Domestic Medicine; Or, A Treatise on the Prevention and Cure of Diseases by Regimen and Simple Medicines: With an Appendix, Containing a Dispensatory for the Use of Private Practitioners. To which are Added, Observations on the Diet of the Common People ...

A. Strahan, 1798 - 746 páginas

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Página 95 - What unnatural motions and counter-ferments muft fuch a medley of intemperance produce in the body ? For my part, when I behold a fafhionable table fet out in . all its magnificence, I fancy, that I fee gouts and dropfies, fevers and lethargies, with other innumerable diftempers, lying in ambufcade among the difties.
Página 5 - Did mothers reflect on their own importance and lay it to heart, they would embrace every opportunity of informing themselves of the duties which they owe to their infant offspring. It is their province not only to form the body, but also to give the mind its most early bias. They have it very much in their power to make men healthy or valetudinary, useful in life or the pests of society.
Página 472 - ... in (with his head above water) longer than half a minute, if the water be very cold; after this he must go in three times a week for a fortnight longer.
Página 176 - Could this be obtained in sufficient quantity, we would recommend it in preference to any other. It is better if the patient can suck it from the breast , than to drink it afterwards. I knew a man who was reduced to such, a degree of weakness in a consumption, as not to be able to turn himself in bed. His wife was at that time giving suck, and the child...
Página 699 - Emollient Gargle. , Take an ounce of marshmallow roots, and two or three figs ; boil them in a quart of water till near one half of it be consumed : then strain out the liquor. If an ounce of honey, and half an ounce of water of am mania, be added to the above, it will then be an exceedingly good attenuating gargle.
Página 456 - If there is an ulcer in the nofe, it ought to be dreflcd with fome emollient ointment, to which, if the pain be very great, a little laudanum may be added. If it be a venereal ulcer, it is not to be cured without mercury. In that cafe, the folution of the corrofive fublimate in brandy may be taken, as diredlcd in the gutta ferena.
Página 1 - ... author a resting place in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey) is to turn from the world of witchcraft to the world of Dr. Spock. Buchan's starting point was with his own Edinburgh thesis, 'De Infantum Vita Conservanda', and his prime concern is the deplorable fact that 'it appears . . . that about one half of the children born in Great Britain die under twelve years of age'.
Página 59 - ... used to retire to a dark cave to compose his tragedies ; and of Demosthenes, the Grecian orator, that he chose a place for study where nothing could be heard or seen. With all defer,ence to such venerable names, we cannot help condemning their taste. A man may surely think to as good purpose in an elegant apartment as in a cave; and may have as happy conceptions where the all-cheering rays of the sun render the air wholesome, as in places where they never enter.
Página 460 - Were proper means ufed in due time, a cancer might often be cured ; but after the diforder has arrived at a certain height, it generally fets all medicine at defiance. When a...
Página 614 - If the perfon wants to vomit, he may drink a weak infufion of camomile flowers, or lukewarm water and oil; but in this condition vomiting may generally be excited by only tickling the throat With the finger or a feather.

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