From Amourette to Zal: Bizarre and Beautiful Words from Europe (For When English Just Won't Do)

History Press Limited, 3 sep. 2018 - 192 páginas
For all the richness and nuance of the English language there are some words that other languages simply do better--whether it's an insult that just hits the spot, a phrase that beautifully articulates a feeling, or a word that you didn't know you even needed. From the funny to the sentimental to the downright bizarre this fascinating journey around Europe in 12 languages unearths the best untranslatable words that English is missing, celebrating our cultural similarities and differences along the way. Ever waited 15 minutes for a parking space only for someone to cut in front of you, smirking as they park up and stroll past? That idiot has a Backpfeifengesicht--a face badly in need of a slap. Or perhaps you yearn for silence--which never comes--because you're hanging out with a pochemuchka--a person who asks too many questions.

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Sobre el autor (2018)

Alex Rawlings was crowned Britain's most multilingual student in 2012 and is fluent in 11 languages. He has previously written How to Speak Any Language Fluently.

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