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Singarun and Mugra Bridges, Callipore Cutting and
Bridge, and the Pachete, Chutna and Baharinath
Hills; also the Time Tables, Fares and Rules.
Sanders, Cones and Co. Calcutta, 1855. . . xxv

4. The Study of Comparative Grammar, as affecting Education in India: an Essay read before the Calcutta Young Men's Christian Association. By George Smith, Esq. 1854. .... ib.

5. Simple Lessons on Plants, translated into Bengalee, with adaptations, from the English, by Brojonath, Ex-Student of the Sanscrit College. 1854. . . xxvi

In No. XLV. Art. 3.
Page 68, line 6 from top, for "resorted" read " restored."

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