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clude any person from afterwards putting in a ther with the Lords spiritual and temporal, claim to the peerage so deemed extinct, and if and Commons, so summoned and returned suchclaim shall be allowedas valid, by judgment as above on the part of Ireland, shall be the of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom Lords spiritual and temporal, and Commons, reported to his majesty, such peerage shall of the first parliament of the United Kinga be considered as revived; and in case any dom; and such first parliament may (in that new creation of a peerage of that part of the case) if not sooner dissolved, continue to sit United Kingdom called Ireland, shall have so long as the present parliament of Great taken place in the interval, in consequence of Britain may now by law continue to sit, if the supposed extinction of such peerage, then not sooner dissolved; and that every one of no new right of creation shall accrue to his the Lords of Parliament of the United King. majesty, his heirs or successors, in conse- dom, and every member of the House of quence of the next extinction which shall take Commons of the United Kingdom, in the first place of any peerage of that part of the and all succeeding parliaments, shall, until United Kingdom called Ireland: that all the parliament of the United Kingdom shall questions touching the election of members otherwise provide, take the oaths and make to sit on the part of Ireland in the House of and subscribe the declaration which are at Commons of the United Kingdom shall be present by law enjoined to be taken, made beard and decided in the same manner as and subscribed by the Lords and Commons of questions touching such elections in Great the parliament of Great Britain : that the Britain Duw are or at any time hereafter shall Lords of Parliament on the part of Ireland, in by law be heard and decided; subject never- the Ilouse of Lords of the parliament of the theless to such particular regulations, in re- United Kingdom, shall at all times have the spect of Ireland, as from local circumstances same privileges of parliament which shall bethe parliament of the said United Kingdom long to the Lords of Parliament on the part of may from time to time deem expedient: that Great Britain ; and the Lords spiritual and the qualifications, in respect of properly, of temporal respectively on the part of Ireland, the members elected on the part of Ireland shall at all times have the same rights, in reto sit in the House of Commons of the spect of their sitting and voting upon the trial United Kingdom, shall be respectively the of peers, as the Lords spiritual and temporal same as are now provided by law in the cases respectively on the part of Great Britain; of elections for counties and cities and bo- and that all Lords spiritual of Ireland shali roughs respectively, in that part of Great Bri- have rank and precedency next and immetain called England, unless any other provi- diately after the Lords spiritual of the same şion shall hereafter be made in that respect rank and degree of Great Britain, and shall by act of parliament of the United Kingdom : enjoy all privileges as fully as the spiritual that when his majesty, his heirs or successors, lords of England do now, or as any other shall declare his, her, or their pleasure for spiritual lords of England may hereafter holding the first or any subsequent parliament enjoy the same, the right and privilege of of the United Kingdoin, a proclamation shall sitting in the House of Lords, and the priviissue, under the great seal of the United leges depending thereon, and particularly Kingdom, to cause the Lords Spiritual and the right of sitting on the trial of peers exTemporal, and Commons, who are to serve cepled; and that the persons holding any in the parliament thereof on the part of Ire- i temporal peerages of Ireland, existing at the land, to be returned in such manner as by | time of the Unior, shall, from and after the any act of this present session of the parlia- Union, have rank and precedency next and ment of Ireland shall be provided; and that immediately after all the persons holding the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Com- peerages of the like orders and degrees in Great mons, of Great Britain, shall, together with Britain, subsisting at the time of the Union; the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Com-' and that all peerages of Ireland, created after mons, so returned as aforesaid on the part of the Union, shall have rank and precedency Ireland, constitute the two Houses of the with the peerages of the United Kingdom so Parliament of the United Kingdom: that if created, according to the dates of their creahis majesty, on or before the first day of tions; and that all peerages, both of Great January, one thousand eight hundred and one, Britain and Ireland, now subsisting or here. on which day the Union is to take place, shall; after to be created, shall, in all other respects, declare, under the great seal of Great Britain, from the date of Union, be considered as that it is expedient that the Lords and Com- peerages of the United Kingdom; and that nons of the present parliament of Great Bri- the peers of Ireland shall, as peers of the tain should be the members of the respective United Kingdom, be sued and tried as peers, houses of the first parliament of the United except as aforesaid, and shall enjoy all priviKingdom on the part of Great Britain, then | leges of peers as fally as the peers of Great the said Lords and Commons of the present Britain, the right and privilege of sitting in parliament of Great Britain shall accordingly the House of Lords, and the privileges debe the members of the respective houses of pending thereon, and the right of sitting on the first parliament of the United Kingdom the trial of peers, only excepted. on the part of Great Britain, and they, toge- 5. That, for the same purpose, it would be


fit to propose, as the fifth article of Union, / cabinet ware, coaches and other carriages, that the churches of that part of Great Britain wrought copper, cottons, glass, haberdashery called England, and of Ireland, shall be hats, tin plates, wrought iron, and hardware 'united into one church, and that when his gold and silver lace; gold and silver thread, majesty shall summon a convocation, the bullion for lace, pearl and spangles, millinery, archbishops, bishops, and clergy of the se- stained paper, pottery, sadlery, silk manufacveral provinces in Ireland, shall be respec- ture, stockings. And that the woollen inanutively summoned to and sit in the convocation factures shall pay, on importation into each of the United Church, in the like manner, and country, the duties now payable on importasubject to the same regulations as to election tion into Ireland; salt and hops, on importaand qualification, as are at present by law es- tion into Ireland, duties not exceeding those tablished with respect to the like orders of which are now paid in Ireland; and coals, on the Church of England; and that the doctrine importation, to be subject to burthens not exworship, discipline, and government, of the ceeding those to which they are now subject : said United Church, shall be preserved as that callicoes and muslins be subject and lianow by law established for the Church of ble to the duties now payable on the same England, saving to the Church of Ireland all until the 5th day of January, 1808, and from the rights, privileges, and jurisdictions, now and after the said day, the said duties shall thereunto belonging; and ihat the doctrine, be annually reduced in such proportions, and worship, discipline, and government, of the at such periods, as shall hereafter be enacted, Church of Scotland, shall likewise be pre- so as that the said duties shall stand at ten served as now by law, and by the act of per cent from and after the 5th day of JanuUnion, established for the Church of Scot-ary, 1816, until the 5th day of January which land; and that the continuance and preser- shall be in the year 1821; and that cotton yarn vation for ever of the said United Church, as and cotton twist shall also be subject and lithe established Church of that part of the said able to the duties now payable upon the same United Kingdom called England and Ireland, until the 5th day of January, 1808, and from shall be deemed and taken to be an essential and after the said day, the said duties shall and fundamental article and condition of the be annually reduced at such times, and in Union.

such proportions, as shall be hereafter en6. That, for the same purpose, it would be acted, so as that all duties shall cease on the fit to propose, as the sixth article of l'nion said articles from and after the 5th day of Jathat his majesty's subjects of Great Britain nuary, 1816: that any articles of the growth, and Ireland shall, from and after the 1st day produce, or manufacture of either country, of January 1801, be entitled to the same pri- which are, or may be, subject to internal duty vileges, and be on the same footing as to en- or to duty on the materials of which they are couragements and bounties on the like ar-composed, may be made subject, on their imticles, being the growth, produce, or manu- portation into each country respectively from facture, of either kingdom respectively, and the other, to such countervailing duty as shall generally in respect of trade and navigation in appear to be just and reasonable in respect all ports and places in the United Kingdom to such internal duty or duties on the mateand its dependencies: and that in all treaties rials; and that for the said purposes, the armade by his majesty, his heirs and successors, ticles specified in the said Schedule No. 1 with any foreign power, his majesty's subjects should, upon importation into Ireland, be of Ireland shall have the same privileges, and subject to the duty which shall be set forth be on the same footing, as his majesty's sub- therein, liable to be taken off, diminished, jects of Great Britain: that, from the 1st or increased, in the manner herein specified; day of January 1801, all prohibitions and and that upon the like export of the like artibounties on the export of articles, the growth, cles from each country to the other respecproduce, or manufacture, of either country tó tively, a drawback shall be given equal in the other, shall cease and determine, and that amount to the countervailing duty payable the said articles shall thenceforth be exported on the articles hereinbefore specified, on the from one country to the other without duty import into the same country with the other; or bounty on such export; that all articles, and that, in like manner, in future it shall be the growth, produce, or manufacture, of competent to the united parliament to impose either kingdom (not hereinafter enume- any new or additional countervailing duties, rated as subject to specific duties) shall from or to take off or diminish such existing counhenceforth be imported into each country tervailing duties as may appear on like prinfrom the other free from duty, other than ciples to be just and reasonable, in respect of such countervailing duty as shall be annexed any future or additional internal duty on any to the several articles contained in the Sche- article of the growth, produce, or manufacture dule No. 1; and that the articles hereinafter of either country, or of any new or additional enumerated, shall be subject, for the period duty on any materials of which such article of twenty years from the Union, on importa- may be composed, or of any abatement of the tion into each country from the other, to the same; and that when any such new or addi. duties specified in the schedule No. 2 annexed tional countervailing duty shall be so imposed to this article ; viz.—apparel, wrought brass, on the import of any article into either country from the other, a drawback equal in amount | shall be separately liable) shall be defrayed in to such countervailing duty shall be given in such proportion as the united parliament like manner on the export of every such ar- shall deem just and reasonable, upon a comticle respectively froin the same country : parison of the real value of the exports and That all articles, the growth, produce, or ma: imports of the respective countries, upon an nufacture of either kingdom, when exported average of the three years next preceding the through the other, shall in all cases be ex. period of revision; or on a comparison of the ported subject to the same charges as if they value of the quantities of the following artihad been exported directly from the country cles consumed within the respective countries. of which they were the growth, produce, or on a similar average ; viz. beer, spirits, sugar, manufacture: That alt duty charged on the wine tea, tobacco, and malt: oraccording to the import of foreign or colonial goods into either aggregate proportion resulting from both these country, shall, on their export to the other, be considerations combined: or on a comparison either drawn back, or the amount, if any be of the amount of Income in each country, es. retained, shall be placed to the credit of the timated from the produce, for the same period country to which they shall be so exported, of a general tax, (if such shall have been imso long as the general expenses of the empire posed) on the same descriptions of income in shall be defrayed by proportional contribu- both countries; and that the parliament of tions; provided nothing herein shall extend the United Kingdom shall afterwards proceed to take away any duty, bounty, or prohibi- in like manner to revise and fix the said protion, which exists with respect to corn, meal, portions according to the same rules, or any of mal, flour, and biscuit; but that the same them, at periods not more distant than twenty may be regulated, varied, or repealed, from years nor less than seven years from each time to time, as the united parliament shall other, unless previous to any such period the deem expedient.

united parliament shall have declared, as Schedule, No. 1.-Of the articles to be charged penses of the empire shall be defrayed indis

hereinafter provided, that the general exwith countervailing, duties upon importa criminately by equal taxes imposed on the tion from Great Britain into Ireland, ac- like articles in both countries: That, for the cording to the sixth article of Union.

defraying the said expenses according to the Articles to be charged with a countervail rules above laid down, the revenues of Ireland ing duty in Ireland ;-beer, glass, leather, shall hereafter constitute a consolidatǝd fund stained paper, paper, silk, spirits, refined su- upon which, charges equal to the interest of gar, sweets, tobacco.

her debt and sinking fund shall in the first inSchedule, No. 2.-Of the articles charged with stance be charged, and the remainder shall be the duties specified upon importation into the general expense of the United Kinglom to

applied towards defraying the proportion of Great Britain and Ireland respectively, ac- which Ireland may be liable in each year: cording to the sixth article of Union.

that the proportion of contribution to which Apparel, wrought brass, cabinet ware, Great Britain and Ireland will by these articoaches and other carriages, wrought copper, cles be liable shall be raised by such taxes in cottons, except callicoes and muslins, glass, each kingdom respectively as the parliament haberdashery, hats, tin plates, wrought iron, of the United Kingdom shall from time to time and hardware, gold and silver lace; gold and deem fit; provided always, that in regulating silver thread, bullion for lace, pearl and span- the taxes in each country, by which their resgles, millinery, stained paper, pottery, sadlery, pective proportions shall be levied, no article and other manufactured leather, silk manu- in Ireland shall be liable to be taxed to any facture, stockings.-Ten per cent on the true amount exceeding that which will be thereafvalue.

ter payable in England on the like article: 7. That, for the same purpose, it wonld be That if, at the end of any year any surplus fit to propose, as the seventh article of Union, shall accrue from the revenues of Ireland after that the charge arising from the payment of defraying the interest, sinking fund, and prothe interest, and the sinking fund for the re- portional contribution, and separate charges duction of the principal, of the debt incurred to which the said country is liable, either in either kingdom before the Union, shall taxes shall be taken off to the amount of such continue to be separately defrayed by Great surplus, or the surplus shall be applied by the Britain and Ireland respectively: That, for united parliament to local purposes in Ireland, the space of twenty years after the Union shall or to make good any deficiency which may take place, the contribution of Great Britain arise in her revenues in time of peace, or be and Ireland respectively towards the expen. invested by the commissioners of the naditure of the United Kingdom, in each year, tional debt of Ireland in the funds, to accushall be defrayed in the proportion of fif- mulate for the benefit of Ireland at compound teen parts for Great Britain, and two parts for interest, in case of her contribution in time of Ireland : That at the expiration of the said war, provided the surplus so to accumulate twenty years, the future expenditure of the shall at no future period be suffered to exceed United Kingdom (other than the interest and the sum of five millions : that all monies charges of the debt to which either country hereafter to be raised by loan in peace or war, (VOL. XXXV.)


for the service of the United Kingdom, by the , which either country is chargeable, and which parliament thereof, shall be considered to be shall not be liquidated or consolidated proa joint debt, and the charges thereof shall be portionably as above, shall, until extinguished, borne by the respective countries, in the pro- continue to be defrayed by separate taxes in portion of their respective contributions, pro- each country: that a sum not less than the vided that if at any time, in raising their res. sum which has been granted by the parliaspective contributions hereby fixed for each ment of Ireland, on the average of the last six kingdom, the parliament of the United King. years, as premiums for the internal encoudom shall judge it fit to raise a greater pro- ragement of agriculture or manufactures, or portion of such respective contributions in for the maintaining institutions for pious and one kingdom within the year than in the charitable purposes, shall be applied for the other, or to set apart a greater proportion of period of iwenty years after the union, to sinking fund for the liquidation of the whole such local purposes, in such manuer as the or any part of the loan raised on account of parliament of the United Kingdom shall the one country, than of that raised on ac- direct: that, from and after the 1st day of count of the other country, then such part of January, 1801, all public revenue arising from the said loan, for the liquidation of which the territorial dependencies of the United different provisions have been made for the Kingdom, shall be applied to the general exrespective countries shall be kept distinct

, penditure of the empire, in the proportions of and shall be borne by each separately, and the respective contributions of the two counonly that part of the said loan be deemed tries. joint and common for the reduction of which 8. That, for the same purpose, it would be the respective countries shall have made pro- fit to propose, as the eighth article of the vision in the proportion of their respective Union, that all laws in force at the time of contributions: that if at any future day the the Union, and all courts of civil and ecclesiLeparate debt of each kingdom respectively astical juristliction within the respective king. shall have been liquidated, or the values of doms, shall remain as now by law established; their respective debts (estimated according subject only to such alterations and regulato the amount of the interest and annuities tions from time to time as circumstances may attending the same, of the sinking fund ap- appear to the parliament of the United Kingplicable to the reduction thereof, and the pe- dom to require; provided, that all writs of riod within which the whole capital of such error and appeals depending at the time of debt shall appear to be redeemable by such the Union, or hereafter to be brought, and sinking fund) shall be to each other in the which might now be finally decided by the same proportion with the respective contribu- House of Lords of either kingdom, shall from tions of each kingdom respectively, or where and after the Union, be finally decided by the the amount by which the value of the larger House of Lords of the United kingdom, and of such debts shall vary from such proportion provided, that from and after the Union there shall not exceed one hundredth part of the shall remain in Ireland an instance court of said value, and if it shall appear to the united admiralty for the determination of causes civil parliament that the respective circumstances and maritime only; and that all laws at preof the two countries will henceforth admit of sent in force in either kingdom, which shall their contributing indiscriminately, by equal be contrary to any of the provisions which taxes imposed on the same articles in each, to may be enacted by any act for carrying this the future general expense of the United King- article into effect,be, from and after the Union, dom, it shall be competent to the said united repealed. parliament to declare, that all future expense (Signed) John Gayer, D. Cler. Parl. henceforth to be incurred, together with the

G. F. Hill, Cler. Dom. Com. interest and charges of all joint debts con

To the King's Most Excellent Majesty, tracted previous to such declaration, shall be

The humble Address of the Lords Spi. so defrayed indiscriminately, by equal taxes imposed on the same articles in each country,

ritual and Temporal, and Knights, Citiand henceforth from time to time, as circum

zens, and Burgesses, in parliament as

sembled. stances may require, to impose and apply such taxes accordingly; subject only to such Most Gracious Sovereign, particular exemptions or abatements in Ire

We your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal land, and that part of Great Britain called subjects, the Lords spiritual and temporal, Scotland, as circumstances may appear from and Commons, in Parliament assembled, beg time to time to demand: that, from the pe- leave to acquaint your majesty, that we have riod of such declaration, it shall no longer be taken into our most serious and deliberate necessary to regulate the contribution of the consideration, the great and important subtwo countries towards the future general ex- ject of a legislative Union between Great penses, according to any specific proportion, Britain and Ireland, which was laid before us or according to any of the rules, hereinbefore in his excellency the lord lieutenant's message prescribed; provided nevertheless, that the to both Houses of Parliament on the fifth day interest or charges which may remain on ac- of February last, accompanied by the resulucount of any part of the separate debt with tions of the two Houses of the Parliament of

Great Britain, proposing that great measure slightest disrespect to his majesty's minis. and the earnest and solemn recommendation ters; butnever having concurred in any one of your majesty.

vote of the House concerning the union Deeply impressed with the necessity of ren

with Ireland, I conceive myself perfectly dering the connexion of Great Britain and this kingdom

indissolublc, and truly sensible justified by that circumstance in opposing of the repeated efforts which have been made your leaving the chair. As far as the by foreign and domestic enemies to shake limited means and capacity I possess will that connexion, and to effect their entire sepa- allow, and inasmuch as I consider a meation, we fully approve and cordially embrace sure which in its operation goes to annithe principle of incorporating Great Britain hilate the parliament and representation and 'Ireland into one kingdom, under your of Ireland, and to eradicate and tear up majesty's auspicious government, by a complete and entire union of their legisla. I feel myself bound to give it every op

root and branch the British constitution, tures.

We do consider the resolutions of the two position in my power. After the firm, Houses of the British Parliament, as wisely determined, and manly manner in which calculated to form the basis of such a settle- Ireland has revolted at the projected ment: we have adopted them as our guide in slavery held out by the present measure, the measures we have pursued, and we now I should have thought it consistent with feel it our duty to lay before your majesty the prudence, discretion, and moderation the resolutions to which we have agreed, of his majesty's ministers to have aban. which resolutions we humbly submit to your doned it till a season when the feelings of majesty may form the articles of union be the people of Ireland were less inimical to if they shall be approved by the two Houses, it. But I am sorry to observe, they are of the Parliament of Great Britain, we are

resolved to effect their purpose. To atready to confirm and ratify, in order that the tain which, they first apply to the virtues same may be established for ever by the mu- of the people of Ireland, recommending tual consent of both parliaments.

the measure as one calculated to insure We doubt not thai your majesty, and your the prosperity of their country. Their parliament of Great Britain, will consider virtues determined them to reject propothese resolutions as the most unequivocal sitions so adverse to their liberties.' i testimony of our zealous loyalty to your majesty's sacred person, family, and govern- fear that a different mode has since been ment, and as an unalterable pledge of our a. adopted; that an appeal has been made tachment to the British empire: we offer to their vices; that corruption has been them in the full conviction, that by incorpo- resorted to. And no means have been rating the legislatures, and by consolidating left untried by ministers to accomplish the resources of the two kingdoms, we shall their object. Their motto has been increase the power and stability of that empire and that, by uniting ourselves with your

“ Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronla mo

vebo." majesty's subjects of Great Britain under one parliament, and under one government, we

They bave stirred up Acheron, in order sball most effectually provide for the im- to attain the apparent sanction to their

Before the House provement of our commerce, the security of favourite measure. our religion, and the preservation of our adopts a measure like the present, it will liberties.

be right to consider for what reason IreJoan Gayer, D. Cler. Parl. land is to be thus disfranchised. Is it beG. F. HILL, Cler. Dom. Com. cause she has fought and bled by the side

of England ? Is it because, by her own Debate in the Commons on the King's exertions, she has been able to quell a Message respecting a Union with Ireland.] most unprecedented and dangerous rebelApril 21. On the order of the day being lion ? Is it for this she is to be made the read, for the House to resolve itself into a least in the scale of nations ? I conceive committee of the whole House, to take that the question to Ireland is, whether it into consideration his majesty's Message shall have a parliament and a national reof the 2nd instant, communicating to this presentation, or no! And to England House the Resolutions of the Lords and whether it shall have a constitution or no? Commons of Ireland, respecting a union Perhaps such may not be the immediate between the kingdoms of Great Britain effect of the measure with respect to and Ireland, with their Address to his England: but I am persuaded the alteramajesty thereupon,

tion that will be produced in the constitu· Mr. Jones said: Sir; in objecting to tion of this country, by the introduction your leaving the chair, I intend not the of 100 members into its representation,

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