on the lamp with incombustible wick, which is fed with spirits of wine. This sort of fire is not only very weak, but very expensive, and is of course incapable of being applied upon a large scale. We have very recently seen another description of fire, which is procured from a very cheap and common liquid, without the interposition of wicks of any kind. The heat which it produces is so intense, that it boils a kettle of water in a few minutes, and causes a much greater ebullition than coal fire. It is applicable to all the purposes of cookery, to any extent that may be required. It would therefore be peculiarly convenient to the naval and merchant service. In the summer season, it would be the most agreeable and economical fire which families could wish for, as it may be kindled in a moment, and estinguished merely by closing a valve. It is free from all danger, as the liquid will ignite only in the cauldron in which it is used. Experiments are about to be undertaken for applying it to the boilers of steam engines; and, if they be favourable, as there is no reason to doubt that they will be, steam-boats may soon traverse all the seas on the surface of the globe, as the liquid that supplies the fire may be contained within a very moderate compass. This important discovery has as yet been exhibited only to two or three persons; we were of the number, and received permission to describe it to this extent. We have only to add, that we have repeatedly seen it in operation, and that we have no doubt whatever that it will fully answer the expectations entertained of it. Like all extraordinary things of the kind, this discovery was the result of accident, and it is so simple, that when it is made public, every body will be surprised that it has not been in use since the beginning of the world.

An important work is now preparing at Copenhagen, upon the productions of the Danish sculptor Thorwalsden, who has been for a long time back a resident of Rome, where he is considered, particularly since the death of Canova, as the first sculptor of the day. The editor of this work is Mr. I. Thiele, librarian of the Royal Academy of Arts. The introduction will contain a biographical notice of this eminent artist, founded upon documents furnished by Thorwalsden and some of his friends. The description of the sculptures will be taken from the reports of the Academy of Arts, and the letters of Thorwalsden. This work will be accompanied more than a hundred copper-plate engravings, representing in outline the creations of Thorwalsden's chisel. The origin and particular history of each of these productions will be given, together with a list of all the books and journals, in which critical notices of them have appeared. The work will be published in quarto.

Amongst the archives of the noble families of Denmark, the most valuable and interesting were those of the Rosencrantz family, which have unfortunately been destroyed by a fire which took place at Frederickshal, in Norway, some months back. Besides several historical documents of great antiquity, this collection contained a great number of letters of the Danish kings, ministers, and celebrated statesmen; secret memoirs, charters, and papers relative to the mission of Erick Rosencrantz to England, in 1652. Amongst the letters of celebrated men, were those of TychoBrache. These archives had been formerly kept at Rosenholm, a chateau, in Jutland, which belonged to the family of Rosencrantz, from 1559 till 1800. From thence they were transferred to Copenhagen; but at the death of the minister of state, Rosencrantz, his brother, had them taken to Norway, where they have been destroyed.

A complete edition of the works of the poet Baggasen, who died towards the close of 1826, is preparing for publication at Copenhagen. This author wrote in two languages, German and Danish. His last work, which was not published till after his death, is a very bizarre, and as he himself entitled it, humorous poem, called Adam and Eve. It is a kind of burlesque or parody of Milton's Paradise Lost. Some of the epigrams and satires published by Mr. Baggasen, drew upon him the indignation of a great portion of the students and inhabitants of Copenhagen. This edition of his works will amount to 16 or 18 vols.

A new Quarterly Journal has appeared at Copenhagen, under the title of Nordisk Tidsikrift, or Journal of the North, dedicated to History, Literature, and the Fine Arts, edited by Christian Molbech. Amongst the articles in the first number, one of the most remarkable is, that on the Pali language, and upon the manuscripts written in that language, and in the dialect of Ceylon, which have been brought from Asia by Professor Rask, and deposited in the Royal Library at Copenhagen. They are to the number of 50. There is another well written article upon the Formation of a National Picture Gallery, about to be established at Copenhagen. In imitation of other monarchs, the King of Denmark has ordered a selection to be made from the pictures iu the royal residences, which is to be placed in the chateau of Christiansburg, and opened to the public. The writer of the article states, that the number of these pictures are 900, amongst which, 160 belong to the Italian school. Those of the Flemish are also very numerous. In the journal called Svea, published at Stockholm, there is also an article strongly recommending the formation of a national picture gallery in that capital.

Under the pseudonyme of II Calomero, the Italian Count Folchino Schizzi, has recently published at Milan, a splendid folio edition, with plates, of a Poem, containing an eulogistic description of the architectural monuments which the Archduchess Maria Louisa, widow of Napoleon, has caused to be erected in her little dominions. The most remarkable of these are, the theatre of Parma, and the bridge of Taro and Trebia. Count Folchino Schizzi appears to be a ,most enthusiastic admirer of the eiempress.

A Latin and French edition of the Bible, with extracts from the Commentaries of Dom Calmet, is about to be published at Paris, in 36 vols. 8vo.

47 J




Mu sco Loci A Britannica, II. lis. 6d. plain

Bitmark's Tactics of Cavalry, 1 vol.Bvo.

Notes to assist the Memory in various Sciences, 8vo. 6s. 6d.

Memoirs of the Caledonian Horticultural Society. Part I of vol. 4, 8s.

Ancient Unedited Monuments of Grecian Art, &c., 4to.

True Devrlopement of the Binomial Theorem, 8vo. 3s. 6d.

Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London. Part 5 of vol. 6, 16s.

Elements of the History of Philosophy and Science, 8vo. 12s.

Flora Australasica. No. 1.

Botanical Register, 4s.

Hortui Britannicus, 1/. Is.


The System: a Tale of the West Indies,

1 vol. 12mo. 5s. Reuben Apeley, 3 vols. 8vo. II. lis. 6d. ONeil; or, the Rebel, 2 vols. 7s. 6d. O wain Goch: a Tale of the Revolution, 3

vols. 12mo. 1/. 4s. King Henry IV. and his Times, 2 vols. 8vo.


Jlie Aylmera, 3 vols. II. 7s.
Fairy Tales: from the German, 12mo.
Early Prose Romances. No. 2.
Vittoria Colonna: a Tale of Rome, 3 vols.


Ireton: a Poem, 8vo. Is. 6d.

The Gipsey Lady, &c. 6s.

The Epicurean, a Tale, 12mo.

The First Twenty-eight Odes of Anacreon,

in Greek and English, 8vo. 12s. Bowring's Specimen of Polish Poets, 12mo.


The Press; a Poem. Part 2, 4to. 10s. The Georgics of Virgil, 1 vol. fol. 51. 5s. The Christian Poet, by Montgomery, 12mo. 6s.


An Imrairy into the Means of Improving the Salmon Fisheries, St.

Statistical Illustrations of the Territorial Extent, Population, &c. &c., of the British Empire, 8vo. 15s. third edition.

Letters of his late Majesty, the late Lord Kenyon, and Mr. Pitt, on the Catholics of Ireland.

Catholic Principles and Feelings Unchanged, 8vo. 2s.

The Anti-Slavery Monthly Reporter. No. 25, Id.

An Essay on the Beneficial Direction of Rural Expenditure, 12mo. 6s. 6'J.

Solemn Appeal to the Common Sense of England against the Principles of the Right Hon. G. Canning, 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Yates on the Currency, 8vo. 5s.

Popular Political Enconomy, 8vo. 6s.

An Introductory Lecture on Political Economy, 2s.


Sermons, chiefly Practical, by the Rev. W.

Dealtry, 8vo. 10s. 6rf. Merewether on the Church, 8vo. 6s. Immortality or Annihilation, 8vo. 8s. 6d, Henderson s Biblical Criticisms, 4s. Hampden on the Philosophical Evidence

of Christianity, 8vo. 9s. 64,


Turner's Views in England aud Wales,

royal 4to. part 2, 14s. Observations on Capl Head's Reports, Sec.


A new Map of the United States of America, 1/. 15s.

History of Woburn Abbey, fol. 31. 3s.

Grindlay's Indian Scenery. Part 3, 4to. 2/. 2s.

The Fabulous History of Ancient Cornwall, 8vo.


Narrative of a Captivity in France and

Flanders, 6s. 6rf.
De Roos's Personal Narrative of Travels

in the United States, 1 vol.
Two Years in Ava, 8vo. 16s. boards.
Five Years in Buenos Ayres, 8vo. 6s.
Cooke's Pompeii. Part 4,



Notes on Colombia. By an Officer in the Service of the United States, 8vo. 2 dollars, 25 cents. Philadelphia.


Bydragen, &c., or Materials for the Composition of an Indian Flora, by M. Blume. Batavia.


The Theological Works of M.Munster, 8vo.

14 francs. Copenhagen. A History of the Warriors of the North.

By Professor Rafu, 3 vols. Copenhagen.


The Natural History of Mammalia. 4th No.

9francs. Paris. A Manual of Mineralogy. 3 francs 50

cents. Paris. The Magnetic and Atmospheric Variations

of the Terrestrial Globe. No. 9, 8vo.

2francs 50 cents. Paris. A Geographical and Statistical Map of

France. 2 feet 6% inches, by 1 foot 10

inches. 1 franc 80 cents. Paris. A Letter on the System of Kant. By

Baron Massias. 8vo. 1 franc. Paris. Reflections on the Relations of France

with Russia, Austria and Prussia. 8vc.

4 francs. Paris. A History of the Middle Ages. By C. O.

des Michels. 8vo. 7 francs. Remarkable Trials in Foreign Countries,

vol. 1. Paris. Letters on the History of France. By A.

Thierry. Paris. The Theory of the Sanscrit Heroic Metre.

By Professor Chezy. 3 francs. Paris. The Travels and Recollections of the Duke

de Richelieu, 1 vol. 12mo. 4 francs.


The Works of N. F. Ballart, vols. 1 and 2. Paris.

The Speeches and Miscellaneous works of M. Delamelle, 4 vols. Paris.

The Three Districts, a comedy, in 3 acts. Ey M. M. Picard and Mazeres. Paris.

The Constitution of Don Pedro and the Rights of Don Miguel of Portugal examined. Paris. •

Voyage round the World, undertaken by order of the King of France, 4th part. By Louis Freycinet, 12 francs. Paris.

Isography of celebrated men, or a collection of fac-similes of autograph letters and signatures, the originals of which exist in the King's library, in the archives of the kingdom, in those of the different ministerial departments, in those of the department of the Seine, and in the pri

vate collections of Messrs. Berard, Ber, thevin, de Chateaugorou, and published in 4to. in livraisons, each containing 24 plates, price on ordinary paper, 5francs. vellum 10 francs Modern Architecture of Sicily, or a collection of the finest religious monuments, and the most remarkable public sad private edifices of the principal towns in Sicily, measured and designed by J. Hittorf and L. Zanth, architects, in folio, each livraison containing 4 plates, price on ordinary paper 5 francs, vellum 10 fraud.

Atlas of European birds, to serve as a supplement to M. Temmurch's Manual of Ornithology. By J. C. Werner, painter of natural history, in livraisons, each containing 16 plates, price uncoloared 3 francs and 6 cents.

Antiquities of Alsace, or the Chatem, churches and other monuments existing in the departments of the Upper and Lower Rhine, with an historical and descriptive text, in folio, each livraison having 4 sheets of letter-press and 4 plates,' price on ordinary paper 6 frmcs, Indian paper 9 francs.


Pantheon of the History of the Genus

Tribes, fol. Friburg. The Life and Works of Albert Durer. 5

vols. Bamberg.


Letters to a Young Married Wosau' Milan.

The Poems of Joseph Pasini. Milan. Geological essays on the territories ofPanni

and Piacenza. Ey Professor Cortra,

4to. p. 170, with plates. Piacenza. A Narrative of the events of Greece in 1825.

By G. Pechio, 1 vol. 8vo. . Lugano. An account of an English election. By

G. Pechio, 1 vol.p. 120. Lugano. Bibliotheca portatile d'Educazione, 18 vol

16mo. Milano. Filosofia della Statislica. By M. Gioia, 1

vol. 4io. Milano.

Netherlands. The Tomb, a Poem, in four Cantos, by * A. Clavareau. Brussels.


The Telegraph of Moscow, No*. 1 and 5, 35 roubles. Moscow.


The popular Swedish Harp, accompaoi« by Music. By G. L. Stodacb, l&Bfc Stockholm.

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